Air France Flight Delay Compensation

Air France delay compensation policy follows guidelines registered under EU 261 which offers passengers some financial assistance to make up for their inconveniences and to encourage airlines to improve, even if delays may not be possible to prevent or avoid.

How to Know Your Eligibility for Flight Refund?

Nearly 90% of Air France’s flights fly to or from the EU, where it has its headquarters. This implies that if you are looking for Air France compensation for delayed flights, you have already met one of the requirements: EU 261 will always apply regardless of where your flight originates, lands, or is while in the EU.

Flight pathAirlines covered under 261
Departs from and lands inside of the EUEU and non-EU airlines are both included
​​Departs the EU for a non-EU nationBoth EU and non-EU airlines covered
Lands from outside the EU in the EUOnly EU airlines covered

Every claim, whether it be for a flight that was fully canceled or for Air France delay compensation, must also satisfy the following requirements:

  • Not more than six years have passed since the trip.
  • Flight must be operated and marketed by Air France.
  • Less than 14 days before departure, the carrier either canceled or delayed your travel.
  • You have a confirmed reservation and a valid ticket for your travel.
  • You checked in for your flight on time.

For cancellations or delays that were beyond their control, airlines are not compelled to provide compensation. This includes items like:

  • Weather
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Closures of airports and airspace
  • Bird attacks
  • Government upheaval
  • Demonstrations by employees

You may be eligible for an Air France delay compensation claim and refund under EU 261 in a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • Mechanics problems
  • Flight over or under booking
  • Staffing issues
  • Unfit pilot

What are the Rules to Consider for Air France Delay Compensation?

In accordance with EU 261, travelers are entitled to Air France delay claim for delays of three hours or longer. In this case, your arrival time at your destination will be at least 3 hours later than expected. In addition –

  • You do not qualify for Air France flight delay compensation if you depart more than three hours late but make up the time in the air and arrive under three hours late.
  • When your jet opens at least one of its doors, you may claim your arrival.
  • You are not considered to have arrived if no doors have opened.

What would be the Air France delayed flight compensation?

Look at the table mentioned below to see how much Air France delay compensation you’re due if you arrive at your destination more than three hours late. Compensation is given in 2 forms:

  • Compensation as the non-refundable transportation credit voucher amounts as follows:
Flight’s lengthDelay timeAmount
Up to 1500 km3 hours or moreUSD 375
Flights within the EU of more than 1,500 km3 hours or moreUSD 535
Flights outside the EU between 1,500 km- 3,500 km3 hours or moreUSD 535
Flights not falling under any of the above conditions4 hours or moreUSD 856
  • Compensation amount as cash:
Flight’s lengthDelay timeAmount
Upto 1500 km3 hours or moreUSD 268
Flights within the EU of more than 1,500 km3 hours or moreUSD 428
Flights outside the EU between 1,500 km- 3,500 km3 hours or moreUSD 428
Flights not falling under any of the above conditions4 hours or moreUSD 642

NOTE: The EU Regulation 261/2004 is the basis of this compensation plan. Local laws and other compensation plans can be applicable if you are flying out of a non-EU airport but to a destination within the EU.

What could be the Reasons For a Flight Delay with Air France?

The most frequent causes of flight delays are listed below.

1. Weather conditions

One of the main causes of flight delays is bad weather. It may be a result of adverse weather at the airport of departure, on the way to your destination, or at your destination itself.

2. Security issues

When the security staff discovers that there may be a problem, such as with a piece of luggage placed on your jet, they will demand that it be unloaded. And as a result, your flight can be delayed. You are not eligible for Air France delayed flight compensation in such circumstances.

3. Technical issues with the aircraft

These kinds of events occur often. Your flight may be delayed or canceled if pre-flight engineers determine that the particular aircraft isn’t safe to fly. You should be aware that most of the time it doesn’t qualify as “exceptional circumstances.” You can frequently receive reimbursement from airlines.

4. Employee strikes

In reality, one of the main causes of flight delays and cancellations in Europe is employee strikes at airports and airlines. Airport employee strikes are frequently seen as “exceptional circumstances” for pay purposes, therefore you can typically get no compensation.

5. Waiting for connecting passengers

Most of the time, it only results in brief flight delays of 20 or 30 minutes. Unless you are traveling during rush hour, in which case it can also result in a lengthy flight delay. Additionally, if there is a significant delay, the airline may compensate you for it.

6. Airport congestion, or not enough staff

If the pilot of the aircraft decides to wait for connecting passengers during rush hour, it might ultimately result in a considerable delay. simply because, once all the passengers have arrived, it might not be able to depart the airport so quickly. due to concurrent arrivals and departures of other aircraft at the airport. Compensation in such cases totally depends.

How to submit a refund or compensation claim for a delayed flight?

Don’t presume that the reason for your Air France delays and cancellations is due to unforeseeable events. Always request a written explanation of the cause from the airline. Even though the stated cause appears to be covered by the provision for extreme circumstances, it may still be subject to judicial interpretation.

An airline may, for instance, claim that a delay was brought on by poor visibility when, in fact, the pilot was unable to make a landing owing to a mechanical issue or a lack of expertise.

To claim your delayed compensation there are 2 ways to do it:

  • It can be done over call
    • Get in touch with Air France over a call
    • You can call the toll-free number 1800 419 2033
    • Submit a claim for compensation using the EU flight compensation rules
    • Maintain a constant line of contact till the issue is resolved
  • It can be done online
    • Go to Air France’s page
    • Fill in the details about yourself and your Air France flight delay
    • Upload your boarding pass and passport copy
    • Sign the claim online.

Note: Travelers should be informed of the law’s provisions regarding Air France cancellation refund policy so they are ready to submit a claim.

What is Air France’s compensation for boarding refusal?

Refer to the pointers mentioned below to receive compensation when you have been refused to board the flight:

  • The compensation applies to any flight operated by Air France to/ from, or within Europe (All EU member states).
  • Most of the time, the compensation is anywhere from 325 USD – 700 USD
  • Additionally, you are eligible for a complete refund, a replacement flight, or compensation.
  • It doesn’t count if there was a problem with your travel documents or if you were denied boarding the aircraft due to security concerns.
  • The same holds true for circumstances in which you freely chose to give up your seat and board another flight after being given one.

In conclusion, it is important to acknowledge that flight delays can be a major inconvenience for travelers. However, Air France, as a leading airline company, has a responsibility to provide compensation to its passengers under certain circumstances as discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim compensation from Air France?

For that, you need to send an email to the local Air France/KLM Customer Care office.

How often are Air France flights delayed?

Air France’s flight delay rate is very low. The domestic flight delay rate is 0.00% for delays over 3 hours and for international flights, it is 0.28% in a day.

Can I get a refund for a late Air France flight?

Yes, Air France gives a refund for flight delays which ranges between USD 270 to USD 650.

What are passengers’ rights if Air France cancels a flight?

Passengers have the right between rerouting to their final destination under comparable transport conditions or receiving reimbursement for the part of their journey that was not made.

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