Air France Flight Change Policy

Air France’s change flight policy allows passengers to make changes to their itinerary, such as changing their flight dates or destinations. The terms of the policy depend on the type of ticket purchased, such as a non-refundable or refundable ticket. 

What are the Air France Flight Change Rules or Guidelines?

Before requesting a flight change with AirFrance, it is important to keep the following rules and guidelines in mind:

  • The Air France flight change policy permits travelers to modify their tickets at no cost. 
  • Check the fare rules of your ticket to see if a flight change is allowed. Some fares may not be changeable.
  • The same method that was used to purchase the tickets can be used to modify an Air France flight. 
  • If a ticket was purchased online, the only place to make adjustments is on the Air France website.
  • If the passengers don’t make the change within 24 hours, an Air France change fee will be charged. 
  • Keep in mind that flight changes may result in additional fees, taxes or charges.
  • If the cost of the replacement flight is less than the cost of the original flight, the airline will refund the residual amount. 
  • The airline would only charge the change cost for the one-way and not for the round ticket if a passenger had purchased round tickets and wanted to make any changes in only one direction.
  • If you are traveling on an award ticket or a ticket issued through a frequent flyer program, check the program’s rules for making flight changes.
  • Air France change flight policy does not allow flight changes after check-in.

Does Air France allow Flight Change within 24 Hours of Booking?

As per Air France 24 hours flight change policy, all flights originating to and from the United States are allowed to make changes for free within 24 hours of purchase. Provided –

  • The flight must be operated by Air France
  • The scheduled departure date must be booked at least 7 days in advance.
  • The booking must not include a reward ticket. 

Note – Passengers can place Air France cancellation request within 24 hours of purchase with no fee.

How to Change Flights on Air France?

To change a flight on Air France, you can do so through the airline’s website or by contacting their customer service.

Change flight ticket online

Follow these steps to request the flight change online – 

  • Go to, the official website. 
    • Select the My Reservations tab.
Air France Flight Change Policy
  • Enter your booking reference and last name to retrieve your reservation. 
  • Select the Search icon.
  • Choose the flight reservation you want to modify. 
  • Follow the instructions to: 
    • Change the date, flight time, and destination 
    • Alter the class of your journey 
    • Adjust the seat you desire. 
  • Pay the additional charge (if any)
  • The new flight details would be sent on your registered email address

Air France Flight Change Through Phone

You can simply call the airlines to modify your travel. All you need to do  – 

  • Visit the Air France booking website first, then input your credentials to access the booking page. 
  • Please read the contact information at the bottom of the page, pick a phone number, and dial the number. 
  • Press 1 to choose the language, 2 to select the general question, and 3 to select your own question.
  • Press 4 to modify and cancel your flight reservation and to share the reservation number and last name of the passenger. 
  • Give the date of the reservation and ask to update the name, seat, date, and time over the phone.

Any of the following phone lines, or the regional office in your location, can be used to modify the date or time of your Air France flight: 

  • The United States +1-844-933-2065
  • Canada +1-844-933-2065  
  • Flying Blue +1-800-375-8723
  • From abroad +1-519-772-3570

Air France flight Change Request at the Airport

If you need to change a flight with Air France at the airport, you will need to go to the Air France check-in counter or customer service desk.

Air France Flight Change Policy

The process for changing a flight can vary depending on the specific circumstances, such as the availability of flights, the fare class of your ticket, and any applicable fees.

Air France Flight Change through Live Chat

To change a flight with Air France through live chat, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Air France website and log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Contact” tab and select “Live Chat” from the options.
  • A customer service representative will assist you with your flight change request.
  • Provide the representative with your booking reference number and the flight details you wish to change.
  • The representative will inform you of applicable change fees or fare differences.
  • Once the change is confirmed, you will receive a new itinerary and confirmation of the changes via email.

Air France Flight change through Social Media

Air France allows customers to make flight changes through their social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

To change a flight on social media, customers can send a direct message to the Air France account with their booking details and the desired changes. The airline’s social media team will then assist with the flight change.

Social Media PlatformAir France Social Profile Links 

What is the fee for changing an Air France ticket?

Air France flight change fee will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of ticket you have, the fare class, and the route you are traveling. 

You can check the fees for changing a ticket on the Air France website by going to the “Change or Cancel Reservation” page and entering your booking detail

  • If you alter your flight at the airport or a local ticket office, you will be charged USD 20. 
  • You will be charged if you’re changing a ticket you bought from a third party: 
    • Non-full flex tickets are USD 50. (city office or by phone). 
    • Full-flex tickets cost USD 0.

In this article, we have discussed the policies and procedures of Air France to help you change your flight. This can be extremely useful if you are traveling on a non-refundable ticket and need to make some changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you change your flight on Air France?

Yes. The process and fees for doing so will depend on the type of ticket you have and the time between your original flight and your new flight.

How much does Air France charge to change flights?

The fee can range from 50-200 USD depending on the destination and the fare.

Can I change a flight I already booked with Air France?

Yes. Any difference in fare between your original flight and the new flight need to be paid alongside the airline change fee.

Can I change flights for free with Air France?

Yes. if requesting flight change within 24 hours of purchase. Fare difference may apply.

Can I change my flight within 24 hours of booking?

Yes. Flight must originate to and from the United States and Canada.

Can I change my flight 12 hours before?

It depends on the fare you have purchased and the airline’s policy. Some fares may be fully refundable or allow changes with a fee while others may not be changeable.

How short notice can you change a flight?

As per Air France change flight policy, passengers can request flight change up to 3 hours before departure.

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