Alaska Airlines Check in Policy

The Alaska Air check in flight policy informs passengers about the complete process of arrival confirmation, obtaining the boarding pass, etc. It has rules for people with different requirements. With different online/web-based and offline facilities, the check-in process is made more convenient.

What are Alaska Flight Check in Guidelines For Passengers?

When you have to confirm your presence for a flight, the rules to be aware of are:

  • There are well-defined timeframes for checking in including Alaska early check in up to 24 hours before the flight.
  • The duration of this process varies for domestic and international trips.
  • Fliers with/without bags, pets, and carry-ons will be subject to slightly different rules.
  • Regardless of the check-in process selected, boarding passes should be validated.

What are the guidelines for Standby Fliers?

Those who are on the standby list have to ensure the following with respect to the Alaska Airlines flights check in policy:

  • The process of marking the arrival must be completed on time.
  • Fliers should be available for boarding.
  • They have to be present at boarding gates 40 minutes prior to departure.
  • Seats will be assigned post this procedure.

Are there Terms for Alaska Airlines Check in Boarding Pass?

Certain terms are applicable to obtain the Alaska check in boarding pass. These are:

  • To receive your boarding pass, check in 1-24 hours before take-off.
  • The document must be valid.
  • Once collected, reach the boarding gate within 30 minutes of departing.
  • In case delays are observed, Alaska Airlines cancellations are initiated by the carrier.

Is the Alaska Airlines 24 Hour Check in Facility Available?

24-hour check-in is available with this airline through EasyBiz. This program offers corporate flying services for this airline’s frequent fliers. The terms of this facility are:

  • The check-in window is available from 1-24 hours after departure.
  • It can be used to print a boarding pass.
  • The facility is functional for the following while checking in:
    • Changing seats
    • Printing flight receipts
    • First Class upgrades
  • It is useful for:
    • Gate assignments
    • Alerts regarding flights post sign-up.

What is Alaska Check in Facility with Security Express Lines?

Security Express Lines provide priority boarding for certain fliers post their check-in.

  • It caters to fliers having the following:
    • Mileage Plan MVP, 100K, Gold, and 75K
    • First Class
    • Or, Oneworld Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire
  • This facility is provided for shuttle flights after Alaska Airlines check-in for trips:
    • To and from Spokane/Seattle
    • From or to Seattle and Portland

What are Alaska Airlines travel documents requirements for Check In?

The travel requirements differ for domestic travel within the United States and international travel outside the USA. It is mandatory to present the documents as stated by the airline to ensure that the verification process goes smoothly.

What are the Alaska Domestic Travel Documents?

Regarding domestic travel, keep the following crucial details in mind –

  • Travelers aged 18 or above present an applicable government-issued Identity proof to the airport staff and security checkpoints.
  • The name on the ticket and itinerary details must coincide with the name on the travel documents.
  • Kids traveling domestically do not require to present a Photo ID.
  • You may present one non-expired valid government ID like –
    • Military ID card
    • Passport
    • State ID card
    • Employment card with a photo issued by a federal authority, country, or state
    • Resident Alien Card
    • Driver’s license
    • Native American tribal ID
  • You may present 2 government ID proofs if one is expired and another one is non-expired –
    • Credit card and Social security card
    • Birth certificate and Health club membership card issued by the government
    • Check cashing card and Voter registration card
    • Airman’s certificate along with any other airline ID

What are Alaska International travel documents?

For international travel, passengers must refer to customs, and immigration, and present citizenship proof to complete check in and security checkpoints swiftly. Also –

  • The name on the government-issued Identity proof must match the name on the ticket.
  • Head to the TravelDoc page, and fill out the details for your international trip to find out the VISA requirements and documentation for different nations.
  • Head to the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor policy for minors traveling alone internationally.
  • Alaska Airlines adheres to the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) to collect specific information from the passengers. APIS includes the following details –
    • Full name including first, middle, and last name, if applicable
    • Travel document number including the Expiration date and the country of issuance
    • Nationality
    • Country of residence
    • Date of birth
    • Travel document type (Like Passport or Health document)
    • Gender
    • Details and full destination address in the USA (Not mandatory for legal permanent US residents, US nationals, or aliens residents of USA coming back to USA)

What are the Alaska check in methods and check in timings?

Alaska Airlines allow passengers to complete check in and add luggage to the booking via online and offline check in methods.

Following are the check in timings for the Alaska Airlines check in flight methods –

  • Online Check in – You can check in anytime between 24 hours and up to 60 minutes before the estimated flight departure.
  • Alaska Airlines App Check in – You can check in via Alaska mobile app starting from 24 hours and lasting up to 60 minutes before the flight.
  • Airport Ticket Counter Check in – The airport check in timings may differ from one airport to another. Passengers with checked belongings must reach the ticket counter at least 4 hours before flight departure.

What are the Alaska Check in and Boarding Cut Off Times?

When you reach the airport with a valid boarding pass, make sure to refer to the check in and boarding cut off timings to avoid rebooking or refusing to board the aircraft. Refer to the details given below –

  • The cut off timings do not guarantee timely arrival at the departure gate for boarding due to high passenger traffic and occupied security lines.
  • The general cut off timings with and without checked bags are shown below –
Type of FlightCut off timings
For domestic flights40 minutes before departure
Exception – For Guadalajara – 90 minutes before the flight
Alaska airlines international check in time60 minutes before the flight
Exception – For Las Vegas, Portland, Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City – 45 minutes before flight time For King Salmon and Dillingham – 60 minutes before flight time
  • Boarding time – It is important to reach the boarding gate area no later than 30 minutes before the estimated flight departure time. Also –
    • Being late can cause cancellation of chosen sitting preference on the aircraft.
    • It can also cause entire flight reservation cancellations.

NOTE – Head to the official website to understand the maximum and minimum check in cut-off timings when traveling with pets/ service animals.

What is Alaska Check in Timings for various Airports?

Passengers can refer to the airport guides to take a glance at airport counter timings, ticket counter timings, terminals, etc.

Alaska Air Check in Procedure Offline

Here is the Alaska airlines check in time before flight for various airports –

Airport LocationsFor travel with international itinerary, possessions, animals, services or ticket counter assistanceFor travel without possessions or need of ticket counter assistance
Anchorage (ANC)2 hours before flight departure2 hours before flight departure
Gustavus (GST) – Gustavus2 hours before flight departure1 hour before flight scheduled departure
Dillingham (DLG) – Dillingham2 hours before flight departure1 hour before flight scheduled departure
Atlanta (ATL) – Hartsfield Jackson International3 hours before flight departure3 hours before flight scheduled departure
Petersburg (PSG) – James A Johnson2 hours before flight departure1 hour before flight departure
Boise (BOI) – Gowen Field2 hours before flight departure1.5 hours before flight scheduled departure
Chicago (ORD) – O’hare International2 hours before flight time1 hour before flight time
Indianapolis (IND) – Indianapolis International2 hours before flight departure1 hour before flight departure
Ontario (ONT) – Ontario International2 hours before stipulated flight time1 hour before estimated flight time
New York (JFK) – John F Kennedy International2 hours before estimated flight departure1.5 hours before flight departure
Hebron (CVG) – Cincinnati Northern Kentucky InternationalUp to 2 hours before flight timeUp to 1 hour prior to flight departure
Oklahoma City (OKC) – Will Rogers WorldUp to 2 hours before estimated flight departureUp to 1 hour before the fight time
Philadelphia (PHL) – Philadelphia International2 hours before flight time1 hour before flight time
Washington DC (DCA) – Ronald Reagan NationalAt least 2 hours before the flight departure timeUp to 1.5 hours before the estimated flight departure

NOTE – Head to the “Airport Guide” on the official Alaska airlines to know the estimated check in timings for other airport locations.

How to request Alaska check in?

You can request check in via online and offline check in methods based on your preference, accessibility with the diverse means and platforms for check in, etc. You can refer to the Alaska Manage Booking section for additional services like flight schedule, flight status, and more.

Here are the popular Alaska check in methods –

How to request Alaska flight check in online via website?

Following steps are crucial to complete Alaska web check in via official website –

  • On the official website, you will find the option “check in” on the Menu bar and on the main web page.
  • Enter the departure city and under the “Look up Reservation” section, you can select confirmation code (6 letters), E-ticket number (10 or 13 numbers), or the Alaska Mileage Plan number to retrieve booking.
Alaska Airlines check in
The screenshot is sourced from the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • Click on “Continue to check in” to access booking details.
  • Enter the details for the total number of passengers in the booking, submit travel documents, Date of birth, country of residence, etc.
  • You can select meals, modify booking details, change or upgrade fare type/ cabin to first class, print flight receipt, and opt for Alaska seat selection on the aircraft.
  • You can check in your possessions online by paying the charges using a credit or debit card and drop off the items at the drop off counter at the airport.
  • Once you verify all the details, submit the details for check in.
  • The airline will process check in and issue digital/Alaska airlines check in online boarding pass.
  • You can print the boarding pass or save it on your smartphone before reaching the airport to complete security checking and head to the boarding gate area.

How to complete Alaska mobile check in?

You can download the Alaska mobile application on Android and iOS devices to complete check in up to 60 minutes before the flight time. Here are the steps to complete check in alaska airlines app –

Download Alaska Airlines App
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • On the mobile app, you will find the “Check in” option from the main menu.
  • Enter the confirmation code, ticket reference number, or the Mileage plan number to retrieve the booking details.
  • Choose the desired flights, enter the names of the individuals in the booking, and upload travel documents.
  • You can choose desired seats on the aircraft, check in your belongings online to save time at the airport, or upgrade to first class.
  • Verify and submit the details. You will receive the boarding pass once the airline completes check in.
  • You can print the boarding pass at home and head to the airport and straightaway proceed to the boarding departure gate area if you do not have luggage.

How to request Alaska Airlines airport check in?

Refer to the airport check in timings and the check in Alaska airline flight deadlines and cut off timings to reach the airport timely to complete check in and other formalities. Here are the steps you can follow to complete airport check in –

  • Head to the airport ticket counter and specify your request for “Check in”.
  • Provide flight details, name, DOB, destination airport details, ticket confirmation code/ reference number, etc.
  • The personnel may ask to present additional travel documents, and customs and immigration formalities for some locations.
  • Present the necessary documents. You can also make requests for air staff support for disabled passengers, minor travel, etc.
  • Verify the details once you are comfortable with the flight booking details.
  • The airline staff will issue the boarding pass after confirming the details and requests.
  • Receive the Alaska airlines print boarding pass and head to the boarding gate area.

How to request Alaska airlines check in kiosk?

Kiosks are self service counters/ machines where passengers can complete check in without assistance from the airport staff. Here are the steps you can follow to complete kiosk check in –

  • Head to the nearest kiosk counter and provide details like the ticket confirmation number, booking reference code, and the departure airport name.
  • From the available prompts on the screen, choose “Check in”.
  • Enter the details about the passengers, submit travel and official ID documents, and more.
  • You can use the on screen site map to choose the preferred seating arrangement on the flight, check in luggage, etc.
  • Once you complete the on screen instructions and directions, click submit.
  • You can download and request Alaska airlines check in print boarding pass feature from the kiosk counter directly and head to the boarding gate area to board the flight.

How to get Alaska airline assistance via Chatbot?

Alaska Chatbot is a brilliant feature to get quick response or assistance with Alaska via chat for issues related to Alaska flight change, etc.

Follow the steps to chat with the Chatbot to address the issues –

  • When you are on this website, tap on “Help Center”.
  • Scroll down to the new page and press “Start Chat”.
Alaska Airlines- live chat support
The authorized website of Alaska Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • Add details including your full name, Mileage Plan Number, and fill in the “How can we Help?” section to connect with the bot via the “Start chat” button.
  • You will be redirected to connect with the bot to address the concerns related to check in, boarding zones, etc.
  • For queries and requests related to Credit card payments, it is recommended to connect with Alaska over the phone.

How to contact Alaska over the phone for queries?

Alaska Airlines ensures that passengers can connect with them over the phone to book a flight, to check the flight schedule, or request Alaska manage booking facilities. Here is how you can connect with the Alaska call center-

  • On the official website webpage, select “Help Centre” from the top right corner of the home page.
  • You will find various helpful links related to reservations, lounge, baggage, cargo, Alaska credit card, etc. on the Help Center page.
  • You can scroll down to find the Contact Us section. You can text the carrier on- 82008 up to 160 characters or less per text/ message.
  • In the “Call Us” section, you will find International contact numbers. Make sure to activate the international dialing facility on your mobile phone to dial the numbers given below.
  • Keep note that to get assistance from countries not listed on the website, Alaska airline phone number is 001-206-244-0751. (Not Toll free).
CountryContact Number (Toll-Free Number)
Hong Kong001-800-25275200
USA / Canada1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522)
Costa Rica00-800-25275200
Colombia009-800-25275200 (Telecom Colombia)
005-800-25275200 (Orbitel)
United Kingdom001-800-2527522

NOTE – Head to the official website to get hold of the Alaska airlines check in phone numbers for other locations.

How to contact Alaska airlines via Social media regarding queries?

It is feasible to talk to the representatives of this air operator. They can handle check-in queries like Alaska airlines unaccompanied minor policy through social media sites. You can also head to the carrier Youtube channel as well for tips, tutorials, and a rundown on the airport terminals.

Here are the social media portals where you can connect with the airline –

Social Media PortalsSocial Media Links

What are Alaska Airlines Boarding Zones?

Alaska airlines have simplified the boarding process to accommodate and facilitate all the passengers efficiently. There are six groups for check in – First class, Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, and Group E. In addition to that –

  • Refer to the Alaska check in boarding pass for details related to boarding zones.
  • The boarding pass includes details related to the estimated allotted boarding time, the gate number, and other specifics of the journey.
  • The group letter is displayed on the boarding pass.
  • For multiple flights segments/ connecting flights, the boarding gate/ zones are bifurcated on different lines on the pass and include the assigned Group letter.
  • Here are the boarding zones and the passengers associated with each zone.
Boarding ZonesPassengers Allotted
Pre- Boarding● Families with kids below the ages 2 years of age
● Active duty military personnel
● First class passengers
● Travelers who require additional time to board the flight or have disabilities
Group A● Million Milers members
● Alaska Mileage Plan MVP Gold 75K status travelers
● MVP Gold status elites passengers
Group B● Alaska Mileage Plan MVPs
● Premium Class members
Group C● Rest of the fliers seated in the rows in the back half of the flight
Group D● Rest of the fliers seated in the rows in the first half of the flight
Group E● Travelers who have opted for saver seats

NOTE – Connect with the airline for more details regarding the boarding zones.

You can check in on Alaska Airlines in various ways. Their terms are cleared under the check-in policy. For both domestic and international fliers, it defines the rules to be followed, hence, making the overall process simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I check in online Alaska airlines?

If you need special assistance in case of disabilities, need medical attention on the flight, have pets, or have kids traveling alone, you cannot check in online.

Can you check in online for Alaska airlines?

Yes, Alaska airline permits passengers to check in online over the website and mobile app using confirmation or booking reference and passenger details.

What time does Alaska airlines check in open?

Alaska airline check in window opens from 24 hours up to 60 minutes before the estimated flight departure time depending on Alaska air check in online methods.

When can I check in for my Alaska Airlines flight?

You can check in between 24 hours and 60 minutes before the stipulated flight departing time from the airport depending on online and offline ways.

How do I get my boarding pass on the Alaska Airlines app?

After you complete check in on the mobile app, you receive the boarding pass via email or in the app check in receipt. You can download or print it.

How to check in online Alaska airlines?

To issue web check in, choose “Check in”, enter the departure city, confirmation code/ number, and fulfill the on screen directions to complete it.

Does alaska airlines have mobile boarding pass?

Yes, the airline provides mobile or digital boarding passes after you complete the app check in and provide details with Alaska airlines early check in. 

Do you need to print boarding pass for Alaska airlines?

Print the boarding pass if you complete check in via official website or mobile app. However, connect with the respective airports for more details.

How to print your boarding pass on Alaska airlines?

Complete check in via online methods – Web and Alaska airlines mobile check in. Download the pass from the generated link and print it at home/ office.

When can I print my boarding pass for Alaska airlines?

You can print boarding passes for up to 60 minutes. Print boarding pass via online link for online methods or head to the airport ticket counter for it.

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