Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

Flight cancellations are the result of inconvenient changes in plans. At times, the carrier company may also revoke flights due to controllable and uncontrollable factors. To mitigate the inconvenience of the customers, the Breeze Airways cancellation policy comes to the rescue. It provides help when the company or customers undo their trips.

Rules of Breeze Cancellation Policy

To function efficiently and offer timely assistance, the policy has a set of rules. The following points discuss such guidelines:

  • Even though it only sells non-refundable tickets, you can have flexible plans. 
  • High flexibility fare gives the chance to revoke tickets 15 minutes prior to the departure. 
  • The traveler can manage such alterations and flight changes on the website. 
  • Revoked flights are issued with special credits known as “BreezePoints”. 
  • The credit value is equal to the entire fare, seat, and baggage cost. 
  • BreezePoints are accessible for 24 months from the issued date from the Guest account. 
  • Lower-fare Breeze Airways reservations can also be revoked.
  • BreezePoints are available after reversals and can be used to rebook immediately.
  • Rebooking a roundtrip is acceptable to the carrier.
  • Be sure that at the time of rebooking, the fare is lower than the original booking.
  • Else, you may be charged the fare difference.
  • Failure to undo the reservation even 15 minutes before the take-off will lead to forfeited credits.

24 Hours Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

The operator only sells tickets that are non-refundable. However, it does have a unique cancellation policy of 24 hours. 

  • A customer is allowed to revoke tickets within 24 hours of reservation. 
  • Reversals of bookings are eligible for a full refund to the original source of payment. 
  • Additional services are refundable during this period. This includes:
    • Breeze Airways baggage fees
    • Pet charges, and
    • Seat assignments
  • The departure of the said flight must be seven/more days after the reservation date. 
  • A traveler won’t be charged any cancellation fee to undo the booking.

Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation Fees

This carrier is a low-cost operator in the United States. People prefer this airline for domestic routes. Hence, it has no cancellation fees associated with flight revocations. All its bundles offer additional services and you do not have to worry about reversal charges for these.

How to Cancel a Breeze Airways Flight?

This airline offers multiple ways to undo reservations. It is a benefit for travelers, as they will have the liberty to choose the method that will be convenient for them. Contact the carrier on call, download the app, connect through social media or use the message service to revoke flights. 

Method 1: On Carrier’s Website

One of the multiple straightforward methods of revocation is using the official site of the operator. You may even refer to the Breeze Airways cancellation policy here. 

To proceed, read the instructions given below:

  • Visit the official site Breeze Airways
  • Click on the “Log in” action on the top action bar.
  • ​Log in to the “Guest Account” through which the booking was purchased.
  • On the new page, head to the “My Trips” section.
  • View all the reservations listed here.
  • Select the booking you need to reverse.
  • When you select the itinerary, all the segments will be revoked or modified.
  • Come to the end of the “Reservation” page.
  • Hit on the “Cancel & Credit Booking” checkbox. 

Note: This will lead to the revocation of all the flights in the itinerary or the roundtrip booking.

To Revoke either First Leg or Return Flight

For the convenience of its customers, the Breeze cancellation policy provides them with the choice to undo either the first flight or return ticket. The steps discussed above are the same for navigating to the “My Trips” section. 

After that, carefully read the points mentioned here:

  • On the “My Trips” segment, select the reservation that you need to undo.
  • Click on the “Arrow” beside the booking.
  • Here, select the flight that needs to be reversed. 
  • Click on “View More Details”.
  • Move to the “Flight Actions” page.
  • Hit on the “Cancel & Credit Flight” option.
  • In the end, the operator may confirm the reversal by sending a mail. 

Note: Execute the Breeze flight cancellation by downloading the “Breeze Airways” app. On your “Android” or “iOS” device, you can get it.

Method 2: Chat to Get Help

This carrier company doesn’t have a provision for on-call assistance. Customers can connect with it by email or other chat mediums to manage bookings. 

The table below highlights the links for all mediums of contact:

Contact PlatformContact Link or ID
SMS Text501-273-3931

Choose any platform to clear your queries or revoke your reservations. You may reach out to the virtual agent by adhering to the instructions mentioned below:

  • Write a message/email describing your concern.
  • Be particular about the help you want.
  • You may attach various details of Breeze Airways reservations, like:
    • Booking or ticket number
    • Passenger’s name

The representative of the airline will reach out and help you execute ticket reversals.

Method 3: Via Social Media Handles

Social media and networking platforms are excellent alternatives to connect with the carrier. Here, you can get the answers to your doubts in relation to the Breeze Airways cancellation policy. Customers can post about their queries and get help revoking reservations. 

To contact the air operator via social media, use these links:

Platforms on Social MediaOfficial Links

You can also use the following idea to share your concerns regarding the Breeze cancellation policy:

  • Write a post describing your problems and doubts.
  • Attach required details, like booking reference.
  • Tag the official handle of the airline company.
  • Additionally, mention your alternate contact details.
  • The airline agent may connect shortly with you to help you with revocation doubts.

Breeze Airways Refund Policy

This low-cost U.S. airline offers a unique refund policy. All the tickets are non-refundable. But the revoked flights are refunded in the form of travel credit. Such credits are directly accessible from the “Guest Account”.

The additional rules of the refund policy are listed here:

  • Customers are eligible for refunds as BreezePoints. 
  • Even for flights revoked 15 minutes before take-off, the points are given.
  • High flexible tickets get a refund of the:
    • Ticket
    • Bags
    • Seat
    • Pets (If any)
  • Breeze Airways flight cancellations within 24 hours of booking receive full refunds. 
  • In the above case, the amount comes in the original form of payment.
  • Seat selection regulations and baggage policy of Breeze Airways do not offer refunds after this risk-free window.
  • The same applies to all charges based on the pet policy of Breeze Airways.
  • You even get BreezePoints for lower fare reversals.

Other Situations for the Application of Breeze Refund Policy

Other than overbooked flights, the carrier may not be able to provide the previously confirmed seat. To minimize the inconvenience caused, the airline makes multiple efforts through the Breeze Airlines cancellation policy for refunds. 

This includes:

  • Rescheduled flights
  • Alternate travel transportation
  • Credit Vouchers, or
  • Refunds

Note: All such alternate arrangements are subject to availability. 

Refund Processing Timeline

The Breeze Airways refund policy prioritizes the approval and processing of eligible refunds. It strives to deliver quick services. It will start processing the return as soon as it receives all the necessary paperwork and refund receipts.

The timeline for processing the return for various payment methods is tabulated as follows:

Method of PaymentProcessing Time
Credit CardSeven/7 business days
Cash and CheckTwenty/20 business days

Note: It may take up to two billing cycles for credit card refunds to appear on a statement.

The above-mentioned timeline may not be able to accommodate all refund requests. For instance, processing tickets that were purchased outside of the United States may be handled differently and take longer to complete.

How to Claim Refunds for Breeze Flight Cancellations?

The easiest method for obtaining a refund is by visiting the website or using the support option. You may also reach out to the airline through written requests. The Breeze refund policy has discussed several methods to get the amount. 

Method 1: For the Entire Booking

You can get the money for your entire itinerary by navigating to the “My Trips” section through the website or the mobile application. 

  • Log in to the “Guest Account:” used for booking.
  • Select the “My Trips” action. 
  • Get details on revoked flights.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  • Click on “Refund Trip”.
  • A preview of the refund amount will be available. View it.
  • Hit on “Confirm Refund” to complete the process.

Method 2: Refund For One Flight

Sometimes you may want your money for a single segment of the itinerary. For this, the Breeze Airways refund policy has instructions for filling out a form.

  • Complete the “Breeze Airways Refund Request Form”.
  • You can find the form at the following link:
  • You will have to add these details:
    • Your Name
    • Confirmation Number
    • Email Address
    • Preferred Refund: “Outbound” or “Return”

Method 3: Requests in Writing

As a part of the Breeze Airways cancellation policy, passengers have the opportunity to send a refund request in writing to the operator. 

You may send the request at:

  • “Breeze Airways Attention”: Guest Refunds 6430 South 3000 East, Suite 400 Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121

Some quick tips to write the refund request:

  • Address the carrier and mention your purpose of writing
  • Add the flight details, like:
    • Date of booking
    • Ticket revocation date
    • Passenger’s name
    • Reservation/ticket number
    • Payment method
  • Provide your correct and multiple contact details for future reference.

Breeze Airways Cancelled Flights Policy

Even after making every effort to provide the best service possible to the passengers, the operator may need to reverse flights. Within 30 minutes of the carrier learning about such interruptions, the traveler is informed.

The following can be the reasons for Breeze Airways cancelled flights:

  • Compliance with any government directives for emergency transportation concerning:
    • Declared or suspected major national disasters
    • National Defense
    • Aviation security
  • Whenever it is appropriate as a result of bad weather/other uncontrollable circumstances
  • It may reverse flights for additional reasons which are actual, threatened, or reported, like:
    • Labor disturbances
    • Acts of God 
    • Strikes
    • Embargoes
    • Civil commotions
    • Hostilities
    • Wars, or 
    • Other Force Majeure incidents

All reservations, including seat assignments, can be reversed without prior notice if:

  • A traveler is missing a boarding pass 40 minutes before domestic flight departure.
  • The guest is absent at the boarding gate, even 15 minutes before the take-off.
  • Tickets of such guests can be forfeited when they have checked in too.
  • Irregularities violating the Breeze Airways check-in policy can cause cancellations.
  • Missing flights without prior reversals/modifications can revoke the entire itinerary.

Breeze Airways Compensation for Canceled Flights

Reimbursements are efforts to assist passengers in the event of unfortunate scenarios. Any associated guidelines are discussed below:

  • Under the Breeze Airways cancellation policy, monetary compensation isn’t available. 
  • You can only expect service assistance from it. 
  • Such amenities are offered to maintain the health and safety of passengers due to:
    • Flight disruptions, and 
    • Cancellations
  • Service compensations are only offered when rebooking is not available for the same day.
  • The compensation offered is not a mandatory obligation of the carrier. 

Rebooking Offered by Breeze Airlines Cancellation Policy

Rebooking is an integral provision by the operator to minimize the inconvenience caused due to Breeze Airways delays and revocations. Besides, rebooking is subject to the availability of a flight or seat assignment. 

  • Travelers are not charged for such arrangements.
  • The rebooking is processed as a priority on the next available flight.
  • You may be booked a direct or connecting flight to the destination.
  • Before finalizing any itinerary, the needs of the traveler are taken into consideration.

Such passengers are eligible to modify their reservations, provided: 

  • Both departure and arrival airports are the same.
  • Within the given date range by the airline (within 14 days of the original departure).

Service Offered during Breeze Airways Flight Cancellations

At times, due to miscommunication, disruption, or flight revocation, passengers may not be rebooked on another flight on the same day.

During such situations:

  • The carrier offers accommodations as Breeze flight delay compensation.
  • Accommodations are also arranged for travelers whose flights are revoked.
  • This facility is available overnight.
  • A stay is only arranged for passengers who are not local.

When is Service Compensation not Available?

Accommodations and other assistance are not offered by the Breeze Airways flight cancellation policy. This is due to the following reasons related to flight reversals or disruptions:

  • Uncontrollable situations, including:
    • Severe weather
    • Air Traffic Control
  • When the reversed flight originates in the city listed on the ticket, accommodations are not provided.

The carrier may provide the traveler with lodging information so that they can book their own accommodations. 
The Breeze Airways cancellation policy is based on a strong framework to give the finest assistance during times of crisis. It also assists a person in obtaining a refund and compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 24 hour Breeze Airways cancellation policy?

This policy allows flight reversals and offers a full refund to the original source of payment.

How often does Breeze cancel flights?

The carrier cancels flights rarely due to government directives or bad weather.

Is Breeze Airways cancelling flights for free?

When the flight is revoked within 24 hours of booking, the customer does not have to pay reversal charges.

What is Breeze cancellation policy for fees?

To learn the exact revocation charges, contact the airline company.

Is there any Breeze flight delay compensation in cash?

There is no monetary compensation for delayed flights.

Can I cancel after Breeze flight check in?

You can undo the booking up to 15 minutes before the flight takes off.

How to cancel a Breeze flight using the mobile app?

Navigate to the “My Trips” section on the smartphone to reverse tickets.

Does Breeze Airways cancel flights without notice?

Tickets can be revoked without prior notice when the passenger is not present at the boarding gate 15 minutes before departure.

What is the Breeze Airways contact number?

501-273-3931 is the contact ID of the carrier to send an SMS text.

What is Breeze Airways cancellation policy?

This policy allows passengers to cancel non-refundable flights and receive BreezePoints as a refund.

Can Breeze Airways flight cancellation policy offer a refund?

Yes, refunds are available to the original source of payment.

Does Breeze Airlines cancellation policy cancel no-show flights?

The airline revokes other segments of an itinerary of a no-show flight.

Can my flight be canceled after the Breeze flight check in?

Even after check-in, the airline can revoke the ticket if you are not present at the boarding gate 15 minutes before the departure.

What is the Breeze refund policy for canceled flights due to bad weather?

You do not get any refund, compensation, or rebooking option for flight reversals due to severe weather.

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