Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane for Self-defense Purposes?

Certain things are available for ensuring the safety of oneself. Pepper sprays are included among these. When flying and embarking on a journey alone, a traveler may want to keep a product like this one for the purpose of self-defense. 

But to tell you whether or not you can bring pepper spray on a plane, multiple limitations may be seen. In terms of baggage policy, airline, country, continent, and additional aspects, these limitations are found. 

Although in some instances your concerns will be understood, you must be fully sure about the permission to carry the spray. Otherwise, being held at the airport to encounter inconvenience may ruin your experience.

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane?

On a plane, pepper spray can be carried. You can put it in your suitcase or checked bag. Keep in mind that the spray is properly sealed. Otherwise, this may lead to spillage inside the baggage. Whoever is handling that bag can then receive the impact of this. 

While you store this item, be mindful of its quantity. It should not exceed 118 ml. Up to or below this quantity, the spray will be considered safe.

Given that you are carrying one spray for self-defense purposes, then it is important to find out the quantity of the tear gas in it. Up to 2% of it is allowed. Also, while TSA approves this item in checked baggage, certain airlines may not agree with the same. Hence, confirm the same with a specific carrier.

Can You Bring Pepper Sprays on a Plane of Delta?

Can You Bring Pepper Sprays on a Plane of Delta

Certain products aren’t allowed by Delta Airlines. Included on the list of such products are pepper sprays. It is legal to buy, as well as use, such a product. However, this carrier is highly concerned about the safety of passengers and staff. 

Possibly, pepper sprays are categorized as aerosol weapons. While you can bring aerosols on planes, related weapons can draw suspicion. Not only can they be dangerous but life-threatening as well. Considering this, the US carrier may disapprove of this item.

Can You Bring One Pepper Spray on a Plane as a Carry-on?

In general, air operators can let flyers take safe items as carry-ons. When it comes to packing your pepper spray, you may be surprised to know that it may be confiscated as you check-in. Even when it is equipped with the ability to keep you safe, it can be potentially dangerous for others.

To keep unlikely situations at bay on a plane, placing pepper sprays in cabin baggage is not really suggested. But you may still connect with your carrier for confirmation.

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane of Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines can allow some liquids on its planes. However, flying with pepper spray bottles/containers is not encouraged by it. Whether in checked luggage or as a carry-on item, such sprays are on the list of prohibited liquids. Make sure that while you prepare your bags, no such item is placed within.

Can You Bring Regular Pepper Spray on a Plane at American Airlines?

As per the guidelines of American Airlines, liquids can be traveled with. When they are safe in nature, they can easily be brought along. 3.4 oz is the approved quantity for these. This limit applies to 1 container. Nearly 10 such containers can be carried, equivalent to the total quantity of 1000 ml.

Can You Bring Regular Pepper Spray on a Plane at American Airlines

This airline, however, does not clarify on its website whether or not regular pepper spray is a safe liquid item. You can reach it in person. Or, you may call this carrier. Then you can find out if this spray is allowed.

Can You Bring Pepper Sprays on Planes of United Airlines?

A number of things are disallowed by United Airlines on its aircraft. Sprays for defense are not permitted onboard. Hence, pepper sprays are also not approved in this regard. This can be due to the dangers associated with these items. The airline can confiscate them while checking in.

On Alaska Airlines, can You Bring Pepper Spray on Your Plane?

Alaska Airlines has established a list of items indicating what is approved or prohibited. The air operator has included pepper sprays among the prohibited products. It is important to know that this operator regards such sprays as harmful as weapons. Hence, various restrictions have been placed on them.

Certain weapons may be allowed by Alaska Airlines. After attaching a special tag to the bag carrying one such item, a passenger can responsibly fly with it. Pertaining to this condition, you may ask the operator whether pepper spray can be carried.

Can You Bring a Self-defense Pepper Spray on a Plane with JetBlue?

According to JetBlue, some products can be used for dual purposes. While they can help in keeping a flier safe, they can hinder the safety of others around them. Along with many others, pepper sprays also come for both purposes. Hence, carrying them is restricted.

Regardless of how you want to carry pepper spray, it may not be allowed in checked or carry-on baggage. In case you bring it with you and are caught while screening, it will be declared illegal.

Can You Bring Pepper Sprays on Planes as per TSA?

The Transportation Security Administration has well-defined rules for most items that a passenger can fly with. It has also clarified how many ounces you can bring on a plane. When it comes to pepper spray, it has guidelines for this product as well. 

Can You Bring Pepper Sprays on Planes as per TSA
  • 118 ml or 4 ounces is the maximum quantity of one spray allowed.
  • This item is required to be sealed throughout the journey.
  • It cannot be placed in carry-on baggage.
  • Keep in mind that the spray’s fluid does not get discharged in your suitcase.
  • It should have a limited percentage of CN/CS/tear gas. Ideally, two percent is the maximum quantity you can take.

An officer of TSA will finally allow or disallow the item, depending on how these guidelines have been followed.

Can You Legally Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane to England?

In the United Kingdom, weapons meant for the defense of oneself aren’t allowed. Carrying them is not legal in this country. Therefore, when you want to fly to England, you should not be equipped with an item like pepper spray. In accordance with this, when you travel to this location, your carrier may not give you permission to store it despite being non-lethal.

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on a Plane to Europe?

There are numerous parts of Europe in which pepper sprays may not be allowed. To put it in another way, there may be few to no countries where these products are not banned. The European Union regards this item to carry poisonous substances. These can be harmful to the eyes and nose. Additional damage to health may further be caused.

As you decide to fly to this continent, find out whether your preferred European country allows you to carry the spray. Then only you should fly with one.

Note: Countries in this continent that allow pepper sprays may require you to have a license for the same.

In Short

Going by the terms of the TSA, pepper sprays can be flown with when every instruction is adhered to. But for many reasons, certain countries and airlines may still not allow carrying these items. Being certain about what you can fly with is crucial. When your knowledge is complete regarding this, your experience will be pleasant.

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