Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

Fliers can use the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy to understand which terms apply to the revocation process. Depending on when they are reversing tickets, 24-hour, mileage, Main Cabin, and other revocation terms can apply. All of these are described in this policy for clarity while doing the process.

What are the Rules of the Alaska Flight Cancellation Policy?

Subject to these rules, you can go ahead with the reversal of your flights:

  • One can cancel tickets before departure to:
    • Obtain credits for future use.
    • Avoid being marked a no-show.
  • This policy can serve:
    • Direct reservations
    • Partner Award trips
  • Alaska Airlines “Contract of Carriage” rules apply to:
    • This reversal policy
    • Codeshare Partner flights

For Saver Fares:

According to the Alaska Air cancellation policy for Saver trips, the applicable conditions are:

  • On not showing up, the complete trip person is revoked.
  • In the case above, refunds aren’t assured.
  • Money-back is also restricted for Saver tickets with Premium Class.
  • Generally, reversals are limited even for elite members.

What is the Alaska Airlines Main Cabin Cancellation Policy?

As per the policy to reverse Main Cabin fares:

  • When your tickets are refundable, no fees are required for reversals.
  • You can discontinue a flight online.

Is there an Alaska Airlines Mileage Ticket Cancellation Policy?

In case you have earned miles, you can use them in the process of revocations. This is possible through the Alaska Airlines mileage ticket cancellation policy.

  • When First Awards/Main Cabin fliers have miles, cancellation fees apply.
  • However, the charges are usually lower.

Who can Use Alaska Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy?

Those who require discontinuing flights within twenty-four hours of buying can use this policy.

  • With the 24-hour cancellation policy, obtain complete refunds for unused trips.
  • Money-back takes 7 working days.
  • This amount is returned to the original payment source.
  • Fliers can make 1-time free Alaska flight changes too when they require.
  • Utilize “Manage Trip” for reversals, as per the Alaska Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • The travel should have more than twenty-four hours available before starting.

Constraints of 24-Hour Revocations:

There are 3 constraints of this policy, given as follows:

  • In case the departure duration starts within 24 hours, this policy doesn’t apply.
  • While using this, in case fares rise, they will have to be paid.
  • Those with “Saver” tickets can only opt for revocations/refunds.

What is the Alaska Flight Cancellation Policy for COVID-19?

This is a policy that makes revocations simpler during the coronavirus pandemic.

In light of the Alaska Airlines COVID cancellation policy, the following provisions or limitations apply:

Ticket Type or ConditionProvision/Constraint
Purchased through 30th April 2021No fees for revocations
Saver trips reserved before 30th April 2021Given travel credits for future bookings after cancellations
For First Class/Main tickets from 1st May 2021 onwardNo revocation fees
Saver tickets from 1st May 2021 onwardReversals limited after 24 hours of buying

How Do I Cancel My Alaska Flight Ticket?

Use the website for online management of bookings, according to the Alaska Airlines cancel policy. Or, it is useful to call this airline to reverse tickets, especially when flying in groups.

Method 1: Through “Manage Trip”

For passengers, the Alaska Managed Booking option is available on the website. Through this, you can revoke a flight ticket too.

  • Open the site of “Alaska Airlines”.
  • From the top, choose “Manage Trip”.
  • Ensure that you fill in:
    • Passenger’s Last Name
    • Confirmation Code/e-ticket
  • Then you have to hit “Continue”.
  • Tap on “Cancel”.
  • After this, decide how you want to receive credits.
  • Later on, wait for a message/mail that confirms the cancellation.

Fare-Wise Application of the Method:

Using the website, online revocations are possible for these fares:

Kind of FareDate of Purchase
First ClassBy 30th April 2021
Main CabinBy April 30, 2021
SaverAfter/on 01 May 2021

Method 2: On-Call for Group Bookings

A direct trip with this carrier, when involving group tickets, can be revoked offline. Dial the phone number 1-800-445-4435 to connect with Alaska Air.

Method 3: Online/Offline for Flight Pass

Assuming that you have a Flight Pass, you can reverse bookings in the following ways:

OnlineUsing the website or application of Alaska Airlines
OfflineBy dialing the contact number: 1-888-885-0155

How Much is the Cancellation Fee Charged by Alaska?

At the time of discontinuing your flight, you can learn about the associated charges. Or, you may contact this carrier to find it out.

Free Cancellations:

Cost-free reversals are possible, in sync with the Alaska cancellation policy, amidst these conditions:

  • This benefit is available for the fares mentioned below:
    • First Class involving these types:
      • Purchased
      • Upgrade
      • Award
  • Mileage Plan MVP
    • Or, Mileage Plan MVP Gold or 75K
  • When you discontinue Partner Award flights online, you have to pay no fees.

Through Waivers:

Fares that are secured by the waiver called “Peace of Mind” do not invite Alaska Airlines cancellation fees.

  • This benefit is available for:
    • Main tickets
    • First Class bookings
    • Partner Award flights through 30th April 2021
  • Those having Saver reservations can access credits using this waiver.

What is the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy?

A refund policy formed by this operator enables one to get money after cancelling a reservation.

  • Seek your money back when your ticket is valid.
  • You can get refunds online.
  • The value can be obtained in the form of:
    • Credits in “My Wallet
    • Or, credit certificates
  • Usually, money is credited to the same form using which the payment was made.
  • For used bookings, the remaining amount is given.
  • When you have refund-related queries:
    • Dial 1-800-252-7522.
    • For relay, use “711“.
  • For more terms, check this carrier’s “Contract of Carriage”.

Eligibility for Online Revocations and Refunds:

The Alaska Airlines cancellation policy lays down the following conditions, hinting at the eligibility criteria for online refunds and reversals:

  • Ensure that you buy your booking through these sources:
    • The carrier’s website
    • Alaska’s calling services
    • Ticket counter
  • The payment should have been made in US dollars.
  • It should not be a Saver ticket cancelled after twenty-four hours.
  • For unaccompanied minors on Alaska Airlines, no other operator should be involved.
  • Your booking should be devoid of a government ticket.
  • It should not be older than 1 year starting from the purchase date originally.
  • If used partially, tickets shouldn’t be older than 1 year from the outbound original date of travel.
  • See to it that your trip doesn’t fall into these categories:
    • Group bookings
    • Vacation packages

Note: Sometimes, when refunds aren’t possible, fliers may still reverse tickets online.

For Electronic Tickets:

These terms are important for e-tickets, with reference to the Alaska Airlines cancellation refund policy:

  • Fully unused e-tickets bought through the website can be refunded online.
  • You can call the carrier for refundable e-tickets.

When Buying Paper Tickets:

In case you have paper tickets, before you seek refunds, abide by these conditions:

  • The airline will assess your ticket physically.
  • When this type of assessment doesn’t seem feasible:
    • Post the ticket at:

Alaska Airlines

Attn: Refund-SEAAR

P.O. Box 68900

Seattle, WA 98168

  • Add the return address for mailing.
  • When eligible, get money-back through the medium of purchase.

For Lost Tickets:

When the cancellation reason involves a lost ticket:

  • A refund is given within 4 months.
  • For this, use the “Lost Ticket Refund Applications” of Alaska (available offline).
  • The service cost is deducted.

When Buying/Using Facilities:

Money-back is available for these unused prepaid services or other facilities accessed/booked with this carrier:

  • Checked baggage
  • Therapeutic Oxygen
  • Pet services
  • Unaccompanied minors on Alaska Air
  • Upgrades
  • Alaska Airlines Check-in

Verifying the Status of Requests:

The Alaska cancelation policy for refunds enables one to verify the status of one’s requests using this information:

Medium of VerificationContact DetailsTiming
Call206-392-7722Weekdays: 09.00 A.M. to 12.00 P.M. 01.00 P.M. to 04.30 P.M. (PST)

Money-Back Duration:

With the help of the Alaska Airlines cancellation refund policy, you can receive your money within the following duration:

Working DaysMedium of Buying Fares
20For tickets bought via cash
7Purchases made through credit cards
7-14For credit card companies

Limitations of the Alaska Refund Policy

The refund policy comes with a limitation. The charges for baggage upgrades to bookings after acceptance can’t be refunded once you cancel them.

Is there an Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy for Non-refundable Tickets?

An Alaska Airlines cancellation policy for non-refundable bookings is available. Its terms involve the following:

  • You can receive refunds when:
    • A ticket is non-refundable but fully unused.
    • It was revoked within twenty-four hours.
    • The duration prior to take-off is greater than 24 hours.
  • In the above case, money is given in the primary payment form.
  • The above conditions apply to Saver bookings too.
  • After twenty-four hours, except for Saver tickets, these trips can get issuance as:
    • Certificates of credit
    • Credit deposit in “My Wallet
  • Credits for upcoming reservations are also provided for these classes:
    • Main
    • First
  • When using credits, fees may be required.

How to Get Flight Cancellation Refunds on Alaska Air?

To get refunds for directly-booked prepaid facilities, you can contact this air operator through the following information:

Via officeAlaska Airlines Attn: Refunds – SEAAR P.O. Box 68900 Seattle, WA 98168

Is the Alaska Airlines Cancelled Flight Policy Available?

The cancelled flight policy becomes active when due to certain reasons, Alaska is unable to carry out its operations as per a fixed schedule.

Reasons for Revocations:

Provided that this airline requires reversing your ticket, the possible reasons can comprise:

  • Safety risks
  • Sickness
  • Air traffic
  • Reusing tickets
  • Flying with an invalid, improper, or unpaid ticket
  • Force Majeure
  • The unavailability of space
  • Bad weather
  • A flier’s non-compliance with the airline’s terms
  • Limitations because of the government’s rules
  • Cases involving fraudulence
  • Other reasons discussed in Alaska’s “Contract of Carriage”

Regarding Notifications:

Depending on the contact details registered, according to the Alaska Airlines flight cancellation policy, you will be notified when your trip is revoked. Or, use the “Flight Alerts” feature by this carrier to know the same.

What is the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Compensation Policy?

When the flight of a person is reversed by this airline, it compensates him/her. Via the compensation policy, different services or reimbursements are given.

Service Compensation Offered on Alaska

  • Saver and Main tickets get the same options and no fees apply for revocations.
  • Under the Alaska Airline cancellation policy, the carrier can rebook you:
    • For free with Alaska when traveling only with it
    • Or, with other airlines in the case of multiple reservations
  • Without inviting service charges, fliers can choose other options such as:
    • Rescheduling
    • Obtaining refunds
    • Getting travel credits to fly in the future
  • Refunds can be made to the primary payment mediums.
  • For the provision above, the booking should be active on a disrupted plane.
  • Voluntary reversals in this case prior to disruptions don’t qualify for refunds.

Due to Controllable Factors:

When the reason for revocation is not beyond control, the Alaska flight cancellation policy guides that:

  • This airline will rebook you:
    • On its own alternative flight
    • Or, with partner carriers in the same seat/cabin when the above is not possible
  • At airports, it can provide food to guests with tickets when:
    • A new trip is available.
    • But the waiting duration to board the plane is at least 3 hours.
  • If passengers have to reside at airports situated at least 100 miles far from home:
    • Accommodation is given.
    • Or, vouchers for hotels are provided.
    • Reimbursements for transportation are offered.
  • Particularly when the new plane takes off after 3 hours, one of these is given:
Discount code (Upcoming bookings)$50 (Without tax)
Miles under the Mileage Plan2000 miles

Note: Contact Alaska to learn the complete terms associated with miles and discount codes.

When Situations are Beyond Control:

One can expect these provisions even when Alaska has no control over the reason for revocations:

  • There is no certainty to get a new flight within 48 hours of the original take-off by:
    • Alaska
    • Its partner carrier
  • The unused parts of the tickets will be refunded.
  • Unused add-ons will also be paid for.
  • Otherwise, you can request other travel options at no charge.
  • Or, you may apply for a refund.

Alaska Airlines Monetary Compensation for Cancellations

With the Alaska cancellation policy, you can get financial reimbursement, subject to the following:

  • When not satisfied with rebooking:
    • Get your ticket refunded.
    • Also, receive $400 CAD as compensation.
    • Or, when booked on a lower fare, get the difference credited.
  • If you reach your destination despite revocations but a delay is observed, the amount is:
Duration of Delays due to CancellationsReimbursement (CAD)
6 to 9 hours$700
3 to 6 hours$400
9 or more hours$1000
  • In 364 days beginning from the reversal date, make the claim.
  • Within 30 days of making this claim, this carrier will give you a response.
  • For the above, the reasons should not include safety concerns.

Alaska Flight Cancelation Policy and Queries

A number of options are available to resolve queries in relation to the Alaska ticket cancellation policy.

Online MediumsOffline Assistance
Through chat via the “Help Center” on the websiteBy texting at 82008
By connecting on social media:  
On the call: 1-800-252-7522
For Relay: Use 711
 By dialing: 001-206-244-0751 (International)

Country-specific contact numbers are available as well, mainly for international calling.

LocationPhone Number
Hong Kong     001-800-25275200
Italy    00-800-25275200
Bermuda        011-800-25275200
Malaysia         00-800-25275200

In summation, the flexibility to discontinue flights of individuals and groups is given through the cancellation policy. Pertaining to fares, conditions, and other factors too, it offers various provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alaska still doing free cancellations?

Yes, in different scenarios, free cancellations can be availed of.

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Depending on when and how you cancel, full refunds can be obtained.

Does Alaska offer credit for canceled flights?

Yes, credits are given when flights are discontinued.

Does Alaska Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

This airline can provide its passengers with a twenty-four-hour reversal policy.

What is the cancellation policy for Alaska Airlines?

Using the revocation policy, different types of fares can be discontinued.

How does Alaskan Airlines cancellation policy work?

The policy works through online/offline mediums that aid in cancellations.

Can I use the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy after 24 hours?

You can use this policy after 24 hours of purchasing a ticket, subject to some guidelines.

Is there an Alaska Airlines cancellation policy Main Cabin?

Main Cabin fliers can find a policy to use when revocations have to be made.

What is the Alaska Airlines COVID cancellation policy?

Due to COVID-19, passengers can reverse their tickets and get refunds through this policy.

How to cancel my flight?

To cancel a flight, move to the website of Alaska and use “Manage Trip”.

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