Aer Lingus Name Change Policy

For several reasons, a traveler must fly with the correct name on the ticket. Flying with the proper name details can help the passenger to board the flight with ease. However, sometimes a passenger can add his or her incorrect name details to the ticket. In such circumstances, you may not have to book a new ticket with the proper information. To avoid these instances, the Aer Lingus name change policy is created to modify or rectify the name on the documents. 

What is Aer Lingus Name Change Policy?

A passenger should comprehend the name change policy and its various features to modify his/her name. This feature is designed in such a way that it assists Aer Lingus change passenger name on the ticket with a smooth process. In addition, the airline has got several possible methods of seeking an alteration based on the type of information on the ticket. 

Aer Lingus Name Correction Policy

Some minor corrections to a flyer’s personal information can be allowed under the Aer Lingus name correction policy. Typo flaws can be the cause of these adjustments. This policy can permit the name correction in the initial name, surname, and middle name. Hence, the feature also covers the rectification of the misspelled names on the ticket. 

Aer Lingus Middle Name

When you want to include your middle name on passport but not on ticket Aer Lingus, you may do so. Given that policy, having a middle name on the plane ticket is not necessary for travel. However, adding the middle name on the ticket can make the identification process easier. Even then it is the passenger’s choice whether he or she may want to add the middle name or not on his or her ticket. 

Generally, adding the Aer Lingus middle name on a passport is up to the traveler. Well, including the middle name on the flight ticket is not mandatory. Even though, when you have any doubt regarding the middle name on the flight ticket or in the passport, in such cases, you can contact the airline.

Aer Lingus Name Correction or Change Rules

The airline provides certain rules or aspects of its identification details on the ticket. Following these rules can be the quickest way for ensuring Aer Lingus change name on tickets. Furthermore, by applying these rules, a passenger can safeguard his/her safety and privacy of the shared information.

Aer Lingus has provided these 7 crucial rules for correcting the name on the ticket:

  • Passengers can make the necessary modifications or rectifications of the personal information before departure. 
  • Customers can use the policy to confirm the details on their ticket and valid documents consisting of the same characters. 
  • It is not mandatory to add your middle name on the ticket.
  • For the alterations of the name resulting from a marriage or divorce, you must present appropriate documents. 
  • When a passenger wants to ensure Aer Lingus change passenger name on the ticket, he or she should see to it that the tickets are booked through the approved means. These may include the official website of the airline, ticket kiosk, or else by calling the customer care line.
  • You may not be allowed to apply for the modification of the name when the tickets are purchased through any agents. However, in such cases, you can rectify the details from the agents themselves. 
  • The passengers can only edit their names for up to two hours before their flights. 
  • As per the policy, Aer Lingus change name on flight can be done by the passenger only. The third person may not have the authority to alter the details of another person.

Aer Lingus Name Change or Rectification Methods

The Aer Lingus name change policy aims to make this function accessible to every passenger by offering a variety of options. Here, it includes the social media approach by which you can easily connect with the airline for this purpose. Further, an email is available for the passengers to share their queries with the airline. Additionally, you can also solve your issue by calling the customer service center. Or else, you can edit it yourself by visiting the official website of the carrier. 

Method 1: Modify Name via Social Media

When you are not satisfied with the identification details you have chosen, you can modify them by using a simple approach. Social media is one of the very effective methods for Aer Lingus name change on a flight ticket. For connecting via social media pages, you can check the official site of the airline. You may write your concern about the alteration of the name on the ticket and wait for the airline to connect with you. 

In addition to this, the steps for changing or correcting the personal information on the ticket are listed below:

  • The initial step for correcting your name is to come to the official site of the airline.
  • Once you have arrived at the website, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage where you can find the “Connect with Us” feature. In that tab, you can also find the alternative options available, such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc. 
  • A passenger can select any one media mentioned above as per his or her choice.

Furthermore, you can mention your issue regarding the Aer Lingus ticket name change. The operator will guide you about the procedure in detail. In addition to this, you may submit the required documents to the airline for the identification of the name on the ticket. You may be asked about the fees by the operator. Once you clear the fee payment, you will have to wait for the procedure to be complete from the operator’s end.

Method 2: Rectify Name Through Email ID

A traveler can submit his or her request by emailing the carrier. This option can be used for requests such as change passenger name Aer Lingus on the ticket. You can have the feature of specifying the alteration you want to make. You may attach some paperwork that this method requires to validate it. The airline is likely to begin the procedure as soon as you submit the documents. 

The steps below can walk you through the name change or correction procedure in more detail:

  • First, you will have to access the link mentioned below:
  • Next, scroll down to the homepage of the website. 
  • Here you may see the “Help and Support” option. In that option, you would have the “Contact Us” feature. Click on it.
  • You will be directed to another page of the site where you can find the email ID of the airline, possibly at the bottom of the page. 

With the help of the email address, you can share your query for the Aer Lingus change name on the ticket. Post sharing your query, you may attach the necessary documentation for the verification. The carrier will respond to you as soon as possible. At last, wait for the confirmation email to rectify the name on the ticket.

Note: When the issue is urgent to be resolved, the airline may recommend that you solve your query by calling it. Or else, you may also visit the airport. 

Method 3: By Using Website

According to the Aer Lingus name change policy, a traveler can alter or rectify the name on the ticket online by visiting the official website of the airline. You can modify your details by utilizing the ‘Manage Trip’ option. In addition to this, a passenger will be required to submit the ticket’s information. Once you provide the details, you can make changes or corrections to your name on the flight ticket. Later, you will have to wait for a reply from the airline. 

More steps for Aer Lingus change name on ticket are as follows:

  • Please navigate to “”.
  • On the initial page of the website, you can see the “Manage Trip” feature. Click on it. 
  • There, you can add your details for the alteration of the name on the ticket. This includes “Booking Reference” and “Family Name”.
  • Next, you will have to select the “Manage Trip” button for proceeding with the process of modification of the name. 
  • Now, the traveler can proceed to make the necessary modifications by following the on-screen guidance. 
  • Please double-check the information of the name before applying any final changes.
  • Further, you will have to pay the fees, if any, to complete the process. 
  • At last, the airline will send you a confirmation email regarding the Aer Lingus ticket name change or correction is done with success.

Note: The airline has also provided an Android/Apple-supported application by which the passengers can resolve their queries easily. You may try a modification of your name change details on the ticket via that application as well.

Method 4: By Contacting the Customer Service Center

In some cases, travelers may find it easier to resolve their issues by dealing straight with the airline. For this, you can contact the service center for help with the form of Aer Lingus name change or correction. You can find the contact number from the official website of the airline. There you may see various numbers as per your country. 

The directions to follow for the name correction via service center are as follows:

  • First, you will have to go to the link given below:
  • Once you open the link, scroll down the site, you will have the “Call Us” option.
  • From that feature, you can have numerous contact numbers available for the modification of the name on the ticket.

Some of the customer service contact numbers are given below:

CountryContact Number
Ireland(01) 761 7834
The United Kingdom0333 004 5000
USA(516) 622-4222
Australia+0061 2 8349 9876
Belgium+32 25 85 52 43
  • You can take a contact number as per your country and connect with the airline. As you connect with the agent, you can share your concern about the modification of the name.
  • Then, he or she will look at whether the changes are eligible as per the Aer Lingus name change policy. 
  • You should provide the documents for the verification of the procedure if needed by the airline.
  • Later, the agent may ask you for the fees needed for the modification of the details.
  • Once you make the payment, the process will go ahead.
  • Soon you can get the confirmation email of the alteration of the personal information.

Note: You may find more numbers of the customer service center as per your region on the site.

Aer Lingus Name Change Fees

Depending on a variety of variables, the Aer Lingus airline may charge an additional price for a name change or correction. The time of alteration, the trip location, and the type of modification can be the factors determining the name change fee on Aer Lingus.

When you have made a payment, you cannot refund the fees. The alteration of name or rectification fees may be around €100. In terms of GBP, the carrier can be charged the amount of £80 for modification of the name on the ticket. For USD CAD, a passenger may have to pay the cost of $ 157.

The fee for the modification of the name on the flight ticket can depend on the airline. The service charge is supposed to change over time. Hence, it is advisable to know the exact fees by contacting the airline. 

Tips to Avoid Misspelled Names on Aer Lingus

Usually, travelers may be stressed for the time. When making the reservation with this airline, the passengers may provide incorrect information on the flight ticket. For such reasons, the Aer Lingus name spelt wrong may create problems for the passenger while boarding. To avoid such circumstances, make sure that you are not using a device that auto-corrects the words you write at the time of booking the plane ticket. In such situations, the name on the ticket can be changed. You can use that system to write to prevent such issues. 

More tips for the visitors are described below:

  • Make sure that you cannot type your details while making a reservation in a hurry. Take time to write all the information correctly on the ticket. When it is not correct, you may face issues like cancellation of flight or maybe a delay while departing. 
  • A traveler must double-check his or her details before sending to ensure that all necessary information has been entered on the flight ticket. 
  • When you are reserving another passenger’s ticket, in such instances, you must carry all the documents with you. However, you should enter his or her piece of information while booking by matching the ID details of that passenger.

In Brief,
Aer Lingus may have an ongoing framework in place for modification of the names on your tickets. The Aer Lingus name change policy can try to be effective in this sense. It aims to protect the passenger’s concern. However, a traveler can trust the policy and adhere to its terms. It also provides various approaches for the customers to alter their identification details on the ticket. Hence, it ensures that the personal information remains correct when you fly with the carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need middle name on airline ticket Aer Lingus?

No, a passenger may not need the Aer Lingus middle name on the ticket. It is optional to add this detail while printing your ticket. However, to know about the exact guidelines for the middle name, you can contact the operator.

2. Can you change name on Aer Lingus flight?

Subject to certain terms and conditions of the policy, a passenger can go for Aer Lingus change name on flight. After you have made your reservation, you will be able to do modifications to your name. Various methods have been made available for requesting a name alteration with this airline.

3. How much to change name on  Aer Lingus flight?

Full   Aer Lingus change passenger name is not permitted. As per the policy, passengers cannot transfer their entire name to another individual. In case of marriage or divorce, you can change your surname but not the complete name on the ticket. Even though, if you want to change your entire name, for that you will have to cancel your flight ticket and again purchase a new ticket with the accurate name.

4. Does Aer Lingus allow to change passenger’s name?

The Aer Lingus change passenger name option can be accessed for a variety of changes to the ticket. This feature can be used for modification due to marriage or divorce. In addition, as per the policy, you cannot transfer the ticket to another person by changing the full details.

5. Do you need middle name on passport but not on ticket Aer Lingus?

If a traveler wishes to add his or her middle name on the passport and the flight ticket, then he or she can do so. Under the name change policy, it may not be mandatory to add the middle name on the ticket when it is present on the passport.

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