Eva Air Check In Policy

Eva air check in policy is an excellent user-friendly policy to guide and assist the passengers to make their boarding experience comfortable and memorable. Check in experience is otherwise daunting, slow, and confusing. Use the guide given below to gain a detailed analysis of Eva air check-in.

What Are the Check in Guidelines by Eva Air?

Eva air check in guidelines caters to all passengers traveling via airlines operated and handled by Eva Air. The passengers are free to choose their mode of check-in. However, keep the guidelines given below in check for a smooth check-in experience.

General Guidelines – Here are the general guidelines for airline check in-

  • Passengers with Priority check-in (Passengers with special status or membership card) must look for the “Yellow” sign for expedited check-in.
  • Passengers with Eva Air online check in requests completed must visit the “orange” Bag Drop counter to complete luggage check-in.
  • The “Green” counter is reserved for passengers who need special facilities during check-in or have not checked in online.
  • It is recommended to reach the airport timely to have sufficient time for security, immigration, and customs.
  • Passengers must reach the airport an hour earlier than the flight scheduled time for domestic and international flights.
  • Passengers with special needs or assistance can opt for pre-boarding or check-in at least 2 hours before flight departure.

Guidelines to Follow Post Check In – Once the check-in is complete within Eva Airlines check in time restrictions, Eva air recommends the passengers do the following –

  • Make sure that the details on the boarding pass are correct i.e. the first name, origin, destination airport, flight details, etc.
  • Ensure that the checked luggage has the correct bag tags, contains the correct receipts, and is aligned to the right departure airport.
  • Reach the boarding gate area at least 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

Note – The check in time may differ from one airport to another.

What Are the Documents Required to Check In With Eva Air?

Passengers must carry the right documents and travel documents at the airport counter to verify the details and confirm the booking reservation. Make sure to gain assistance from the respective airports for the specific and additional travel requirements and Eva air check in time on the journey.

Here are some of the official or attested copies of the documents that the passengers must submit at the airport counter-

  • Passport and valid travel VISA
  • Government-approved identity proof like a National ID card, Driver’s license, Voter ID card, etc.
  • Health documents (Especially for special requests for disabled passengers)
  • Medical and Travel Insurance proof
  • Boarding pass

How to Check In With Eva Airlines?

Eva airlines check in the process offers convenient and economical options to passengers. Travelers can check in from 48 hours to an hour before the scheduled flight departure time thanks to web/online check-in, the Eva Air mobile app, and self-check-in by the kiosk.

However, the check in time may differ from one method to another and depend on the departure/ origin airport.

How to Check-In at Eva Air via Web Check In?

Passengers can apply for web check-in or Eva air check-in online on the official website portal. Follow the steps as follows –

  • Head to the official website of Eva Air.
  • On the home page, you will find “Online check-in” displayed with other options like Book a Trip and Flight Status.
  • Choose “Online Check-in” and enter the “booking reference” details like the “ticket number (13 digits number)”, “EMD number”, or the “booking reference number (6 characters number)”.
  • Enter other crucial details like the “last name/ family name, first/ name of the ticket, and middle name, if required.
  • Click “login”. Once you log in, you will be directed to all the flights you booked on the portal.
Eva Air web Check In online
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Eva Air.
  • Choose the segment or all the flights that you wish to check in. Click on “Check in”.
  • You can choose facilities based on your preferences like meal choices, seating preferences, special services like Eva Air unaccompanied minor service, etc.
  • Submit the details. The airline will process the request and send the confirmation to the registered email or phone number.
  • Print the boarding pass on the day of the flight and reach the airport timely to complete security screening promptly.

How to Check In Through Mobile Check With Eva Air?

Passengers can request check in via smartphone or tablet using Eva Air mobile app. Follow the given steps to complete the check in via Eva air mobile check-in –

Eva Air Mobile App
The authorized website of Eva Air is the source of this screenshot.
  • Login or register on the app and choose the option “Check in”.
  • Enter personal details like the “passenger’s name”, “ticket number”, “booking reference number”, or “EMD number”.
  • Confirm the details and click “Continue”.
  • Choose the option “Check in” and select facilities/ services like sitting preferences, meal choices, etc.
  • Seat preference is subject to availability and the airline appoints the seats if the preferred sitting is not present.
  • Eva air also permits the passengers to check in their luggage, enter the quantity, and type via the application. Check the Eva air check-in baggage guidelines for more information and fees.
  • Once you complete all the details, the request is processed and a check-in confirmation is sent via email or a text message on the phone.
  • The passengers can either use the E-boarding pass at the selected airports or print the boarding pass on the day of the flight.

How to Request Check In via Airport Kiosk Counters?

Airport kiosk counters allow passengers to utilize kiosk check-in at the airport counters for self-check-in with convenience. Follow the steps given below at the airport –

  • Head to the Eva air check-in counter and select “Eva Airways” from the kiosk system home page or the first page. 
  • Read the instructions on the items not allowed on board. Review the list and click “Confirm”.
  • Choose the number of passengers in the booking.
  • You will find the details for the booking retried by the airline.
  • Place the passport on the reader facing down.
  • Enter the details like Barcode/ QR code verification, 13-digit E-ticket number, EVA air booking reference, or the Infinity MileageLands Card to find the required reservation.
  • You will find your booking reservation details, update the details, and add sitting choice, and luggage.
  • Once you confirm the details, collect the bag tags and boarding passes, and lounge invitation cards if applicable. Your check in is complete.

How to Complete Airport Check-In With Eva Air?

Passengers can apply for airport check in using the steps given below –

  • Reach the airport up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight time. Head to the nearest Eva air check in counter.
  • Reach the Eva air counter representatives and provide the essential details like ticket number, booking reference number, contact information, travel documents, etc.
  • You can request special services like Eva air pet policy facilities, minor policy, assistance for disabled passengers, etc.
  • The airline will process the request and issue the required boarding passes.

How to Apply for Automated Check in with Eva Air?

Automated Eva air flight check in is an excellent method to feature check at any time or anywhere via laptop or smartphone. The passengers have to apply for automated check-in as follows –

  • Passengers can apply for Eva air automated check in from 360 days up to 48 hours before flight departure.
  • Head to Eva airline mobile app. You can find the option of Automated check in under the “Check in” section.
  • Choose the flight segments you wish to check in for.
  • Enter crucial details like passport data, travel documents, booking reference code, ticket number, and contact details.
  • Once the request is submitted, passengers will receive the request for automated check in directly via mail or sms.

How to Connect With Eva Air via Social Media for Queries?

Eva air social media handles cater to the requests of all the passengers and provide the best facilities. The passengers can connect with the airline staff for matters like Eva air flight cancellation, check in timings, special requests for check in, additional facilities for the boarding process, etc.

You can connect with Eva air on the following social media platforms for Eva Air flight check-in –

Social Media PlatformLinks

What Is the Check in Timings and Airport Processing Times Stated by Eva Air?

Eva air check in policy recommended that passengers reach the airport timely as per their adopted method of check in. It is crucial to check the website and mobile application for flight updates and news on the flight status.

Here are the prescribed Eva air check in timings-

What is the check in time for web check in?

Eva air online check in 24 hours eases the stress over the travel experience. It is excellent to receive the boarding pass instantly and save time and effort.

Guidelines – Following guidelines as established by the airline for online check in –

  • The passengers traveling via Eva Air or UNI Air International flights can avail of the online Eva air web check in to gain the boarding pass.
  • The passengers who are not able to receive the boarding pass online can reach out to the airport counter to collect the boarding pass.

Online Check in time – The Eva air online check in time portal opens 48 hours up to an hour before the flight’s scheduled departure time. Add to that-

  • The boarding pass is not allotted if it is less than an hour for flight departure.
  • The passengers must reach the boarding gate area 30 minutes before the flight’s scheduled time to get the documents checked.

What is the check in time for mobile check in?

Eva air mobile check in is another convenient way to check in and gain access to the boarding pass without the hassle of long queues anywhere.

Guidelines – If you have opted for mobile check in, here are the things that you must keep in mind-

  • Make sure to reach the boarding gate area 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time to complete the security screening and document verification at the counter.
  • It is ideal to keep the mobile phone or tablet adequately charged and keep the e-boarding pass ready at the boarding gate.
  • The boarding pass is saved in the “My Pass” section in the mobile app.
  • Passengers can log in to EVA mobile application to request domestic and Eva air international check in time for EVA Air or UNI Air international flights.
  • The validity of the E-Boarding pass is 14 days and is automatically deleted after 14 days of downloading.
  • The E-boarding pass can be saved in Google Play or Apple Wallet for convenience.

Check in time – Eva air mobile check in begins 48 hours up to an hour before the scheduled flight departure.

  • Passengers who face difficulty obtaining the boarding pass must report it to the airport counter and collect the boarding pass.
  • Make sure to check in with checked luggage an hour before the scheduled flight departure.

What is the check in time for Airport Kiosk check in?

Passengers can request Eva air check in counter check in the request using the self-service kiosk counter at the specified time.

Eva kiosk check in at the airport counters

Guidelines – Kiosk counters offer a plethora of facilities to confirm reservations, check in, or update their details. Add to that-

  • Touch screens and detailed instructions are offered for kiosk check in.
  • Passengers can request Eva air check-in, and issue boarding passes, and luggage tags via the counter.
  • The kiosk check in is available in various languages – English, Vietnamese, Thai, French, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Ineligible Passengers – You may not be able to access the kiosk counter facilities under the given circumstances –
  • If you have an unconfirmed reservation.
    • Passengers without electronic tickets.Those who require special assistance and guidance.Journey with more than 2 connecting flights.
    • Travelers traveling with kids below the age of 2 years of age.

Note – Airport kiosk check in counters is not available at all the airports. Refer to the official website to get a list of applicable airports.

Check in Time – Passengers can complete kiosk check in up to 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

Note – Kiosk check in operation hours are airport specific and may differ.

What Is the Boarding Process With Eva Air?

EVA Air boarding process may vary depending on the airport and flight, but generally, it follows the following steps:

  • EVA Air typically begins the boarding process with passengers who need extra assistance, such as passengers with disabilities, families with young children, and elderly passengers.
  • Business class and premium economy passengers are typically invited to board next.
  • Economy class passengers are usually invited to board by zone or row number, starting with those seated in the back of the aircraft and progressing towards the front.
  • You will need to show your boarding pass and passport or identification to the gate agent before boarding the aircraft.

It is always a good idea to arrive at the airport early to allow plenty of time for check-in, security screening, and boarding.

Why are you not able to print boarding pass online/at kiosk counters?

The passengers may face issues printing the boarding passes post check in completion under the following circumstances.

  • The departure/ origin airport does not permit a self-printing boarding pass facility.
  • Tickets purchased on the phone or website via credit cards (Without EMV  3-D security) are not allowed to print the boarding passes due to security reasons.
  • If the ticket is purchased with a credit card, the passengers must present the tickets for verification at the Eva air check-in counter to access the boarding pass.
  • The boarding passes print facility is not available to passengers traveling on routes/ destinations without the self-print boarding pass service.

Note – Make sure to connect with the airline ground staff to collect the pass at the airport counter.

In Conclusion, Eva Air offers a convenient and efficient check-in process for its passengers. With various options available, such as online check-in, mobile check-in, and self-service kiosks, passengers can choose the method that best suits their needs. Eva Air also provides dedicated check-in counters for different classes and offers priority check-in services for elite members, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting and closing check-in with Eva Air?

The check-in starts 48 hours before flight time up to 60 minutes before the scheduled flight time.

How to contact Eva Air to purchase priority boarding?

The eligible passengers must contact the airline over the phone and buy the required fare-type ticket to access priority boarding.

Can I check in my luggage at the airport kiosk at Eva Air?

Passengers can request an Eva air check-in baggage limit at the self-service kiosk counter by filling in the details and printing bag tags.

How Do I Get My Eva Air Boarding Pass via the mobile app?

Head to the mobile app, choose the flight segments to check in, enter the details, and confirm to gain access to the boarding pass.

What Information is Required to Begin the Eva Air Check-in Request at the airport kiosk?

Make sure to present travel documents, six character booking reference number, a ticket number, and other additional documents for Eva air check-in.

Can I Use Eva Air Airlines Check-in Online When I Have Bags to Check in?

The passengers can apply for check-in online and later check their baggage at the airport up to an hour before flight departure.

How to Request Eva Air Check-in If I Bought My Ticket at a Travel Agency?

Passengers must have a 6-digit booking reference for Eva Air booking and can check in online.

What is the minimum time to check in at Eva Air Airlines?

Eva air permits passengers to check in up to 30-90 minutes before flight time. Check-in closing time may vary as per airports.

Can a passenger use a mobile phone or other portable devices to check in at the airport?

Yes, Eva Air supports E-boarding passes at the boarding gate area to complete check-in.

Does Eva Air Airlines allow mobile check-in with seat selection choice?

Passengers can request seat selection with mobile check-in via Eva Air mobile app when selecting other services like meals, luggage, etc.

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