Air France Seat Selection Policy

With its long list of international destinations, Air France offers a variety of options under the seating policy to sit and fly in comfort. It can analyze your budget and provide the seats suiting your price range. To simplify the Air France seat selection process, it also allows its customers to change and upgrade the options. The seating policy makes you familiar with the options in particular. On the basis of this, you can easily choose one.

Air France Flight Seat Selection

If you want to pick a certain seat, then you can opt for the Air France pre-seating option. This allows you to choose the position in advance. You can select your preferred aisle or middle seat either by contacting Air France or through its main site. 

It can be relatively easier to opt for your seats over the web. The procedure for Air France seat selection online can involve the following: 

  • Open your browser. Type in the link “”.
  • Upon opening the website, you can find the option “My Bookings” on the header. Tap on it. 
  • Here, enter the required details including
    • “Booking Reference” 
    • “Last Name” 

Note: You can find your booking reference number in the confirmation email which you may have received after the initial reservation of your seats. 

  • You will now be able to review your bookings. Follow the on-screen instructions and go to the “Air France Choose Seat” option. 
  • Specify your desired seat based on the availability of the vacant options. 
  • Submit the required amount in case of selection of Economy or Premium Economy seats. 
  • Confirm the new position and print your boarding pass, if the option is given. 

Note: To successfully go through this process, you have to select your seats at least 30 hours before boarding the flight. Also, know that the Air France seat selection fee may vary depending on the availability. Hence, the advance selection is recommended to lower the costs. For paying a reduced fee, you may even do the reservation via the low fare calendar.

Air France Seat Reservation Options

This airline comprises several options for sitting purposes on flights. The variations in them can be the result of flight distance as well as the destination. The following are the main seating options offered: 

  • Economy Seats: These are the least priced seats available as international options. They offer basic services and standard benefits. The Air France seat reservation policy allows the passengers of this cabin to carry one checked baggage at no additional costs. French savory meals and child-friendly meal options can be provided. Adjustable seats with inclined headrests are offered in this cabin. Electrical outlets and USB ports can also be utilized by working passengers. To enjoy extra space, you can also reserve the extra legroom seats. The Duo and Front Section Seats offer the benefits of an easy and fast exit. Economy seating options can be a reliable option for travelers flying on a budget. 
  • Premium Economy Seats: You can access these seats through the Air France Book Seats option. They allow the customers to check in with 2 baggage items and 2 hand luggage bags. Passengers can enjoy priority boarding and skip the queues during boarding. One of the key features of this cabin is the availability of lounge services. Thus, passengers can rest before boarding. Additionally, they can avail spacious seating at economical prices. Personal touchscreen tablets, headsets, reading lamps, and USB ports can further be accessed. Other in-flight services on Premium Economy can include gourmet dining, snacks, drinks, and beverages. Thus, this seating option can be perfect when traveling for vacations or short trips. 
  • Business Class Seats: These are luxurious seating options with improved amenities. They offer fine lounge services with snacks and refreshments. The flyers of Business Class can enjoy the privacy of a personal cabin and customized services. Here, the seats can recline to 180 degrees, thus, forming flatbeds. Personal space equipped with desks, restaurant tables, and entertainment services can be given. Food services in the Business Class cabin include intercontinental cuisines and exotic recipes. Flyers can also enjoy various drinks and beverages. Overall, owing to the financial obligations, flyers can choose this cabin if they want to enjoy a fun-filled flight journey. 

Note: Air France Business Class seat selection fee is not charged in case of pre-selection. 

  • La Premiere/First Class Seats: These are the most expensive seats on Air France. The holders of this fare can enjoy chauffeur services while getting to the airport. The baggage of the La Premiere passengers can be personally taken care of by the airline. The Air France seat selection policy provides superior lounge services to them with spa facilities and beauty treatments. Upon boarding, the flyers can enjoy exceptional in-flight services like allocation for personal space, TV shows, private beds, and cuisines from all across the world. Travelers can also avail themselves of fine wine and other beverage services. The First Class seating option can be suitable for businessmen or working professionals. 

Air France Change Seat Selection Procedure

The Air France change seats option can be useful for a number of passengers. As a result of several reasons, they may want to change or upgrade where they want to sit. In such scenarios, they can avail themselves of this option. It can work with or without payment of extra fees depending on the availability, arrival destinations, and time of change. 

Air France change seat selection option can be accessed by performing the given steps: 

  • Open the main page of the Air France Airlines website. 
  • On the home page, you can select the “Check-in” tab or tap on the “My Bookings” option.
  • Here, you will have to enter “Confirmation Code” and “Passenger’s Last Name”. 
  • Continue by clicking on the “Search” option. 
  • Upon viewing the seat map, go to the “Change Seat” option. 
  • You can now click on the option that you want to switch/upgrade your old seat with. 
  • Then click on the “Confirm” button. 
  • You may have to pay the change or upgrade fee. 

Note: Under the Air France seat reservation policy, passengers can also be allowed to change the selections by associating with the customer care of the carrier. It can be done before the check-in process at the airport. 

Air France, being a major airline, offers several benefits to its customers. Passengers are given the option to select and change their seats at their convenience. These features can be useful to frequent flyers. The Air France seat selection policy is also easy to comprehend and simple to follow. It provides various seating options, thus, making air travel comfortable and efficient. 

Air France Seat Selection FAQs

1. Does Air France charge for seat selection?

Air France offers complimentary seat selection for Silver, Gold, and Platinum members for Standard and Premium Economy seats. For regular passengers, the Air France seat selection fee might be charged except for Business class travelers. This fee is based on various factors including travel itinerary and arrival destination. It can usually start at $23.

2. How to choose a seat on Air France?

To go through with the online seat selection on Air France, go to its official website. Find the option “My Bookings” on its home page. Then enter the required details about your reservation. Now, use the “Air France Choose Seat” option to continue. You can contact the airline’s customer care as well to choose your seats offline.

3. What is an Air France Preferred Seat?

Preferred Seats are the ones that are situated either at the front or rear end of the airplane. The main reason for their location is to allow quick disembarkment off of the aircraft. Preferred Seats on Air France are classified as the “Front Section Seats”. They extend all the benefits of the Standard Economy cabin.

4. How to upgrade seats on Air France?

To change or upgrade your seats, you may contact the airline directly. Or, you may use its online site. In case of the online process, open Air France’s webpage. Then go to the “Check-in” section. Access your booking by submitting all the necessary information and selecting the “Change Seat” option. You can now follow the on-screen directions to upgrade your seats.

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