Delta Baggage Policy

Passengers planning their travel with Delta Airlines, must understand the Delta baggage policy and allowance. Passengers are offered free checked baggage on the international flight, regardless of the fare type and the class of service. However, the luggage allowance varies for the flights within the United States and Canada. 

Today in this article, you will get to know about check-in baggage allowance for Delta, the carry-on delta baggage allowance, baggage fee, and more.

Delta Check-in Baggage Policy

You can also check in and pay for your luggage at the airport. The Delta baggage policy permits you to check up only two bags per flight but in some cases, you have to pay a Delta checked baggage fee. This fee varies based on route and fare classes. 

To know more about the baggage fee, refer to the comprehensive guide below and avail yourself of all the required information. 

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage fees and allowances

Below is the overview of the Delta airlines baggage fees – 

First standard checked bag under 23 kg each way$30
Second standard checked bag under 23 kg each way $40

Delta Airlines allows their passengers to check in luggage free of cost but with no weight limitations. But there is a certain Delta baggage weight limit that is based on different fare classes. Let’s check out the weight restrictions with different classes given below in the table:

Delta Airlines Fare classesWeight limits
Economy Class23 kgs
Delta-one class32 kgs
Business class62 inches
First class62 inches

Delta Airlines Military Checked Baggage Policy

Passengers from active military duty can avail themselves of special benefits from delta airlines check-in counter, self-service kiosks, military baggage can be 63-80 inches. A military passenger is allowed to have five checked bags for free up to a weight limit of 100 pounds each regardless of any class he/she is flying. 

Delta Airlines Military Checked Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines Carry on Baggage Guidelines

Passengers can bring one piece of cabin luggage plus one personal item free of charge, as per Delta airlines baggage policy. 

Personal items that you can bring – a laptop bag, a briefcase, a small backpack, or a camera bag.  

You must adhere to the Delta baggage rules mentioned below –

  • Personal items must fit in your overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • Delta Connection flights allow you to bring a personal item with 50 seats or lower due to limited overhead space.
  • Also,the Delta carry-on baggage size must not exceed a combined length, width, and height of 45 inches (114 cm). 
  • There is no Delta baggage weight limit unless you are traveling to the following destinations:

Singapore: 15 pounds or less (7 kg)

Beijing: 22 pounds (10 kg)

Shanghai: 22 pounds (10 kg)

  • In addition you can carry the following items with your personal items:

A jacket, any food or drink purchased in the airport after the security checkpoint, an umbrella, baby strollers, or assistive devices or crutches, wheelchairs, musical or sports equipment, child safety seats, and any duty-free merchandise. 

Delta Airlines Oversize, Overweight, and Excess Baggage

If you are traveling with Delta Airlines, and if your baggage is oversize or overweight then the size and weight limitations are given in the guidelines.

Delta Airlines Overweight

Excess baggage levies additional fees. But this Delta oversize baggage extra fees vary with the weight, such as:

Overweight bags (in the U.S.)Oversize bag (in the U.S.)
51 to 70 pounds: $10071 to 100 pounds: $200
Baggage exceeding 100 pounds is not allowed. Bags larger than 80 inches are not allowed. 

Baggage travel fees

The prices to carry excess baggage on Delta flights vary according to different routes or countries. But the most common routes such as flights to Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America have the same prices to carry excess baggage. Also, you should know that excess baggage must be within weight and dimension requirements. 

Given below is a table of routes of Delta Airlines that require Delta oversize baggage fees or

Destination routes Prices exceeding the given weight limit
Routes to/from Brazil$100
Routes between the US/Canada/Mexico/Caribbean/Central/South America$150
Routes between Asia, Middle East, Australia, India$175
Routes between North America and all other African countries$175
Routes between the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands$200
Routes between North/South/Central America and Europe or North Africa$300

Delta Delayed Baggage

It’s understandable that losing baggage at the airport can be a horror for any passenger. Passengers can file a claim for compensation to Delta Airlines and can also get a Delta delayed baggage compensation for their lost or delayed items. 

Note: Travelers are requested to fill out an online  Delta Baggage Claim Form if one of their item is delayed, damaged, or lost.

In case of Delayed Baggage by Delta Airlines

You must report immediately and notify the Airline authorities, if one of your item is delayed by the Delta airlines. A file reference number will be given to you where you can apply and get eligibility to investigate your luggage. 

Note: You will get a Delayed Bag Fee Rebate, if the delay to deliver your item is more than 12 hours by the airlines. 

If you Receiving Damaged Baggage from Delta Airlines

If you notice any damage in your baggage after receiving it, then you should immediately contact the Delta Airlines Baggage Office. The officers of Delta Airlines will personally inspect and evaluate and will give you the “Delta Damaged Baggage Claim Form” to fill up. 

Also, make sure that you claim this form within 24 hours for domestic flights in the USA and 7 days for international flights. 

Delta Lost Baggage reimbursement

In case you lost your Delta baggage, then report and contact the Delta baggage claim phone number, after you have arrived at your destination. Also, make sure to check your baggage at the airport’s Lost and Found office. 

If you don’t find they’re lost and found office, then the Delta Baggage guarantee team will try their best to find your luggage. 

Missing items from the Baggage of Delta Airlines

If you notice any item missing from your baggage at the airport, then you can reach out to Delta baggage customer service at 800-325-8224 or 404-209-3043. 

Also, make sure you report this within 24 hours for domestic flights in the USA and within 7 days for international flights. 

Delta will give you a file reference number where you can submit your Delta Baggage Claim. 

If they don’t give you this file reference number, then you can always file a complaint. 

Note: An Electronic Travel Voucher (ETCV), can be used to get money back if your baggage is damaged, lost, or delayed. When you file a complaint, you are eligible for this compensation, but the nature and amount of it will vary based on the circumstances of your case.

Delta Delayed Baggage Compensation

Delta Airlines never accepts broken zippers of baggage or cuts on the baggage or scratches. 

You should always keep a note on the list of items you need to claim for compensation. 

Also, there are certain restrictions and exceptions while claiming compensation for your delayed, lost, or damaged baggage. 

A table is given below regarding the Delta lost baggage reimbursement information which you must know:

CompensationDelta’s Compensation Limits
Domestic Compensation limit (within USA)$3800/passenger
International Compensation Limit (governed by the Warsaw Convention)Up to $640 per bag
International Compensation Limit (governed by the Montreal Convention)$1,288 (Special Drawing Rights)/passenger 

In case you have any queries or any doubts regarding your baggage claim or finding difficulty while delta baggage tracking, you can speak to their toll-free numbers 1-800-325-8224 (USA) or +1-404-209-3043 (not toll-free) The international toll-free numbers or Delta baggage claim phone numbers are given in their official website Delta Airlines

How to add baggage to Delta flight Booking?

Passengers can add the baggage online while booking their flight. Alternatively, passengers can also add baggage at the time of check-in. All you need to do is navigate to the Delta Manage Booking section to add or upgrade your baggage allowance. And is subject to baggage fees. 

Passengers can also but excess baggage through Delta extra baggage contact number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit for baggage on delta airlines?

There are no weight limit restrictions for baggage on Delta airlines according to Delta baggage policy. However, certain weight limits are based on different fare classes.

How much does Delta charge for international baggage?

Delta Airlines charges $40 to 55 for international baggage.

Does delta include baggage charges?

Yes, Delta includes baggage charges through their policies which vary according to routes and fare classes.

How to add baggage on Delta?

To check in your baggage on Delta Airlines is very easy. You can either check your Delta baggage online through their website or mobile app or you can check in at the airport.

How many bags does Delta allow for free?

Delta Airlines allows two bags for free, one piece for cabin luggage, and one personal item for free. But there are size restrictions.

What is Delta’s checked bag policy?

Delta’s checked bag policy is that a passenger’s baggage between the origin and destination airports is issued on one ticket only.

Does Delta give a free checked bag?

Yes, according to Delta baggage policy, they allow you to carry one personal item and one free-of-charge cabin luggage. Furthermore, if you have an eligible Delta data credit, then you get the first checked baggage free of cost.

How many checked bags are allowed in Delta?

You will be allowed up to 10 checked bags by Delta Airlines, but only two to bring on the plane.

How do I get 2 free bags on Delta?

If you fly First Class or Delta one or a premium fare class, you can get to check two bags for free for up to 70 pounds each on Delta Airlines.

How do I avoid Delta baggage fees?

To avoid Delta baggage fees, always carry light carry-on luggage and personal items. Also, you can sign up for their loyalty program to get more benefits.

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