Frontier Flight Change Policy

Forming a useful approach, the Frontier flight change policy comprises guidance as to what you should do when making adjustments to bookings. It is easier to decide another date or time for flying. When the changes have to be made in actuality, executing them can require help.

For this, the main purpose of the policy is to fully inform you about the methods to follow. In doing so, it also guides you about important terms, associated fees, waivers, and more.

Terms and Conditions to Change a Flight on Frontier

Carriers such as Frontier enable you to make changes subject to certain terms and conditions. They are necessary to be followed when you want to fly on a different day or date than the one earlier planned. The terms also extend to name changes, as per the Frontier Airlines flight change policy.

  • The airline lets you make adjustments on the day on which you are traveling. They are available in the form of alternate flying options or standby travel.
  • Making flight changes is possible when your identification details are correct. In addition, these or any other details relevant to the booking can be asked by the airline. You will have to submit them for the changes to be carried out.
  • For changing the date of your flight, a duration of at least a week before the original one’s departure is allowed.

Frontier Airlines COVID Change Policy

Breathing transparency in most processes, Frontier caters to situations that are of immense concern to flyers. Coronavirus forms one such concern that has caused an upsurge in flight-change queries. The transparent carrier enables flyers to make changes within a period of nearly 60 days.

During the extreme times, the Frontier Airlines COVID change policy added this type of flexibility for hassle-free journeys. Initially, these changes can be free. Later on, a fee can be demanded by the airline. This will also depend on the scenario formed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Days Left Before DepartureFees for Changing Flights on Frontier in COVID ($)
60 or additionalFree

Factors such as fare type, the ongoing scenario, etc., can influence the fees. Frontier flight change policy COVID-19 terms should be checked before making adjustments.

Frontier Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

This international career has put in place a same-day or 24-hour change policy. The career considers situations in which a traveler may book the wrong tickets or may no longer wish to fly to a location. Accounting for these and many more situations, the Frontier Airlines same-day flight change policy comes with the benefit of immediate modifications.

There are 2 main conditions included in this policy:

Making Changes on the Same Day of Booking: You can book a ticket and on the same day of doing so, you can make changes. The flexibility is provided for mostly all flyers. 

Free Changes during the Risk-Free Duration: Frontier regards 24 hours to be a risk-free duration. These hours begin from the time of reservation to the twenty-four hours following it. In the duration, the changes you make will be mostly free. Flight fare differences can form an exception. 

With the policy for Frontier change flight within 24 hours, these are the features that you can function:

  • You can change to a new flight with more or limited facilities.
  • Your return flights can be modified.
  • In case your name on the booking is faulty and you wish to correct it, it will be counted as a change.
  • The date of traveling can be altered within 24 hours.
  • Minor changes can be made, while following the same itinerary, on the same day. They can include Frontier name change on a ticket.
  • Changes to your name can also be made while modifying your journey. This can invite a high fee or fare difference.

How to Change Frontier Flights Online?

An online flight change can be made from the website of Frontier. This method uses your basic details to help you do the needful. Using this, most types of flight changes can be made including the addition of better facilities. The airline lets you use Flight Flexibility too for online modifications.

This method is best for changes to your flight’s schedule, as per the Frontier Airlines flight change policy. Similar to Flight Flexibility, you can utilize miles as well.

Method 1: Frontier Airlines Flight Change On the Website

The Frontier change flight option can be availed of from the airline’s website. For this online change, you need your booking Confirmation/Reservation Code. Additionally, entering your Last Name will help you in the login process. Once you are through with this process, you can pick a reservation that needs changes. Then you can mention the changes you need.

See below the detailed steps explaining how to change Frontier flights from the website:

  • Sign in to your account after running Frontier’s site.
  • Click on the option that says “My Trip”.
  • Wait for your reservations to get loaded on the display.
  • Out of these, select a reservation that has to be modified.
  • Make the modification as you require.
  • In case Frontier applies a modification fee, it will be displayed. Pay for it.

This method will end when the changes get confirmed by the airline. It will send you either a text message or an email, depending on the contact information shared by you.

Method 2: Change a Frontier Flight Using the Flight Flexibility Benefit

Flight Flexibility works in sync with the Frontier flight change policy for the flyers who have purchased it directly. To utilize its advantage, you can use either the app or website of the airline. The desired one-time change shall be made to the date/time of your flight. This flight’s Confirmation Code will be needed in the process.

  • Ensure that the benefit of “Flight Flexibility” has been added to your booking.
  • Then go to the official website of “frontier airlines“.
  • Look for “My Trips” and use the option to move ahead.

Important: Should you be using the mobile app of Frontier, then go to “My Flights”.

  • Now, make the adjustment to your flight.
  • Confirm the same to complete this method.

Since Flight Flexibility’s use is to be availed on the same day, offline methods may not work for changing flights on Frontier.

Method 3: Changing Flights on Frontier via Frontier Miles

Frontier Miles are points that can be used for a number of purposes. Flight changes, being your concern, can be made using miles. While you go for making modifications to your tickets, you can apply these points. Thus, you will not be required to pay an additional fee. At the time of online adjustments, you can use miles.

Making Frontier Flight Changes Offline

Calling is one of the common approaches a passenger may use to avail of the change flight Frontier option. Either you can obtain guidelines from the airline to make changes or you can ask for assigning an agent. The agent can then do the procedure on your behalf.

Likewise, you can visit the airport counter. This offline method lets you create adjustments to your tickets and print fresh ones right away.

Method 1: Change Frontier Flight by Connecting on Call

For attaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction, airlines like Frontier believe in personally looking after the concerns of users. Owing to this, Frontier has made its official number to help you connect with it.

The Frontier flight change policy puts forth that for initiating adjustments, your correct details are essential. So, right after connecting on the call with a representative and sharing your request, please hand over the details asked.

The representative will take some time to verify the details as well as the booking.

Afterward, Frontier’s representative will make the adjustments on your behalf. You will be liable to pay a flight change fee, in case asked. To confirm that the adjustments have been made, please await an official message from the airline.

Method 2: Frontier Flight Changes From the Airport Counter/Kiosk

Should you decide to physically move to the airport and change your flight, then that can be a suitable option. For locals, this approach can involve both self-service as well as a representative’s help.

Considering that you would like to do the flight changes by yourself, you can head to the airport’s kiosk. By entering your details, you will be able to make a selection for your flight that requires changes. Then you can simply confirm them from your end.

Changing flights on Frontier is possible via the airport counter as well. The ticket counter is always equipped with an official who can understand the alterations you want to make. Then he/she can assist you to make them with ease.

While making these alterations, if you require any other help as well, then you can expect to be attended by the same official.

Important: Both methods 1 and 2 are suggested more for travelers who want to make same-day or 24-hour changes.

How to Change a Flight Date on Frontier Airlines?

To establish any changes to your flight’s date on Frontier, you can follow the online approach. As you sign in to your account on the airline’s site, you can manage a trip’s date.

Should this involve a fee, then you will be informed while you confirm the new flight date at the end of this method. Travelers should ensure that they have at least a week left before the departure of the original flight.

Tip: The Frontier flight change policy, in regard to travel date modifications, indicates that in most instances, a fee is applied. To find waivers, you should exercise the twenty-four-hour flight change policy.

Rules Associated with Frontier Change Fee

Making changes to your flight tickets can cause a certain impact on an airline. It may have to make some changes to its schedule as well in some cases. As this happens, Frontier change fees get added. However, you are required to pay it only when your changed flight includes it. For every change, this fee may not be needed.

In instances wherein you have to pay it, please be aware of the change fee rules.

  • You can make flight changes when you are willing to pay the cost difference. This difference is seen when you are switching to a new flight with better facilities.
  • Options that come with enhanced services/facilities can be opted for when you make a change. The cost associated with these options requires paying a change fee.
  • A passenger may reserve a ticket with a price lower than the original one. For whatever reason this change is done, the left-over balance shall be retained by the carrier.

Frontier Airlines Change Fee

Air operators such as Frontier believe in making traveling affordable, even when changes are involved. Therefore, this operator lets you make changes at reduced prices. The main determining factor of these prices is the number of days left before the date of departure. Based on the same, interestingly, free changes are also possible.

  • When 60 days or more are available to depart, you can make changes at no cost.
  • Between a duration of 59-7 days of departing, $49 is the Frontier change flight fee applied.
  • A fee of $79 can also be applied. It is asked when the departure time is shorter than 6 or fewer days.
  • Changes at the last minute can invite a cost of nearly $99.

Frontier Change Fees for 24-hour Modifications

When a seat is available on a changed flight, you can make a 24-hour modification right after your booking. To confirm this modification on the same day, you will have to submit a fee. In addition to seat availability, the fee can depend on the fare type. Also, the airline can change the fee amount as it wishes.

This table should give you an idea of the fee charged as per fare type.

Fare Type on Frontier AirlinesChange Fee on the Same Day ($)
Classic PlusFree

Classic Plus and Summit are beneficial fare types on Frontier. They can give passengers a comfortable seating experience. Additionally, Frontier Airlines waive change fees for these passengers. Therefore, when you are more likely to know that modifications will have to be made after the booking, purchasing these fare types will be suggested for waivers.

Frontier Change Flight for Free with WORKS

WORKS is a useful bundle of Frontier. It provides flyers with discounted fares. An additional benefit of this bundle is that you can make modifications to your ticket. You will not be charged for the same. At times, WORKS can help you receive the complete amount as a refund.

Thus, when you are modifying your ticket and the desired change cannot be initiated, the benefit of a refund will be of use. Since Frontier Airlines no change fee is asked for, purchasing WORKS can be highly suggested.

Changing Flights on Frontier with Flight Flexibility

A benefit that can extend your convenience, Flight Flexibility is thoughtfully made by Frontier. It can come in handy when you want to alter the time or date of your booking. This benefit is not a flight ticket in itself. Rather, it can be purchased as an add-on to your booking. Only after that, its function is available for your utilization.

To change Frontier flights, the following terms of Flight Flexibility should be kept in mind.

  • A one-time change is assuredly free with this benefit.
  • By purchasing this benefit, a passenger can be eligible for a waiver. Hence, no change fee shall be applied.
  • Adjustments made via this benefit are available for bookings made through Frontier. Additionally, they need to be made within 24 hours of your reservation.
  • For making changes to your round trip or its directions, the benefit will be helpful. It is limited to functioning for one itinerary. For a new itinerary, Flight Flexibility will have to be purchased again.
  • When an adjustment is made to your ticket, its value is applied to the new reservation. Any residual amount remaining from the original reservation, as per the Frontier flight change policy, may not be given to you.
  • Understanding that you are making changes beyond the bounds of Flight Flexibility, this benefit may not function.
  • Flyers having access to WORKS need not separately purchase this benefit. It will be included in the bundle itself. 

Frontier Airlines Change Flight Policy

There may exist times when Frontier may require changing your flight’s schedule. This change may occur any minute, whether or not enough time is left before the departure.

In such situations, you can refer to the Frontier Airlines change flight policy. The policy brings to light that several reasons may demand changes in a flight’s schedule. Then the airline takes the responsibility to assist you in all the possible ways.  

Frontier Change Flights and Notifications

Working with complete professionalism, airlines like Frontier send you notifications when confirmed changes in flights are found. You can receive them either via text messages or emails.

The message can commonly contain a button that will show you what your options are. The sooner you get notified, the faster you can avail of these options.

Your Options When Frontier Airlines Change Flights

Frontier entitles you to 2 main options when it makes modifications to your flight schedule. Initially, it can let you change to another flight that meets your requirements. Should such a flight not be available, then you can ask for a refund.

The Frontier flight change policy puts forth that refund requests are accepted only when the airline is liable to give back the amount.

In Essence of the Above

Flying with Frontier can mean a convenient experience. Not only when you are on a flight but also when you are making bookings and adjusting them, a good experience is the aim of the airline. Taking into view a number of situations, the Frontier flight change policy works well for its customers. For the smallest of changes too, the policy can be referred to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change a flight date on Frontier?

Flight dates on Frontier can be changed with Flight Flexibility. As you make changes online, you will be able to find it in “My Trips”. Without this benefit as well, you can change a Frontier flight date online. In that case, you can follow the regular method using the website. No benefit/waiver shall be applicable if not purchased.

Can I change my flight Frontier?

Changing your flight is flexibility granted by Frontier. In this regard, you can pick a new date and time for flying. For other types of changes that include modifying certain facilities, its flight change policy is supportive. Any corrections relating to name or identification are also possible through this policy.

How to change Frontier flights?

Changing flights on Frontier requires you to first pick a method suitable to your preferences. You can do so online or offline. Given that you are comfortable making flight changes online, then please use “My Trips” available on Frontier’s website. Otherwise, you may connect with the carrier offline and get your booking changed.

Can you change flight Frontier Airlines due to coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic can raise issues regarding passengers’ health. Therefore, as per the scenario, you can change flights. Kindly refer to the Frontier Airlines COVID change policy when you want to do the changes. It carries important regulations regarding changes and fees that you should know beforehand.

Is Frontier Airlines change fees waived?

Waivers are available when Frontier asks you to submit a flight change fee. They are limited to the 24-hour policy. The flyers of Summit, Class Plus, etc., can use these waivers. Otherwise, opting for Flight Flexibility, WORKS, and such benefits will be a useful suggestion. They can help you make free changes.

Why Frontier Airlines change bookings?

Frontier change flights for several reasons. Most of the time, these reasons circulate around the health and safety of its passengers. These can be inclusive of weather issues, COVID-19, etc. Pertaining to these, the airline can provide you with safe alternatives to fly.

What to do if Frontier Airlines changed my flight?

The change flight policy of Frontier Airlines lets it make modifications to schedules. When this occurs, you can look for your options. Under the Frontier Airlines change flight policy, you are provided with all the possible options to continue your journey. Otherwise, when you cannot do so, the loss is compensated.

Can I change my Frontier flight for free?

Free flight changes are allowed during COVID-19 or on the same day on Frontier. Otherwise, you need to be a flyer with special benefits. One such benefit is Flight Flexibility. In case you have scored miles with Frontier, you can use them as well. Your scores will be reduced but no payment will have to be made for modifying your flights.

Can I change my Frontier flight online?

Airlines like Frontier are supportive of online adjustments. Using the change flight Frontier online feature is particularly available when dates have to be adjusted. So, depending on the type of change you wish to make, you can go for the online method.

Can I change my return flight date with Frontier?

Similar to one-way trips, you can make modifications to your return flight too. Going by the Frontier flight change policy, you can contact the carrier. You can express the change to be made. As the carrier obtains the details, it will assign its agent to do the needful.

What is the cost to change flight on Frontier Airlines?

Costs are applicable for changes made to flights that have a departure time left of 59 or fewer days. The cost is nearly $49. When only 6 days are left, Frontier Airlines can ask for high charges. They can be around $79. Further hikes may be seen when the departure period is even shorter.

How much is Frontier Airlines change date fee?

With air operators like Frontier Airlines, change date fees may depend on the departure duration left before the original flight’s date. Thus, when you want to find out the change Frontier flight date fee, consider this duration. Accordingly, you may pay between $0-$99.

What is Frontier Airlines change flight phone number?

1-800-921-8102 is the phone number to use when you want to change your flight. This number will connect you with Frontier Airlines. Since it is a 24-hour-available helpline number, you can dial it anytime. Usually, the number is toll-free.

What if Frontier Airlines change flight time?

Frontier may change the time of your flight for genuine reasons. They may or may not lie within its control at all times. So, when you are affected by the same, you can ask for a refund. Otherwise, you can contact the airline to find out any other possible alternative.

How to use Frontier Airlines ticket change policy?

The flight change policy of this carrier lets you create several adjustments. These can be in the form of time, date, upgrades, etc. Frontier airlines ticket changes mainly take place through this policy. It is useful for finding out relevant information about change fees as well.

Why Frontier changed my flight time?

Any rights regarding flight modifications are retained by Frontier. These rights help the carrier to change a flight’s time when it is not safe or possible to fly at the original time. From severe security reasons to poor weather conditions, these rights are useful to the airline in many instances.

What are the Frontier flight change rules?

Frontier Airlines flight change rules are the main elements forming its policy. The rules relate to making changes on the same day. They disseminate that you need to fly with correct details. Hence, name changes are also a part of these rules. Additionally, they relate to flight dates and schedules.

How much to change a flight on Frontier?

You can expect a minimum Frontier change fee of $49. This is when you are making changes 59 days before your flight is to leave. They can rise up to $99 when the duration of departure is shorter than this. For 24-hour changes to flights, nearly $50 is to be paid by Economy class passengers.

Can you change your flight with Frontier on the same day?

Some airlines understand how integral it is to make alterations to flights on the very day of booking them. Keeping this in mind, Frontier has made its same-day or 24-hour flight change policy. Using this, you can easily make alterations.

How do I make Frontier Airlines same day flight changes?

It is suggested to come to the airport to quickly make changes to your flights on the same day. When the same is not feasible, you can dial the Frontier Airlines phone number and request for a flight change. Having said that, making changes offline is best on the same day or within 24 hours.

When does Frontier Airlines waive change fee?

To receive waivers for change fees, you will have to be a flyer of Summit or Classic Plus. These are the most advantageous fare options that enable free changes at least one time. In addition, Frontier Airlines waive change fees when you have purchased WORKS.

Can Frontier change flight within 24 hours?

The airline can change your flight in 24 hours, provided that you make such a request. Usually, this request is to be raised offline for quick effect. On the off chance that the airline changes your flight in twenty-four hours without receiving a request from your side, it will give you an alternative.

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Claire Harden
Claire Harden
1 year ago

This is my second trip with Frontier so I don’t know much about their rules regarding flight change. Actually, I had planned a trip to new york from Los Angeles for a business meeting that got postponed to next month. My departure date was 26th august now I want to change flight frontier airlines to the next decided date of 24th Sept. How much will I need to pay for it?

Nathanael Schmeler
Nathanael Schmeler
1 year ago

To Change flight frontier airlines has this very easy procedure where we can just call on the number given and get the change done. I was suffering from a heavy fever last night so I couldn’t take flight and wanted to change it. I called on the number and my request was politely considered. I had to cancel my flight and rebook it but I am promised a complete refund. I’m so thankful. 

Cale Feil
Cale Feil
1 year ago

I am a frequent flyer from Paris to Los Angeles and I usually sleep through my entire flight but recently I have been suffering from insomnia. I keep myself occupied on my phone or laptop but I found out the flight I have been allotted this time doesn’t have charging outlets. Can I avail the frontier change flights service to change my flight to the one with charging outlets?

Eldar Lado
Eldar Lado
1 year ago

I had an important meeting scheduled on 1st Oct. so I booked an early ticket the past month but unfortunately, it has been postponed and now it will be held on 15th of Oct. in this case since I still have like 3-4 days before departure date and want to change my flight how much Frontier airlines change fees will be charged?

August Lost
August Lost
1 year ago

I am a frequent flyer from Paris to Los Angeles and I usually sleep through my entire flight but recently I have been suffering from insomnia. I keep myself occupied on my phone or laptop but I found out the flight I have been allotted this time doesn’t have charging outlets. Can I avail the frontier change flights service to change my flight to the one with charging outlets?