best things to do in chicago

Best Things to do in Chicago

It will surprise you to know that Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the USA. Indeed it is big in terms of area but interestingly, it is also home to a huge number of activities. Whether you are seeking fun, entertainment, or romantic moments with your partner, you can find the best things to do in Chicago. For kids, adults, teenagers, families, as well as couples, the Windy City located in Illinois can give you the experiences of the top museums, parks, restaurants, markets, and more. As you decide to head to this city, make sure to check the most excellent options for creating a fun itinerary.

7 Things to do in Chicago this Weekend

Things to do in Chicago this Weekend

A city like Chicago has different types of things to offer to you. Whether you are a music lover or an admirer of nature, the city knows how to keep you satisfied especially around the weekends. There are at least 6 things to do in Chicago this weekend for free and paid. With reference to these things, you can attend festivals, shows, events, and also delve into old-style living.

1. Enjoy Jukebox Music

A mix of theater and music, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is an event worth attending at least once. This event’s music is based on the movie Moulin Rouge which came in the year 2001. From March to May this year, you can be a part of this event in Chicago. It is best to enjoy it on Saturdays and Sundays. 

2. Attend the West Loop Festival

The West Loop Festival is featured by Gourmet Expos in Chicago. This is an event that celebrates wine as well as spirits. Not limited to these, you can also find other treats here. Usually, this festival is 2-day long and is held around the weekend. In 2022, you can get the chance to attend it from 26th March to 27th March. 

Here is what to do in Chicago this weekend at this festival:

  • You can taste a variety of wines.
  • Drinks are available for purchase here.
  • Tourists can connect with representatives of multiple wine brands to know the drinks better.
  • Speaking of treats, this festival can introduce you to some of the best chocolates.

Note: You can check the website of Gourmet Expos to get the tickets to the event.

3. Get a Glimpse of Pillars of Spring

For nature lovers or those who will love exploring new things in Chicago, Pillars of Spring is a unique festival. It is best-known for gardens with vertical displays. Let us see why this show is the most amazing one amongst the things to do this weekend in Chicago:

  • Great ideas for gardening can be generated as you visit this event.
  • The latest trends in gardening can be explored here.
  • Unique plant species are at the heart of this event.

To witness the unusual beauty of these, you can head to Lincoln Park Conservatory for attending the event. Around the weekends, you can keep your afternoons free to go to this show. 

4. Chicago Riverwalk for Breathtaking Sights

This is probably one of the most beautiful sites in the city. Basically, Chicago Riverwalk is the city’s pedestrian path. It is longer than a mile. It is spread between Lake Street and Lake Michigan. As you watch the river, walking on this path becomes more fun. 

Aside from walking, you can also enjoy the other best things to do in Chicago Riverwalk. Some of these are inclusive of drinking beverages and munching snacks.

5. Explore Frida Kahlo’s Art

Frida Kahlo is among the top celebrated painters in the world. In her honor, the city in Illinois lets you explore her art. You can see glimpses of Kahlo’s life through her masterpieces. A mix of emotions and events in relation to her life are the main highlights of this event. 

To explore things to do in Chicago this weekend like this show, you can arrive at Lighthouse ArtSpace in Chicago’s Germania Place. From 22nd March to 28th May in 2022, you can reserve your weekends for the event.

6. Clarke House for Glimpses of Life in Olden Days

When you are planning a visit to Chicago, ensure that you check out the Clarke House. True to its name, this is a house that shows how the people of the middle class used to live back in the 1830s. How the common activities were performed in the olden days can be found when you take a tour of this home. More like a museum, this is among the fun things to do in Chicago this weekend, especially on a Saturday.

7. Have Fun at Oak Park in the Suburbs

Nearly ten miles away from Chicago, you can head to its suburb, Oak Park. The region is notable for its cultural elements. You can find numerous restaurants in the suburb. For your late-night cravings, you can see what these restaurants can offer you.

In addition to this, more things to do in Chicago suburbs this weekend are given below:

  • You can take a tour of the suburb for free. 
  • Apart from restaurants, bars are also worth visiting in Oak Park.
  • The movie theater here has great choices for you.
  • This suburb is pet-friendly as well. You can take your pets for walks too.

7 Things to do in Chicago with Kids

Things to do in Chicago with Kids

Kids enjoy visiting museums, public attractions, and places that can keep up with their curiosity. Inclusive of all of these, the city in Illinois is an awesome place to be at when you are going with your little ones. The most fun things to do in Chicago for kids range also comprise zoos and fields.

In all, there are 7 spots to visit with your kids in the city.

1. Witness the Iconic Cloud Gate

Sculpted by Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate is one of the attractions in Chicago. It is known by another name, “The Bean” due to its appearance. This is a piece of public art that kids should definitely know about. Around the iconic structure, you can find more kid-friendly things to do in Chicago. Exploring the entire region with kids is no less than a short day trip.

2. Field Museum for Knowledge and Fun

The Field Museum is big enough to spend your entire day here. Your kids will love viewing the unique things available at this museum. It will also interest you to know that this place has its own calendar of events. You can keep your weekends free for the best of events at this museum. 

These are some of the things to do with kids in Chicago this weekend when you are at this museum:

  • Seminars are worth going to at this place.
  • You can enjoy poetry with your kids in some of the events.
  • Interesting events are conducted here. Thus, you can get to meet inspiring scientists.
  • To make history fun for kids, virtual tours are additionally available.

3. Get Innovative with Kohl Children’s Museum

You may find it surprising that the Kohl Children’s Museum has around 17 exhibits that are permanent. They are the best examples of creativity and innovation. To induce creativity in children at an early age, heading to this place is suggested. It is one of the best things to do in Chicago with children because of real-looking exhibits that are unbeatable in terms of creativity.

4. Museum of Science and Industry for Fantastic Exhibits

Among the biggest science museums, this one is notable for many things including its lego art structure. From the 80s to the current century, the Museum of Science and Industry has as many displays as you can imagine. Making science more interesting, the exhibits of Antarctica, creative exhibitions, visuals of the universe, and architectural models hint at what to do in Chicago with kids at this museum.

5. Nurture Your Interest in Sports with Wrigley Field

In Northern Chicago, you can find Wrigley Field. Mainly, it is a baseball stadium. The stadium was constructed in 1914 for the Chicago Cubs. Children with a deep interest in sports would love spending time at the Wrigley Field. While you may have numerous fun things to do in Chicago with kids at this stadium, make sure to click the best shots for lifetime memories.

6. Lincoln Park Zoo for Kids Who Love Wildlife

Developed over years, the Lincoln Park Zoo is spread across a vast area. As many as 200 varieties of species can be found at this zoo. Speaking further, there are thousands of animals for you to see. If you are visiting here today, then this is a list of the animals that you should surely see once:

  • Polar bears
  • Penguins
  • Macaques
  • Ostriches
  • Rhinoceros

For certain, there are a number of things to do in Chicago today with kids at the Lincoln Park Zoo. But before you embark on your journey, please check the right timings and the best part of the day to visit.

7. Shedd Aquarium to find Sea Animals

You can spend nearly 4 hours exploring the entire Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. For the curious ones, this is among the recommended things to do in Chicago with kids. Children can find unique aquatic species in this aquarium. In total, the number of sea animals is beyond 30,000. 

The following species are central to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium:

  • Caribbean reef shark
  • Saltwater fish
  • Sea Otter
  • Chrysaora quinquecirrha
  • Beluga whale

4 Fun Things to do in Chicago, Illinois

Fun Things to do in Chicago, Illinois

The most fun things to do in Chicago are also of the distinctive kinds. The city lets you observe it and spend your time in a unique way. Tourists can also engage in boating, taking up fun challenges, and shopping at lakefront locations. To be clearer, there are around 4 fun things you should try at least once in Chicago.

1. Check out 360 Chicago Observation Deck

If you have ever heard about the John Hancock Center, then you may also be familiar with the Observation Deck of the city. It is situated at a high point in this place. From this point, you can have fun observing multiple places that are a part of the city in Illinois. While observing and looking at the places are the best things to do in Chicago from this deck, you can also enjoy the sunset.

2. Boat Tour via Chicago River

Boating can give you a relaxing as well as an exciting experience. The unique fun of this thing becomes double as you hit the cool waves and winds. As per one of the recommendations, you can choose the Chicago River boat tour. This tour takes you through the most sightly landmarks of the city. 

With this option, you can have the choice of additional fun things to do in Chicago, Illinois. This will depend on the kind of boat tour you are booking. Particularly when you go for a luxurious one, the options can increase further.

3. Have an Exciting Day at Escape Rooms

Chicago is among those cities that have the best escape rooms. So, when you have to pass your time but not in a boring way, you must get the ticket to the most challenging escape room. Here, you can beat the time while you solve puzzles and mysteries. The cool things to do in Chicago’s these places also account for hunting. 

4. Navy Pier for Remarkable Afternoons

This is a lakefront spot in the city. Like most other places, this one also has endless shops and restaurants to visit. But what makes the Navy Pier more exciting is enjoying these spots amidst its fantastic location. Here, you can find rides and parks as well. 

Note: If you are planning to include this in your bucket list of fun things to do in Chicago today, then it will be great to first check out which shops and spots are open here.

What are the Free Things to do in Chicago Today?

Free Things to do in Chicago

When you want to make the best of Chicago at no cost, you can go around the city on foot. As you decide to do so, enjoying the art is what to do in Chicago for free. Along with this, the city is open for viewing sunsets, sightseeing, and visiting its public parks. 

Read further to know how exactly you can spend your time with these free things to do in Chicago. 

1. Take a Tour of the Street Art

Chicago is a vibrant city of the artwork most notable on its streets. The city promises you a one-of-a-kind tour as you get engaged in this art. On the walls, you can also find some murals. These are significant for the historical motifs and references. For social media fans, this is one of the things to do in Chicago for free.

2. Enjoy Watching Sunsets

When you are in this city, you should never miss the chance to watch sunsets for free. Chicago boasts of many locations where you can do this activity. Some of these locations are suggested as follows:

  • Skydeck Chicago
  • Chicago Riverwalk
  • Lakefront Trail
  • Burnham Park

For sunrise as well, these locations are best to choose. You can additionally find more free things to do in Chicago at these locations. 

3. Go Sightseeing

It goes without saying that Chicago, Illinois has an endless number of spots that tourists can be attracted to. But the real fun lies in exploring the city on foot. This is also an activity that requires you to pay nothing. 

As you opt for free things to do in Chicago, you can observe the following:

  • The architectural style of Chicago’s buildings
  • Most common food options that you must try
  • The fashion trends preferred by the locals here
  • Spots that attract the most crowd

4. Save Some Time for Millennium Park

This is a public park in Chicago, Illinois. The structures created in it are unique and worth preserving in photographs. You can also explore sculptures at Millenium Park. In this park, watching these sculptures are the best things to do in Chicago for free. In addition to this, when you are in luck, you might see concerts free of cost.

4 Best Things to do in Chicago for Adults

Best Things to do in Chicago for Adults

Whether you are interested in history, creativity, or fun, Chicago wholeheartedly invites you to its top locations. Here, the things to do in Chicago for adults range from museums to exhibitions. You can additionally engage in boating and see animals at the city’s zoo. Thus, adults can go for multiple things in the city.

1. Medieval Torture Museum for Historical Insights

Even though torture is not pleasing to look at, adults can find it essential to level up their knowledge by knowing the practices followed in the medieval era. Dedicated to this is a museum in Chicago. The Medieval Torture Museum shows you a number of displays featuring the tools used in these practices. 

One of the fun things to do in Chicago for adults here is inclusive of getting the ghost-hunting application. It is believed that the spirits who were tortured can be tracked using this app. As they surround this museum, using this app can give you real goosebumps.

2. Boating at Lake Michigan

As you may have heard, this city has numerous lakes. Among these, Lake Michigan is a natural site worth viewing when you are in this city. This lake’s most amazing view can be obtained when you take a long boating tour. When you are on the tour, the things to do in Chicago for adults can stretch from meeting new people to experiencing an exceptional time with a private reservation.

3. Visiting Exhibitions

Those who fancy exhibitions should see what Chicago has to offer them. The city is recognized for many things such as exhibitions. If you happen to get a chance, then you should certainly check out the exhibitions that display Michelangelo’s best pieces of art. 

While adults plan to explore exhibitions, here is what all they can learn:

  • The best things to do in Chicago’s exhibitions are the observations of trends in art and the enhancement of knowledge.
  • Adults can pick beautiful paintings for decorating their homes.
  • When you are an artist yourself, you can find the best combination of colors via famous artworks.

4. Brookfield Zoo to See Animals

Some of you may have a fondness for animals from childhood to adulthood. As you nurture it, you are suggested to see what the Brookfield Zoo holds for you. The top 4 things to do in Chicago, Illinois, at this zoo are shown right here:

  • Tourists love feeding the giraffes here.
  • Programs are conducted at the zoo. It can be fun to be a part of these.
  • If you are also a photographer, then the best shots must be grabbed at Brookfield Zoo.
  • A number of animal species are available for explorations at this place.

5 Things to do in Downtown Chicago

Things to do in Downtown Chicago

To any city you go to, its architecture, food, and nature’s view cannot be missed. This is why you are recommended to make memorable moments gazing and experiencing these, especially in the downtown city. Via boats, buses, helicopters, and on foot, you can get an exceptional experience in downtown Chicago.

Speaking of such an experience, there are 5 things to do in downtown Chicago. Let us look at them below.

1. Architectural Tour of City’s Downtown

Downtown Chicago is great for its architecture. It has a number of elements that you should capture. Whether you are looking at the buildings in this region or admiring its famous structures, the architectural style will surely amaze you. 

As you go on an architectural tour of the area, these are the 2 best things to do in Chicago downtown:

  • You can note the styles that please you the most. When you are planning to modify the structure of your place, these styles will make it more enhanced.
  • For kids and students, architecture-related observations can greatly build their knowledge.

2. A Tour with Crime and Mob Bus in Downtown

This is a bus that takes you through downtown Chicago. It features a tour of almost 90 minutes. Following the theme, the Crime and Mob Bus is apt for showing you the crime scenes dating back to history. Why this bus tour is a part of the great things to do in downtown Chicago is explained here:

  • For traversing downtown, nothing is better than comfortably sitting and viewing the scenes of the area.
  • The bus gives you an uncommon experience.
  • When you are tired but still excited to see Chicago downtown, you can comfortably do so with this tour.

3. Food Walk to Taste New Delicacies

On heading to the city’s downtown, tourists can find a range of food options. When you travel to this part of the city in Illinois, you should know what the locals love eating here. Whether you are looking for lunch options or great spots to dine, for food lovers, these are the things to do in Chicago downtown:

  • Delve into the flavors of deep-dish pizzas
  • Taste barbecue with a unique flavor
  • Find a variety of sandwiches
  • Try both local and exquisite dishes in the region

4. Helicopter Ride for a Complete View

Chicago downtown is bustling with many things. It has some of the most renowned structures. The lakes and rivers in the city are soothing to look at. Besides, you can witness tons of eating spots here. When you want to see all of this at once, a full view of downtown is recommended. Among the top things to do in Chicago downtown, you should go for a helicopter ride for such a view. 

There are a number of tour agencies in the city that can book you a helicopter ride. Based on your budget, timing, and other such factors, you can pick the agency that completes your needs in the best way.

5. Take a Tour at Night

The tourists find it enticing to walk around downtown Chicago at night. The region is beautiful to look at due to the lighting in the late evenings. In your preparation to do so, you should see the Harold Washington Library located here. This is one of the biggest libraries in the city.

Apart from this, for the tourists who are currently here, these are the 3 things to do today in Chicago downtown on a night tour:

  • Plan your tour via the parks for a relaxing evening.
  • Don’t miss the chance to attend any bonfire in the community.
  • Stop by at the local food spots in the region.

Things to do in Chicago at Night

Things to do in Chicago at Night

Illinois’s Windy City is more fun at night. Travelers can enjoy being a part of sports activities late in the evening. They can also please themselves with thrilling rides. Above everything, when you are enjoying the best dishes of Chicago at night, nothing can beat the taste and the overall experience. 

Learn further about things to do in Chicago at night as you scroll ahead.

1. Bike Tour at Night

When you are in this city around Halloween, you should consider going for a bike tour. It will be even better if you plan it at night in October. Chicago is adorned with Halloween decorations at this time. Hence, the best vibes of the place can be enjoyed at night, especially on bikes. 

On your bike tour, the things to do in Chicago at night can range from watching the decorations to enjoying riding on free roads. You may also attend parties in the city.

2. Watch Shows at the Theater

On your trip to Chicago, you can take wonderful memories back home, especially when you find pleasure in the theater. Going by the recommendations, you should check out the Chicago Theatre. It has a selection of recognized shows that you can watch at night. Travelers may also find virtually-visible shows in this theater. 

Here, you can take a look at the main things to do in Chicago tonight:

  • Shows are the prime things to enjoy in this theater but you should also attend musical events.
  • Since this theater is situated in Chicago downtown, you should go through this region too for glimpses of local activities.

3. Eat and Enjoy at The Skydeck

The Skydeck is a unique place in the city located in Illinois. To your surprise, it sees millions of tourists. The place remains open to the people. At night, however, it gives you a great experience as you dine here. This place is the most remarkable for its pizza. The Skydeck is apt for:

  • Couples
  • Families
  • A bunch of friends

While you contemplate on what to do in Chicago tonight and find this place to be ideal for you, ensure that you book early. The Skydeck has limited seating.

4. Sports Activities for Fun

Sports lovers will create a special place in their hearts for this city. Particularly for professionals, it gives the choices of basketball, soccer, football, and more. In fact, the city is iconic for Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago wolves, and more. Having said that, the best things to do in Chicago for sports lovers include a number of activities. The best fields and stadiums await them at night.

4 Things for Couples to do in Chicago

4 Things for Couples to do in Chicago

Couples may often look forward to visiting Chicago for its romantic places. For different types of couples, the city surely has something to offer. The romantic ones can experience the best memories at its musical and luxurious places. Taking a tour of the city and especially its parks are the other things for couples to do in Chicago.

1. Horse Carriage Tour for a Romantic Evening

On the huge roads of Chicago, horse carriages can easily give you a great view. The picturesque buildings, parks, and rivers among others are sights that you and your loved one can really enjoy. You can book yourself a carriage ride. As the ride begins, you can relish ice creams as the best thing to do in Chicago.

2. Go Cycling Around the Parks

For its greenery, structures, and climate, Chicago is among the best cities. You can take the joy of these elements as you cycle around the city. As a part of the romantic things to do in Chicago, couples should mainly cycle around the parks. Tandem cycling is significantly advised for you and your partner.

Note: You can get a tandem bike for rent. Safety material such as helmets will be additionally provided to you when you rent the bike.

3. Enjoy Jazz with Your Loved One

Listening to jazz music along with enjoying cocktails is an exceptional experience. This should be among the top things to do in Chicago for couples. When you plan to go ahead with this idea, you should pick the Green Mill Jazz Club. It remains open on weekdays but on weekends, the place is available only for limited hours. 

Tip: For afternoon and evening meals, you can find this place to be an ideal spot.

4. Magnificent Mile for a Memorable Experience

Among the best things to do in Chicago for couples, the Magnificent Mile deserves a significant place. Similar to what Paris holds for you, this place offers you a romantic avenue. It comprises 13 blocks that give you endless options to spend time with your special one. Here, the top things for you and your partner include stays in lavish hotels, eating out at luxurious restaurants, shopping with your loved one, and more.

5 Family Things to do in Chicago

5 Family Things to do in Chicago

Making plans to vacay in Chicago with family members is a great thought. The best thing to do in Chicago with your loved ones involve enjoying tours and going on picnics. You can learn about the city’s history and experience what the universe feels like from here. Your family members are likely to have a splendid time with these options.

1. Experience the Universe at Adler Planetarium

When weekend mornings are cold and you still want to have a nice time with your family, you should take everyone to Adler Planetarium. For visiting here at night as well, your decision can’t be wrong. From here, you can watch the clear sky and share a different connection with the universe. With a number of sights to see, Adler Planetarium is one of the things to do in Chicago this weekend with family.

The planetarium is usually open on most days of the week. You can purchase your tickets according to what exactly you want to experience here. 

Tip: You need not do any preparations prior to coming here on the weekend with your family. The planetarium’s cafeteria has a number of options to keep you and your loved ones satiated enough.

2. Bobby’s Bike Hike for Amazing Tours

Bobby’s Bike Hike is known for awesome tours that can engage families. These tours are thrilling and sporty at the same time. You can book your comfortable ride and enjoy what all this Windy City has to offer. The key things to do in Chicago with family on these tours are going on long rides and checking the locations never explored before.

Note: Bobby’s Bike Hike is mainly recognized for its bike tours. In addition to these, the company also specializes in tours of other kinds. You can relish the taste of the popular dishes of the city with one of the food tours of this company. Assuming that you are not fond of biking, then walking and cultural tours are the other options for your family.

3. Picnic at Maggie Daley Park

A picnic is a great idea to get your family outdoors particularly when the days are chilly. If you are planning to look for free family things to do in Chicago today, then Maggie Daley Park can be excellent for such a picnic. Not just today but for the next few days too, the weather shall remain frosty. During the daytime, this park can be your splendid picnic spot. At no cost whatsoever, you will be able to spend quality time with your close ones.

4. Chicago History Museum to Know about the City

CHS or Chicago History Museum indicates the past of the city. The events and practices that the city has gone through can be well understood on heading to this museum. Whether you are visiting here today or any other day, make sure to manage at least 3 hours to properly see the exhibits here.

The family things to do in Chicago today or on other days at this museum are hinted here:

  • There is an abundance of artifacts to see.
  • You can develop your knowledge of the movements that have occurred in this city. 
  • Sculptures, relics, and a garden are additionally found here.

5. Rejoice with Your Family at Art Institute of Chicago

This museum has a collection of pieces that parents and children should see. These pieces belong to different centuries. Not limited to Illinois alone, these collections are from various parts of the world. The family-friendly museum usually remains open on select days. You are less likely to find it open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The best time to visit here is between 11.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

The best things to do in Chicago’s museum are:

  • Viewing the galleries
  • Going through the miniature rooms
  • Attending workshops and other events

Top 10 Things to do in Chicago

Top 10 Things to do in Chicago

This city invites you to do some of the highly fun and entertaining activities. There are nearly 10 top things to do in Chicago when you want to be fully amused. For your entertainment, you can go to theaters, conservatory parks, beaches, cafés, fields, and centers. 

There are additional options too. You can learn about them as you scroll below.

1. Check out Grant Park

Among the top things to do in Chicago, you are advised to visit Grant Park once. More than 300 acres big, the park has a huge area covered with greenery. When you want to just sit and be mesmerized with nature or take a walk on the lush green grass, this park is second to none. 

2. The Second City Theatre to be Entertained

This is a theater in the city but promises to give you a distinctive experience. When you love comedy, The Second City can keep you entertained. It presents to you sketch comedies that ought to give you many memorable laughs. This is one of the top 10 things to do in Chicago when you are coming to the city with your friends or loved ones.

3. Garfield Park Conservatory to See Plant Species

Chicago has a multitude of locations that feature botanical spaces. One of these is Garfield Park Conservatory. This conservatory is home to numerous gardens that are spread across an area of ten acres. The best thing to do in Chicago’s conservatory are going through all of these gardens and checking out the species. You can find at least 8 of them here.

4. North Avenue Beach for Swimming

You cannot afford to miss the beaches of the city in Illinois. They are well known as the most excellent swimming locations. So, the top things to do in Chicago, IL, definitely involve swimming at these locations. Among all, North Avenue Beach is an awesome choice. Other than swimming, you can do a lot more here:

  • This beach is equipped with volleyball courts. You can engage in the sport after a nice swimming experience.
  • Restrooms are available here. To relax, these rooms can give you the expected comfort.

5. Learn About the City at Chicago Cultural Center

The cultural hints of the city are grasped with the Chicago Cultural Center. To speak of this center in specific, you will be amazed by its architecture. This center also witnesses art exhibitions. At times, you can even find concerts happening here. The main reason why this center is in the top ten things to do in Chicago is the use of precious stones in its making. On your visit to this place, make sure to check them out as well.

6. Head to Soldier Field for Fire Soccer

Fire soccer is passionately enjoyed in Chicago. Among all the sports played here, this one can take your excitement really high. For this sport, Soldier Field is one of the awesome places. It features a large area where you can comfortably sit. The beauty of the field will be an added advantage as you take pleasure in one of the best things to do in Chicago.

7. Hard Rock Cafe for Dinner and Lunch

An amazing place to enjoy great food is Hard Rock Cafe. In Chicago, this cafe is notable for having a cool environment. The best snack to grab here is the famous burger with all the fresh preparations. 

See more on what to do in Chicago’s Hard Rock Cafe with these suggestions:

  • The place is marked for its live music shows.
  • You can have a great supper at the cafe.
  • It is also apt for lunch amidst its one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

8. Go for Massage at a Spa

This is a lively city with tons of activities to do. The activities are so engaging that you ought to feel tired at some point in time. To get back your energy and peace of mind in the best way, going to the spa will be a great idea. For men and women alike, this is a part of the best things to do in Chicago because of the pampering experience it delivers. 

For couples, spas can ensure a pleasant way to connect. For the elderly, this activity can give a comfortable experience. On the whole, you can gear up for more activities to do in Chicago, IL, as your body gets the needed relaxation.

9. Richard H. Driehaus Museum to Explore Creativity

You should know what to do in Chicago when you have gone to most of its parks and beaches. Some of you may be familiar with a lot of museums in the city. A unique one among these is Richard H. Driehaus Museum. It combines creativity in most of its forms. You can see this in the art and architecture feature here.

10. Original Rainbow Cone for Delicious Treats

Amidst the incredibly fun things to do in Chicago, save some time for Original Rainbow Cone. This is an old ice cream shop that has served a number of customers with its yummy treats. It is known more for its ice creams and as the name goes, you can really find colorful treats here. In addition to these, you can also have fun eating donuts.

Note: This place has a proper website dedicated to it. You can go through more treats and flavors to enjoy on this site.

Things for a Teenager to do in Chicago

Things for a Teenager to do in Chicago

Teens fancy experiences that they can have joy in and also share with others. Chicago is just the right city for them. The 4 awesome things to do in Chicago with teens include roaming in the renowned spaces, going to the best pizzeria, visiting the city’s famous markets, and more.

1. Bloomingdale Trail for Roaming

In case you have never been to an elevated track for trains, now is your chance to head on to one. Bloomingdale Trail is based in Chicago. It is an elevated space of this kind where pedestrians can walk. For teens, this can be something never experienced before. 

Take a look at the best things to do in Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail:

  • The place has broad and beautiful neighborhoods. You can check these out while you are on the trail.
  • You can roam here for hours and kill boredom too.

2. Find Joy at the Best Pizzeria

As teens may already know, Chicago is a great city for its dishes like deep-dish pizza. This one has a delectable taste, the local flavor of which is found best in this city. Here too, you can narrow down your choices to Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria. The fun things to do in Chicago for teens at this pizzeria are enjoying its classic atmosphere and endless food options.

3. An Exceptional Eating Experience at Superdawg Drive-in

Eating in a car is another level of experience. If you haven’t tried it out yet, then you can visit Superdawg Drive-in. This is recommended in the things to do with teenagers in Chicago as they can comfortably sit in the car and enjoy the food. Make sure to have the famous hot dog here.

4. Time Out Market Chicago for Eateries and More

Time Out Market Chicago is a popular market in the city located in Illinois. It is commonly recognized for its eating joints. You can find at least 18 of them in this market. Surely, eating is one of the best things to do in Chicago’s market for teenagers but you can also take a stroll along the path.

In Conclusion

Worth every visit, Chicago is a great city. For every type of tourist or even the locals, the city has awesome options to explore. As you got to know the best ones here, planning a unique trip will no longer be a task. While you do so, make sure to initiate early reservations for places in Chicago with limited capacities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do in Chicago today?

You can find a lot of things to do in Chicago today. You can see its public places like The Bean. Travelers can enjoy walking along the rivers in this city. Additionally, the city is great for its food options. So, today you can definitely explore good food choices.

What are the things to do in Chicago right now?

March is great for evening attractions in Chicago. Considering that you want to explore the city right now, you can head on to tours, rides, theaters, and do a lot more. If you want to engage in a comfortable experience, then you can go to eating joints that can serve you food in your car.

What are the things to do in Chicago tomorrow?

The best things to do in Chicago tomorrow are going out to fancy restaurants and eateries. They can make your weekends memorable with delectable food. On top of this, you can attend the Pillars of Spring show. It is happening at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

What are the things to do in Chicago during quarantine?

Chicago has various parks. The huge ones are likely to remain open during the pandemic. You can visit here but keep in mind that all the safety measures are sincerely followed by you. A safe thing to do is to visit Superdawg Drive-in. The joint will serve you hot food in your car. You can safely eat it.

What to do this weekend in Chicago?

This city witnesses some of the best shows and events on weekends. You can be a part of the West Loop Festival, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Pillars of Spring, and more. These events may require you to purchase a ticket. It will be best to book them online.

What to do in Chicago tonight?

Chicago can promise you an experience worth remembering when you tour the city at night. The lighting can enhance your experience. The other things to do in Chicago at night are inclusive of enjoying shows at the theater with your family or friends.

What is there to do in Chicago right now?

Certain places in the Windy City are open most of the time. During the day, you can sit by its famous rivers. Sightseeing around the top locations in Chicago is another thing that you can do right now. Given that you have enough time, you can find the best museums open in the city and spend hours there.

What to do in Chicago at night?

Bike-riding in Chicago is a great choice. When you do so around Halloween time, the entire experience can be more fun. Apart from this, there are more things to do in Chicago such as visiting The Skydeck for a great evening meal.

What to do in Chicago tomorrow?

In case you have an entire day free tomorrow, do pay a visit to Lake Michigan. This is one of the recommended and best things to do in Chicago to attain a pleasing boating experience. Make certain that you reserve your tour in advance for maximum convenience.

What to do with kids in Chicago?

Your kids will love going to Cloud Gate. This is a place that is a highlight of the city. Around this place, you can find areas that are equally worth visiting. There are more things to do in Chicago with kids like going to Kohl Children’s Museum and Field Museum, among others.

What to do in Chicago next weekend?

This city located in Illinois has so many things to do that you can have fun every weekend. It has shows going on, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. For those of you who want to relax in the upcoming weekend, going to a spa session is a suggested activity.

What to do in Chicago right now?

You can be familiar with the culture of the city, its history, as well as its architecture. So, when you want to know the things to do in Chicago right now, Chicago Cultural Center, Medieval Torture Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, etc., are highly suggested.

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