Sun Country Airlines Pet Policy

When flying from one country to another, you need to carry a whole lot of things. Especially if you are flying with pets, things to be carried along with your baggage can increase. Many airlines understand how crucial it can be to travel with pets. Hence, flying with pets is facilitated on this carrier by its Sun Country Airlines pet policy. This policy proves to be immensely beneficial since most pet owners these days wish to bring their animals along on their trips and vacations. Hence, analyzing the various concepts of this pet policy helps you plan your journey effectively.

Basic Guidelines of the Sun Country Airlines Pet Policy

In order to avoid any kind of problem or danger while traveling with your pets, you will have to duly obey the rules of the Sun Country Airlines pet travel policy. No passenger will be permitted to travel with their pets when they disregard these rules. Also, these regulations help the airline authorities to ensure the utmost safety of the pets of the passengers traveling onboard. Hence, it is important for both the airline agents as well as the passengers to adhere to these regulations carefully. 

The following are some of the basic guidelines to be adhered to by the flyers given under the pet policy of this carrier: 

  • Travelers who have booked their tickets through the official sources provided by the airline can be allowed to make reservations for their pet travel. For bookings made through various travel agents, the direct pet reservation option may not be available. In that case, the passenger needs to contact the third-party agent.
  • Sun Country Airlines pets can travel as cabin baggage. This means that they can be brought onboard the aircraft. 
  • This airline does not allow pets to fly as a part of the checked luggage. Also, the option to transport pets in cargo or hold luggage is not available to the passengers by the air carrier. 
  • The crate requirements for the pets in the cabin may differ based on the size and weight of the animal to be carried onboard.
  • A separate fee might be charged to the total cost of the flyer’s booking for pet reservations. The exact amount of this fee depends primarily on the flight itinerary and the arrival destination. 
  • Only certain airports operating under Sun Country airlines permit pet travel. You will have to check whether this service is available or not at the time of reservation itself. 
  • The airline will only have partial responsibility when it comes to the health of your pet. It is the duty of the pet owner to make sure that their pet is completely healthy, as guided by the Sun Country Airlines pet policy. 
  • Submitting required documents such as the medical reports and health certificates of your pets is necessary to ensure their good health during the flight.
  • Pet travel service is only available on contiguous US flights that have a duration of about 48 hours. International, as well as multi-destination flights, do not accept animals to be carried onboard this carrier. The same is the case for connecting flights as well. 
  • Certain breeds of animals that are prone to easily contracting diseases will not be accepted by the airline due to some safety concerns. 

Note: For the latest upgrades regarding the Sun Country air pet policy, you are recommended to check the official site of the airline from time to time. This will allow you to get clear insights regarding any new changes to the policy if there are any. 

Does Sun Country Airlines Allow Pets Inside the Cabin?

This airline only allows cats and dogs as passenger pets to travel inside the cabin. This in-cabin pet service is only available on contiguous US flights excluding New York. Flights traveling to and from Alaska cannot enjoy this pet service either. For in-cabin animals, the Sun Country pet travel policy has determined several rules and conditions. These include several rules regarding the crate requirements, restricted animals, and weight limitations while flying with this air company. While opting to bring your pets on the flight, you ought to know these guidelines. 

Given below are some of the important regulations that relate to the in-cabin pet policy of Sun Country Airlines: 

  • Each passenger can only bring one pet inside the cabin section. There is a limit of 4 pets per airplane. Hence, your pet reservations will be subject to space availability. 
  • Passengers who are traveling with their pets can only choose specific seats for them. Seats in the first row, exit row, and row one in Coach Class cannot be reserved for pets. Usually, these passengers will be assigned middle seats for the smooth traveling of the animals during the flight. 
  • In-cabin Sun Country pet travel animals must be kept under the passenger’s seat. Usually, middle seats have more seat space compared to aisle seats. Hence, these can be preferred. 
  • In case your flight’s itinerary involves a stopover that is for more than 5 hours, you will not be permitted to bring your animals inside the cabin section of the plane. 
  • Pet reservations must be made in advance by contacting the airline directly. In case of any last-minute walk-up reservations, an additional fee might apply which is again subjected to space availability. 

Note: If you are not sure whether your flight accepts animals or not, you can connect with the airline for eligibility details of the Sun Country flying with pets feature. This way, you will be able to access the right information about the eligibility of individual destinations for your pet’s travel. 

Weight and Size Restrictions of In-Cabin Animals

Generally, air travel baggage is subjected to several weight restrictions to avoid overloading the aircraft. Therefore, pets flying on board will also be accepted only when they are carried under a certain weight limit. This is to ensure that no other passengers on the plane suffer due to space unavailability.

The Sun Country pet carrier size and weight limitations are as mentioned below: 

  • The weight of your animal should be less than or equal to 16 lbs or 7 kgs including the weight of the pet crate as well. 
  • The combined dimensions of the pet crate’s length, width, and height respectively should not be more than 16 in * 10 in * 8 in or 41 cm * 25 cm * 20 cm. 

Note: Soft-sided pet containers with the same maximum dimensions will also be approved by the Sun Country Airlines pet policy. If you wish to buy your pet crate from the airline, you can do so by requesting the flight authorities.

Crate Requirements Under In-Cabin Pet Policy

Along with the size restrictions, other general conditions are required to be met by the visitors when it comes to the pet’s container. This airline has given these Sun Country pet carrier requirements to avoid any harm to the animals kept in crates. These regulations are determined keeping in view the IATA pet regulations as well as the animal policies of each country. 

Given below is a summary of the crate requirements as stated under the in-cabin pet policy of this airline: 

  • The container in which your pet is kept should be spacious and well-ventilated. 
  • The bottom of the cage must be leak-proof. 
  • Your pet must be able to easily move in the cage or container without feeling congested inside. The container must also be tall and spacious enough to accommodate heavy animals. 
  • Stable and sturdy materials like plastic or metal should be used in the construction of the pet crate. 
  • The travel reservation can be canceled or rejected by the airline in case your animal is not kept in a Sun Country approved pet carrier. 
  • No pet containers, kennels, or crates will be provided by the airline at the airport. They will have to be brought by the pet owners themselves. 
  • In case you need pet crates in advance, you either need to visit the website of the carrier or call the air representative of this operator.

Note: During the entire course of the flight journey, your Sun Country pet must be kept inside the crate. It should stay near the owner’s feet or under the passenger’s seat. The pet will not be allowed to be left without a leash at any point in time while it is traveling on the flight. 

Flying With Service Animals on Sun Country Airlines

Service animals refer to those animals that are trained properly to provide assistance to disabled flyers. These animals can assist in case of hearing problems, visual disabilities, mobility issues, and even mental health disorders. These service animals, also known as guide dogs, can utilize the Sun Country pet carry on feature provided by the airline. However, special regulations entail flying with these animals since they are not regular pets. 

In this regard, the following points describe the conditions and guidelines that apply when flying with service pets: 

  • Service animals are usually accepted on both national and international Sun Country flights. 
  • In order to get approval to fly with your guide animal, you will have to submit a valid vaccination certificate and also the medical health report of the pet. These must be issued by a licensed veterinarian. 
  • When passengers want to carry emotional support animals on board, they must submit a medical certificate from a licensed medical professional that they require the animal to accompany them. It should be made clear that the passenger suffers from a mental or a physical disorder and requires an emotional support pet. 
  • Generally, no Sun Country pet fee will be charged for the transport of service animals on most flights operating under this airline. 

Sun Country Pet Cargo and Checked Baggage Policy

Pet transport via cargo is not made available on this airline. Passengers cannot send their pets on Sun Country pet cargo. Similarly, the hold luggage and checked baggage feature is also not available for the carriage of the passengers’ pets. This means that pet owners cannot transport their animals under checked baggage. Hence, pets can only be brought on board as your carry-on or cabin baggage. Other than this, there is no other way through which travelers can carry animals on this airline. This restriction applies to all kinds of animals including service dogs and emotional support pets. 

Restrictions of the Sun Country Pet Policy

Sun Country Airlines pet policy has imposed certain restrictions on the transport of animals onboard. Specific types and breeds of pets are not approved by the airline to ensure a safe journey on the flight. Also, certain animals are not fit for flying due to their size and health conditions. 

Keeping these potential dangers in mind, the airline restricts the following animals under its pets policy: 

Sugar GlidersHedgehogs
Birds (Non-Household)Farm Birds
Game BirdsBirds of Prey
Waterfowl BirdsExotic Animals
Animals with bad hygieneFoul Smelling pets
Animals that are too young or too small

To know whether a specific breed of animal is accepted under the Sun Country airline pet policy or not, you can contact the airline authorities directly at their toll-free number. This number can be found on the official site of the carrier, depending upon your location. 

Sun Country Airlines Pet Fee

Travelers who wish to bring their pets onboard will be obliged to pay a certain amount of fees. These fees can be fixed in some cases and sometimes it depends on the flight itinerary and the arrival destination as well as the time of reservation. 

Based on the time of your request, the Sun Country pet fee is as follows: 

  • For pet travel reservations made in advance, the fee charged can be about USD 125. You can make a booking by contacting the reservation department of the airline. 
  • For reservations made at the time of boarding, a fee of USD 199 has to be paid by the passenger.
  • These charges are non-refundable and will not be given back if you cancel your reservation anytime. 

Summing Up, 

The Sun Country Airlines pet policy is known to be simple and effective for passengers who need to fly with their animals. Although this airline only accepts pets as cabin luggage, it makes sure that the travel is safe and sound. The pet fee charged is affordable to different types of passengers. Further, the procedure to get approval for pet travel is also not lengthy. Therefore, this airline can be a plausible choice when traveling with pets since it makes animal transport non-complicated and accessible to all.

FAQs- Sun Country Airlines Pet Policy

Does Sun Country Airlines allow pets to travel onboard?

Yes, this airline allows its passengers to carry animals onboard. These pets can include dogs, cats, and other domestic birds. They can be carried as per the instructions given under the pet policy of this airline. A certain fee might also be charged based on the time of your pet reservation.

Does Sun Country allow pets inside the cabin?

Only certain animals like cats and dogs can be brought inside the aircraft cabin. These pets can include the seating of service animals as well. However, pet owners will be required to book the in-cabin pet service in advance to have a smooth flight. Also, sick or unhygienic animals will not be permitted for transport on this carrier. Hence, the in-cabin pet policy of this airline is subject to many conditions.

Can I transport pets in the hold on Sun Country Airlines?

No, the Sun Country Airlines pet policy does not facilitate animal transport in the hold section of the plane. Both checked baggage and cargo pet service are not made available by this airline. Pets, be they service animals or regular animals, have to be shipped as carry-on luggage only. Other than this, there is no alternative option available for pet owners to travel with their animals.

What is the Sun Country Airlines pet fee?

The fee for pet travel mainly depends on the time of reservation. In case you have made an advanced pet travel booking, you will only be required to pay USD 125. In case of walk-up requests that are made at the airport, a fee of USD 199 will have to be paid by the flyer.

What kinds of pets can I carry on Sun Country Airlines?

On this airline, the visitors can carry only dogs and cats. Non-domestic birds, poultry animals, rodents, reptiles, snakes, lizards, and other harmful animals cannot be carried onboard. Also, dogs and cats that are too young, prone to diseases, have a higher risk of breathing problems, or are unhygienic are not permitted for Sun Country pet travel.

How many pets are allowed on Sun Country Airlines?

Each passenger will be permitted to carry only one pet on the aircraft. A total of 4 pets can be accommodated on one plane. Therefore, Sun Country flying with pets is subject to space availability. Making reservations in advance is going to help to book a spot for your pet, or else the airline may not be able to accommodate your animal.

What is the procedure for booking Sun Country pet carry on service?

Passengers who wish to book the carry-on feature for pet transport must first contact the airline authorities. The appropriate contact number can be found on the airline’s official site based on your location. The agents will then inform you about the procedure of booking this service and collect the respective travel cost. You will also be required to submit the necessary documents to the air authorities.

Are service animals allowed on Sun Country Airlines?

The Sun Country Airlines pets that are allowed on board include service animals as well. Service pets, emotional support animals, and guide dogs can all be carried on this airline. However, it is mandatory for the owner to submit a licensed medical certificate to the operator that they require the support animals for assistance.

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