Thai Airways Name Change Policy 

Thai Airways name change policy can be a game changer for passengers who wish to change their name on the ticket for instances like marriage, maiden name change, corrections, name change due to gender, and more. The airline is dedicated to providing the best facilities and services for passengers in need.

What are the Guidelines Under the Thai Name Change Policy?

Thai Airways name change outlines the key aspects for passengers who wish to apply for a name change. You can request the required name change by providing documents like a passport and other supporting documents. Refer to the given rules –

  • The original ticket fare rule must qualify Thai airways name correction processing i.e the fee is subjected to the original fare type/ cabin class.
  • Passengers are not permitted to change Thai Airways name format/ original name.
  • Name correction is allowed before the check-in process is initiated.
  • The ticket is non-transferable i.e. the passenger cannot provide the ticket to another person.
  • Alterations to the name can be done on all tickets purchased directly with the airline through its official sources.
  • Any changes made to your name on the PNR will affect your entire reservation or booking.
  • Travelers will be permitted to request Thai Airways change passenger name to the company name on the receipts of cash.
  • Name changes can be done on tax invoices only.

What are the types of changes applicable under Thai Airways Name Change Policy?

It is vital to note that not all changes are permitted by Thai Airways. Understanding the types of changes, their obligations, and other details revolving around the applicable corrections is helpful to understand the Thai airways name correction/change policy.

Here are the applicable name changes/ corrections.

Legal Thai Airways change name allows passengers to initiate required changes due to marriage, gender change, divorce, and other legal circumstances.

In case you want to request Thai Airways change name on ticket owing to your marriage or divorce, you will have to submit a legal certificate as proof to the airline.

  • You can change your maiden family name to married name or vice versa in the given circumstances.
  • Provide valid reasons and submit adequate documents like marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and other legal documents.

What are the changes allowed under Middle Name change?

According to the Thai Airways middle name policy, it is not mandatory for registering your middle name during reservation. Add to that –

  • You can continue your booking on the basis of just your first and last names.
  • However, you can submit your middle name to the carrier if you want to.
  • Later, corrections to your middle name will also be permitted.
  • Hence, it is up to the passengers to decide if they want to register their middle names.

What type of name corrections does Thai Airways allow?

You can request the following name corrections with the airline for Thai Airways name change policy-

  • You can correct the character errors in the name title, first name, middle name or last name.
  • Corrections for nicknames and inverted names/ transposed names are also applicable.

Example – Rebecca/ Stark Ms to Stark/ Rebecca Ms.

How to request a name change with Thai Airways?

Thai Airways permit passengers to request name change Thai airways depending on their needs and preferences. Choose the online or offline methods wisely and keep the travel documents handy.

Here are the ways you can request Name change with Thai Airways –

How to request name change via Thai Airways website?

Name correction Thai Airways can be done online through the official site of the carrier. This method can be used for both domestic and international travel under the Thai Airways international name change policy.

You can access the “Thai Airways Manage Booking” section in two ways discussed below –

  • Visit the official website of Thai airways.
  • You will find the “My Booking” section on the main home page. Enter the “THAI reference number” and the passenger’s “last name”. Then click “Find Booking”.
Thai Airways Manage Booking Section
Via the “Thai Airways” website, this screenshot has been referenced.
  • You will be able to access your flights and follow the on-screen directions and select the Thai Airways name change option to modify your name.
  • Enter details like correct name, residence details, phone number, and email, and enter the supporting documents.
  • The documents may include a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and government ID like passport and driver’s license.
  • Complete the process by paying the change fee, if necessary.
  • The name change fee may include fare differences and service charges.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email or an SMS regarding your successful name change process.

Note: As per the Thai Airways name change policy, you may not be eligible for online name modifications in case of third-party bookings.

How to apply Name change with Thai Airways over the phone?

You can call the Thai Airways representatives over the phone to address name change/ correction and other concerns like Thai airways pet policy. Follow the steps –

  • Head to the official website and choose “Contact Us” from the main menu.
  • Choose “THAI Worldwide Offices” to get access to the phone numbers from specified locations. 
  • You can also choose the “Feedback” option from the “Contact Us” section. Choose “Modify Booking” in the Subject.
Thai Airways Contact Support
“Thai Airways” website has been used to capture the screenshot.
  • Enter the Title/ Salutation, First name, Last name, Middle name, Email, and Company, and enter the “Feedback” for the issue.
  • Enter the attachment including travel documents, Passport, Driver’s license, etc. to change name on flight ticket Thai airways.
  • Enter the contact details, fight details, and additional information, and once the information is submitted, click “Submit”.
  • Here are the locations and the respective phone numbers to connect with the airline for name change-related concerns.
CountryCityPhone Number
AustraliaMelbourne03 866 222 66 within Australia
or +61 3 86622266
United Arab EmiratesAll Cities02 621 4301
PakistanAll Cities(92 51) 2272 140-3, (92 51) 2270 090, (92 51) 578 14005-6
United States of AmericaAll Cities(800) 767-3598
SingaporeAll Cities+65 62105111, (65) 6210-5000

How to contact Thai AIrways via Airport Counter for name change requests?

It is recommended to get in touch with THAI Agency Desk to process change name Thai Airways requests. Reach the airport timely and follow these steps –

  • Make sure to reach the airport before the check-in time.
  • Once the boarding pass is retrieved and Thai airways check in is completed, no change is permitted.
  • Head to the airport counter and convey the request for “Name Change”.
  • Provide details for name change – Legal name change or Name correction.
  • Provide the valid reason for change/ correction and ensure providing adequate documents and travel certificates to support the name change claim.
  • You may have to pay the Thai Airways name change fee and the additional charges like service fee, fare differences, fees applicable for last-moment charges, etc.
  • You can access your boarding pass and proceed further.

Thai Airways offers an edge to passengers who wish to connect via social media and directly connect with the airline staff for their respective concerns. Use social media to address issues like Thai Airways flight cancellation, etc.

Here are the popular social media platforms where you can reach out to the airline –

Social Media PortalProfile URL/ Link
Line Messaging

What is the Thai Airways Name Change Fee?

Thai Airways has simplified the Thai Airways name correction fee for passengers. Keep note that the name change policy is only applicable to the tickets issued and handled in Australia only. Add to that –

  • The airline charges a name change fee per passenger per ticket.
  • There are no infant discounts/ child discounts applicable for a name changes.
  • Thai Airways Name change fee for all requests is 67 USD.

Thai Airways’ name change policy allows passengers to modify any part of their name due to any reason, making it beneficial to flyers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change name in Thai Airways?

Yes, you can change errors in the first, middle, or last name, or apply for a legal name change to initiate name corrections in Thai Airways name format.

What if there is no last name on Thai Airways passport?

If the passport or the official documents present at the time of booking there is Thai Airways no last name of the passenger, then it is not required on the ticket.

Do Thai Airways need middle names?

No, Thai Airways tickets do not require a middle name on the ticket. Keep note that the name on the ticket must match the name on the official documents.

How much is name change fee for Thai Airways?

Thai Airways cost up to 67 USD for a name change for name change/ correction.

How do I change my name on Thai Airways?

You can connect with the airline over the website, over the phone, or airport counter to request a name change/ correction.

Can I request a name change in case of marriage with Thai Airways?

Yes, you can request a name change due to marriage with Thai Airways by providing updated and previous government ID proofs.

What documents are necessary for a name change with Thai Airways?

Make sure to present documents like a ticket reference number, Booking ID, government ID proof, and legal documents like a legal notice, marriage certificate, divorce agreement, etc.

Does Thai Airways offer name change due to divorce?

In case of divorce, passengers can request a name change when the legal proceedings are completed and present documents like a Divorce agreement and certificate.

What to do if my name is misspelled Thai Airways via the official website?

Choose “Manage Booking” from the official website and head to the flight details, choose the necessary flight, and edit the name under “Edit Bookings” or Name change request.

Can I travel with an error in my name on the boarding pass?

No, the airline reserves the right to refuse the passenger on board if the name on the ticket does not match the official travel documents and Government ID.

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