Breeze Airways Baggage Policy

As an air passenger of Breeze, it is vital to understand its guidelines for luggage. The Breeze Airways baggage policy has detailed specifications that a passenger must know. It is useful to its guests when they plan their trips. They can get an idea of the overall charges, restrictions, and additional allowances.

Breeze Airways Baggage Allowance Policy

To keep it resourceful, the air operator has created a policy explaining what guests can and cannot carry with respect to physical aspects. Limitations such as size and weight are explained. 

  • Passengers are permitted 3/three types of luggage and they are:
    • Carry-on 
    • Personal item
    • Checked bag
  • There can be Breeze Airways baggage size and weight restrictions for both carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Personal items need to be measured under the carrier’s standard measurement.
  • Extra charges are added to the fees when you exceed the limitations.
  • The fare type of the guest determines the quantity of luggage allowed.
  • It has special provisions for specific items like sports gear. 
  • Military personnel have an extra bag allowance under special provisions of this airline.
  • Mobility aids are transported for free when packed separately from checked bags.

Breeze Airways Carry-On Policy

Luggage stored underneath the front seat of the passenger or in an overhead chamber is termed carry-on. Passengers are permitted to have carry-ons with them on the plane. The operator permits one bag per passenger. 

When booking a “Nice” fare, customers must purchase a carry-on as it is not included. 

The bag is included for:

  • Nicer Fare
  • Nicest Fare

The permitted Breeze Airways carry-on size and weight are: 

Maximum dimension (including handles and wheels)24 x 14 x 10 inches
Maximum weight35 pounds

Getting Your Personal Item on Breeze Airways

Other than cabin luggage, the carrier has provisions for personal items. One item is allowed for all fare types on board without charge. It can be:

  • Briefcase
  • Purse
  • Laptop Bag
  • Small Backpack

Any kind of personal item must fit under the seat directly in front of the passenger. The policy doesn’t state any specific weight limit for these. But such items should not exceed the maximum Breeze Airways personal item size of 17 x 13 x 8 inches.

Pet Carriers and Luggage

This airline company is known to allow passengers to bring their pets on board. Hence, guests can fly peacefully with their furry friends. There are rules in place to keep things running smoothly, especially for their carriers. 

The highlights of the pet policy are discussed below:

  • Each animal carrier is charged $75 for each segment of the itinerary.
  • According to the rules of the breeze airways pet policy , carriers are considered a passenger’s carry-on item.
  • They must fit precisely beneath the seat in front of the traveler.
  • Guests are authorized to carry one personal item on board, including pet carriers.
  • The measurements of the standard and extended legroom seats are 17 x 8 x 13 inches.
  • As a result, the carrier for pets must not exceed that space.

Note: Animal creates cannot fit beneath the First-class seats of the airline.

Breeze Airways Checked Baggage Policy

Checked bags are allowed for all passengers. For some fare types, it is included, and for others, it needs to be purchased. 

The table below gives more information on the permissible number of bags as per the Breeze Airways baggage policy:

Fare TypeBaggage Allowance
NiceNot included (charges apply)
Nicer1 bag
Nicest2 bags

Note: Additional bags are considered excess luggage.

Breeze Airways Checked Baggage Size/Weight

Air operators tend to follow a fixed limit for checked luggage. The overall dimension allowed by this carrier for the same is less than 62 linear inches. The weight should not exceed 50 pounds.

When the Breeze Airlines baggage weight exceeds the standard weight and size, it will be classified as overweight or oversized. Luggage exceeding 80 linear inches (in total length, breadth, and height) or weighing more than 99 pounds won’t be accepted.

Breeze Airlines Military Baggage Allowance

This carrier has specific guidelines for military luggage allowance. Active travelers in this category can benefit from this provision. 

Breeze Airlines Military Baggage Allowance
  • They are permitted to bring one carry-on and two checked bags for free.
  • While booking, active military personnel do not have to add bags. 
  • They can walk to the airport and check-in at the ticket counter. 
  • Valid identification cards must be presented at the counter to avail of the allowance.
  • After the verification of identity, active members can receive their free luggage.
  • The weight restriction for carry-on is 35 lbs and 99 lbs for checked bags.

Note: The Breeze Airways military baggage allowance is only for active members. Retired, ROTC, family of active personnel have to pay regular charges.

How to Add Bags to Your Breeze Airways Reservation?

Passengers can buy bags while purchasing their tickets. If you want to modify a reservation and add them, then you may do so 4/four hours before departure.

Under the Breeze Airlines baggage policy, to add or modify the kind of bag on a reservation:

To add or modify the kind of bag on a reservation: 

  • Visit this airline’s authorized web portal.
  • Sign in to the “Breeze Guest” account that was used to make the reservation.
  • Go to the “My Trips” tab to get a list of your bookings.
  • Choose your preferred reservation.
  • Find and choose the “View Flight Options” box.
  • After that, select the “Edit Guest Bags” option.
  • Add the number of checked and carry-on baggage you want to include.
  • Prices will be shown on this page.
  • Remove any bags that you no longer require.
  • You may even change the luggage for one leg of a round-trip reservation.
  • When you are done adding or modifying, click “Save Changes”.
  • If it prompts “Included,” the bag is combined with the fare class (nonrefundable).
  • You can now check out and pay.

Furthermore, travelers must understand the following terms of the Breeze Airways baggage policy:

  • Travelers can buy up to 3 checked bags online.
  • Any luggage added at the airport will be counted as extra.
  • Bags that are removed during check-in are reimbursed to your account as BreezePoints.
  • They cannot be removed less than 24 hours before departure.
  • The unused ones will not be refunded.

​​Breeze Airways Baggage Fees

This airline doesn’t provide any specific fees for this service. The charge for any luggage is subject to the type of trip, start location, destination, and number of guests. To get the accurate cost of the baggage, you need to use their “Bag Price Calculator”.

Travelers must add luggage options 4/four hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. According to the medium, adding the option will cost you the following Breeze baggage fees :

Four hours before the scheduled departure (website or mobile app)$50
Guest Empowerment Team Member:$50
Airport Team Member$50

Oversize and Overweight Bag Fees

Checked luggage that exceeds the weight and dimension standards is classified as overweight and oversized. One that is longer than 80 linear inches (in total length, width, and height) or weighs more than 99 pounds will not be allowed.

The overweight and oversized Breeze Airways checked baggage fees range are discussed in the following table:

Weight/Size RangeApplicable Fee (Added to the Bag Price)
51 to 71 pounds$20
71 to 99 pounds$50
63 to 80 overall inches$50

Note: The price is applied per passenger on each segment of the itinerary.

Breeze Airways Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment

Sporting gear is permitted on flights of this operator. Sports equipment is permitted when they meet the carry-on and checked luggage regulations of weight and size. Additionally, travelers must sign a “Limited Liability Release” form while checking any sports gear.

Breeze Airways Baggage for Sports

The list of permitted and restricted sports and games gear is given in the table below:

Permitted Sporting ItemsRestricted Sports Items
Balls: checked bag or carry-onBicycles
Baseball: checked luggage onlyWindsurfing equipment
Archery: checked bagPaintball compressed gas cylinders
Bowling: both checked or carry-onSurfboards
Camping: Sleeping bags, backpacks, and knapsacks allowed Javelin/pole vaulting equipment
Boogie boards, Bodyboards, Wakeboard, and  SkimboardsScuba tanks (empty or full)
Paintball: Checked luggageLarge archery targets
Scuba: Both cabin and checked bagPaddleboards
Golf: Checked baggageCanoes
Parachute: Both hand and checked bagCamping stoves
Martial Arts: Checked bagBoats
Lacrosse: Both checked bag or carry-onSculls
Hockey: Checked luggage onlyFuel
Firearms and Ammunition: Checked baggageFlares
Fishing: Both checked or carry-onKayaks
Ski and Snowboard Equipment: checked baggage only
Football: both checked or carry-on
Kitesurfing Boards: checked bag only
Water Ski Equipment: checked bag
Tennis: both checked or carry-on
  • Other than through the Breeze Airlines baggage policy, learn the details of the permitted sports goods by visiting the official website Breeze Airways
  • Equipment that exceeds the regular weight or measurements will be considered:
    • Overweight
    • Oversized 
  • Charges will be applied when the standard limitations are surpassed. 
  • Hockey, golf, and lacrosse are exempt from the oversized baggage fee.

Note: It is best to read the guidelines of TSA also before you plan to fly with any of the above-mentioned sporting equipment.

Breeze Airways Regulations for Assistive Devices

This carrier tries to offer the best facilities to its guests for a comfortable journey. Considering the mobility of differently-abled passengers, the carrier allows assistive devices for free.

The below-given mobility aids are permitted for free when packaged separately:

  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Scooters
  • Medications
  • Wheelchairs

Any mobility device that can fit underneath the seat or overhead chamber is permitted on board.

Additionally, the following specifications of the Breeze Airways baggage policy are related to the safe transportation of mobility aids:

  • This carrier’s aircraft has doors that measure 35″ x 43″.
  • Hence, it will only be capable of handling devices that fit within these dimensions. 
  • When necessary, some aids can be dismantled. 
  • The carrier will reassemble your device when you reach the destination. 

Note: It is advised that passengers using scooters or electric wheelchairs check in at least 45 minutes before the departure time.

Breeze Airways Restricted and Prohibited Items

Keeping in mind the safety of the entire flight, the air operator has strict regulations for items that are allowed on board. It also follows the guidelines set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

This airline completely prohibits the admission of the following items:

  • Drones
  • Live Lobster
  • Engine-powered equipment (purged of fuel)
  • Tent
  • Hoverboards
  • Microwaves
  • EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radiobeacons)
  • Metal Detector
  • Solar Panels
  • Segway (allowed as an assistive device)
  • Fish 
  • Reptiles or other small pets

Note: In case they are found in baggage, actions such as flight cancellations can be observed.

The Breeze Airways baggage policy follows the rule: TSA 3-1-1. It allows:

  • liquids, 
  • aerosols, 
  • gels, 
  • creams, 
  • and pastes in carry-on bags. 

Such items must be stored in containers that carry no more than 100 ml/3.4 fluid ounces. To get through the security checkpoint, these containers should be put in a single transparent resealable bag. Each passenger is limited to one quart-sized transparent resealable bag.

Dry ice below 5.5 pounds may be checked with proper labeling. Further, TSA has described in detail how to carry restricted items. It has even specified whether the object is allowed as carry-on or checked baggage.

The table below gives an overview of the items that are discussed on the official TSA website:

FlammableFirearmsFoodMedicalHousehold Tools, and ElectronicsSharp Objects
Arc Lighters 
Plasma Lighters
BB gunsAlcoholic beveragesCastBreast pumpsCrochet hooks
Blasting CapsCap gunsBaby foodBlood sugar test kit AxesDart
CO2 CartridgeFirearmsBreast milkCaneCattle prodsCigar cutter
CigarsFlare gunsCooked foodContact lens and solutionCorkscrewKirpans
CigarettesGun lightersFresh meat and seafoodEpiPensCrowbarKnitting needles
Chlorine for Pools and SpasHolsterCoffeeExternal medical devicesCurling ironLock picks

Passengers must thoroughly check the official TSA page to be sure about the regulations. The security body also mentions the following points:

  • Eligibility for certain goods or items is decided at the checkpoint.
  • Generally permitted items might not even be allowed if security screening finds them to be a threat.
  • You may be instructed to power up your devices while screening.
  • Any inability to do so may lead to rejection.
  • The authority body will make the final decision about allowing an item to be carried.

Settling Queries Relating to Goods

When you cannot find details about something specific, connect with TSA. Passengers can even contact it for queries and doubts.

You may connect with AskTSA at:

MediumOfficial handleOfficial Hours (ET)
Facebook Messenger 8 am to 10 pm
Twitter and weekends: 9 am to 7 pm

Clearing Concerns Directly with the Airline

For additional help to manage your booking, you can connect with this airline. You can share your luggage-related concerns and get reliable responses. Consider getting the Breeze app for this purpose or text at – 1 501 273 3931. 

Or, you may use the following to reach the carrier on social media.

Platforms on Social MediaOfficial Links

Breeze Airways Policy for Damage/Delay of Baggage

Delay or damage to the luggage of any traveler flying with this airline is an unfortunate scenario. With the aid of the Breeze Airways baggage policy, it tries to act right away to minimize the loss. 

  • The passenger must notify an “Airport Team Member” at the airport (destination).
  • Ensure that you supply correct information.
  • In case your contact details are incorrect, kindly look for name change facilities.
  • This must be communicated within an hour of the flight’s arrival.
  • Travelers to or from Canada may be entitled to compensation if their bag is damaged or lost.
  • They must connect with the airline. 
  • Or, go to the “Canadian Transportation Agency” official site for more information.
  • You may additionally check the availability of the delayed flight compensation facility to know further.

This luggage policy is an important factor to be considered while planning any vacation. The price of various types of bags, item restrictions, compensation information, and other special allowances are the top highlights of this framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Breeze charge for bags

Passengers with “Nice” fares are charged for bags.

Do you get a free carry-on with Breeze?

Carry-on is included in the carrier’s Nicer and Nicest fare categories.

How many bags can you carry-on for free?

Passengers can travel with one carry-on bag for free when they purchase a Nicer or Nicest fare ticket

Does Breeze offer free carry-on for the Nice fare?

No, the air operator doesn’t offer a free carry-on with a Nice fare ticket.

Is a backpack a personal item on Breeze?

The carrier categorizes a backpack as a personal item.

What is considered a personal item on Breeze?

A purse, briefcase, laptop bag, and small backpack are examples of personal items.

How many bags can you check and carry-on for free with the Nicest fare

The Nicest fare allows guests to bring one carry-on and two checked bags.

What are breeze airline baggage fees?

Use the airline’s “Bag Price Calculator” to determine the exact luggage fees.

Can you bring a personal item on Breeze?

Yes, you are allowed to carry one personal item on board.

What is Breeze Airways baggage policy for pet carriers?

The luggage policy permits a pet carrier on board with a personal item and carry-on.

Does Breeze Charge for Luggage?

Depending on certain conditions, the operator can apply a charge for your luggage.

Is there a Breeze Airlines military baggage policy?

Yes, you can find a policy for military luggage allowance.

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