Aer Lingus Check In Policy

Passengers who wish to request check in with Aer Lingus must refer to the carrier check in rules, the boarding zones, or ways to connect with the airline to ensure that they are well informed and comfortable with the check in guidelines and timelines.

You can find all details related to the Aer lingus flight check in below for better understanding and smooth efficiency at the airport.

What is the Aer Lingus Check in Travel requirements for Documents?

Aer Lingus requires passengers to present sufficient documentation and travel documents abiding by the destination airport embassy and home country travel guidelines.

Look at the document’s requirements based on the passenger’s departure country guidelines for Aer lingus flight check in –

What are the document requirements for travel to/from Britain?

For itineraries within Ireland or between Ireland and Britain, remember that –

  • Britain and Ireland citizens must carry official government-approved photo identification to travel with the airline.
  • Passengers can opt to present identification proof other than a passport if they are citizens of either of the countries – Britain and Ireland.
  • Travelers below the age of 16 years need not present a valid Photo ID proof if accompanied by a parent/ guardian.
  • For passengers from other countries, it is mandatory to present a valid Photo ID i.e. Passport and VISA for itineraries between Britain and Ireland.
  • Consider the following acceptance identification and documentation requirements for Aer Lingus check in –
    • Valid British passport or Irish passport card
    • Driver’s license including updated photo
    • International student enrolment card
    • Government-issued photo Identification Proof like Voter ID
    • Health insurance cards containing photo
    • Social security cards with photographs
    • Travelers’s Bus pass with photo
    • Work/ Employee Identity card with photo

NOTE – Click on this link to get the VISA requirements when traveling to and from Britain based on the destination, departure date, etc.

What are the document requirements for travel within Europe?

If you are planning a trip to European countries, take a look at the details given below –

Aer Lingus Check In Policy
  • The acceptable identification documents for travel within Europe include-
    • Valid Passport
    • Applicable National Identity Card
  • Take into account that some destinations may require that the passports are valid up to six or more months after passengers successfully reach the destination.
  • Some destinations may require passengers to present Advance Passenger Information (API) due to aviation security and safety measures. API must include –
    • Full passenger name including first and last names
    • Nationality
    • Traveler’s Date of birth
    • Gender of the passenger
    • Passport number and other details
    • Passport expiry date mentioned
  • Other VISA Requirements – Take into account the details for passengers of nationalities like –
    • Algerian nationals must have an updated Schengen VISA when traveling from Terminal 1 to 2 at Barcelona transit or the other way around to avoid refusal.
    • Non-EU nationals may carry Schengen VISA when traveling from Terminal 1 to 2 or inversely via other airline flights at the airport.

NOTE – Refer to this link to search the applicable VISA requirements depending on the type of trip, departure, and arrival airport details, and more.

What are the document requirements for travel to/ from the USA?

Different nations and eligible citizens must follow the given document requirements for travel from/ to the USA or Aer lingus international check in-

Nationals/ Itinerary ConditionsTravel Requirements
Travel from Ireland to the USAA European or Irish citizen traveling to the USA, keep the following details in mind –
● Present an electronic passport with validity up till the time of the scheduled return trip.  
● The recipients of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries and other eligible citizens must gain approval from Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) before traveling to the USA.  
Passport Requirements – E-passport for those under the VWP program is applicable. Also –  
● International symbols must be present on the passport.
● E-passport includes an embedded electronic chip to match the flier’s identity.  
VISA Requirements – Non-US residents must abide by the US government eligibility criteria and documentation. In addition to that –  
● You must apply for ESTA up to 72 hours before flight departure time as per U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
● Those without ESTA successful and timely approval will be denied boarding.
● VWP program candidates and eligible citizens must also have approval from ESTA for a fee by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  
From the U.S. to IrelandAs a US citizen, keep the following details in mind –  
● Present a valid passport.
● The passport must be valid till the completion of the itinerary trip.
● VISA is not required if the business or personal travel is less than three months.
NOTE – Connect with the airline or check the passport regulations from the USA to Ireland on the website for more details.
Travel from the U.S. to EuropeAs a US citizen, consider the following details in mind –
● Provide a valid passport to travel to all EU member states.
● VISA is not required for business or tourist travel.
● To Comply with the EU country’s government travel requirements and regulations.
● No VISA is required for trips connecting via Ireland to Europe.
NOTE – For citizens of other countries traveling from the US, check the relevant requirements from the designated embassies.

NOTE – Head to this link here to check the VISA requirements specific to the regions within the USA for a comfortable travel experience.

What are the document requirements for travel to/ from Canada?

Travelers who are Irish citizens must provide an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel across Canada. Here are the things you must keep in mind –

  • eTA is a crucial document for those belonging to the VISA-exempt nationals and traveling to Canada by Aer Lingus.
  • eTA is automatically connected to the passport.
  • It is valid for up to 5 years and available for a fee worth 5 USD deposited to the Canadian government.
  • Travel documents and other documents are necessary based on the destination on the itinerary, special care for travelers with disabilities or requiring special staff attention.
  • Keep in mind that some nations and regions must present a full VISA to fly across or to Canada. Eg – Fliers holding alien passports or those who are stateless

NOTE – Visit this link given here to find out the VISA requirements for Canada and additional document requirements for connection in Canada.

What are the document requirements for the rest of the World?

Passengers belonging to other nations not covered must consider the following –

  • You are responsible to know the vaccination, health, VISA, and passport requirements.
  • It is important to follow the IATA Travel Centre guidelines to the core while traveling to a new country.
  • Further stay informed regarding the customs, destination airport details, and currency details of the countries.
  • Be well versed with the Aer lingus international check in time for your destination airport.
  • Click on this link to check the VISA requirements for the preferred locations.

NOTE – Check out the official website or contact the carrier Aer Lingus to have a glance at the document requirements for kids traveling alone without a parent/ guardian.

What are the check in methods and the Aer lingus check in time?

The carrier allows passengers to choose any one of the available check in methods, saving time and effort spent during or after check in.

Here are the popular check in methods offered by Aer Lingus. Refer to the below-mentioned details to choose the one most suited for you.

What is Aer Lingus Online check in?

Aerlingus online check in ensures that passengers can complete check in via the website and save or print the boarding pass on their smartphone as a pdf. Add to that-

  • Online check in is recommended for all booking reservations booked directly with the airline or a third-party source like the website or travel agent.
  • You can opt for preferred seating arrangements on the aircraft via Aer Lingus Manage Trip.
  • You can also add a carry on bag for saver fare type or extra belongings for the travel if required during online check in.
  • You can complete check in for group bookings of up to 25 passengers via online check in.
  • You can also contact the airline via phone for group booking check in by connecting with Contact Group Sales.
  • Aer lingus online check in opening times – Here are the online check in time when Window opens for various flights –
FlightsOnline Check in Open Time
Flights within Europe● For Plus, AerSpace Fare, Saver Fare, or Advantage Fare – Up to 15 days before the flight departure time
● free online check in up to 48 hours before the stipulated flight time for all fare types
● Complete check in via website, not app for bookings by travel agent
● Bookings with infants, group reservations, or those booked by travel agent or Aer Lingus call executive can complete website check in up to 48 hours before flight time
NOTE – Irish passport cards are not applicable as document verification for online and mobile app check in.
Transatlantic Flights:● You can check in at least 24 hours before the flight departure time for routes from/ to North America
NOTE – Passport cards are not applicable as the document or ID proof for web and mobile app check in. 
  • The online check in closing time – Aer Lingus check in online time window closes at different intervals. Here is a rundown for the same given below-
Flights Departing FromAer Lingus Online check in window closing time
Ireland, UK, and Amsterdam1 hour before departure
Rest of Europe4 hours 30 minutes before departure
The exceptions for specific European countries include 
Rome6 hours 30 minutes before departure
Knock, Newquay, Exeter, and Jersey4 hours 30 minutes before departure
Malaga and Faro (If operated by larger Airbus 330 aircraft)8 hours 30 minutes before departure
Transatlantic Flights:Online check-in window closes 95 minutes before the scheduled flight time.  
Exception – Closing time for flights from Barbados is 6 hours before the flight time.

What are Online Boarding Passes?

Check in Aer Lingus online boarding passes are allotted post web check-in. Keep these things in mind-

  • You will receive a web boarding pass after you complete the online check in.
  • You can save or print it to access it at the airport to go through security Aer lingus checking and more.
  • Passengers can also use the boarding pass to get a summary of the trip and get the details on the confirmation mail by selecting the Resend confirmation email in Aer Lingus Manage Trip.

How to Online print boarding passes?

The following are the prerequisites to download and obtain boarding passes after web check in –

  • You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded and installed on the computer.
  • Aer Lingus boarding passes link is available once you opt for Manage Trip and choose the “View Boarding Pass” option to download and print it any time before you reach the airport or at the airport before the flight leaving time.
Aer Lingus manage trip section
This screenshot is clicked using the official Aer Lingus website.
  • You can also save the boarding pass as a pdf on your phone.
  • Use your smartphone and in the Manage Trip or Check in page section, enter the family name with the booking reference number to get the pdf format.

What is Aer Lingus Mobile Check in and its check in timings?

Aer Lingus app check in is convenient and perfect if the reservation is conducted by the airline website or via a third-party source if you have the booking details like the Booking reference number. Add to that –

  • App check in allows quick and convenient check in completion at the comfort of the home and you can keep the digital boarding pass in your wallet.
  • The app also offers in-flight magazines, flight updates, a food menu called Bia, and flight status online and offline.
  • Aer Lingus App check in opening time – Here is a rundown of the opening time for passenger’s reference.
FlightsAer Lingus App Check in Open Time
Flights within EuropeYou can complete check in via the app within 48 hours of the flight time.
Exceptions – Izmir, Bourgas, Faro, and Donegal airports do not accept mobile boarding passes.  
NOTE – Passport is not accepted as document verification for app check in.
Transatlantic FlightsThe app check in window opens 24 hours before scheduled flight departure on routes to and from North America.  
NOTE – Passport cards are not allowed for ID proofs for app check in.
  • Mobile app closing check in time for Aer lingus flights- The app check in may vary based on the airport departure time. Here is a rundown for app closing time –
Flights Originating FromAer Lingus App check in window closing time
Ireland, UK, and Amsterdam1 hour before flight departure
Rest of Europe4 hours 30 minutes before departure
The exceptions for some European countries include 
Rome6 hours 30 minutes before flight
Knock, Newquay, Exeter, and Jersey4 hours 30 minutes before departure
Malaga and Faro (If operated by larger Airbus 330 aircraft)8 hours 30 minutes before flight
Transatlantic Flights:App flight check in aer lingus window closes 95 minutes before the flight departure.  
Exception – Closing time for flights originating from Barbados is 6 hours before the flight departure.

How to Access Mobile Boarding Pass via Aer Lingus check in app?

Here is how you can access your mobile boarding pass via Aer Lingus mobile app.

  • Once you complete the app check in, the boarding pass link is activated.
  • You can click on the Boarding pass option already available on display after check in or find it in the Boarding passes section.
  • Download the boarding pass and use it directly as a digital boarding pass.
  • The airport staff will scan the phone to give you access to boarding.
  • Passengers who are facing difficulties in accessing the mobile app boarding pass can use the website to access it or head to the airport check in desk.

Which passengers cannot access Aer Lingus mobile app check in?

Here are the circumstances under which passengers cannot complete app check in and must use the web check in option –

  • Group bookings with more than seven passengers must complete a web check in 48 hours before flight departure.
  • For booking with a travel agent or Aer Lingus call center.
  • Locations like Bourgas, Izmir, Faro, and Donegal airports do not allow mobile boarding passes.

What are Aer Lingus Airport Check in and Check in Timings?

Aer Lingus check in airport is a reliable check in method for passengers unable to complete online check in or require special guidance at the airport.

  • It is recommended to keep an additional buffer time when traveling to the USA due to their strict security protocols.
  • For travelers traveling from Dublin to Shannon, US Pre-Clearance is available to save time in the US immigration process.
  • Fliers who do not follow the check in deadlines are denied from the aer lingus boarding process at the airport. It is considered a “No Show” and the booking is terminated.
  • Passengers flying via partner airlines must contact them for recommended check in deadlines.
  • Passengers can check in for the entire itinerary at the airport check-in counter if booked with an agent for Aer Lingus and connecting flights to partner airlines.
  • The airport check in timings – Take a look at the given Aer Lingus airport check in timings-
FlightsCheck in DeadlinesRecommended Time
Originating/ Heading to North America75 minutes before the flight3 hours before a flight leaving time.
Within Europe45 minutes before the flight2 hours before the flight departure.
  • Exceptions – Here are the special cases under which passengers must follow the given check in deadlines –
  • Check in for Business class for flights to/ from North America – 60 minutes before departure.
  • Check in deadline for flights from Manchester to North America – 60 minutes before flight time.
  • Check in opening time in Shannon airport – Opens at 5 am in the morning (Subject to timeline differences)

What is Aer Lingus Airport self-service kiosk?

Aer Lingus kiosk check in is available only at Dublin airports. It is one of the quickest check in methods especially at the airport. In addition to that –

  • The kiosk counters are located at the Aer Lingus terminals in the check in spots.
  • You can drop off your items at the luggage drop desks and head to the security area.
  • Check in for connecting flights – For connecting flights from Dublin or Cork, the airport kiosk check in counter is recommended.

When can passengers not access Aer Lingus Kiosk check in counters?

Fliers cannot access kiosk check in in the following circumstances and it is recommended to head to the check in desks to complete the process –

  • Routes that require travelers to present VISA (Except – ESTA valid for travel to the US)
  • Traveling with an infant
  • Routes that require Advance Passenger Information. Routes requiring API include The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, and Barbados.

What are the Aer Lingus Boarding Times?

You can make your trip comfortable, it is important to be well-versed with the boarding times and Aer lingus boarding groups.

  • The general boarding deadline is to reach the gate at least 30 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Here is the rundown for the boarding times for specific locations.
LocationsBoarding Time
For flights departing from Europe, the UK, and Ireland30 Minutes
For flights flying from Amsterdam and Rome40 Minutes (Due to the high distance between check in counter and boarding gate)
For flights departing from North America45 Minutes

NOTE – Passengers who do not reach the boarding gate area timely will be denied boarding and are not accepted for travel.

How to request Aer Lingus Check in?

You can complete check in via online and offline methods discussed as follows –

How to complete Aer Lingus online check in?

You can connect with the airline via the online interface for check in and Aer Lingus flight cancellation. Follow the steps given below for online check in –

  • Head to the official website  Aer Lingus home page.
  • You will find the Check in option along with other options on the main page.
  • Choose “Check in” enter the family name and the booking reference number and submit the details by clicking “Check in”.
Aer Lingus Check in online

The original source of this screenshot is Aer Lingus website.

  • You can retrieve booking information once you log in. Choose the desired flights, provide details of the individuals on the flight, flight details, etc.
  • Submit the necessary travel documents and applicable government-issued ID proofs.
  • Confirm the details and the airline will process the boarding pass once check in is complete.
  • You can access the boarding pass via Manage Trips, download or print it before heading to the airport.

How to complete Aer Lingus check in app?

Fliers can opt for the mobile app for concerns like Aer Lingus flight change or check in by following the steps given below.

  • Download the mobile app on Android and iOS devices.
Aer Lingus Mobile Apps
Emirates’ website has been used to capture the Aer Lingus.
  • On the portal, choose check in and enter details like family name and the booking reference number.
  • Choose the desired flight, enter personal details, and submit documents for Aer lingus mobile check in.
  • Opt for preferred seats, meals, and add the belongings in the check in.
  • Verify the details. You will receive the boarding pass via confirmation mail or on the app interface.
  • You can use the digital boarding pass directly at the airport or print it for airports with mobile pass restrictions.

How to complete Aer Lingus self-service kiosk check in Dublin airport?

Following are the steps to complete the Aer Lingus kiosk check in –

  • Head to the designated kiosk counters at the airport terminals.
  • Swipe debit or credit card, enter the frequent flier number, or provide the booking reference number to access flight details.
  • Use the on-screen interface to select the meals, opt for Aer Lingus seat selection, and add luggage for check in.
  • The kiosk counter will process the check in request.
  • You will receive the boarding pass once check in is processed. Take the boarding pass to the airport for security screening and boarding gate area.

How to Complete Aer Lingus check in at airport?

Here are the steps you can follow to complete Aer Lingus airport check in –

  • Refer to the airport check in deadlines and complete check in accordingly.
  • Provide personal details, booking reference or ticket number, and the flight details to request check in.
  • The airport personnel may require specific travel documents and government-issued ID proofs to process requests.
  • You can make special requests like Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor, check flight status, etc.
  • Choose meals, the total number of items you are carrying, and the applicable seating on the aircraft.
  • Confirm your details and the airline staff will initiate the check in request.
  • Once check in is complete, receive the boarding pass from the personnel and proceed to the boarding departure gate area.

How do I contact Aer Lingus over the phone to settle check in queries?

The carrier customer executives are available 24/7 to listen and settle the queries often faced by passengers regarding concerns like Aer Lingus pet travel, flight status, help with refunds and flight booking receipts, etc.

Here is how you can connect with the airline agents for addressing booking-related grievances –

  • On the official Aer Lingus home page, you will find the “Support” option on the taskbar.
  • Choose the Support option and further click on “Contact us” under the Customer Care button in the drop-down menu.
  • You will be directed to the “Contact Us” page.
  • You can check the available options on the page, check flight status, report missing belongings, view booking information, cancellation, and refunds, etc.
  • You can scroll to the “Need immediate help with your booking?” heading on the web page and connecting with the carrier team/ staff members via call or chat via Messenger.
  • Take a look at the aer lingus check in phone numbers based on home countries or country of departure airport to receive assistance from the airline.
Location/ CountryContact Details
Ireland(01) 761 7834
United Kingdom0333 004 5000
Continental EuropeAustria: +43 12 06 09 26 75
Italy: +39 06 89 38 65 02
Germany: +49 69 94 51 89 915
Switzerland: +41 44 52 46 766
France: +33 18 69 95 728
Portugal: +351 21 3665399
Spain: 900 031071
Netherlands: +31 707 006 106
Luxembourg: +35 23 42 08 09 055
Portugal: +351 21 3665399
Belgium: +32 25 85 52 43  
Other PlacesAustralia: + 0061 2 8349 9876
USA, Canada, or BarbadosUSA: (516) 622-4222
Barbados: +1 516 622 4222
USA/Canada: (800) 474-7424

NOTE – Check out the Aer Lingus Support Page for other queries covered by the airline Specific department for issues like AerClub, Belonging tracking, Group travel, etc.

How to connect with Aer Lingus over Social Media for Queries?

Social media platforms allow passengers to connect with the airline actively via platforms like LinkedIn, and Instagram. The airline is active on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more. You can share requests related to Aer Lingus delayed or missing baggage, queries regarding early check in, and more.

Here is a rundown of all the popular platforms where you can find the airline for easy future conversations and query redressals –

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Profile Links/ URLs

NOTE – Messenger option is available by clicking the chat button at the right bottom corner of the screen. However, payments/refund-related queries may not be taken forward via chat.

The Aer Lingus check in policy is well crafted with transparency and covers a diverse variety of concerns faced by the passengers for a successful travel experience. You can contact the airline via Customer service and social media if you need help regarding more queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I check-in for an Aer Lingus flight?

You can check in between 48 hours and 60 minutes before flight departure. The timings may differ from one check in method to another.

Where is Aer Lingus check-in?

Aer Lingus check in is available at the airport ticket counters, kiosk counters, or online via the website or aer lingus phone check in app.

Do you need to print boarding pass Aer Lingus?

No, for the majority of the airports, the passengers need not print boarding passes. However, it is recommended to check the mobile check in section for more details.

When can you check in with aer lingus for free?

You can check in up to 48 hours before the flight departure for free via online and offline check in methods.

How long before an Aer Lingus flight can you check in?

Generally, the check in deadline is up to 60 minutes before the flight departure. Check the airport check in Aer Lingus section for more information.

How early can you check in for Aer Lingus?

You can check in online as early as 15 days before flight departure if you are AerSpace Fare, Plus, Saver Fare, or Advantage Fare member.

Can you check in at the airport with Aer Lingus?

Yes, you can complete check in at the airport via kiosk counters and airport check in counters complying with the code of conduct and check in deadlines.

Does Aer Lingus charge for airport check in?

Aer Lingus does not specify airport check in charges. Thus, make sure to connect the airline for charges or additional applicable fees.

How to check in for Aer Lingus flight online?

Head to the website, choose the check in, enter the booking reference number and family name, and follow on-screen instructions to complete check in.

How early check in Aer Lingus?

For Aer Lingus early check in, head to the airport for up to two to three hours, complete the check in process, leave sufficient time to get through security checking, and head to the boarding gate area.

How to check in on aer Lingus app?

On the app, choose the check in and enter details like family name and booking reference number. Complete on-screen instructions to get the digital boarding pass.

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