Frontier Cancellation Policy

There can be a change of plan in your travel trips or some emergency, you will always have the option to cancel your flight tickets through Frontier Cancellation Policy. 

If you are a passenger at Frontier Airlines, and you are in a situation planning to change or cancel your flight ticket, then in this article you will get to know everything about Frontier Cancellation Policy step by step.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy Guidelines

Frontier cancellation policy depends on the fare type of ticket and the time of ticket revocation. Here are the rules to consider when requesting Frontier airlines flight cancellation:

Frontier 24 hour Cancellation 

You can cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours of purchasing, Frontier will not charge you the cancellation fee within the 24 hours of purchase. Provided that the scheduled departure is a date booked 7 days or more in advance at the time of cancellation.

Please note- Passengers can also request Frontier flight changes within 24 hours of purchase. No fee would be incurred but any fare difference may apply. 

  • Frontier Airlines will cancel the flight if a passenger didn’t show up or check in. But a refund would be unlikely. 

Pro tip – Complete the Frontier check-in online before you head to the airport. This way you avoid the check-in queue at the airport, and save time in order to board the flight. 

  • If Frontier Airlines cancelled flights today, the airline offered its passengers an alternate flight.
  • You can cancel your flight tickets, and claim a refund on the unused portion in a special situation like:
  • Serious illness
  • Death of the passenger or death in his/her family member
  • Change in travel schedules
  • Frontier flight delay for 4 hours or more.
  • If you cancel your flight ticket after 24 hours of purchase, you may need to pay an amount as a cancellation fee.  

Note: You will need the necessary documents to cancel your flight tickets for proof.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy For Covid-19

Because of the pandemic situation, Frontier Airlines has made a specific policy keeping in mind this situation, any passenger can cancel their flight for free. Sometimes, even Frontier can cancel your tickets if the pandemic situation worsens. 

Note: A fee may be applied after certain dates of cancellation of the tickets. 

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fee

The Frontier cancellation fee varies for the WORKS and AWARD tickets. However, you should know the information given below:

  • If your ticket is a REGULAR ticket, then you will be charged $0 for 0 days or more before departure. 
  • If you have the WORKS ticket, then you will not be charged any fees until 24 hours before departure.
  • If you have an AWARD ticket, then you will be charged $99 for modifications made in seven days or less. 
  • The airline cancellation fee varies when you cancel the standard fares. The Airlines will deduct the applicable fee and refund the rest of the amount to your original mode of payment.

The Frontier cancellation fee varies with the time when any passenger request the cancellation, such as

Standard FAre WORKS FareThe AWARD Fare
Within 24 hours after bookingNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
60 days or prior to departureNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
59 to 14 days prior to departure49 USDNot applicableNot applicable
13 days to 8 days prior to departure119 USDNot applicableNot applicable
Within 24 hours after the initial purchase 119 USDNot applicable99 USD
Within 7 days of departure (including same-day standby)119 USD119 USD99 USD

Frontier Airlines Paid Reservation Cancellation – If you are canceling a paid Frontier reservation under the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy, you are able to cancel your flight ticket within 60 days or more. Hence, no fee will be charged. 

Check out the table given below:

     Cancel Flight Fee (per passenger per flight segment)

More than days prior to departure59 to 7 days before departure6 days or less prior to departure (including the same day)

Frontier Airlines Same-day Standby for earlier or later flights

Whether you are flying for a regular ticket or the WORKS ticket, you do a same-day standby for an earlier flight and also can reserve a ticket for a later flight. Check out the fees given below:

The WORKS ticketThe AWARD ticketStandard Fare
Same day standby 119 USD99 USD119 USD

Frontier Airlines Refund Policy

As per Frontier Airlines Refund Policy, passengers will receive the refund on the unused portion of the itinerary. 

At the time of cancellation, the airline will issue a credit. This credit is valid for 90 days, but the credit is non-transferable and for one-time use only. 

Some important points to take note of while canceling your flight ticket to avoid any trouble:

  • You will get all the refunds in the original mode of payment.
  • The refund will take 168 hours/7 working days to process the refund to your account. 
  • Passengers can check the refund status online.
  • Passengers will get a refund if no portion of the ticket is used, but sometimes, some portion of the ticket is used by the passenger. Then, you will get only the remaining portion as a refund in your account or Frontier change fee.
  • Also, note that if the Covid-19 situation is going on, any flight ticket which is canceled by the airlines is entitled for the full refund.

How to cancel the Frontier flight online?

You can cancel your flight ticket online and send a Frontier refund request also. All you need to do is navigate to the Frontier Manage Booking section.

  • Open the homepage of Frontier Airlines from their website. Then, select “my trip/check-in”. In the box given, type your name and your last name, press “search”, and proceed to the next screen.
  • Use your PNR number, and confirmation codes to bring up your itinerary trip. 
  • Then, you will be directed to a confirmation page and then select “cancel booking”.
  • You will be directed to a new page displaying some information about the cancellation. Press “confirm changes”.
  • Confirm your changes and you will see your flight cancellation details on the next page, this information will be sent to your email id and phone number right away.

Frontier Mobile App – You can also cancel your flight ticket through the Frontier Airlines application. 

  • Download their app, open and press the 3-line menu. 
  • Select the “my flights” option, and provide the details of your confirmation code and last name. 
  • Hit “retrieve”, tap on “change flight”, and select the “cancel” option. Confirm your changes and you will see your Frontier canceled flight refund details on the screen, this information will be sent to your email id and phone number right away.

How to cancel the Frontier flight offline?

You can cancel a Frontier flight ticket offline by call at their helpline phone numbers. 

ResidentialCustomer Service1.800.921.8101BusinessCustomer Service1.800.921.8102
EnterpriseSupport1.888.637.9620Make a Payment1.800.801.6652

How to cancel the Frontier flight at the airport?

You can visit the nearby airport counter and cancel your flight booking. Or you can visit the nearest airport as soon as possible to cancel your ticket. An airport representative will cancel your ticket right away. 

Please note – If making a last minute request, passengers can make a Frontier refund request up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure.  

Frontier Airlines Canceled/Delayed Flight Compensation

You can get compensation for canceled/delayed flights as per the Frontier flight delay compensation rules, but it depends on whether the cancellation is controllable or uncontrollable. 

Frontier Airlines can provide you with controllable situations like: 

  • Alternate flights with no extra cost
  • Food vouchers
  • Accommodation if the alternate flight requires a stay.
  • Frontier reimbursement if the flight is delayed for 4 or more hours. 

Frontier Airlines can provide you with uncontrollable situations like: 

  • Frontier Airlines may not compensate you if they cannot control the situations of canceled flights. 

Third-Party Cancellation of Frontier Flight ticket

If you have brought your frontier flight ticket from a travel agency, then the travel agency will cancel or change your ticket, you cannot cancel directly on their websites. Additional fees may be added by the travel agency for cancellation. 

Bottom Line

Frontier Airlines’s services are best and highly loved and respected all over the world. Understand their policy and find out the exact situation you are in, and then cancel or change your paid reservation at least 60 days ahead of your flight’s departure. Then you don’t have to pay any fees. You can also get a full refund if your flight is canceled due to Frontier Airlines refund coronavirus policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier refund cancel?

When you cancel a Frontier flight, you will get a refund minus the cancellation fee as per the Frontier canceled flight refund policy. If you are eligible for the refund, Frontier will not cancel the refund.

How long do you have to cancel a Frontier flight?

Cancel your Frontier flight as early as possible. If you cancel your flight ticket 60 days or more before your flight, there is no fee.

Can I cancel the Frontier flight?

Yes, you can cancel your Frontier flight ticket online or offline.

How do I avoid Frontier cancellation fees?

You can avoid Frontier cancellation fees and get a Frontier Airlines refund request if you follow the steps given below:

You can get elite status to get benefits.
You can earn miles at least once every 6 months to keep your mileage balance active.
Cancel as early as possible within 24 hours.
You can book a refundable ticket.
You can get reimbursed by your credit card company.
You can ask for a waiver if your travel plans change.

What Will Happen if I Cancel My Frontier Airlines Flight?

If you cancel your Frontier Airlines flight within 24 hours, you will get a full refund. If you are not able to cancel within 24 hours, a cancellation charge will be there and you have to pay for it to get the refund

What is Frontier Airlines Refund Policy?

If you cancel a Frontier Flight ticket with Frontier’s Refund Policy, you will receive the whole refund minus the cancellation fee. This credit is valid for 90 days, but the credit is non-transferable and for one-time use only.

Does Frontier reimburse for Canceled flights?

You can get compensation for canceled flights, but it depends on whether the cancellation is controllable or uncontrollable. Frontier does not give Frontier reimbursement for uncontrollable situations for canceled flights.

Can you get your money back if you cancel your flight?

Yes, you can get your full money back if you cancel your flight within 24 hours otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged.

Can I cancel a Frontier flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel a Frontier flight within 24 hours and can get a full refund back.

Does Frontier charge for no-shows?

Frontier Airlines has no such policies if you fail to show up or miss any flight. This only means your flight ticket is gone and cannot be used anymore.

Does Frontier Internet charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, if you cancel your Frontier flight ticket online, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

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