Best Time to Visit Europe

Best Time to Visit Europe: Seasons & Month-Wise

Europe is best known as an impossibly varied and large continent. Right from romantic Paris and the beautiful culture of London to historic Rome, it has almost everything. This is why it is said that a person can spend all her/his life on this continent. However, it is important to know the best time to visit Europe, particularly for a trip. This will help you make the most of your journey. 

Month-Wise Break-up and Event Details

Visiting Europe can provide you with a lifetime experience but you need to plan well. For this, you should know the best time to visit this continent. To help you plan your upcoming trip, below is detailed information about the best months along with events and festivals that you should attend.

·        January

It is the best month to explore southern Europe. At this time, you will be rewarded with beautiful yet quieter museums and streets. In addition to this, January is the month that can provide you with better value for your money. 

The best thing about this month is that you will get fewer crowds and easy availability of accommodations. 

There are some more reasons that make January the best time to visit Europe to avoid crowds. It includes desirable temperature, relaxed time, and so on. Hence, with fewer people, such an atmosphere will make your mood more relaxed.

Top Events and Festivals

By visiting in January, you can attend or witness the following events and festivals in Europe:

  • While in Iceland, you can enjoy the best night time.
  • You can attend the Icelandic Þorrablót – a winter festival that is more than 1000 years old.
  • Enjoy local delicacies, drinks, music, and dance.

·        February

This month, Southern Europe is the best site to visit. It is one of the most exciting months as you will see carnivals and celebrations everywhere. 

Although the temperature is pretty cool with reduced opening/operational hours of some tourist spots, it is the best time to visit Southern Europe due to festivities and celebrations. 

Top Events and Festivals

Some events will remain the same as in January; you can have some more options to make your time better. It includes the following: 

  • Enjoy northern lights in Iceland that are at their best between November and February.
  • The celebration of the winter festival – the Icelandic Þorrablót is about to finish. So, visit it at least once.
  • Indulge in the Carnival of Venice to see vibrant costumes, masks, full-on revelry, and masquerade balls.

·        March

At the beginning of March, the temperature starts becoming a bit hot. However, you can expect some rain. You will still have so many options to explore and enjoy. 

Main Events/Festivals

The month of March allows you to experience the following:

  • Depending on the time of Easter, you can become a part of the celebration.
  • You can go to Spain, Italy, or Portugal during this time to enjoy your trip more.

·        April

When you want to know the best time to visit Europe with family or friends, April is undeniably the month you should plan your trip. This is the time when spring blooms, the temperature gets warmer and the sky becomes blue. Hotels will re-open and top tourist destinations will have different yet longer opening hours in April. 

In case you have plans to go to Northern Europe, you should know that the weather will be warmer and drier. The days will become longer and the Easter celebration will be there making it the best time to come to European countries such as Iceland. 

Best Festivals and Events 

Since it is the best time of the year to visit Europe in summer, you must experience the following events and festivals during your trip: 

  • So many religious activities will take place in Italy, Portugal, and so on if Holy Week is in April.
  • Go to Turkey to attend the Istanbul Tulip Festival.
  • Enjoy dancing and carnival rides in different Spanish cities at Seville’s Annual Fair.

·        May

It is the best month to plan your trip to Europe and for so many good reasons. 

  • In May, you will see gardens and greenery at their best. 
  • The Southern part of the continent will be warm pleasantly but it is also considered the best time of year to visit Europe. 
  • It is because you can explore historic cities and sites better. 
  • Northern Europe, on the other hand, will be cooler with settled weather.

Top Events to Attend

This month offers a lot of events and festivals for attending and experiencing Europe better. Some of them have been listed below:

  • If you have missed the Istanbul Tulip Festival in April, then do not worry. It is because you can still catch it as it takes place in May too.
  • You can attend the Reykjavík Arts Festival. It is for those who appreciate artworks by artists of different countries.
  • Also, you can go to Southern Iceland as it is a perfect spot for music lovers. 
  • In May, Kirkjubæjarklaustur Chamber Music Festival comes to Southern Iceland. Please note that this festival typically takes place in summer but the months can be different.

·        June

To have the best time in the beach cities under the clear blue sky, you must plan your trip in June. The temperatures will go up, but it will be the best time to visit Mediterranean Europe and explore other popular cities/spots without any crowds. 

On the northern side, you will have longer daylight, pleasant temperatures, and more attractions to see.

Exciting Events and Festivals

It is just a perfect time to experience the hidden gems of this continent as you will have fewer crowds on the road to restrict you. Besides, you can have the following events to attend and enjoy:

  • The Kirkjubæjarklaustur Chamber Music Festival will come to an end in June. So, you can go there and enjoy vibrant music.

·     July

Longer hours of sunlight, high temperature, and summer breaks will make July the busiest season for traveling to Europe. It means there will be more travelers coming from different corners of the world. 

Top Attractions for You

Although the temperature is high, it does not decrease the enthusiasm of avid travelers. It is the best time to visit Europe for a trip because of the following:

o   Explore historic buildings by food.

o   Attend the historic horse race – the Palio in Siena.

·        August

This month is marked as the holiday season. Hence, you can also plan and go to the beautiful beaches to beat the heat. But keep in mind that the beaches of the Mediterranean and towns will be more crowded.

Best Things to Enjoy

August comes with so many events and festivals to attend. You can note down the following and visit each one by one to make beautiful memories:

  • The historic horse race – the Palio will still be there. So, you can attend it in Siena.
  • Plan and visit Reykjavík to indulge in the Culture Night – Menningarnótt.
  • When this festival starts, all roads will be closed so that performers can perform, and fireworks can take place to add more beauty.
  • Go to Dalvik, the fishing village in North Iceland to be present at the Great Fish Day, Fiskidagurinn Mikli. It is a big event wherein you can enjoy fish soups and seafood buffets free of cost.
  • Herring Adventure Music Festival – Síldarævintýri will be hosted in August in North Iceland’s Siglufjörður. 

Note: The Herring Festival is the best place to enjoy folk music and local Icelandic music but also attracts crowds.

·        September

The temperature will start going down and schools will reopen. As a result, the summer crowd will dissipate. Hence, it will be the best time to visit Eastern Europe and other major parts to enjoy pleasant weather. It is an ideal month for those who want to try local foods here.

Top Events and Festivals

By visiting in splendid September, you will have the following to attend and make memories:

  • Go to Venice on September’s first Sunday to see gondola races.
  • By the end of September, you can go to the nearest wineries to see the process and taste some fresh wines.

·        October

The temperature is the main reason why it is considered the best time to explore European cities on foot. The seasonal foliage gives a whole new life to the countryside and makes cities more mesmerizing and picturesque.

It is the best time to visit Europe on a budget because there will be noticeably fewer people in the popular spots. As a result, the cost of airfares and accommodations will significantly be lower. It means you can visit in October if you have a restricted amount to spend.

·        November

You should know that it is the quietest month to travel to exciting Europe. The reasons are pretty obvious – the temperature is cooler, many attractions and hotels close, and few people are on the streets. 

Thus, you save more on flight tickets and hotel bookings. In case you are wondering whether everything is closed where you will go, fret not. Most art galleries, museums, and historic sites are still open. 

Great Festivals and Events 

To photograph in tranquility, you can go to the following and capture beautiful moments with your camera:

  • The northern lights come at their best at the beginning of November. Days will be shorter because of sunset at 6.00 pm. 

·        December

This month will provide you with a completely different experience. Since Christmas falls in December, festive lights and markets will make Europe look even more stunning. 

In the northern areas, you can see the magic of snow, while rural areas will be quieter. The preparation for New Year’s Eve is yet another reason why it is the best time to visit Europe for a honeymoon. 

Best Events to Head to

This month has a lot to offer. Here are some of the most popular events and festivals that take place in December:

  • Take your kids to any European city as they will experience the Yule lads (Jólasveinar). It happens around 13 days prior to Christmas.
  • The preparations for Christmas and New Year can be seen everywhere. Hence, you go to local streets and shops to enjoy yourself more.

When Should You Visit Central Europe?

The central part of this continent is so beautiful and vibrant. Therefore, you should know the best time to visit Central Europe. 

To explore this part at its best, you must plan your trip amid its shoulder season i.e. between April and June or September and November. The weather will be mild and the number of tourists will be fewer. Hence, you can save on airfares, accommodations, and tickets to tourist attractions.

What You Should Pack While Visiting Europe?

Now, you know the best time to visit Europe and the popular events and festivals to attend. But your trip can be ruined if you do not pack your bags appropriately. Check out the details given below to know what should be packed as per the season you are visiting:

  • Spring (from March to May)

It is the best time to Visit Europe season-wise. The temperature is amazing and flowers start blooming during spring. When it comes to packing bags, you should avoid heavy clothes i.e. jackets, sweaters, etc. Instead, you should pack lightweight clothes along with thick shirts. 

  • Summer (from June to August)

The sunlight stays for longer hours and the seawater is also warm during summer. Hence, it is a good idea to keep sunscreen, shorts, sunhats, sandals, and other lightweight and comfortable clothing as per your needs. 

Some occasional showers may come and make the climate a bit better, so be prepared for such surprises.

  • Autumn/Fall (from September to November)

When it comes to the best time to visit Europe weather-wise, autumn can be the season during which you can plan your trip. The temperature will be moderate and rainfall will be there constantly. 

Therefore, it is good to have a poncho or waterproof clothes and boots. Do not forget to keep an umbrella and raincoats if you are visiting the UK, Ireland, Germany, or France.

  • Winter (from December to February)

Winters in Europe are excessively cold. To enjoy your trip more, you will need to pack a lot of warm yet comfortable clothes in your bag. Always remember that the winter months are all about festivities and celebrations, it is good to pack prudently.

Best Places to Visit in Europe for the First Time

People visiting here should note down the following list of the best places to go to in Europe for the very first time. Please note that the list contains popular European countries and cities:

United KingdomIreland
Golden CircleMoscow
St. PetersburgKarelia

It is just an indicative list of the places where you should visit during your Europe trip. You can do a little bit of online research to know the best places to visit as per your plans and budget.

Summing it up!

When you know how to plan and where to visit, you will have more opportunities to enjoy your trip. In case you have a limited amount, you can plan your trip during the off-seasons as it is not only the best way but the most excellent time to head to Europe on a budget. So, do a lot of research, pack your bags adequately, and collect beautiful memories.

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