Best Things to do in Austin Texas

Best Things to do in Austin Texas

In the heart of Texas, you can find the beautiful city of Austin. It is a recognized cultural hub in the US state. The art and architecture featured in the city attract several tourists every year. Beyond the cultural spots, the best things to do in Austin Texas range from its interesting museums to sizable parks that are filled with numerous attractions. In the city’s other places too, there is a pool of things for families, lovers, and friends. Like many tourists, you can conduct a solo trip to the city or head to it with your loved ones. Austin promises to give you lasting memories.

6 Fun things to do in Austin

Fun things to do in Austin

There are plenty of fun things to do in Austin TX. Things like spooky walking tours and trying to survive escape rooms are something that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or even your partner. The city is a lively place to spend some fun time with your loved ones while you create memories while enjoying these activities. 

  1. The Great Escape Rooms 

Everyone may believe that they are the smartest in the room. Beating them at their own game is a part of the fun things to do in Austin, Texas. The city offers two escape rooms with lots of games to choose from. Among these, The Escape Game Austin is a 60-minute adventure where you can choose your character from the following and have fun:

  • Recover stolen art like a detective
  • Be a secret agent on a mission
  • Plan a prison break to search for gold
  1. Go Kayaking 

Kayaking, without a doubt, holds a place in the fun outdoor things to do in Austin. When you are tired of the daily struggles of your life, you need to take a break and go for some fun adventure. There are lots of places in the city that offer kayaking tours like the Congress Avenue Sunset Bat Kayaking Tour. This is a popular option at Ladybird Lake where the main attraction includes the Mexican free-tailed bats that live under the bridge.

  1. Enjoy Some Bike Rides 

Understanding you are tired from the constant honking of the cars and severe traffic, it’s time to go for some biking. Keep this in your inventory of fun things to do in Austin for couples when you are visiting the city with your significant other. Hop on a bicycle and be a part of a biking tour such as the electric bike sightseeing. This is a perfect choice for sightseeing without having to face the traffic of the city. The duration of the entire tour is just 2 to 3 hours.

  1. Play Scavenger Games with Your Family 

Everything about Austin is unique. There are various fun things to do in Austin with kids that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. In the weird section of games in Austin, the scavenger game is quite popular. Various such games are being conducted here and some of them are:

  • Virtual Home Scavenger Hunt
  • Austin Scavenger Hunt: Capitol Sights and Downtown Gems
  • Scavenger Hunt Adventure in Austin by Wacky Walks
  • Fun City Scavenger Hunt in Austin by 3Quest Challenge
  1. Enjoy an Adrenaline Rushed Zipline Ride 

Given that you are the thrill-seeking type, then a ride down the zipline is among the fun things to do in Austin during COVID. You can enjoy a three-hour adventure across the lush greenery without actually having to walk a meter. Since only one person can ride at a time, the social distancing norms are maintained. You can get yourself this opportunity at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures which remains open between 8.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M., throughout the week.

  1. Go Rock Climbing 

Rock Climbing is a really fun activity. There are even opportunities for bouldering where the harness and ropes are not present. This is more of an opportunity to test one’s strength and flexibility. The exciting chance can be grabbed at The Austin Bouldering Project. You can find this place open from Monday to Friday between 6.00 A.M. to 11.00 P.M. On Saturday and Sunday, between 8.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M. too, you can find the best things to do in Austin’s famous rock-climbing spot. 

6 Things to do in Austin with kids

Things to do in Austin with kids

The city based in Texas features awesome parks where your children can enjoy. For settling their sweet cravings too, Austin has fun spots to check out. Beyond these, there are attractions in the city with a number of things to do in Austin, Texas with kids. Below, you can find 6 of them.

  1. A Visit to the Dinosaur Park 

Since the time you watched Jurassic Park, you would have been wanting to visit a place similar to it. Well, the opportunity is finally here in Austin. When you are making your lineup of things to do with kids in Austin, visiting the Dinosaur Park should be at the top. Unlike other places with dinosaurs which feature some small models, this place has real-sized statues to give everyone an idea of how huge those creatures were. 

Note: This park remains closed from Monday-Wednesday. So, plan your trip accordingly.

  1. The Truly Amazing Museum of Ice Cream 

Ice creams are a kid’s favorite meal. Then you can guess how thrilled they are going to be when there is a whole museum that is dedicated entirely to Ice cream. The main attraction of the Museum of Ice cream includes:

  • The famous sprinkle pool
  • The animal cookie carousel
  • Night at the museum for adults

This is surely among the things to do with kids in Austin, TX that you should not miss. Also, remember that the place is usually closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. For working hours on the days, do check the website.

  1. Enjoy the Peter Pan Mini Golf

For spending time with your kids in a unique way, you can head on to a mini golf game. Peter Pan Mini Golf is a really exciting place to be with your kids. The best part about this golf course is that it has numerous challenges which will keep you and your little ones entertained throughout the day. These attractions can further hint at what to do in Austin with kids: 

  • The Whale
  • The T-Rex
  • Old Mill
  • The turtle
  • Peter Pan himself
  1. Have Fun at the Zilker Park

When you want to plan a great picnic with a bunch of things to do in Austin for kids, then we suggest that you be at Zilker Park. Although it remains pretty crowded, due to the availability of enough space, that does not seem like a problem. Things that you can do here with your little ones are:

  • Take a walk through the Umlauf Sculpture. 
  • Visit the Zilker Botanical Gardens.
  • Rent a canoe to take a ride across the waterways.
  1. Visit the Inner Space Cavern 

One of the best things to do in Austin, TX with kids is to visit the Inner Space Cavern which was discovered accidentally. A construction worker made the discovery while the I-35 freeway was being built. This is a great place for kids to learn about the various rock formation processes. It is advised to pick a guided tour so that you don’t roam around facing any hassles. Interestingly, your kids will be able to differentiate between the stalagmites and stalactites by the end of a one-hour tour! 

Tip: This place is open from Monday-Friday between 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. and on Saturdays and Sundays between 10.00 A.M.-5.00 P.M. To avoid the crowd, mornings will be best to be here.

  1. Don’t Miss the Chaparral Ice 

Kids love skating and what’s better than giving them enough space to have fun!

With various types of skating options available, you would know what to do with kids in Austin. You can sit back and relax while your kids wheeze past you or you can even join them to double up the fun at Chaparral Ice. Depending on the time of the year, you can enjoy here:

  • Ice skating
  • Free skating 
  • Curling 

Note: Kids below the age of 3years are not allowed on the ice for obvious reasons. 

What to do in Austin this Weekend?

What to do in Austin this Weekend

When you are in the city for just Saturday and Sunday and wondering what to do in Austin Texas this weekend, then read along. We have created the perfect inventory of things for you. From visiting the concert hall to laughing till your stomach hurts at the comedy shows, this inventory has the best enumeration to cover. 

  1. Just for Laughs Austin Comedy Festival

Knowing you are visiting the city in the last weeks of April, then you should put visiting the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival among the things to do in Austin TX this weekend. You are going to find every great comedian at this festival. Some of the famous people whom you can watch here include:

  • Dana Carvey & David Spade
  • Trixie & Katya
  • Sarah Silverman & Marc Maron 

Be ready to laugh your heart out when you are going to the performances of these world-famous comedians. 

  1. Pay a Visit to the Bass Concert Hall 

When you are in the city with your little ones, you would often try to find kid-friendly things to do in Austin this weekend. The best option for you is to visit the Bass Concert Hall and sing along to “Hakuna Matata”. This is a song that is not only enjoyed by the kids but adults as well. The other things that you can enjoy in this theater are:

  • Witness people with incredible costumes
  • The various dramatic sets
  • An extraordinary narrative 
  1. Enjoy Some Afternoon Tea

Even if you are not British, you can get to indulge in some royal afternoon tea vibes. Keep the option of visiting Driskill in your index of things to do this weekend in Austin, to enjoy some British lifestyle. The entire afternoon tea includes:

  • The classic French pastries 
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Scones 
  • The famous Austin Zhi Tea
  • Sparkling wine

Note: The pricing for the tickets is different. It costs $80 for the entry of an adult and $45 for a kid. 

  1. Be a Part of the Reggae Festival 

This is a family-friendly festival that takes place in the city every year. Getting to enjoy the Reggae Festival is a part of the best things to do in Austin this weekend. There are various things that you can get to enjoy at this festival like:

  • Live music 
  • Delicious international foods 
  • The art and culture booth

Note: Entry is free for kids below the age of 12, however, the adults need to pay a minimal amount for the tickets. 

  1. Indulge in a Booze Art Show 

This is something one should keep in mind for the fun things to do in Austin this weekend. Enjoy the unlimited pancakes and booze while seeing some great art. More than 75 local artists host this event to allow you to discover the perfect showpiece for your cozy living room. You can get the ticket both online and at the door. 

Note: As this place serves alcohol, this is strictly a 21+ event. 

4 Things to do in Downtown Austin

Things to do in Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin may look like a pretty small area but it does have lots of things to do. Whether you want to take part in an amphibious ride or create your souvenirs, this place has it all. So, if you are wondering about the things to do in downtown Austin, look no more. With several adventurous spots and museums, this area can best engage you.

  1. The Fire Museum to See Something Unique

The Fire Museum’s name is quite misleading as this place does not have any fire shows going on. On the contrary, this museum is dedicated to the history of all the firefighters who were there from the service’s inauguration to the present day. So, when you are still exploring what to do in downtown Austin, we suggest that you visit the place to witness:

  • Uniforms of firefighters dating back to the 19th century 
  • A collection of memorabilia 
  • Noteworthy photographic exhibitions
  1. Enjoy the Austin Duck Adventure

At Austin Duck Adventure, you get to ride a completely amphibious vehicle. In the lineup of the most amazing things to do in Austin downtown, make sure that you include this one. This vehicle is a minibus that can even travel in water. Be prepared to get drenched at times. The entire adventure lasts more than an hour and you can get to know the entire downtown Austin in this journey. 

  1. Create Your Souvenir with Upstairs Circus

Upstairs Circus is the perfect place where you can create your customized leather, woodworking, or even jewelry. This is unquestionably among the best things to do in downtown Austin Texas. Make your personalized Souvenir while getting indulged in some house special cocktail. The best drinks at the bar are:

  • Strong man’s Punch 
  • Coco Contortionist

The various things that you can make here include:

  • Wine bottle tumblers 
  • Coasters of concrete 
  • Collar for your dog
  • Beaded wrap bracelet
  1. Congress Avenue Kayaking for an Amazing Experience

A very popular thing to do in Austin downtown is to go kayaking. You can rent out a kayak or a number of kayaks, depending on the size of your group. The kayaks can carry a maximum of three people. The main attractions while kayaking include:

  • Spotting murals hidden under bridges
  • Navigating to the Colorado River
  • Wander in the open waters of Lady Bird Lake. 

Note: You can rent a kayak either on an hourly basis or for half a day. Thus, this is an activity suitable for people on a budget.

Things for Couples to do in Austin

Things for Couples to do in Austin

Don’t let the world tell you that there is only one time of the year to get romantic. Whether you are a young couple or old, you’ll have the best things to do in Austin for couples. Enjoy a retro-themed boat during the day and have a romantic dinner with your significant other at night. Austin has arrangements for all your needs. 

  1. Treat Yourselves to a Fancy Sushi Restaurant 

For those who love Sushi, you cannot find any more romantic things to do in Austin than dining in with your loved one at an upscale Sushi restaurant. Here, at the Sushi Bar, the staff serves you a 17-course tasting menu. The best part about this place is that it is extremely intimate as it allows only a limited number of people per night. The most famous dishes of the place are:

  • The delicious Japanese Yellowtail with sweetcorn pudding and breadcrumbs from sourdough 
  • Bluefin tuna that is citrus-spiked
  1. Play at the Boozy Arcade  

The city offers booze while you are playing at the arcade at various locations. This is undoubtedly a part of the fun things to do in Austin for couples. Play Pacman while sipping on your beer to revive some memories of your childhood. You can even get your hand on a vintage pinball machine at various locations in the city. The most popular ones include:

  1. Dive into Some Delicious Breakfast Tacos 

One of the exciting things to do in Austin, Texas for couples is to go on a taco journey. Try the various tacos from the several food joints and restaurants present across the city and decide on your favorite place for a breakfast taco. Going by the popular suggestions, the best place to try the tacos is at Radio Coffee & Beer. Most of the events start from 7.00 P.M. and continue till 11.00 P.M. The various events at this place include:

  • Bluegrass Night: It is a free event that starts at 7.00 P.M.
  • Trivia 512: The winners can get a $25 gift voucher.
  1. Visit the Farmer’s Market 

It is said that you can get the true essence of a place by visiting its market. So, if you are wondering about such things to do in Austin this weekend for couples, pay a visit to the local Farmer’s Market. The Barton Creek Farmers Market is among the most popular places where such things can be explored. It is open from 9.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. Here you can get:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Organic coffee
  • Stained glass sculptures
  • Pleasant flowers

Top 10 Things to do in Austin 

Top 10 Things to do in Austin

Nowadays, visitors have ample things to do and places to visit when they come to Austin. With a huge number of things to do in the city like collecting some vinyl records or having the best BBQ on the planet, it is quite common to get overwhelmed. In doing so, you might miss out on the most magnificent places. As you get to know the top 10 things to do in Austin, you can make the best of your trip.

  1. Head to the Waterloo Records 

Whether you are a Michael Jackson fan or someone else, there are quite some genres of music that you won’t find easily on the internet. Waterloo Records holds a position in the top things to do in Austin, TX because it has collections of music from the local bands to major label artists. It is a one-stop location for all your music needs. Get yourself a quirky vinyl from the dollar bin and create an impression amongst your friends at the next get-together. 

  1. A Food Date to the Franklin BBQ

Franklin BBQ is the most famous place in Austin popular for barbecues. Locals say that the Franklin BBQ produces the best brisket not just in the country but on the entire planet. You can easily understand why it is in the top 10 things to do in Austin. The popularity of the place can also be understood by the long lines of people waiting patiently for just one bite. Importantly, it is closed on Monday and runs between 11.00 A.M. to 3.00 P.M. for the rest of the week. 

  1. A Historic Trip to the Paramount Theater 

This is said to be the oldest theater in the city. Visiting here undoubtedly holds a place in the top things to do in Austin Texas. The origin of the Paramount Theater dates back to those times when people dressed up for an occasion to go and watch a show. There are events taking place at the Paramount Theater the details of which are available on the official website. The working hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Saturday: 12.00 P.M. to 5:30 A.M.
  1. Stop by the Most Spectacular Libraries in the City 

When you visit the Lyndon Banes Johnson library and museum, you are sure to get awestruck by its magnificence. The extremely large collection of artifacts from the 1960s and 1970s is the reason why it is considered in the lineup of the top things to do in Austin TX. The other attractions of this place include:

  • Middle Eastern antiquities 
  • Furniture from the Oval Office 
  • 45 million pages of documents

The library is functional between 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. on all seven days of the week. 

  1. Buy Yourself Premium Leather Boots

Should you love to have a collection of footwear, then this city is going to be your dream destination. Allen’s Boots have been selling various designer footwear, specifically boots, to tourists for decades. Coming to this place should, therefore, unquestionably be among the top things to do in Austin, TX. Apart from boots, you can also purchase belts, accessories, and cowboy hats to give yourself the perfect Cowboy look from the Rocky Mountains. The working hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Saturday: 9.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M.
  • Sunday: 12.00 P.M. – 6.00 P.M.
  1. Indulge in Cool Music at the Austin City Limits 

The Austin City Limits is included in the top 10 things to do in Austin for the cool vibes it attracts. This is among the very few breathtaking music festivals that take place in Zilker Park every year in October. The place is well-known for:

  • 8 stages that are performed simultaneously 
  • More than 130 bands taking part in the event
  • A full spectrum of rock, pop, and hip hop music 

Tip: Keep your eye on the tickets as they go on sale early and are sold out pretty fast. 

  1. Dance Your Way through the Broken Spoke 

Among the most “Texan” spots in the city is the Broken Spoke. If you are in the city and want to indulge in some authentic flavors of the place, then this one should be checked out. Inviting you to explore multiple things to do in Austin, TX, the place is all about:

  • Amazing food menu comprising steaks, burgers, Tex-Mex, and BBQ
  • Legendary musical performances by Willie Nelson, Ernest Tubb, and Bob Wills 

Note: This place is open from Tuesday to Saturday. You can come here between 4.00 P.M. to 12.00 A.M.

  1. Check out the Fascinating Bullock Museum 

It is said that to get the perfect vibes of a place, one should be well aware of its history. The reason why Bullock Museum is featured in the top 10 things to do in Austin is that here you can learn about Texan history as old as 400 years. Also, the various events that are currently running at the place include:

  • Wings over Water at the IMAX
  • A detailed discussion on the influence of Czech Songs 
  • A renovated shipwreck 

Visitors can come to this museum from Wednesday to Sunday. The most suitable timings are from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

  1. Plan a Hiking Trip to Mount Bonnell

Among the most popular locations for hiking in the city is Mount Bonnell located in Covert Park. You don’t need an extremely fit body for this hiking spree because it has steps carved on the path to make it easier for the hikers. The spectacular view it gives from the top makes it count in the top 10 things to do in Austin, Texas. All you have to do is to take the 102 steps to reach the top. 

  1. Visit the Only Distillery Producing Sotol in the US 

When it’s the only place in the whole country, you have to manage some time to visit it. With a bunch of top things to do in Austin, TX, Driftwood Distillery gives you a unique experience. The sotol is a herbaceous drink that is made from a desert plant that can be exclusively found in West Texas. It is often served with the Margherita popularly known as Desert Door Margherita. Visit the Driftwood Distillery to indulge in some super exquisite cocktails. This distillery is functional only on Saturdays. Hence, you can plan accordingly. 

What to do in Austin TX for Free?

What to do in Austin TX for Free

You won’t be able to believe yourself when you read along and find what is there to do in Austin Texas for free. It’s not a dream, not every beautiful place comes with a price tag. There are ample options in the city which you can enjoy without even spending a single penny from your pocket. Be it the amazing hiking spots or the exquisite galleries, you can get entry in all of these free of cost. 

  1. Chill out at the Barton Creek Greenbelt 

Hiking is even interesting when you get a natural pool of water to cool off the sweat. This place costs you nothing and you can have this on your checklist for the free things to do in Austin, Texas. There are multiple swimming holes present which you can dive into after a hike. These natural pools are undoubtedly a few of the most magnificent places to swim within the city limits. This place provides a weird peace of mind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

  1. A Fun-filled Night at the Barbarella

You can loosen up when you are in Texas and that too in Barbarella. The best part about this nightclub is that it comes under the fun free things to do in Austin. You read that right, you can get free entry to the most popular clubs. The different themed dances here are:

  • Think Tuezgayz
  • Grits N Gravy Thursdays
  • New Noise Saturdays
  • Footloose Fridays 

Note: Thursdays are free and no cover charges are applicable as the whole night is like a happy hour. 

  1. Enjoy the Pecan Street Festival 

The Pecan Street Festival is an annual Austin event that takes place twice a year. It’s a festival to celebrate the artisans who bring along their handmade creations made of metal, wood, glass, stone, and even recycled materials. You can visit this place without any entry fee and, hence, keep it on your bucket list of things to do in Austin for free. The days to witness this festival are:

  • First Saturday and Sunday in May
  • Last Sunday and Saturday in September 
  1. Stop by the Blanton Museum of Art 

For people who are art aficionados, this is the perfect thing to have in your inventory of free things to do in Austin, Texas. This place has an awesome collection of both permanent and temporary artwork. The place has various artwork for every connoisseur, such as:

  • Amazing interactive installations
  • Latin American and Contemporary paintings 
  • The Austin structure by Ellsworth Kelly 

Note: Here, you can find free entry only on Thursdays. For the rest of the week, a minimal entry fee is levied. 

4 Outdoor Things to do in Austin

Outdoor Things to do in Austin

When you are in the city, you cannot run out of options for all the best things to do in Austin outdoors. From splashing around in the lakes during the hot summers to taking a dip at the Hamilton Pool reserve, Austin provides you with options that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So when you are in the city make sure to have our enumerations in your inventory so that you don’t miss out on any fun activities. 

  1. Beat the Summer Heat at the Barton Springs 

When you are looking for options for fun outdoor things to do in Austin, visiting Barton Springs should not escape your mind. The natural pool here is as big as 3 acres, enough to accommodate lots of tourists, especially during the summer vacations. The best part about this is that the comfortable weather conditions make it the ideal place for visitors to take a dip all around the year. Due to its location in Zilker Park, it creates an opportunity to visit the botanical gardens along the way. 

  1. Refreshments at the Emma Long Metropolitan Park 

The Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a beautiful public park located at the banks of the magnificent Lake Austin. You can keep this place in your mind when you are making your checklist for the outdoor things to do in Austin. Lined by big trees, this place is a perfect location to spend your lazy afternoons by reading a book underneath the trees while the children splash around in Lake Austin. 

Note: This place is extremely safe for kids due to the high number of patrolling lifeguards. 

  1. A Visit to an Amazing 50-foot Waterfall 

The Hamilton Pool Reserve provides a picturesque view with the natural pool of water and the 50-foot waterfall. Exploring this trail and reaching up to the Pool reserve can come in your enumeration of fun outdoor things to do in Austin. You can jump into the pool with your kids or partner, or just enjoy the view of the place while you indulge in some amazing beverages. 

Note: The strength and volume of the waterfall change depending on the rainfall. 

  1. Take Part in the Zilker Kite Festival 

Even if you cannot fly a kite yourself, you cannot deny that watching beautiful kites soar in the skies is a one-of-a-kind experience. When you are thinking of all the outdoor things to do in Austin, you should remember to visit this 90-year-old tradition during the spring. There are contests taking place and the prizes are distributed according to various parameters like highest kite angle, steadiest kite, etc. The place is best known for:

  • The most unusual kites
  • Rock Wall climbing 
  • Kite-making workshops. 

Family Things to do in Austin

Family Things to do in Austin

Austin is a city that is extremely family-friendly, making it the perfect place to take your family during vacations. There are innumerable family things to do in Austin like visiting the Memorial museum or the famous Texas Capitol. There are also some places featuring the beauty of nature that you can best enjoy with your family.

  1. Fascinate Your Kids at the Austin Nature and Science Center 

When you are visiting the city with your loved ones and want to know the family-friendly things to do in Austin, the Austin Nature and Science center is your bias. Your kids get to learn more about the natural history of the state with absolute hands-on experience. This place is perfect for children above three years. The best part about this museum is that it allows the kids to touch, learn and experience which is quite unlike in other museums. Adults can equally enjoy the activities here.

  1. Get Younger at the Texas Toy Museum 

Most of you loved action figures during your childhood days. Should you still have some fondness for those, then the things to do in Austin with family should include visiting the famous Texas Toy Museum. The experience is going to be more like a trip down memory lane. You can go to the Texas Toy Museum to enjoy some old-school video games and admire the action figures. 

Note: The museum is found to be closed on Tuesdays and is open between 12.00-10.00 P.M. for the rest of the week. 

  1. Visit the Magnificent Texas Capitol 

You might feel that the Texas Capitol is not a family-friendly place. While it is a great option for the things to do in Austin with family, everyone can be amazingly engaged here. This place is not age-restricted. You can even take your toddlers here. The place is famous for:

  • The magnificent pink granite exterior
  • Mind-boggling architecture
  • Extremely spacious lush green lawns 

Note: Texas Capitol is open for visitors all seven days of the week. You would love visiting here between 7.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M.

  1. In the Lap of Nature Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Plants and flowers can help alleviate the mood instantly. Along with this, if you also want to have the best memories, then the Wildflower Center is the perfect family thing to do in Austin. This place has a huge collection of both flowering and non-flowering plants, creating a haven for the flora of the state. The place is mostly popular for:

  • An amazing collection of 800 species of native flora
  • Enormous garden of 9 acres
  • Various types of native birds, insects, and mammals. 

3 Best Things to do in Austin during COVID-19

Beautiful Sunset in Austin

When the world was on a lockdown during the pandemic, people felt like running out of options for the best things to do in their cities. But that is not the case when you are in Austin. Here, you can find fun things to do in Austin during Covid so that you don’t get bored at home. You can go for a beautiful sunset from a hilltop. Tourists can also have fun paddling around in a lake. Similar to this, there are many options for you to do during these times. 

  1. Witness a Beautiful Sunset 

Mount Bonnell is a great place to see some of the best sunsets in the world. After being stuck in homes for days, visiting such a beautiful place is certainly the best thing to do in Austin during COVID. This place is extremely kid-friendly. You can also take your little ones along with you to give them a break from the four walls of the room. 

Note: The sunset looks spectacular from this place and, thus, often tends to get crowded. It is advisable to come here during the sunrise, which is equally majestic, to maintain social distance. 

  1. Go Boating to Enjoy Fresh Air 

Boating is certainly a very relaxing thing and it’s even better when there are options for powerboats. You can have all these when you go for fun things to do in Austin during COVID and do them on Lake Travis or Lake Austin. The attractions for these places include:

  • Provision of captains to drive the boats 
  • Yeti Coolers full of ice for you 

Tip: You can also rent floats to just keep floating passively on the lakes. 

  1. Head to a Craft Brewery 

When you are looking for the best things to do in Austin during COVID, one of the options is to beat the boredom at a Craft Brewery. Hold Out Brewery is the newest addition to the craft brewery club. It has stirred great interest within the masses for various reasons. Apart from the Hoppy Pale ales, the place is most popular for:

  • Tasty Curly Fries
  • Mouthwatering $5 burgers 
  • Amazing Kung Pao Hotdog 

Cool Things to do in Austin 

Cool Things to do in Austin

Austin is one of the coolest cities in the United States of America. From the breathtaking South by Southwest Festival during spring to the unforgettable food festival, these are certainly some of the coolest things to do in Austin. There are various weird and quirky places in the city that you should not miss, whether you are alone or in a group. 

  1. Dine-in at the Kinfolk Lounge and Library

Should you love to sip in your drink away from the hubbub of the Grill, then Kinfolk Lounge and Library is your best bet. Coming to this place with your friends or significant other is one of the cool things to do in Austin Texas. This place is extremely inclusive as it has only 20 seats in the bar. You need to book in advance to get a seat there. The specialties of the place include:

  • Antonelli’s Cheese and Charcuterie from La Salumeria
  • Mrs. Robbins Cocktail
  1. Do not Miss out on the Bluebonnets of Spring

The Bluebonnets are a way to recognize that spring has finally dawned in Texas. Getting a perfect selfie with your family or friends amidst the wild blooms of the Bluebonnets is certainly counted among the cool things to do in Austin. Show off your Social Media accounts with the perfect selfie in a picturesque place and garner hundreds of likes. There are various things available near the blooming ground such as:

  • Live music
  • Food truck grub
  • Alcoholic beverages
  1. Check out the Cathedral of Junk 

You, as kids, might have been taught about keeping the environment clean and especially in the holy places. But here in Austin, there is a cathedral that is made out of junk. As you look out for the coolest things to do in Austin, visiting the Cathedral of Junk, certainly holds a place. It contains 60 tons of discarded items that make up the entire structure. 

Note: The Cathedral is open most of the time. But it is advisable to call and make an appointment before your visit. 

On a Final Note…

When you want to indulge in the perfect Texan vibe, you can’t be in any other city apart from Austin. Whether you want the opportunity to dress up as a perfect Cowboy or wish to visit the amazing lakes and pool, the city will please you. Knowing that there are innumerable best things to do in Austin Texas, coming here at least once will be a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do in Austin Memorial day weekend?

There are plenty of things to do in Austin on the Memorial day weekend. But the best one would be to visit the Texas Capitol and teach your kids or even yourself about the significance of the place, especially on such a notable day. Historically, this place is a national landmark

What to do in Austin at night?

The night looks magnificent in Austin paired with the perfect weather. Go for a romantic Lake Travis Boat cruise, or enjoy the Austin Aquarium with your kids as a part of the fun things to do in Austin at night.

What to do in Austin TX this weekend?

In case you are free on Saturday and Sunday, you can venture on many things to do in Austin this weekend. Visit the Austin Comedy Festival to get any stress off your mind with some good laughs. You can also be a part of the Booze Art Show to spend your weekend in the best possible way.

What to do today in Austin?

When you just have one day in hand to spend leisurely, make sure to do those things to do in Austin today that are not very time-consuming yet enjoyable. You can see the Cathedral of Junk followed by some afternoon tea at the Driskill. Or, you can enjoy the sunset with the Congress Avenue Sunset Bat Kayaking.

What to do in Austin when it rains?

As you are in Austin on a rainy day, it is not a necessity to spend the whole time within the locked doors of your home. Among all the things to do in Austin rainy day, you can go to the Museum of Ice Cream or visit the Fire museum to enjoy your day. Should you like to be outdoors, then Lake Austin is the place for you.

What to do this weekend in Austin?

There are plenty of things to do in Austin this weekend. Visit the Bass concert hall with your friends or kids and sing along to the Lion King theme song. You can also vibe along with the live music and indulge in some delicious international cuisine at the Reggae Festival.

What to do one day in Austin?

Given that you just have one day to enjoy when you visit the city, make sure to get the most out of it. Go boating in the powerboats at Lake Austin. You can also enjoy some authentically crafted beer at the newest addition to the city, the Hold out Brewery.

What’s to do in Austin Texas?

There are ample things to do in Austin Texas. From kayaking during the sunset to witnessing the free-tailed bat, you can highly engage yourself in the city. You can additionally opt to dine in the exquisite Sushi|Bar with the 17-course meal.

What’s there to do in Austin Texas?

You can enjoy some delicious tacos at the Radio Coffee and Beer while enjoying various events at the place. You can buy yourself some great organic groceries, handmade jewelry, and stained glass sculptures at the Farmer’s Market. Don’t forget to check out the historical Paramount Theater too.

What are the unique things to do in Austin?

When you are coming to Austin with your family, friends, or your better half, there are lots of unique things to do in Austin. An amazing music festival takes place every year in October where more than 130 bands take part. You can plan a distinctive hiking trip to Mount Bonnell to witness some of the best sunsets in the city.

What are some indoor things to do in Austin?

The city situated in Texas is home to several libraries and museums. In your list of things to do in Austin indoors, you should try including these. For relaxing indoor things, you should check out Austin City Limits where the best music vibes await you.

Are there toddler or kid-friendly things to do in Austin at night?

Families who love going out can find numerous parks in Austin. One such spot is the  Emma Long Metropolitan Park. Here, you can plan a multitude of things to do in Austin with toddlers or kids such as enjoying a picnic by the lake.

What are the best things to do in Austin at night?

Austin is known for some of its breweries. These are the ideal places to be at night. In case you are looking for some great things to do in Austin at night with family members, Peter Pan Mini Golf can be your pick. It is best for families with kids.

What are the best things to do with parents in Austin?

Cities like Austin are lovely to head out to with your parents. You can have fun exploring the historically-influential Texas Capitol with them. The Zilker Park and Bass Concert Hall are the additional places with the best things to do with parents in Austin.

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