Eva Air Flight Change Policy

If you wish to make changes to the Eva reservation like changing the flight date or time, Eva Airways change flight is at your service. In the instances of sudden modifications in flight booking, rebooking, and more; the flight change policy presents a comprehensive guide for travelers’ reference.

Whether you are a frequent traveler with Eva Air or planning your first itinerary with the airline, navigate through the details given below for a happy journey.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Eva Air Change Flight?

Eva Air allows passengers to change flights and dates of their reservations to a newly preferred date and flight by abiding by the following terms and conditions –

eva air change flight
  • Timeline – You can apply flight modifications between 3 and 7 hours up to 360 days before the flight departure time.
  • Ways to change flight – Change flight facility applies to all the changeable flights booked via mobile app, website, ticket counter, or phone sales.
  • Type of tickets – Refundable and non-refundable tickets must abide by the flight change rules to request necessary alterations.
  • Online flight change – Passengers can request a change of flight online via the website and mobile app. Note that-
    • The booking alteration and modifications, ticket changes, or flight change fee payments can be conducted online.
    • The system may not be capable of reimbursements of fare/ tax fee changes.
    • Head to the Eva Air reservation center for reimbursement or compensation of additional changes after a new booking is allotted post-flight change.
  • Ticket reservation coverage – The flight change applies to all the passengers within the same booking reservation.
  • Member Mileage Award Tickets – Passengers who have opted for Member Mileage Award Tickets redeemed via the website cannot opt for the flight change.
  • Special services – If the passenger requests a flight change, they must request special facilities like special services like Eva Air seat selection, special meal preferences, wheelchairs, etc. again.
    • Note that some special services are not guaranteed if the flight changes or modifications are made within 24 hours of the flight departure.
  • Flight change fee – Flight changes like date and travel itinerary modifications are available for an Eva air ticket change fee.
    • Service charges and handling fees may apply.
  • Credit card to pay the fee – It is recommended to pay the applicable flight change fee and handling charges with the same credit card used for the original booking reservation.
    • If different credit cards are used, ensure to carry both credit cards at the airport for verification purposes.
  • During off-season or peak seasons – During off-season or peak seasons, flight alterations may be more expensive than requesting Eva Air flight cancellations and new ticket purchases.
  • Failure to board flight – Passengers will not receive the flight change fee back if they fail to board the flight within the stipulated time frame.
  • Travel agent – If the ticket is purchased via a travel agent, you can connect with him/ her for flight changes.
  • Eva reservation office – For tickets purchased via Eva Air reservation and ticketing offices, contact the ticket offices and Eva reservation offices for any changes.
  • Confirmed tickets – The tickets must be confirmed and not on the waiting list to request flight alterations/ changes.

What are the circumstances under which you cannot request an Eva flight change?

Flight change may not be available or limited in the following circumstances via online streams. In such cases, it is ideal to contact Eva Air Ticketing Office.

  • The number of passengers on the itinerary differs from that of the original booking record.
  • The new booking record during flight change does not match the original booking reservation record.
  • Bookings with special requests requiring intervention and processing by the airline reservation center cannot get flight change-
    • Eva Air pet transportation
    • Cabin seat luggage
    • Those with medical needs and requiring assistance like wheelchair guidance
    • Passengers transporting sports/ medical types of equipment and tools
  • Passengers with partially used tickets can use the flight change service once.
  • Award upgraded tickets or booking reservations
  • Booking reservations with over nine passengers
  • Booking includes additional and extra service payments like chargeable sitting arrangements, pre-purchased bags, etc.
  • Passengers upgraded seats via Eva Biddeal.
  • Tickets are bought with promo deals and vouchers.

What is the Same Day Eva Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Eva Air same day flight change policy eases out the itinerary travel experience by providing travelers to make changes on the day of travel without going through the hassle.

Eva Airlines Same Day Flight Change

Here are the highlights of the same day Eva Airlines flight change policy –

  • Same day flight change facility can be requested between two and seven hours before the stipulated flight departure time.
  • It is recommended to connect with the airline for flight changes for long-haul flights, codeshare flights, and connecting flights.
  • The flight changes are applicable only on fully paid and confirmed reservations.
  • Same day flight changes are subject to availability.
    • Some earlier requested special facilities like special meals, type of sitting arrangement on the aircraft, etc. may not be available if changes are posted within 24 hours of flight time.
  • Once the travelers opt for Eva Air check in, they cannot request flight changes.

NOTE – The minimum time to request same day flight change may differ from one airport to another.

What is the 24 Hour Eva Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Eva Air provides a 24-hour grace period to issue necessary flight changes/ modification choices without paying any charges. Here are the things you must know –

  • There is no flight change fee applicable if the traveler requests changes within the first 24 hours of the original booking reservation.
  • Ensure that the flight must be scheduled at least 7 days after the original booking duration to enjoy the free change period benefits.
  • The new booking is subject to availability and incurs fare differences and route fee differences, if applicable.
  • A free flight change is applicable on bookings consisting of fewer than 9 passengers.
    • You can contact the airline for free group booking flight changes guidelines.
  • Travelers can also opt for Eva Air flight cancellation and rebooking within 24 hours without paying any additional charges.

How to request an Eva Air flight change under the Eva Air change flight policy?

You can request necessary flight modifications/ changes via multiple channels provided by the airline. Some of the popular methods for flight change are listed below –

How to request an Eva Air change flight online?

Eva Air flight change is highly accessible via the website. Here are the steps to request a flight change online –

  • Head to the official website – Eva Air home page.
  • Select “Manage” from the main menu and select “Change Dates/ Flights” from the drop-down menu within “View My Booking”.
Eva Air Manage Booking
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Eva Air.
  • You will be directed to a new page. Enter the “Booking reference” (Consisting of 6 letters and/or numbers), family name or last name, and the first/given name.
Eva Air Flight Change Process
The screenshot is sourced from the official Eva Air website.
  • Confirm the details and click “Log in”.
  • Select the required flights, and edit bookings by opting for a new change flight date EvaAir and the flight name.
  • The airline will share a list of available flights, dates, and times.
  • Choose the desired new flight, enter the names of all the passengers, and purchase the new facilities again.
  • Confirm the flight selection. Once you submit the request, you will be directed to the confirmation page.
  • Pay the applicable flight change fee and the charges for the services you opted for.
  • You will receive the new receipt with new flight details in the registered email.

How to request an Eva air change flight via the mobile app?

Eva Air mobile application is another interactive and accessible platform to request flight changes from the comfort of home by following the given steps-

Eva Air flight change on mobile
From the main website of Eva Air, this screenshot is taken.
  • Download the Eva Air mobile app on Android and iOS devices.
  • You can either login in or head to the “My Trips” section on the app.
  • Enter the “Booking reference number”, and the first and last name of the passenger. Submit the details.
  • Select the flight/s you wish to change. After opting for “Edit booking”, the airline will display the available flight options.
  • Choose the new preferred flight with a new Eva air change flight date and flight, if the fare conditions permit.
  • Enter the name of the passengers and other travel details.
  • Confirm the flight changes. Pay the necessary Eva air change flight fee and charges for other applicable services on the checkout page.
  • The airline will confirm the flight changes and issue the new flight confirmation on the registered email.

How to request an Eva air flight change at the airport ticket counter?

You can also apply for flight changes at the airport ticket counter, especially for group bookings with more than 9 passengers and those requiring extra assistance for flight change –

  • You must reach the airport ticket counter as per the Eva air change flight time.
  • Head out to the airline airport representatives and convey the request for the flight change.
  • Provide details like flight number, booking reference code or ticket confirmation number, and the full name of the traveler.
  • They will retrieve the booking and present it with the available flight options.
  • You can choose the flights best suited to you and provide all the passenger details like name and travel documents.
  • Confirm the flight details and pay the applicable Eva air change flight fee with the fare differences.
  • The airline will issue the new booking reservation confirmation receipt on the registered email and share a physical copy of the reservation.

How to contact Eva Air over the phone for queries?

Eva Air Service Center has answers to diverse queries and functions like Eva Air unaccompanied minor policy, flight change deadline, etc. Here are the steps you can follow to connect with the airline –

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • On the top right corner of the home page, you will find the “Question mark” button for the “Help” section.
Eva Air Help Centre
The authorized website of Eva Air is the source of this screenshot.
  • You will be redirected to the “Help” page. Click on “Customer Service”.
Eva Air Contact Support
The original source of this screenshot is Eva Air website.
  • On the following Contact page, choose the preferred city from the drop-down menu and click “Submit”.
  • Here are some of the popular destinations and the corresponding Eva air change flight phone numbers for flight changes and other queries.
RegionLocationContact Numbers
TaiwanTaipeiOffice Telephone Number: +886-2-25011999
TaiwanTaichungOffice Fax Number: +886-4-22541328  
TaiwanCustomer ServiceReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +886-2-2501-1999
Mainland ChinaHong KongReservation Hotline: – +852-28109251
Ticketing Hotline: – +852-28109010
Mainland ChinaNanjingReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +86-21-400-820-5890
Mainland ChinaZhengzhouOffice Telephone Number: +86-10-6563-5000 (Beijing office)
Mainland ChinaBeijingOffice Telephone Number: +86-10-6563-5000
North-East AsiaTokyoReservation/Ticketing Hotline: 0570-666-737  
International hotline: – 81-3-5798-2811
North-East AsiaOsakaReservation/Ticketing Hotline for Japan – 0570-666-737  
International hotline: – +81-3-5798-2811
North-East AsiaSeoulReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +82-2-7560015
South-East AsiaJakartaReservation Hotline: – +62-21-5205363  
Ticketing Hotline: – +62-21-5205808
South-East AsiaKuala LumpurReservation/Ticketing Telephone Number: +60-3-2181 1000
South-East AsiaSingapore  Reservation/Ticketing Hotline: +65-62261533
South-East AsiaNew Delhi  Reservation/Ticketing Hotline: +91-11-42643023
OceaniaBrisbaneOffice Telephone Number: +61-7-31141120
South AmericaMexicoReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +52-55963545
South AmericaPanamaReservation/Ticketing Hotline: (+571) 745 88 82
South AmericaLimaReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +54 11 4327-2595
South AmericaBogotaReservation/Ticketing Hotline: (+571) 745 88 82
EuropeAmsterdamOffice Telephone Number: +31-20-5759166
EuropeLondonReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +44-20-7380-8300
EuropeMadridReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +34 91 458 55 75
Middle EastCairoReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +202 2480 2010
Middle EastDubaiReservation/Ticketing Hotline: +971 4 3934555

NOTE – Head to the official website to get ahold of the contact details of other locations and other necessary contact ways to connect with the airline.

How to connect with Eva Air over social media for queries?

You can contact Eva Air over social media platforms like YouTube for tips and tutorials, and Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to interact and share queries directly without the hassle of formal contact streams. You can connect with the airline for issues like Eva flight cancellation, flight change means, ways, charges, etc.

Contact Eva Air over the following social media platforms for enhanced communication and efficiency –

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Links

What is Eva Air Change Flight Fee?

Eva Air flight change fee can be paid by online and offline streams to issue the desired changes. Also –

  • The flight change fee differs based on the route and flight destination
  • Eva Air Flight Change fee – Costs between 50 USD and 300 USD
  • You can access the exact flight change fee on the itinerary confirmation page.

What are Eva Air flight change guidelines and refunds due to Flight irregularities?

Eva Air offers compensation and refunds to the passengers affected by schedule changes, aircraft changes, and other inconveniences caused by the airline.

What Eva Air flight changes and refunds for schedule changes?

The flight changes and refunds are allotted to the travelers on two bases – Excluding aircraft changes and including aircraft changes. Add to that –

  • The fee and fare differences are non-returnable
  • Free and reduced fare tickets are not included in the schedule change guide.
  • Passengers within group bookings must contact the original ticket issuer i.e. Eva ticket office or travel agency for flight changes/ refunds.

Schedule changes excluding aircraft changes –

Here is an overview of the flight changes and compensations offered by Eva Air for flight schedule changes, not including aircraft changes –

Terms and ConditionsDescription
EligibilityPassengers with EVA(695)/UNI(525) Air tickets with confirmed bookings.
Changes● For the same origin/ destination point within ticket validity, travelers can accept the re-accommodated flight/change flight date Eva air changes within 14 days.
● Travelers will be exempted from ticket reissue fees, fare differences, and taxes.
Date changesRebooked under the same booking class and route.
Itineraries with connecting interline segmentsSuch changes including changing interline carriers and transfer points are available at the discretion of the airline.
For Premium Economy class passengers● Can be booked in the same class or the corresponding Economy class.
● Exempted from the reissue fee.
● Fare differences or refunds are provided based on Economy or business class.
Codeshare flightsFlight changes to other carriers/ codeshare flights are not permitted unless specified within fare rules.
Refunds● Refunds allotted as per Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) as per the provisions of involuntary refund facility  
Booking Service Charge (BSC) – Non-refundable for partially used tickets  Unused BSC is refundable for wholly unused tickets
Tickets booked via the websiteSubmit the refund applicable via the website
Tickets booked via travel agentsConnect with the agent for refunds
For Award tickets and upgrade with Mileage● Connect with Eva’s reservation and ticketing office.
Refunds – No refund service charge is imposed
Changes – Re-issue fee and expired miles are exempted and re-adjusted in the revised travel itinerary

Schedule changes including aircraft changes –

The table captures all the necessary flight changes and refund-related details for schedule changes including aircraft changes –

Terms and ConditionsDescription
Eligibility● Passengers with BR (695) /B7(525) Air tickets with confirmed Premium Economy Bookings affected by aircraft modifications.
ChangesTickets can be reissued accordingly as per one of the options within the ticket validity –  
● Fliers may accept re-accommodated Economy booking class within the same flight type and get fair/ tax difference refunded
● Opt for a designated Economy booking class code on other flight dates on the same route
● Choose to rebook in the same booking class, the same premium economy class as the original flight but on different flight dates
● Rebook to Business class on the same flight route on different dates  
If tickets are bought from travel agents – Contact them for ticket rebooking and Eva change flight fee.
For flights reverted to Premium Economy class afterward – You can change back to premium economy class with the same flight/ date by issuing a refund and paying applicable fare differences
Refunds● Allotted as per the provisions of involuntary refund facility within Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).
Booking Service Charge (BSC) – Non-refundable for partial ticketed reservationsUnused BSC refunded for wholly unused tickets
Tickets booked via travel agents● Connect with the agent for compensation
For Award tickets and upgrade with Mileage● A service fee worth 50 USD can be waived once.
● Ticket issuance service charges can be waived once up to 50 USD 

NOTE – Connect with the airline for the latest updates and facilities applicable to you.

Eva Air excellent passenger services and facilities for flight change provide diverse ways to request change without worrying about losing their money. It is especially brilliant for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances and provides a chance to take utmost control of the itinerary.

You can also contact the airline for other queries and doubts that may arise to avoid confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my flight with Eva Air?

Yes, you can request flight changes with Eva Air for tickets booked via direct streams like website, app, ticket counter, and phone sales.

How to change a flight with Eva Air?

Head to the designated platform, provide flight details, the passenger’s full name, and follow the on-screen instructions to request a flight change.

What is the timeline to issue a flight change with Eva?

You can request flight changes between 2-7 hours and up to 365 days depending on the flight scheduled time.

Can I change my flight for free with Eva Air?

Yes, you can enjoy free flight changes with the airline within the 24-hour grace period.

Does Eva allow flight changes on the day of the flight?

Yes, same day flight changes are available for the passengers. You can request changes at the airport or via a website.

Can I request flight changes after check in at the Eva Air airport?

No, Eva Air does not allow flight modifications once check in is completed.

Can I receive compensation if Eva Air changes my flight?

Yes, you can receive compensation depending on the Schedule change policies for Eva Air flight change.

Where can I connect with Eva Air for a flight change?

Connect with the airline via the website, mobile app, over the phone, or airport ticket counter to request change flights. 

What is the Eva change flight fee?

The airline may charge between 30 USD and 300 USD for flight changes.

Does Eva Air allow passengers to change flight dates?

Yes, Eva Air allows travelers to change flight dates to the new preferred date about the guidelines.

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