Air France Pet Policy

When you want to bring your dear pet with you, you can opt for Air France. Thanks to the flexible policy of this airline, all animals can travel from one place to another in the safest manner possible. But you have to keep your pet in an approved carrier throughout the journey and follow the rules mentioned in the Air France pet policy.

Understanding Rules and Regulations of Air France Airlines Pet Policy

Just like any other policy of the airline, this one also contains some rules and regulations. To travel stress-free with your furry buddy, you will need to follow the rules or prerequisites listed below:

  • Only domesticated dogs and cats will be permitted on the flights.
  • You can travel with them in the cabin.
  • All pets must be vaccinated to board the flight.
  • Cats and dogs traveling within/to/from the European Union should be identified by the electronic chip.
  • For European Union travel, your pet should boast a passport.
  • As per the Air France pet travel rules, the passport should be provided and completed by the certified vet to state the:
    • health condition and 
    • vaccination-related details.
  • To know the nation-wise rules, you must connect with the precise country you are traveling to or from. 
  • It is because countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden have some additional sanitary conditions.
  • To travel outside the territory of the European Union, pet owners are advised to:
    • read and understand the regulations for traveling with pets as per the destination 
    • comprehend the terms of originating countries.
  • The airline does not take any responsibility for the hotel stay, booking changes, or kennel fees if they refuse to board the flight due to any reason.
  • An owner will need to take care of every need of his/her pet as per the pet policy.

Important: Canada is not accepting dogs coming from nations with a high rate of rabies. Similarly, the United States has modified its entry rules for pets. Now, no pet dog will be allowed to enter the USA if they have spent 6 or more months in countries with high rabies risk.

Transport Your Pet in the Cabin

Being a prominent name in this sector, Air France tries everything possible from its end to make the cabin-travel experience memorable. When it comes to traveling with animals, you can comfortably take them in the cabin. However, you must follow the rules of the Air France Airlines in-cabin-pet policy.

Some rules have been discussed below:

  • Your pet should be 10 weeks of age. Check with the airline for this before booking a space for your dog or cat.
  • The combined weight of the animal and its cage must be:
    • 17lbs or 8kg for in-cabin and 
    • 165.3lbs or 75kg in the hold.
  • You can only travel with them in the cabin.
  • They must be in the carrier throughout the journey or when at the airport.
  • The carrier should be as per the suggested dimensions.
  • Traveling with your furry friend is not free. You will need to pay a fee for it.
  • You can only sit with your pet’s carrier in certain rows.
  • The pet should not show any sign of danger.
  • It must be healthy and fully vaccinated.
  • As per the rules of Air France pets in the cabin, you will need to take full responsibility for your animal and its health.
  • You will need to reach the airport at least 3 hours prior to the departure time to check in with your pet.

 Remember: The transportation of pets in the cabin or hold is strictly not permitted on flights to China and from Paris to Moscow. This is due to safety reasons. However, this rule is subject to change. 

Avail of the Freight Facility for Transporting Animals

When you are not allowed to travel with your loving pet in the hold or the cabin, fret not! It is because the freight facilities of the airline are always there to help you. But you must keep the following points of the Air France pets transport policy in mind:

  • The combined weight of the carrier and the animal should not be more than the allowed weight.
  • Importantly, the animal should be perfectly fit and well-vaccinated.
  • You must abide by the airline’s, as well as the destination and originating country’s, rules.
  • Notably, you should know the Air France pet carrier size. 
  • It must have enough space so that the animal can stay in its natural pose throughout the travel.

Travel Container for Pets

You will only be allowed to travel with your pet when the container is approved. You will need to keep them in the Air France-approved pet carrier. 

The travel bag can be bought from the official shopping website of Air France. In addition to this, the purchased carrier can be delivered to the countries listed below:

United KingdomUnited States

You will need to follow the below-mentioned rules for traveling with pets on Air France flights:

  • Its carrier should be approved by the airline.
  • The suggested dimensions are 18 inches x 11 inches x 9 inches.
  • Purchased bags should be well-ventilated.
  • The bag should fit under the space given in the front seat.
  • One pet will be allowed in a single container.
  • Each ticketed passenger can only travel with one animal.
  • Irrespective of the dimension, this airline does not accept pets in a crate.

How to Book for Pet Animals on Air France?

Whether you want to travel in the cabin or want to transport your cat/dog, you will need to book a space in advance. It is because every flight or cargo can only transport a certain number of animals in the aircraft. 

Simply put, Air France’s pets policy works on the basis of “first come, first serve”. So, to book your space, you can call the customer care of Air France at 0124 2720272. They will ask you for some details. 

Once you provide them with it, they will make a booking. Besides, you can also make bookings online by using the official website.  

Fees for Transporting Pets in Air France

As mentioned before, traveling with animals on this carrier comes with a fee. This cost does not include the ticket fare. Since every destination has different airfares, the amount will vary. For some routes, the Air France pet-in-cabin fee and the hold charge have been mentioned below:

Routes (Flights between)In-the-Cabin FeeIn-the-Hold Cost
Metropolitan France€40€80
Caribbean (Miami is excluded)€30€75
North America and Europe€55€200
Cayenne and France€55€75
Other Flights/Routes€125*€400*

Note: This amount is calculated on the basis of a departure flight as well as a travel bag or container. For connecting flights, the amount will vary.

In addition to the above, ensure that the names submitted while booking are correct. Otherwise, you may use the name modification service. Do not forget to check the Air France name change fee in case applicable. Only after this, the final cost can be ascertained. 

Permitted Dogs and Cats Breed

Permitted Dogs and Cats Breed

The airline only allows certain breeds of dogs and cats in the cabin. When it comes to permitted breeds in the cargo, the following can be transported: 


  • Boxers
  • Shih Tzus
  • Pekingese


  • Burmese
  • Persian 

Note: The airline is no longer accepting Boston terriers, bulldogs, and pugs for cargo transportation. 

Banned Breeds and Types

Keeping the safety of passengers in mind, the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry has strictly banned the following breeds. In the cabin, as well as cargo, they are not allowed:

  • Staffordshire Terriers
  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • Tosas
  • Mastiffs

No matter whether you choose to travel with your dog/cat in the cabin or cargo, you will need to follow the rules of the Air France Airlines pet policy. So, read and understand every aspect before planning your trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions :

Learn more about the pet policy of Air France by reading the frequently asked questions and answers listed here: 

Where to get the Air France Airlines pet bags?

This airline only allows officially approved carriers for the transportation of pet animals. To get an approved bag, you can go to the official shopping platform of the carrier.

What are the Air France pet carrier rules?

The pet carrier should be approved and purchased from the shopping site of Air France. When it comes to its dimensions, it should not be more than 18 inches x 11 inches x 9 inches.

Does Air France allow all pets?

No, this carrier does not allow all pets in the cabin. In case you have any other animal such as a horse, you can avail of the freight services.

Is Air France pet-friendly?

Yes, the flights of Air France are quite pet-friendly. Your pet can remain happy and in a good condition while traveling on the flights.

Does Air France allow pets in the cabin?

You can travel with your dog and cat in the cabin. In case your animal is not permitted in the cabin, you can check its cargo facilities at least once.

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