KLM Name Change Policy 2022-2023

It is possible that a passenger may have reserved tickets in a rush and entered inaccurate details. For that reason, he/she has to alter/correct his or her name on the ticket. Whenever it is about correcting or altering the name on the ticket of KLM, you should refer to the KLM name change policy. The airline welcomes passengers to change their names as per the rules of the policy. These rules can extend for modifying the first name, middle name, and surname.

Defining the KLM Name Change Policy

KLM Airlines makes it easy to update and change a passenger’s name. For that, the airline has made the KLM name change policy. In the policy, all rules and regulations are mentioned for customers’ awareness. The policy allows name changes on producing the correct documents as well as following the time-period. These aspects can vary as per the situation in which the change is being requested. Thus, it is important to know all the rules and regulations of the KLM policy.

Name Correction Policy of KLM

The carrier caters to the specific needs of its valued customers. It offers complete flexibility throughout all areas inclusive of the management of personal details. When it comes to naming adjustments, the KLM name correction policy helps you with your issue. You can correct the spellings in your first name, last name, and middle name. Minor corrections are allowed as per the policy. 

Note: On this carrier, first and last names are crucial. You may not require assistance to change the KLM middle name on ticket in case the detail is missing. When it is missing on the ticket, it may not be categorized as a correction.

Conditions to Change or Correct Name on KLM Airlines

The KLM name change policy outlines the guidelines to know while changing your information. Multiple processes depend on the accuracy of this information. Hence, keeping it correct becomes more essential. According to the policy, a visitor cannot change the entire name. Only a few corrections are allowed by the airline. A complete name change is assured if this eligibility requirement is met. Furthermore, these rules protect your privacy. 

  • Passengers’ names on the tickets and their identities should be matched.
  • If the ticket is not purchased through an official source, then thereafter, he or she cannot seek a name change or correction.
  • You can get your name corrected or modified using the KLM name correction or change policy free of cost. This is allowed when you change at least 30 hours before departure.
  • In case a passenger is traveling with a separate partner carrier, he or she can submit the request up to 72 hours before leaving.
  • The airline passenger’s name cannot be changed to another name.
  • On the day of arrival, passengers cannot alter their names.
  • A traveler can change or correct his or her name using different methods.
  • Sometimes, you can purchase plane tickets through certain agents. In those situations, the alteration of names is not done by the official airline.
  • Travelers who have purchased a reward or bonus ticket are unable to use the name change service.
  • You can easily go for processes such as KLM seat selection. In order, for this process to rightly take place, please ensure that the personal details like complete names are correct.

Note: Given that the name is mentioned wrong on the ticket, the passengers have to suffer some problems. It might result in missing the flight. The airline does not allow easy boarding until you are putting the characters in the appropriate sequence in the name. Also, you might bear some charges if the changes are not made on time.

Approaches for Name Change on KLM

Passengers can make essential changes to their names or other information in several ways, as per the KLM name change policy. Initially, with the offline method, you can do such changes via live support. Or else, you can connect with the carrier and solve the issue over the phone. Additionally, you can visit the airport for modifications. As per the online procedure, you can alter your name through the official website. You will also have the option of an email service via which you can do the procedure further. Lastly, you can utilize the media to resolve your query.  

In all, there are 6 methods for a name change or correction. Their details are given below. 

Method 1: Alter Name Offline 

On KLM name on ticket can be corrected offline. Dialing the airline’s customer service number is the best option for an offline method. It is a way to speak immediately with the airline agent and openly express your concerns. The number given by the airline is as follows:

  • 1800 419 3044

Dial the customer care number to connect with the carrier. Once the carrier’s agent is connected with, you will follow the further steps: 

Inform the agent whether it is a name change or correction that you are seeking for. Then he will ask you for the details. You have to give your full name, booking reference number, and other details. Or else, if you want to change your last or first name due to marriage or divorce, you will have to submit the legal documents’ information too. 

Once the agent has located your reservation, he/she will tell you about the name error fees in case applicable. When you agree with the fees or charges, then only he/she will start the further KLM name change process. At last, wait for the confirmation for the change. Sooner or later, you will receive a confirmation code possibly through email.

Note: You can request a name change at any time by calling the airline. Similarly, you can also ask for any severe name difficulties. The agent will be able to assist you.

Method 2: Change Name via Live Support

The live support method is convenient for many customers. In this method, there is an option to choose your language. You can change or correct your name by selecting your preferred language in place of the standard ones otherwise available. This approach is helpful for KLM name change too as it is available all day. 

Before starting the name change or modification process, you may have to carry some details such as the reservation number, last name, and more. Further details are mentioned below:

  • First, you have to contact the KLM customer service to speak with a live bot/agent. The contact number to connect with live help is “1-800-618-0104”.
  • If you want “English Language”, then for that, you will have to choose “1”.

Note: You can also tap “Continue without that”. Or else, you can say “Start”. Both of these options are acceptable.

  • Further “Press 2” to continue.
  • Then maintain a steady connection. Soon a live person will connect with you.
  • Following that, you will be connected to a live customer service carrier via phone. 
  • Request the agent to alter a KLM name on ticket.
  • You might have to provide some documents. So, keep the details with you. 
  • At last, the live agent will solve your query. Your name will be corrected or changed. You will get your confirmation code also.

Method 3: Visit Airport to Change or Correct Details

Visiting the airport to update the name on your ticket is a feasible option for some passengers. Agents from the airline will carefully listen to your query and accordingly help. 

At the airport counter, you will have to share your request for a KLM change name on ticket. The agent will ask you for some documents. You will have to keep handy the documents related to the flight as well as your personal identities. After that, he/she will ask you for submission of the fees if any. 

Once you pay the fees and provide all the documents, the agent will go ahead with the procedure. Lastly, a confirmation will be sent to you with the right name on your flight ticket.

Method 4: Modifications via Website

A passenger can preserve time and complete the name change or correction procedure on his/her own via the online service. In this, the website will allow the passengers to use the KLM change ticket name service. The only thing you will have to do is visit the website and log in to your account details. Provide your actual information on the site. Further, wait for the confirmation on completing the procedure. 

  • You will have to go to the official website of KLM. 
  • To access your account, hit “Log in” and add your username as well as password.
  • Thereafter, you will need to select the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Now, enter your “Last Name” and KLM “Reservation Code”.
  • The list of reservations will be displayed on the page that follows. Choose the most appropriate option. 
  • After that, make the necessary changes or corrections and double-check the same before submitting.
  • You may need to upload a legal document as well.
  • Hereafter, in case you are eligible, you may have to pay the fees.
  • Once the procedure ends, you will receive a confirmation code verifying the KLM name change on ticket.

Method 5: Alteration of Name via Social Media

Through social media, the airline can be connected with for purposes like a name change. You can alter your name by visiting the official social media pages on the web. There, you can contact the airline easily through the options or information available. 

When you connect with the airline through such a page, clearly share your query about the KLM name change. If the airline has shared the guidelines of the name change or correction in response, then you will have to follow all of them. At last, please ensure that the name gets changed or corrected as per your requirement. 

Method 6: Alter Name through Email Service

For a range of processes, passengers can use an email service provided by the airline. You can simply modify or correct the name through this service. It is suitable for those passengers who have adequate time available to write their queries and get responses. 

First, you have to visit the official site. There, you can find the email address of the airline. You have to write your issue and request for the KLM change ticket name assistance. 

Make sure that you use your registered ID to send mail to the airline. With that, attach all the important documents. When it is a legal name change, you will have to attach the court-approved documents or papers. After that, wait for the response from the airline. Soon, your name should be changed or corrected as specified by you.

Note: You will have to follow all the guidelines of the policy on the mail service. The airline may provide them to you in response to your message. Make sure that any time-related rules given are also followed. 

Cost for Name Change Process

On KLM, the name change or correction fee depends on some factors. These are inclusive of the ticket price, the number of adjustments, the timing of the name change request, and many other such factors.

For Change: Generally, KLM provides a cost-free service for a name change.  In case you are flying with a partner airline, there is no name change fee up to 70 hours before departure. Or else, under certain circumstances when it is included, the KLM name change cost is low. 

For corrections: The fees charged by KLM for name corrections are determined by a variety of factors mentioned above. In addition, a character limit is also seen at the time of the correction. Accordingly, the fees may apply. For further details, you can contact the airlines and know the exact charges. 

When you request a name correction or change up to 30 hours before arrival, the service is free. Thus, no KLM name change fee shall apply. As you request a name change or modification after the risk-free time has passed, the carrier will charge a little portion of the booking price as a service cost. 

Exceptions for KLM Name Correction Policy

Sometimes, you do not need to go for a KLM name correction or change. If the name on the plane ticket is without any gap, then this is one situation in which correction won’t be needed. In that case, it is a format that was created by the system. Hence, the error will not be on your part. The airline will allow you to go further with that ticket only. 

The airline provides you with some other exceptions too. They are given below:

  • In a situation when you have many first names but only provide one during the reservation process, correction may not be mandatory.
  • You do not need to alter your name when your last name is listed on the flight ticket as the same detail on the passport’s last name. 

Name alterations have become a requirement for securing ticket reservations. The airline includes modifications or corrections in its policy. The KLM change passenger name option for accuracy is simple to implement by multiple approaches. The airline also gives the benefit of fees for name-changing procedures in some situations, as read here.

KLM Name Change/Correction Policy FAQs

1. Can I change the name on a KLM ticket?

Yes, you can alter the KLM name on ticket. You can change your legal name because of marriage or divorce. Sometimes, passengers want to correct the names due to being misspelled. For that reason, the airline also allows the passenger to correct the details. Hence, you can initiate all these types of changes on your ticket.

2. How much is KLM name change fee?

Generally, a fee is not applicable for name changing. If you change your name up to 30 hours prior to arrival, then no fees are applicable. Under some circumstances only, the KLM name change fee is applied. In case you change it beyond the time limit, you will have to pay a small amount for the name-changing process. The exact amount can be specified on contacting the carrier.

3. Does KLM allow passenger name change?

Complete KLM passenger name change is not allowed. The airline does not permit you to transfer your name to any other person. Even then, if you want to do so, first you have to cancel the flight ticket and rebook it later.

4. How to correct KLM wrong name on ticket?

The process of name correction is done through different methods. The most appropriate approach is offline. You will only need to call the customer care number of the airline. The agent will connect with you. You will have to provide the details for KLM name correction. Further, the agent will do the correction process for you. Hence, you will receive a message through email when the wrong detail has been corrected.

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John Jones
John Jones
1 year ago

I recently got married and I and my husband’s flight was booked for something like 2 weeks prior to marriage we specifically asked our travel agent to put my changed name on the ticket but they mistakenly put my maiden name as my last name. Under the KLM name change policy as mentioned, I tried to correct it using the website and surprisingly the process was smooth enough! You guys certainly saved me from a lot of fuss.

Katie D. Garcia
Katie D. Garcia
1 year ago

Can generally economy class change their name on ticket of the name has been mistakenly misspelled? What amount fee is charged for the same for an international ticket, traveling outside US? 

Josephine Wehner
Josephine Wehner
1 year ago

Do married women need to have their middle name on KLM ticket? This is my first time traveling abroad so I am confused about whether I need to put my middle name on ticket or not. If yes, how much will it cost to change my name?