Sun Country Seat Selection Policy

The Sun Country seat selection policy is known for its customer-friendly booking options. Being a low-cost carrier, it offers reasonable seating choices with vast advantages. Hence, to access these features, it becomes essential to know its reservation policy.

This can aid travelers in making an informed decision about the different ticket fares. It can also help you in selecting your desired seating options and in upgrading reservations if necessary.

Sun Country Seat Assignment Options 

Sun Country mainly offers Economy and Premium Economy cabins as it is a budget airline. However, the quality of the flight services is assured irrespective of the low price. Given below are the main features of the seats offered by Sun Country: 

The Economy Cabin of this carrier includes: 

  • Standard Seats: These are the basic fare seats of the Economy cabin. The legroom offered by this Sun Country flight seating option is about 29 to 30 inches. The recline on these seats is limited to the conventional measurements. Four USB ports are provided in each row of this cabin. These can help in the easy charging of your electronics. Dining services can include a basic menu with complimentary beverages. Magazines may also be provided to the passengers of this class. Due to the restricted room for stretching or relaxing, the Standard seats may only be suitable for short-haul travel. 
  • Best Seats: Sun Country has removed its First-class seats and introduced the Best Seats. They come with improved features and more convenient services. The legroom of these seats is increased to 34 inches. These Best Seats on Sun Country Airlines also have more recline up to 5 inches. This is a major improvement from the standard 2 inches recline. The headrests are relatively more comfortable with an extra cushion. The seat placement in this cabin is similar to that of the Standard Economy, that is, 3 by 3. Passengers can also avail themselves of fine dining facilities and drinks. Flying in these seats is recommended in case of long journeys. 

Important: The booking cost of the Best Seats in the Economy cabin can start at $50 and range up to $75. 

  • Exit Row Seats: These are the seats that are located near the exit of the Sun Country aircraft. They are also known as the Preferred Seats. They allocate ample space for legroom at 39 inches. However, the recline on these seats is standard and is not increased. Charging ports are available along with a free power supply and USB options. AC power outlets too are available in this class. In-flight audio and video entertainment services can be accessed by passengers. Free internet and Wi-Fi services are also available. The major Sun Country Preferred Seats benefits include the option to be the first ones to board and disembark the airplane. This can prove to be time-efficient and convenient. Therefore, reserving the Exit Row seats can be a great choice for international travel. 

The Premium Economy Cabin is equipped with the following features: 

  • Premium Economy Class: It can be said that these seats are an upgrade from the Economy Cabin. They aim to ensure your convenience with the provision of additional legroom and fairly luxurious features. The seats can recline up to 150% more than the Economy cabin. Extra space to store your baggage may also be offered by the Sun Country Premium seats. Wi-Fi features, onboard entertainment facilities, and AC outlets are similar to those of the Economy class. Additionally, flyers may enjoy the priority boarding option. They can also save time by accessing the early check-in feature. Regarding food services, complimentary drinks, beverages, and snacks can be provided. You can reserve the Premium Economy seats to avail of a relaxing flight journey. 

Sun Country Seat Selection Feature

Picking your seating positions in advance can certainly be beneficial. This can be done through the Sun Country Airlines seat selection feature. It is a great opportunity for passengers to fly closely with their preferred company, be it family or friends. A particular amount of fee has to be paid to pick your seats in advance. 

The steps given below can be followed to easily select your seats on Sun Country: 

  • Make the following entry in your web browser:
    • “www.”
  • On the first page of the site, you can find the option “Manage My Trip” by scrolling down. Click on it.
  • You will now have to enter a few details to access your reservation. These include the information about “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Booking Reference”. 
  • Locate your reservation upon entering your details. 
  • Here, go to the Sun Country seat selection option and pick the seats of your choice. 
  • To confirm your new positions, pay the required selection fee. 
  • Your seats will be rendered selected once you receive the confirmation mail. 

Note: The Sun Country seat selection fee may start at just $2 and go up to $35. The amount of fee varies depending on the arrival destination and the duration of the flight. The availability of options and the time of selection may influence this cost.

Upgrading the Choice of Seats on Sun Country

It is possible to change or upgrade your Sun Country Airlines seats after reservation. There are various methods to complete this process. The most hassle-free option is through the official site of the airline. 

  • Open the main page of Sun Country Airlines. 
  • Go to the “My Trips” section in the menu of the home page. 
  • Now, provide your “Last Name” and “Reservation Code” in the boxes given. 
  • You can go ahead by clicking on the “Manage My Trip” button. 
  • View your reservation and tap on the “Edit” button. 
  • Here, you can make the desired changes to your reservation by following the on-screen directions. 
  • If a fee is asked, pay the required amount through the credit options. 
  • Confirm your changes through the email received. 

Note: You can also change your Sun Country flight seating options through its mobile app or at the airport before departure. 

Due to the different benefits, flying with such a carrier can be reliable and flexible. The Sun Country seating options also make it easier for travelers to reserve their choices depending on their needs. The simple yet efficient in-flight services offered to make flying even more comfortable.

Sun Country Seat Selection Policy FAQs

1. Can you pick seats in Sun Country?

Yes, passengers are given the option to pick their Sun Country Airlines seats. You can also pre-select your seats at the time of booking itself. Otherwise, you can do so after your reservation. Either way, using the seat selection feature will help you in picking seats in much before.

2. Does Sun Country have assigned seating?

This airline assigns you random seats. This happens if you have not selected them in advance. It will be done during check-in. However, in case you have specified your seating positions before departure, you will not have to go through the seat assignment process. Therefore, the assignment depends upon your choice made in advance.

3. How to select seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Using the carrier’s online site is among the best ways to select seats that too in advance. Go to this official site and find the “Manage My Trip” section. Enter your reservation details here. Retrieve your booking now and use the Sun County choose seats option. This will help you to reserve your desired options.

4. What are the Sun Country Preferred Seat benefits?

Preferred seats are the ones located near the front or at the rear end of the airplane. The major benefit of these is their location. Due to their close proximity to the exit doors of the plane, the passengers in the Prefered seats will be the first ones to leave. This can help you in saving time.

5. How much does it cost to select seats in Sun Country?

You will have to pay the Sun Country Airlines seat selection fee when pre-selecting. This fee can be anywhere within the range of $2-$35. These charges can be higher or lower, depending on your travel destination. Sometimes, seat availability can also influence these additional charges.

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