Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

In several instances, the Alaska Airlines flight change policy comes in handy. It is built with a number of provisions to help you make modifications to your booking.

Whether you wish to change the flight date, ticket, flying time, or itinerary, the policy can supply you with every possibility to initiate the same.

A part of this policy is focused on changes made by the airline. Hence, even when the alterations are not made by you, you can expect assistance from Alaska Air.

Terms of Alaska Change Flight Policy

With the Alaska Airlines change flight policy, you can modify the date on which you are traveling. A traveler has the option of changing the city being traveled to. The airline also enables you to fly at a different time than that of the former booking. 

Similar to these, there are more terms of the policy to be aware of:

Alaska Change Flight Tickets: Fare differences are charged for switching to higher classes. In case you are booking a lower fare, following the changes, you will be provided with a refund. If not that, then you will be given credits. You can utilize them for your upcoming plans with Alaska. 

Remember: Flyers of Saver Class may not find any flexibility for flight changes. They can join standby lists, on the contrary.

Changes to Direct Bookings on Alaska: The airline accounts for flight modifications only when reservations are directly made with it. Having said that, Expedia reservations are not entertained by it for the said purpose. In the case of any partner agency or carrier as well, it will not help with the changes. Hence, it will be best to contact Expedia/agency/concerned carrier for changes.

Alaska Airlines Change Flight Date: You can choose any other date for flying. A duration of 11 months is needed for this before the traveling date of the original booking. This is to be followed when you want to go for changing the flight date for free. Fare differences will have to be paid if observed.

Changing Flight Time on Alaska Airlines: Changes associated with the flying time are allowed when the request is made within 24 hours or on the same day.

Terms and Policy to Change Alaska Flight Same Day

On quickly realizing that your plans have changed, Alaska allows you to make alterations on the same day of the booking. For as long as the airline’s check-in window is available, these alterations can be made. With Alaska Air same day flight change, you can find more guidelines in place. Going through these will help, should you face such a situation.

  • Given that you are changing to a new flight, ensure that its departing date is the same as that of the previous one.
  • Such changes can be initiated by:
    • Checking in online from the website 
    • Using Alaska Airlines – Travel application for Android and iOS during check-in
    • Through a kiosk at the airport for check-in
    • Calling or visiting the airport
  • Alaska same day flight changes are allowed for confirmed bookings made directly through the airline.
  • Regardless of the modifications you make, the following must remain the same as the original booking:
    • Carrier, i.e., Alaska Air
    • Destination
    • Origin
    • Connecting city if any
  • Before the original flight departing time, the changes need to be made from your end.

Remember: Any changes with respect to co-terminal are limited by Alaska. 

Same Day Flight Change Limitations

Despite the flexibility Alaska is known for, certain limitations are imposed by it for obvious reasons. These are observed for same-day modifications. Therefore, when you are planning to make Alaska Airlines same day flight changes, you should look into the hours, conditions, ticket classes, etc., that may not support them.

To be clearer, the following points can hint more at the limitations of the same-day flight change policy: 

  • You need to be mindful of the window for checking in. In case its time period is not kept in mind, the airline can limit you from making changes on the same day.
  • The following do not qualify for same day changes:
    • Saver fare passengers
    • Holders of vacation packages
  • For changes to group bookings, you cannot expect them to be done online, via a representative at the airport, or even through a kiosk. Also, when you are doing them on call, you need to be mindful of the timings. The Alaska Airlines flight change on same day is limited when you are calling at a time other than 6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M on the weekdays. The same applies when a flyer is connecting before 7:30 A.M. or after 6:00 P.M. on a Saturday.

Alaska Airlines Change Policy COVID-19

To the extremities observed in the pandemic, Alaska has shared a positive response in the form of some flexibility. The air operator has enabled changes with ease. On the off chance that you have reserved a Saver fare ticket, you cannot change it beyond 30 April 2021. Although, you will have the option of canceling it.

For classes such as First and Main, the Alaska Airlines change policy for COVID-19 is even more flexible. 01 May 2021 onward, the changes can be made without any hassles.

Initiating Alaska Airlines Flight Changes

Flight modifications with respect to ticket class, date, time, etc., can be made on the call. For this purpose, you can use Alaska’s phone numbers for individual or group bookings. Through text messages or chat as well, you can ensure that your desired changes are made to the tickets.

Speaking of online changes, apart from the chat option, you can use the airline’s website. Here, the methods will rely on the type of booking you hold. Thus, the steps can vary. 

According to the various factors associated with your Alaska Airline flight change policy and tickets, the will let you proceed.

Method 1: Change Using Flight Phone Number

The significant airline in America enables flyers to change their bookings offline. This is done through the Alaska Airlines change flight phone number that has been specifically made available for the said purpose. The number will connect you with the call center of Alaska Airlines.

As you share your flight change request, the center’s representative shall assist you in going ahead with it.

The following are the main details you will need for this method:

  • Alaska flight change phone number, that is, 1-800-ALASKAAIR
  • Flight change phone number for group bookings, i.e., 1-800-445-4435 
  • Partner Award flight change contact number, that is, 1-800-252-7522
  • Contact number for vacation package changes – 1-844-762-0087 (US) and 1-312-279-7762 (Non-US)
  • Your complete name as well as the particulars of other passengers in your booking
  • Reservation dates and relevant details
  • The details of the flight you wish to now fly with or the modifications you want to make

Remember: For the flyers of most classes, the call center is available at all hours.

In case calling on the phone number does not seem feasible due to any reason, the Alaska flight change policy’s aid can be availed of with a text message. You need to share your request to the number – 82008. Further guidance shall soon be provided by the airline.

Method 2: With the Chat Option

Making full use of its website, Alaska Air has provided you with a chat option. It is of use for a variety of reasons such as the convenience of passengers.

When you want to make flight modifications, the Alaska carrier flight change policy enables you to use this option. It will mainly guide you about a suitable method depending on the type of modification.

  • Check the Alaska Airlines official website.
  • Here, you have to find its “Help Center”. Press it when found.
  • Now, hit the option of “Start Reservations Chat”.
  • The chat option needs to acquire the reason for connecting. Mention that you wish to make changes to your booking.
  • Based on the instructions shown by the feature, you can manage those changes.

Method 3: Through the Manage Reservation Page

The Alaska flight change policy puts forth a method to make flight changes online. Using this, you can make modifications to dates, seats, and times. For select bookings only, the Reservation Page of the airline’s site lets you make the changes.

Hence, you will have to ensure your fare’s eligibility and then proceed with this online method.

  • Find the “Manage Reservation” page of Alaska through your browser.
  • On the page, add your “Last Name”.
  • Then insert one of the following details:
    • “E-ticket” details
    • “Confirmation Code”

Note: Should you need to know your E-ticket or Confirmation Code, then please press the small question-mark icon given on the page.

  • Tap on “Continue”.
  • Make use of the upcoming directions to find your booking and make changes to it.

Tip: When you are going for Alaska change flight online via this method, make certain that you hold either First or Main Class tickets.

Method 4: Changing Companion Bookings Online

Certain bookings on Alaska come under the Companion type. They let you avail of Companion discounts. Understanding that the bookings require alterations, you can prefer the airline’s website and go ahead with their confirmation. This may involve fare differences. These will have to be paid by you for ensuring confirmed changes.

  • Initiate a search for “Alaska Airlines Manage Reservation” on the browser.
  • Run the official link from the results.
  • Your surname as well as “Confirmation Number” will be asked. Add the same.
  • Then find the “Make Changes to this Trip” button. Press it and move further.
  • Pick an alternative flight. Otherwise, make the desired modification to the current booking.
  • Pay the difference in fares or the fee for the modification made.
  • As you checkout, the changes should be confirmed. 

Eligibility for Alaska Air Change Flight Online

It is crucial to know that not every passenger may enjoy the benefit of online flight change. Alaska Air imposes certain terms that form the criteria for this. An important term signifies that the reservation should be limited to traveling within Mexico, the US, or Canada. Thus, location becomes an important part of this criteria. 

Likewise, the eligibility criteria to change flights online is composed of other terms.
These are inclusive of the following:

The booking should comprise 8 or fewer air segments.

  • The entire booking should have 6-7 or fewer passengers.
  • Online changes are allowed when your booking lacks any governmental fares.
  • Ensure that you booked the tickets through Alaska Air and not from its partners. 
  • The ticket being changed should not be in the Award category.
  • Within a period of thirteen months from the booking date, online changes are allowed.
  • In accordance with the Alaska flight change policy, Group reservations cannot be changed online.
  • Bookings that are a part of vacation packages do not come with the benefit of online modifications.

Remember: The said criteria can undergo changes. Hence, it is best to connect with Alaska to confirm the same while you do online flight changes.

Alaska Airlines Change Fees Rules

Airlines like Alaska apply a change fee on the basis of fares. This airline, specifically, serves several types of fares. Among all of these, it does not apply flight change fees on First Class as well as Main Class. For the flyers of both, changing flights is, hence, flexible. 

At the same time, you should know that Alaska Airlines applies certain rules for charging fees. Let us go through some of these below:

  • In classes that invite no Alaska Airlines flight change fee, a traveler may have to pay any fare difference. This is asked mainly when the changed flight is of a higher value than the original one.
  • Same-day changes are usually not free. 
  • The Alaska Airlines change flight policy goes in sync with the no-show policy. Therefore, the flight needs to be changed before its departure. Otherwise, a traveler can be marked under the no-show policy. Additionally, when this happens, no travel credits shall be available for the future.

In accordance with these rules, the following fee is charged:

Ticket or Change TypeAlaska Airlines Change Ticket Fee ($)
24-hour Changes25

When you wish to skip the fee, it will be best to do so on the same day. Alaska Airlines change fee within 24 hours can involve the least charges. Otherwise, you can prefer booking refundable tickets in the future.

Remember: The airline retains the right to change the fee for any class or in any situation. To find out the latest fee before initiating any method, please contact Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Same Day Change Fee

Alaska same day changes involve fees. It is charged on the basis of location, types of changes, and kinds of flights. As of now, free changes on the same day may not be provided to all flyers. Hence, you should go for making changes when absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the same day flight change fee.

  • When you are changing from one flight to another, you will have to bear $50.
  • For shuttle flyers going to these locations, the charges are $25:
    • To or from Fairbanks and Anchorage
    • Between Portland and Seattle
    • From/to Spokane and Seattle
    • Within California
  • Non-shuttle flyers can pay $50 for Alaska Airlines change flight same day feature.

Alaska Airlines Change Fees COVID-19

Given the flexibility during coronavirus, Alaska Airlines understands that sudden changes can be likely. As the pandemic can take a sudden turn or you may experience any symptoms anytime, you can make flight modifications at no fee. Particularly for First Class and Main Class, Alaska Airlines no change fees is largely beneficial, considering the booking cost of these tickets.

Alaska Airlines Award Ticket Change Fee

Award Tickets are the ones that can be booked via miles or points earned with Alaska. When it comes to making changes in these, it can be difficult to say with certainty whether or not a fee applies. However, you can find a service fee associated with the changes. You can know further about the Alaska Airlines Award Ticket change fee by connecting with the air operator while confirming the modifications. Based on the nature of the same, the fee amount shall be conveyed to you.

Alaska Saver Change Fee

As goes the name of this fare class, Saver lets you reserve flights at cheap costs. Considering that the class is already affordable, managing changes may not be entertained by the airline. Moreover, managing them for free may not be usual. Hence, Alaska Saver change fee can be applicable. 

Before you pay this fee, please be aware of the following as well:

  • Saver class flyers can’t change their reservations if made till 30th April 2021.
  • As a flyer of Saver fares, you may not have the option of changing your bookings. On the off chance that you booked a ticket on 01 May 2021 or afterward, cancellation is the only change that you can make. Even to make this type of modification, you will have to exercise the twenty-four-hour feature of the Alaska Airlines flight change policy.

When is Alaska Air Change Fees Waived?

For refundable coach flyers, change fees are usually waived. As a flyer of refundable First Class too, you will not be asked for change costs. This is subject to the condition that the changes are introduced online or on call. Not limited to these flyers, others can also expect change fee waivers.

  • You can find the Alaska Air change fees waived when you are flying with certain coaches. These include Y (Coach) as well as J (First). For some special members as well, no such fee may apply. These members can belong to:
    • MVP Gold 75K
    • MVP® Gold
    • MVP Gold 100K Mileage Plan™ 
    • Platinum Pro members
    • Executive Platinum
    • American AAdvantage® ConciergeKey
  • You will have the option of joining the standby list on a same-day basis for continuous shuttle flying services.
  • Given that you are flying with Alaska Air in the same booking despite changes, charges will be waived.

Policy to Change Flight

It is more than important to learn that both flyers and airlines can make changes to bookings. In lieu of that, Alaska can alter your itinerary, date, cities, time, etc. For doing so, it has formed the Alaska flight change policy. The carrier understands that such changes can be inconvenient for you. Hence, under this, it notifies you about the alterations as early as possible.

Remember: For being notified about the said alterations, the airline will require your correct particulars. Hence, you must ensure that your full name, number, and email ID are correct. On noticing any issues specifically with the particulars, please opt for Alaska Airlines change name on tickets soon.

Assistance Offered under Alaska Change Flight Policy

You can expect certain types of assistance when your flight is altered by an airline. In case this airline happens to be Alaska, you can find a refund as the main assistance offered by it. This is given when you are eligible for the amount.

The main eligibility criterion is that the departure time or the time of arrival be modified by almost 1 hour. Otherwise, when the journey is completely canceled, the airline can give you a refund on the entire booking value.

Note: The Alaska change policy can assure refunds, given the situation, for almost every class. Despite this, it will be suggested to connect with the airline and confirm the same.

In Brief

Flight changes can be essential for any flyer depending on the circumstances he or she is surrounded by. Therefore, carriers like Alaska have made a helpful policy indeed. Given the provisions, features, and benefits of the flight change policy, a flyer can go ahead with the desired modifications. Thus, customizing the journey is easily possible with this carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Alaska Airlines is changing flights?

Alaska change flights when there are genuine reasons to do so. There may be an issue with the aircraft or runways may be closed. Otherwise, due to situations that are beyond its control, it may have to alter the flight schedule. Should this happen, you will be notified on time.

What if Alaska changed my flight?

The airline has the right to change your flight due to genuine or safety-related reasons. It will offer you assistance for extreme changes or cancellations. The main help is that it can give you a refund. For most classes, this benefit is available when Alaska changes flights.

How to change Alaska Airlines flight?

Under the Alaska flight change policy, you can simply make modifications online. The website of the airline is available for this purpose. Aside from this method, you can download its application called Alaska Airlines – Travel and go ahead with the modifications.

If Alaska Airlines changed my flight can I get a refund?

The Alaska Airlines change flight policy guides Alaska to provide you with a refund. The main condition for this is that your flight’s schedule should be changed by an hour. Otherwise, when the flight has been completely canceled, you can ask for a refund.

How to change Alaska flights on call?

You can utilize the Alaska flight change feature for modifications on the call. The phone number can vary as per the type of booking you have. For individual and group bookings, the airline has made separate phone numbers. For partner award tickets, the contact numbers can again be different. Likewise, when you are calling from the US or outside it, this specific number needs to be dialed. Based on these, you can find the right number on the airline’s website.

How do I change my flight within 24 hours?

Since 24 hours provide you with a limited period to change your booking, you will be advised to call the airline. Another quick method is to check the website of Alaska Airlines. Here, you can sign into your account. Then you can find the booking and make changes to it on the same day.

Why did Alaska Airlines change my flight?

There can be plenty of reasons why Alaska Air changes flights. The airline notifies the fliers about the same when the changes get confirmed. Should you not be notified about the reason, then you can always get in touch with the helpful customer service team of the carrier. It shall do the needful.

Can I change my flight?

You can easily change your flights with this airline for as long as its terms are followed. It lets you change Alaska flight tickets to fly with a better class. Then you can also modify the date and time of your booking. City-related changes are also entertained by Alaska.

Does Alaska Airlines charge for flight changes?

The airline can give you waivers when it is possible. However, in certain instances, it can apply charges. Especially when you are making changes to a non-refundable ticket, the Alaska Airlines change fees will have to be paid. Also, when you cross the allowed time limit for making the changes, charges will be asked.

Does Alaska Airlines have change fees?

Yes, this depends on certain factors. Flyers having non-refundable tickets are susceptible to paid changes. 24-hour changes or same-day modifications also invite a fee. The amount can start $25 onward.

How much does it charge to change a flight?

You have to pay nearly $125 for making modifications to a non-refundable booking. No change fee is asked when the alterations are made to a refundable ticket. In case the change is being made within 24 hours of making your reservation, you can submit $25.

Can I change my flight for free?

It is possible to change your flight at no cost when you are traveling with a refundable ticket. For members of MVP Gold 75K, MVP® Gold, and such memberships, the Alaska Airlines flight change fee is usually waived. Likewise, for Y (Coach), J (First), etc., changes to bookings are free of cost.

How to change flight on text?

The airline advises the flyers to use the phone number 82008 for making flight changes on text. As you place your request, you will be provided with the guidelines to follow. Soon after the changes are made, you will receive the confirmation as well.

How to change your flight for vacation packages?

Travelers can make bookings for vacation packages from the US or outside it. When any changes have to be made to these, US travelers can call on the Alaska Airlines change flight phone number. Outside the location, 1-312-279-7762 is the phone number to be used.

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