Best places to visit in oregon

Best Places to Visit in Oregon: The US Diary

The country with the smallest parks yet the deepest lakes welcomes you with open hearts. Oregon is the land of breathtaking landscapes and the finest scenic views in the United States.

It is the destination of one of the most spectacular coastal regions that are free and public. The bustling harbor with the wind-swept shoreline will mesmerize you in infinite ways. Let the Oregon adventure begin with these 20 best places to visit in Oregon. 

The Outdoor Bonanza in Oregon with these ten must visits:

Outdoor activities are the best medicine for a healthy and energetic soul. The magnificent wonders of Oregon deliver the most satisfactory conditions for activities of various domains. 

From water sports and snow sports to bird watching and whale watching, you name it, and you get it. Such is the land of Oregon, the most extraordinary of them all. 

1. Sunny Side up and Sunscreen on at Cannon Beach

The warm sun, the cold coastal breeze, and the jagged coastal rocks of this northern Oregon beach offer the right environment for pulling in tourists. Renowned as one of the most spectacular locations with stunning scenery, restaurants, and shops, Cannon has got the reputation of being one of the best small towns on the coast. 

sunscreen on at Cannon Beach in Oregon

Thus, it deserves the top spot on the list of must-visits for some Vitamin D and sun tan when in Oregon. 

Tip: You can not miss the Haystack Rock, which stands magnanimously in its true glory amidst the waters. It is an excellent spot for aesthetic Instagram pictures.

2. Recreational Water Sports in the Northern Whitewater

The Tillamook Country Water Trail is one of the most community-driven trails which should be explored by not just the advanced but even the novice paddlers. 

Recreational water sports in Oregon

After covering the 200 miles of navigable water on Oregon’s North Coast, one can easily camp at Nehalem Bay Park for a kayaking excursion. No second thoughts that it is one of the best places to visit on the Oregon coast. 

3. Cut the Chase and Climb the Smith Rock State Park

The glorious Smith Rock State Park is a one-stop destination for all climbers and sports enthusiasts. Situated near Bend, in central Oregon, this place will make your climb worth the effort. 

Smith Rock State Park in Oregon

As rightly said, the best view is observed after the hardest climbs. Thus, the Smith Rock state park is the ideal destination for not just the climbers. It is also a treat for bikers, hikers, and photographers too.

Tip: Contrary to the name, Misery Ridge in Smith Rock is the go-to destination for a spectacular climb and the best hike. 

4. Watch the Whales at Depoe Bay

You can not miss Depoe Bay especially when you are looking for the best places in Oregon to visit. Get your binoculars and DSLR along. Depoe Bay is well-known as the Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon coast. 

Watch the whales at Depoe Bay in Oregon

This bay receives an influx of migratory Gray whales along its shore during the summer season. Thus, the ideal time to visit the bay is in the early hours of the summer. This will ensure a solace-filled whale-watching experience and save you from the crowd. 

Add it to the checklist as the best place to visit in Oregon in the summer. 

Tip: A short drive to the Devil’s Punchbowl and Yaquina Head from the Bay will give a meaningful ending to your day with the best sunset of your life.

5. A Horse Riding, Sandboarding, and OHV Day at the Dunes

When in Oregon, try not to miss the ultimate OHV riding experience as you are going to love it. The Oregon Dunes National Park with its recreational area is a great place for thrilling activities. 

A horse riding in Oregon

With an adrenaline-pumping off-roading experience for some and a fairy-tale horseback ride day for others, dunes have it all. You can also sandboard in the ultimate Sand Master Park in Florence to rejuvenate your spirit. 

6. Windsurfing and Kiteboarding in the Hood

Being one of the best places to visit in Portland Oregon is an understatement for this destination: River Hood. If you want to talk to the winds, then there is nothing better than windsurfing your way into the scenic city an hour east of Portland. 

Windsurfing and kiteboarding in the Hood in Oregon

Follow it up with an exploration trip to the Historic Columbia River Scenic Byway for a laid-back day and see the phenomenal waterfalls. 

7. Boating and Hot Springs at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument is within the Deschutes National Forest of Central Oregon. It has a myriad of sceneries and an enormous display of volcanic lava. Not just that, it is surrounded by a 1200-square-mile volcano that is a site to behold. 

Boating and hot springs in Oregon

When the astounding hot springs of Paulina Lake are just a stone’s throw away from a boat trip, you would not like to miss them. It is the chance to live extra and see the wonders of nature when in Oregon.

8. Mount Bachelor, The Snow Sports Heaven

Spread over a 9000-foot stratovolcano, Mount Bachelor is the go-to destination if snow sports is the language that you speak. From snowboarding and sled dog rides to snowshoeing, it has all the amenities for activities that include snow. 

The Snow Sports Heaven in Oregon

You do not have to worry when you are a novice. The ranger-led educational program might just be your blessing in disguise. 

9. Do not Bend Over Backward at Bend

A little more hike and some delectable food is a must when exploring a new location. After enjoying a fleeting day watching the flights of endless magnificent birds at the High Desert Museum, the best place to visit is Bend in Oregon. It is the ideal location to refresh and eat up. 

bend over backward at Bend in Oregon

With humble dine-outs offering a wide range of tantalizing food, you will end up eating double your appetite. From fantastic Asian, Italian classics, Mexican spiced, and contemporary American, to Breweries and seafood, Bend has got it all. You definitely can not miss out on a treat for your taste buds.

10. Contemplate at the Multnomah Falls

Cutting through the Cascade River, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area speaks volumes for itself. With numerous waterfalls, the tallest being the Multnomah Falls offers the best and most appealing sights. 

Contemplate at the Multnomah Falls in Oregon

Tip: A slow drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway on a bicycle will equate to meditation and soul redemption. 

The Ten Best Indoor Charmers of Oregon That You Can Not Miss:

The recipe of life can not work with merely salt or sugar. Similarly, the balance of indoor and outdoor activities is equally important in life. 

From skating rinks to museums for both young and old, from cheese factories to water parks, Oregon offers a balanced environment indoors and outdoors. So, in case you are looking forward to spending a day with your loved ones, then Oregon has everything for you. 

So, pack your picnic bags and let the fun begin with these ten indoor fun things to do in Oregon.

1. Knowledge Bonanza at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry With Family

Sitting beside the east bank of the Willamette River across the Waterfront Park is this knowledge hub called the OMSI. With the submarine tours, movies on the IMAX screen, and planetarium, it is the ideal place to visit with budding scientists.

bonanza in Oregon

The hands-on exhibits cover a wide range of topics from physics, chemistry, geothermal activity, and meteorology that will leave the kids in awe. They will be yearning to come back as soon as they have left. Indeed, the best place to visit with family is OMSI in Portland Oregon.

Tip: A science playground is also available for six and younger prodigies. 

2. A Sensational Skydiving Experience at IFLY

When you want to get the best of both worlds, indoors and outdoors, then iFLY is the place to go. This place offers an environment of learning and being on cloud nine simultaneously. With the finest skydiving instructors, one can learn the art of skydiving in an indoor wind tunnel in a safe environment. 

A sensational skydiving experience at iFLY in Oregon

The feeling of free falling in the high-speed wind is utterly mesmerizing with adrenaline pumping in your body. Certificates, cool merchandise, photos, and videos are the additional goodies that will make the trip an unforgettable experience. A must-visit place to live beyond space and time is this one.

3. Walk Down the Memory Lane in these Vintage Shops of Oregon

Given that bargain shopping is your jam and you believe that vintage is the new cool, then you can miss out on these shops. With over 50 shops scattered all around Oregon, you can get the finest items at the most pocket-friendly prices.

vintage shops of in Oregon

It is the go-to destination even for some well-renowned celebrities. Grab your goodies at Hollywood vintage, Magpie & Crossroads Music, Xtabay Vintage, and the likes. 

4. Skate the Day Away at Oaks Park Skating Rink

The attraction of Oregon is Oak Park. Renowned as the best and the largest roller skating rink in America, you can ensure to have a fun-filled day. 

Strap a pair of skates and get rolling. With a wide range of open skate hours, prices, party packages, and trial classes, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and in your sweet time. Roll your way to success at Oaks. 

Skate the day away at Oaks Park Skating Rink in Oregon

Tip: Strollers for infants and preschool kids are allowed to skate on the rink on certain days. Get in touch with the rink for better updates before planning the trip to the best indoor place to visit in Oregon. 

5. Splash in the Waters at Splash

Splash in the waters at Splash in Oregon

Nobody would trade a day of staying in the lazy pool or wave pool for anything else. The kids most loved destination is Splash as it was yours too when you were a kid. With endless waterslides and indoor swimming pools, at Splash you can relive your days of being a water baby.

6. The Eugene Heaven – Go Air

When your plans to windsurf or sandboard did not work out due to unannounced rain, do not worry. Go Air is a relatively new hangout spot not just for kids but for people of all ages, and the antidote for your trouble. 

The Eugene heaven - Go Air in Oregon

As the best trampoline place to visit in Oregon Eugene, Go Air has all the resources to satisfy the hype. At the end of the day, this trampoline place will make you break a sweat after jumping and rolling around. 

7. How much cheese is Too much cheese – Tillamook Cheese Factory

At Tillamook Cheese Factory, too much cheese is never a bad thing. For all those who wish to relish the mouth-watering flavors of cheese and ice cream, Tillamook is a must-visit on the list.

Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon

When you wish to see how cheesing is done, there is no better way than seeing the factory workers in action. Pay a visit to the Squeaky cheese curds for once in a lifetime experience of a self-guided tour and savor the endless array of cheese flavors. 

8. Taste the Authentic Oregon Brew

With the most number of breweries in the world in any city, Portland Oregon is the best place to be if you want to duck indoors for a tasty treat. 

Taste the authentic in Oregon

In case you are a brew lover and so is your kin, then kinder some quality time while exploring the various brews of the country. You will be able to locate a pub and an eatery to pair up your brew with for a tantalizing effect for your taste buds. 

9. Race at Go Kart

This indoor attraction is a race course for those who are F1 fans. With a concrete floor racing surface spread across an enormous 30,000 sq ft building, it will be the right way to gear up your day. Plan a day out with friends and let the competitive spirit infuse the charged environment.  

Race at Go Kart in Oregon

Let the Goodyear NASCAR tires of the rental racing karts, make your year good, literally. Give a meaningful ending to your year with the people you love at this amazing destination. 

10. Museum Day – Portland Art v/s the Evergreen Air Museum

After all the adrenaline rush on the trampoline, karts, and water parks, now is the time to get some food for the brain. 

Well known as the oldest museum in the Northwest, Portland Art Museum is the place for you if you appreciate art and culture. Every nook and cranny of this place is filled with charisma. Feed your brain with some Native American, contemporary, modern, some Asian, and European art, all under one umbrella. 

Evergreen Air Museum in Oregon

On the contrary, when you consider yourself an aircraft and space personality, then opt for an exploration day at the Evergreen Air Museum. With an endless array of artifacts from the space and aviation sector, this place is heaven for people who believe in living out of the box. 

To Summarize 

This journey will ensure that the Oregon adventure makes space not just in your albums, but also in your hearts forever. Oregon is the place you can come to. For travelers as well as locals, it has endless places to see and countless activities to do.

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