Virgin Atlantic Name Change Policy

It is probable that you may enter inaccurate details while reserving tickets in a rush. This can lead to errors. It can be a name misspelling or any other issue. In such situations, the Virgin Atlantic name change policy allows for name alterations. Passengers can use the policy to have their names rectified or changed. Having done so, traveling with this airline can be convenient.

Virgin Atlantic Name Correction Policy

Modifications on tickets are addressed as components of the name change policy. When booking a flight, misspelled details can be common. Under the Virgin Atlantic name correction policy, you can correct your inaccurate details on the ticket. The airline policy permits name correction on the middle name, last name, and first name. 

Types of Changes or Corrections

Generally, a full name change is not allowed by the airline. Hence, when you are required to change your name, it is advisable to know all the types allowed by the airline. The Virgin Atlantic name change policy allows for a variety of alterations including spelling problems. This policy also permits you to modify the details if there is a legal requirement for you. 

Other changes are permissible and are as follows:

Change Virgin Atlantic Middle Name on Tickets:

For travel, a middle name is not necessary. In case it is added to the ticket, it must appear in the correct form. Sometimes, a passenger may need to correct the Virgin Atlantic middle name on tickets as well as the first name. The update may be necessary due to mistakes. For that, you can correct the name according to the detail in the original identity. However, the last name and date of birth must be maintained. 

Modifications or Additions to the Last Name:

During the correction in the last name, only up to some characters are to be permitted. If you want to correct more characters in the last name, then you will have to contact the airline. As the Virgin Atlantic name policy, when your request is approved, the airline will add authorization to your reservation. That will permit you to make the necessary corrections. Additionally, you may also add to the last name. But the last name must remain unchanged, as the name policy further guides. 

Reservation with Other Airlines that are Part of Traveling:

There can exist situations when there is a flight provided by the other airline in addition to Virgin Atlantic. Then you will have to separately contact both to acquire clearance for the name alteration. In case one of the airlines along the route refuses to accept name alterations, you may need to cancel the flight ticket and rebook it under the right name. Given that the adjustment is within the policy restrictions, a refund of the ticket can be provided. 

Name Change by Transferring the Ticket:

The airline does not permit you to change the entire name, under the Virgin Atlantic name change policy. A person also cannot transfer his or her ticket to another visitor. When your ticket is purchased as a part of a package holiday, you can transfer it to others then. 

Requirement for Name Modification and Support on Virgin Atlantic

There are only some situations in which you can contact the sales support team of the airline. One condition is that once you have altered your name previously and you still need to correct it, you can get in touch with the support team. It will correct the detail for you. After this, the ticket must be printed a second time. 

More such situations are given below:

  • When you have the requirement to correct more characters in the last name than allowed, the support team will assist you. 
  • Sometimes, various airlines are included in itineraries. To be clear regarding the procedure in such an instance, approaching the team will be suggested.
  • In case the passenger passes away, in that event, the family can contact sales support.
  • If the name adjustment fails to meet the Virgin Atlantic name correction policy, then getting in touch with the team will be mandatory.

The Virgin Atlantic name change policy will let you change your legal name. Name alterations due to marriage or divorce are included in legal name changes. To show that you are the same individual, several documents must be presented to the carrier to accomplish this purpose. 

For marriage, a certificate should be provided by you to the airline. If the reason for the name change is divorce, then the airline needs to see the court orders or other official verification. The airline can make changes to your ticket at no cost. 

Rules for Name Change or Correction on Virgin Atlantic

The airline lays out a few basic rules for updating or modifying names on the ticket. Alterations to the name can be made up to 2/two hours before the arrival of the flight as per the Virgin Atlantic name change policy. The error should be rectified during this period only. When it is not corrected during this time limit, the traveler may suffer consequences like disallowed boarding. 

Before you reserve your flight with the airline, familiarize yourself with the following crucial rules:

  • You can make corrections in your name up to a few characters only. 
  • Minor spelling errors in your name can be corrected.
  • If you have purchased a flight ticket from the airline then, you can change your name directly with the carrier. 
  • Please connect with the travel agent for name alterations when you bought your ticket directly through the agent. 
  • Without making a connection with airline support, you can make free adjustments immediately in your GDS on un-ticketed and ticketed PNRs. Ticketed passenger name records that adhere to the policy will be reissued for free. 
  • According to the Virgin Atlantic change name policy, you are not permitted to complete changes in the detail.
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines provides a variety of different tickets at varying prices and under many circumstances. In that event, some name adjustments on tickets are entirely customizable and can be done at any time. Other name changes have further limitations. 
  • In case the terms of your ticket permit modifications, there may be a price adjustment as well as a change cost may apply. 

For further information, when you connect with the airline or the travel agent, you will be aware of more rules and regulations regarding change or correction. 

Different Options to Change or Correct Name

Every traveler may not be able to continue name alteration using the same approach. Due to this, you can utilize a variety of ways to go ahead with Virgin Atlantic change name on tickets. Here, a website approach is available for the passenger who prefers to do the changes online. Or else, you have the option to call the airline service center to solve the query. You can also alter your name through the chatbot service that is provided by the airline. Additionally, at the airport also, your issue will be resolved. 

Method 1: Alter Name with the Website

The online approach is authorized for name changes. You only need to visit the official website of the airline. Next, you have to log in with your account details. Add your booking number to change the name. Provide your actual information on the website. At last, Wait for the response. This website makes it easy to change your name as well as correct it if needed. 

  • To begin the procedure, open a browser and go to Virgin Atlantic’s official website ““.
  • After that, you have to log in to your account.
  • Then update your name. Choose a flight using your booking number. 
  • Next, alter your name according to the Virgin Atlantic name change policy.
  • To validate your identity and alter your name, you must upload your ID.
  • Thereafter, pay the fees if applicable.
  • At last, wait for the confirmation of the name alteration. 
  • You will get the message of alteration to your registered ID.

Method 2: By Calling the Customer Care Number

The airline’s customer service department will assist you with the offline method for Virgin Atlantic change name on tickets. The airline provides 3 main numbers for customers:

Virgin Atlantic Customer Center            0344 874 7747
Virgin Headquarters            0344 8110 000
Calling from USA Customer Center           +1 800 862 8621

Note: The airline’s helpline number is available all day for UK passengers. For international passengers, you can check the opening time on the official website.

First, you have to dial any of the above-given contact numbers. Wait for the agent to connect with you. Once the agent is available, he/she will ask you about your issue. In response to that, you have to request a name change or correction. She/he will inform you whether the name will be changed or not. 

Thereafter, if the request is under the criteria of the Virgin Atlantic name change policy, then you have to provide some documents. The agent will verify all the documents and ask you for the fees in case applicable. Once the payment is done, your name change or correction request will be approved. At last, please wait for the confirmation which is provided by the airline. 

Method 3: Altering Name at the Airport Counter

When a passenger wants an instant Virgin Atlantic change name on tickets, he or she can go to the airport counter and alter the name. This method is useful for those passengers, who need to update their information before departure. At the airport, officials will directly manage all your queries. 

At the airport counter, first, you will have to ask for the name change or correction process availability. The officials will inform you whether the changes will be made or not. Given that the changes are acceptable, the officials will ask you for the original documents. 

You will have to provide your identities for the further procedure. The officials will ask you for the fees in case any. After the payment, this name change or correction procedure will go further. In the end, the officials will approve your changes and give you a confirmation right away. 

Note: Prefer to avoid requesting modification at the last moment at the airport. This is because sometimes, changes may not be approved instantly.

Method 4: Name Change through ChatBot

The airline has an option of chatbots through which you can alter your name. For Virgin Atlantic change name on tickets, this method works quickly and easily. You will only visit the official website. After that, on the website, a help and contact option is available. On that option, a chatbot is provided by the airline. 

For further procedures, you can go through the instructions below:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • Once the website is loaded, go to the “Support” section, that is, at the end of the homepage.
  • You will have the option “Help and Contact”. Select it.
  • After that, you have to scroll down to the new page. You will find an option called “Let’s Chat”.
  • Here, you can type “Change Name on Ticket”. Then click on the “Send” button.
  • Next, you will receive some options on chat such as:
  • “My name has an error on my ticket.”
  • “The wrong name is on the booking.”
  • “I want to change passengers on the booking.”

You will have to choose one of the above-given instructions.

  • Further, follow all the instructions given by the chatbot to complete the procedure.
  • Afterward, a confirmation will be sent to you by the airline.

Virgin Atlantic Name Change Fees

The Virgin Atlantic name change fee may or may not be applicable. It depends on the airline. Travelers can make a one-time alteration free of cost. However, when you are changing your name online, you may have the option of paying the fees. There, you can check the amount in case it applies. Minor spelling mistakes in your name can be fixed for free. Otherwise, you can get in touch with the airline to know the fees applicable when major changes are involved. 

To Surmise
The Virgin Atlantic name change policy makes name alterations simple and effective as you place the request. The airline permits you to make such changes to your details whenever you want. It satisfies the needs of the passengers through its simple guidelines. As a result, you won’t have to face complexities when you need to change or correct your name with Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Virgin Atlantic have middle names on their tickets?

With Virgin Atlantic middle name on ticket is not mandatory for travel. If you want to add your middle name, then you can add it to the ticket. It needs to be in the correct form.

2. How do I change passenger name on Virgin Atlantic?

Generally, you cannot change your entire passenger name. You can edit your first name, last name, and middle name. In Virgin Atlantic, tickets are non-transferable. You cannot transfer your full name on the ticket to another person. Then also, should you want to do so, then you can cancel your flight ticket. After this, you can rebook it, as per the Virgin Atlantic name change policy.

3. How much does it cost to change a name on Virgin Atlantic?

The Virgin Atlantic name change fee varies according to the type of change. For minor changes, the airline does not charge any cost. Also, you can alter your name once and that will be free of cost. For further inquiries about the cost or fees, you can contact the airlines.

5. How does the Air Canada name correction policy work?

Air Canada name correction policy adheres to a set of guidelines. Only a few characters are to be allowed for correcting a name on the ticket. You can verify that the name is correct when you keep this limit in mind.

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