Singapore Airlines Name Change

Singapore airlines name change policy provides convenient guidelines for the passengers to make the necessary modifications and alterations to name post reservation.

It is excellent if you could not identify an error in the name earlier and can help save money and time immensely.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Singapore Name Change Policy?

Singapore Airlines name change guidelines mention that the name of the passenger on the ticket must match the government-issued ID proof.

  • Passengers can request name change/ corrections Up to a specific number of characters stated in the policy.
  • If the passenger has booked the ticket via a third-party source like a travel agent, it is recommended to contact the agent for a name change.
  • Tickets are not transferable i.e the passengers are not permitted to completely change their name.
  • Once the boarding pass is issued or the travel begins, the passengers cannot make name changes in the ticket.
  • The airline allows a 24-hour grace period to request a name change for free.
  • Singapore Airlines name change allows passengers to request name change in cases of marriage, divorce, and adoption.
  • Name change/ correction is available for a name change fee.
  • Make sure that the airline may charge fare differences and service charges when you request a name change.

What documents do I need to request Singapore Airlines name change?

Make sure to present the following documents to request Singapore airlines name change –

  • Passport and VISA
  • Government-issued ID and documents like (Passport, voting card, Driving license, etc)
  • Fee receipt
  • Legal documents like Legal notice for divorce and marriage, Marriage certificate, and Divorce agreement

What are the Types of Name Changes accepted by Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines change passenger name rules guide the passengers to request two types of changes with the airline like legal name change and corrections/ alterations.

You can apply for the changes by providing the required travel and legal documents to the airline representatives.

Legal name change includes changes required due to legal circumstances of marriage, divorce, or adoption. Multiple provisions are covered under the policy to request name change or correction.

  • Passengers can request changes in the last name like adding, removing, or modifying the surname.
  • In the case of a name change due to marriage, provide the necessary documents like a marriage certificate, government issued ID proof.
  • Passengers must present the old and new government ID proof to claim the change in name.
  • In the instances of divorce, present the legal divorce documents/agreements to request a name change.

What Name Corrections are applicable with Singapore airlines?

A passenger can edit his or her personal information on the ticket, under the Singapore Airlines name correction policy.

  • The name correction policy permits the correction of up to three characters in Singapore Airlines first name, last name, middle.
  • You can change or correct the salutation in the name.
  • You can request name correction in case of typos/ minor errors/ and misspellings in the name.

What Middle Name Changes are allowed with Singapore Airlines?

According to Singapore Airlines middle name policy, an addition to the plane ticket is not required for travel.

If passengers have to add/ modify/ remove the middle name, keep these in mind –

  • You can request the airline to add/ remove/ or modify the middle name.
  • Including the middle name Singapore Airlines tickets can help you with the identification procedure at times.
  • However, it is the flyer’s choice whether to include or exclude the middle name on his or her ticket.
  • It is recommended to keep the name the same as on the government documents for easy travel experience.
  • Thus, if Singapore Airlines middle name missing from the official document, do not include it in the airline ticket.

How to Request a Name Change on a Ticket with Singapore Airlines name change policy?

The Singapore Airlines name change policy has provided various options to modify personal details like name change/ correction on a ticket.

Some of the common methods include name change via official website, over the phone, and at the airport counter.

How to connect with the airline via website?

Passengers can connect with the airline over the website to request name change and other facilities like Singapore airlines flight change and manage booking.

  • Visit the official website – “”.
  • On the website homepage, choose “Manage Booking”.
  • Enter the six-character “Booking Reference number” and the “last name/ family name” to access your flight details. Click on “Manage Booking”.
  • Singapore airlines Manage Booking section offers a plethora of options, one of which includes “Name change”.
  • Choose the flight you wish to request change and apply name change.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and change/ correct name up to three characters in the name, middle name, last name.
  • Enter the correct details, supporting legal documents, and government ID proof like Voter ID and Driver license.
  • Adhere to the directions and finish the process by paying the fees if any.
  • Once the payment is done, you should receive the confirmation email on your registered ID.

Note – Passengers who do not receive the email confirmation timely must contact the airline executives for assistance.

How to Change Passenger Name in Singapore Airlines Ticket over the phone?

Singapore Airlines change name guidelines allow travelers to contact airline executives over the phone to request changes in the first, middle, or last name or request name corrections at the comfort of their home. Follow these steps –

  • Choose “Help” from the top right corner on the homepage of the website.
  • Click on “Local Singapore Airlines Office” to access contact details of airline executives in your location.
  • Head to the “Speak with Us” section and enter the country and city to find the contact numbers.

Some of the contact details are discussed below –

CountryCityContact Number
IndiaDelhiLocal Calls – 1800 121 212 International Calls – +91 22 5016 6046
Unite States of AmericaNew York+1 (833) 727-0118
DenmarkCopenhagen+45 32725812
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi+971 2 611 8749
United KingdomLondon020 7660 8988

Note – Make sure to check the website for contact details from other locations.

Can you change name on flight ticket Singapore Airlines by visiting the airline office?

Another way to connect with the airline representatives is at the airline office. Make sure to carry the required legal and government documents at the office to get quick solutions.

Here are the steps to request Singapore Airlines name change airline office.

  • Connect with the airline staff at the counter to request “Name change/ name correction”.
  • Give details about the necessary name change Singapore Airlines or correction requests.
  • Provide the booking reference number and the ticket confirmation number to the staff and provide the flight details.
  • Provide the correct details. The airline will confirm the availability and provide the supporting documents.
  • The airline will initiate the Singapore name change request for a name change fee.

How to contact Singapore Airlines over Social Media Platforms?

You can contact the airline on social media platforms to find solutions, share feedback, or get assistance from airline executives on issues like Singapore airline cancellations.

Social Media PlatformsLinks

What are the name change guidelines under Krisflyer Program?

  • Members can get the form from the airline’s official site and attach government-issued documents.
  • Government documents include a passport and Voting ID card.
  • Fill in the form with the correct name, which can be submitted through email or fax.

How to Request Name Change under KrisFlyer Program?

Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program rewards frequent flyers with a Singapore Airline Change Name Form for convenient and efficient name change requests. The KrisFlyer program is awarded to frequent flyers.

  • Click on the link attached – Name Change with KrisFlyer Program.
  • Enter the current membership details, new name, or family name, and confirm the details by signing the form.
  • Once you provide all the details regarding your membership particulars and a new name, you may need to attach your identity proof like a passport for Singapore Airlines change name on ticket.
  • Send in your form via fax or registered email address.
  • Once the airline approves the request, the airline sends the confirmation text over email.

What is the Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee?

Singapore airline name change permits the passenger to request a name change/ correction for a name change fee. The name change fee is applicable for domestic and international flights. The name change fee is given below –

  • Name corrections up to three characters are applicable for a Singapore Airlines name change fee worth 50 USD.
  • For legal name changes or corrections, the name change fee will be higher than 50 USD.
  • Passengers must pay the applicable fare differences and service charges, if applicable.

Name Correction Singapore Airlines policy shows the care and diverse varieties offered by the airline for the passengers. The policy makes the changes in name efficient and hassle-free.

If you have other concerns like Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, cancellation terms, and guidance on traveling with pets, etc. connect with the airline to enjoy the services offered by them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Singapore Airlines name correction policy?

Singapore Airlines name correction policy allows passengers to correct typos, minor errors in the name, changes in first, middle, or last name, and other applicable charges for a fee.

How to change name on singapore airlines ticket?

You can request a name change with Singapore Airlines over the website in the “Manage Booking” section, over the phone, or at the airport counter, if applicable.

Who can access the name change form offered by Singapore Airlines?

The name change form is applicable for passengers with Only KrisFlyer membership. can use the form for the name change procedure on the flight tickets.

How does Singapore Airlines name change policy work?

Singapore airline change name policy specifies a set of guidelines and rules to assist travelers to request changes like the legal name changes, correcting typing errors, or other minor mistakes.

Do I need the last name on the Singapore Airlines ticket?

The name on the ticket must match the government ID presented to the airline. If there is Singapore airlines no last name in passport, make sure to add it during booking.

Can I change passenger name on singapore airlines?

Yes, Singapore Airlines allow passengers to request a change name Singapore airlines or correction for a name change fee, if applicable.

How much is the name change fee for Singapore Airlines?

The airline charges up to 50 USD as a name change fee for the applicable name change or correction requests.

What if I forgot my middle name on my airline ticket Singapore Airlines?

Adding a middle name is not compulsory, however, you can add the middle name under the name correction policy or change up to 3 characters or less in the middle name.

Do Singapore Airlines need middle names?

No, the airline does not specify a need to enter a middle name at the time of reservation. Make sure that the name matches as mentioned on the government ID.

What name changes are permitted under the Singapore Airlines name change/correction policy?

Passengers can request a change in characters up to 3 characters, change in title/ salutation, name change in marriage or divorce, and add a middle name.

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Elsie Laugust
Elsie Laugust
1 year ago

I used the service of changing singapore airlines name on ticket policy and was amazed by how cooperative and patient the staff of this airline is. I felt so relieved I didn’t have to even pay anything since I just booked my ticket and found the error in the confirmation email. The allover process was smooth and didn’t consume a lot of time.

Otis C. Miller
Otis C. Miller
1 year ago

Where can I find the Singapore Airlines name change form online? I have been trying to correct the spelling of my name over call but since it’s too complicated that way I want to do it myself but filling up the form.