Eva Air Pet Policy

Eva Air makes the pet flying experience memorable with its established guidelines and regulations. Eva Air pet policy comprises a step-by-step guide regarding pet restrictions, fees, safety tips, and guidance for service animals.

Refer to the Eva Air pet policy below for your next comfortable journey.

What are the basic guidelines for Eva Air Pet Policy?

You can make your pet journey experience memorable by adhering to the following guidelines that must be met for Eva Air Pet Policy – 

  • Age restrictions- Young animals below 4 months and pregnant animals are not accepted for carriage. 
  • Allowed pets – Dogs, cats, and rabbits are allowed as checked baggage in the Cargo section. 
  • Service animals – Only airline service dogs are allowed in the cabin for disabled travelers and can travel on the aircraft at no extra charges. 
  • Number of cages – The maximum limit per passenger is set at 2 cages, except for those flying under Eva Air unaccompanied minor policy. 
  • Country-specific – The destination and arrival airport regulations must be met for those with stricter pet limits. 
  • Eva air in cabin pet policy – Domesticated animals like pets are not allowed in the cabin. 
  • Restrictions – Itineraries with interline flight segments are not accepted.
    • Such pets are accepted only on Eva air pet policy international flights operated by EVA/UNI Air flights. 
  • Pet reservation timeline – Connect with the airline up to 48 hours before the flight departure. 
  • Eva Air Pet check in – Passengers traveling with pets must check in 2 hours before flight time.
    • For London Heathrow Airport – Check in with your pets up to 2.5 hours due to processing time and pet handling. 

What are the Eva pet carrier guidelines to carry pets as checked baggage?

The pets are allowed as checked baggage by the airline only if the carriages/cages meet the following prerequisites –

Eva Air Pet Policy
  • Type of material – The container must be built out of rigid plastic material.
    • Have moisture absorbing materials on the floor. 
    • It must meet IATA guidelines and have only one door for the pet’s entry and exit to prevent escape. 
  • Ventilation – Must have sufficient holes and ventilation openings on more than one side. 
  • Height- Must be large enough to accommodate the pet height in a standing position without touching the roof of the cage.
    • The animal must be able to stand, sit straight, and lie down comfortably. 
  • Length – Length must be measured from the root of the tail to the nose and include half the height from the cage floor to the elbow joint of the animal.
  • Width – Twice the length of the animal measured via the shoulder blades of the animal. 
  • Pet cage door – The door must be well secured with zip ties or have straps and protective nets outside the cage. 
  • Wheels – The wheels of the pet crates must be removed for enhanced protection and to avoid any movement.
  • Unsuitable container examples – Pet crates made of wire mesh, collapsible materials, welded mesh, or cardboard are restricted. 
  • Pet compartment – The air temperature and pressure of the pet compartment are the same as that of travelers in the cabin. 
  • Number of pets allowed per crate – One pet per crate is allowed if the total weight of the pet and container is over 143 kg or 31 lbs.
    • Younger animals over 4 months with a combined weight of pet crate and pet less than 143 kg – Up to 2 pets of the same kind
  • Dimensions over 292 cm or 115 in – Not allowed as checked baggage.

What are the documents necessary for Eva Air Pet Travel Policy?

Travelers are responsible to provide the relevant health documents, travel documents, etc. when traveling with pets. Note that – 

  • The documents must be presented at the departure airport, transit, or entry at the destination airport. 
  • Pet carriage and the pet must abide by the transportation standards. 
  • Documents – Here are the documents you must present to the airline for pet reservation and verification –
    • Vaccination certificates and health records 
    • Travel documents
    • Passenger’s Declaration for Live Animal (Present the document at the airport when you check in your pet)

NOTE – Connect with destination countries’ embassies for other unique documentation requirements. 

What are the Eva Air routes and aircraft type limitations for pet travel?

Ensure to contact the Eva Air Reservation staff to get a hold of the limitations. Note that – 

  • Except for B787 and A321 flights, five cages or containers are permitted per flight. 
  • Overview – Here is a rundown of the routes and aircraft type limitations under Eva Air pet travel policy.
Type of flights Terms and Conditions 
B787Short haul flights – Pets not permitted (Including North America, Oceania, and Europe)Long haul flights – 2 cages per flight allowed
A321Pets are not allowed

What are the Eva Air pet breed restrictions and limitations?

The airline may not allow all dog breeds and cat breeds on the flight due to breathing issues at higher altitudes or risk of heart attacks. Refer to the details given below – 

What are the dog and cat breeds limited to some routes and time periods?

Some brachycephalic cats and dog breeds and a mix of those breeds are not allowed on the following routes – 

Eva Air in Cabin Pet Policy
  • Northern hemisphere – From April 1 to November 30 
  • Southern hemisphere – From October 1 to March 31
  • From/via/to South East Asia – Throughout the year 
  • Overview – The following table states the limited dog and cat breeds. 
Dog Breeds Cat Breeds 
Brussels Griffon
Bulldog (all breeds)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel/Chin Chin
Persian (e.g. Chinchilla)
Exotic short-haired cat

NOTE – You can head to the official website for other restricted pet dog breeds and countries prohibiting transportation of brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs and cats. 

What are some dangerous dog breeds restricted on Eva Air?

Following dog breeds and their cross breeds are not permitted to travel on Eva Air throughout the year – 

  • Terrier Fila Brasileiros
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino (Argentine Mastiff)
  • Cane Corso
  • American Staffordshire

NOTE – Head to the Eva Air pet guidelines for government restrictions. 

How to request a Pet reservation with Eva Air?

You can book a pet reservation with Eva Air by contacting the airline’s Service center or sharing your queries via social media. Take a look at the method discussed below – 

How to contact Eva Airlines over the phone for pet policy queries and reservations?

Eva Air Service Center allows travelers to address pet reservation queries, Eva Air’s unaccompanied minor policy, etc. 

Follow the steps given below to connect with the airline Service center – 

  • Head to the official Eva Air website home page
  • Look for the “Question mark” sign on the top right corner of the website. 
  • You will reach the “Help” page. Opt for the “Customer Service” option from the page. 
  • You will be directed to the “Contact” page. Select the desirable country/ region and click on the “Confirm” button. 
  • You can share your pet policy doubts or request for reservation by connecting with the airline’s representative. 
  • Some of the popular contact numbers of the popular locations are given below – 
Countries/ Regions Contact Numbers 
Taiwan – Taipei +886-2-25011999
Taiwan Customer service Reservation/Ticketing Hotline: +886-2-2501-1999 Customer Feedback Hotline: 0800-098-666
Mainland China – Hong Kong +852-28109251 (Reservation)+852-28109010 (Ticketing)
Mainland China – Shanghai +86-21-3861-3999
South-East Asia – Jakarta +62-21-5205363 ( Reservation ) +62-21-5205808 ( Ticketing )
South-East Asia – New Delhi +91-11-42643023
Oceania – Brisbane +61-7-31141120
North America – Los Angeles+1-310-362-6600
North America Customer Service +1-800-695-1188
South America – Panama City (+571) 745 88 82
Europe – Amsterdam +31-20-5759166
Europe – Moscow +7 495 641-51-21
Europe – Copenhagen +45 3333 0344
Middle East – Cairo +202 2480 2010
Middle East – Dubai +971 4 3934555

NOTE – Head to the official website for contact numbers of other locations/regions. 

How to connect with Eva Airlines via social media for pet policy concerns?

Social media has emerged as one of the primary contact channels for airlines. Contact Eva Air for issues like ideal cage dimensions, Eva flight changes, permitted pets in the cabin or as checked items, etc. 

Here are the social media platforms where you can connect with Eva Air – 

Social Media Platforms Social Media Profile Links
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EVAAirUS/
Twitter https://twitter.com/EVAAirUS
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/EVAAirUs/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/authwall?trk=bf&trkInfo=AQFWHGcQZKOoOQAAAYnkXZ6AcKw7slFRMOZFY1NdlxqrU9xn6NkDetIFKxshR8sXioWsjhtaXdPePulM1zS7I6H7lZzrl-c7YJIOFlyKMwkJl5Qxb3NeITvqeoNAHj7JRWhsxlY=&original_referer=&sessionRedirect=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.linkedin.com%2Fcompany%2Feva-airways

NOTE – You can visit the Eva Air youtube channel for tutorials, tips, tricks, etc. 

What are the Eva Air Pet Policy Charges?

Pets and crates accepted as checked baggage are charged as excess baggage and are not liable for free baggage allowance. Here is a rundown of the applicable pet charges – 

Weight limitations Baggage Charge Rates 
Weight (including the cage)  ≦ 32kg(70lbs)2 units of excess baggage charges apply 
Weight (including the cage) > 32kg(70lbs)4 units of excess baggage charges apply

NOTE – Head to the Pet travel guideline page for more details regarding charges and crate limitations. 

Eva Airlines is a pet-friendly airline that elaborates on the guidelines and step to step guide to issue pet reservations and ensure a convenient travel experience with a quick reservation process. Follow the rules, crate requirements, and other terms and conditions for fun pet travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed in Eva Airlines?

Yes, dogs above 4 months of age are allowed to travel on the airline.

What is Eva pet policy?

As per Eva Air pet policy, travelers can carry the pets as checked baggage for an excess baggage fee.

How much does it cost to take a pet on Eva Air?

For pets with a Weight (including the cage)  ≦ of 32kg, 2 units of excess baggage apply, and for pets with a Weight (including the cage) > 32kg, 4 units of excess baggage charges apply.

What size dog carriers does Eva Air allow?

The height, width, and length of the carrier must be large enough for the pet to stand, sit, and lay down comfortably.

Can I bring my cat to Eva Airline?

Yes, you can request cat air transport as long as you adhere to the pet policy guidelines.

Can I take a service dog with me on Eva Air?

Yes, Eva Air allows travelers to carry service dogs in the cabin at no additional charge.

What pets are not allowed on Eva Air?

Snub-nosed cat and dog breeds and their mix breeds are not allowed on the flight.

Can I carry my dog in the Eva Air cabin?

No, domesticated animals and pet dogs are not allowed in the cabin. However, you can carry service dogs in Eva’s cabin.

Is Eva airline pet friendly?

Yes, Eva airline is pet friendly and allows dogs, cats, and rabbits on the flight.

How to request a pet reservation with Eva Airlines?

Connect with the Eva airline Service center up to 48 hours before the flight departure to book a pet reservation.