Ryanair Baggage Policy

The Ryanair baggage policy has simplified the concept of luggage allowance. It describes various features and services available to customers. You can even get specifics on the constraints and limitations. There is also an assistance structure in place for bags that are lost, delayed, or damaged.

What are the Terms for Baggage on Ryanair?

This feature has several specific rules for carrying bags. The most significant ones are as follows:

  • Travelers get to bring multiple types of baggage, which include:
    • Cabin/Carry-on
    • Checked-in bags
  • Those with infants are permitted an extra bag.
  • Some items are prohibited to be carried in any Ryanair baggage.
  • Items with these physical attributes are not allowed in the luggage hold or on board:
    • Dimensions: Over 81 x 119 x 119 cm
    • Weight: More than 32 kg

How Many Bags are Included in Ryanair Fare Types?

The table below indicates all the fare types with the included quantity and weight of luggage:

Fare TypeBaggage included in Fare
RegularPriority and 2 cabin luggage
Plus1 item small bag1 item (20 kg checked bag)
Family Plus1 item (20 kg checked bag) and 1 item (10 kg checked bag) for any one passenger on the reservation
Flexi PlusPriority and 2 cabin luggage
ItemMaximum WeightCost at the Time of BookingCharge at the Airport Counter
Child/infant equipment (travel cot/car/booster)Each item: 20 kg£/€ 15£/€ 20

What are the Rules for Ryanair Checked Baggage?

Prohibited Items  Lighters and firelighters Items with internal combustion engines

2 main rules in relation to checked baggage are:

  • Allowance may not be included in some ticket categories.
  • When not given, travelers need to purchase their checked luggage separately.

Allowance Given

Regarding allowance, the terms are:

  • Ryanair baggage allowance for each flier is a maximum of 3/three checked bags.
  • The maximum weight of each item can be 20 kg.

Ryanair Baggage Weight Limit

This airline offers 2 weight limits for checked luggage:

  • 10 kg
  • 20 kg

How to Purchase Ryanair Checked Bags?

Passengers can buy checked bags in two ways:

Purchasing Ryanair Excess Baggage

According to the Ryanair baggage policy, this operator allows the purchase of additional weight.

  • The online purchase must be completed 2 hours prior to the plane take-off time.
  • Otherwise, they can buy it via the:
    • Call center
    • At the airport
    • Or, through the kiosk service

What is the Checked Baggage Cost?

The Ryanair baggage fees for checked items vary depending on the time and source of purchase.

ItemPrice at the Time of Booking (Per Flight)Fees at the Airport Counter (Per Flight)At the Airport Luggage Drop Counter (Bags not Added to Booking)At the Boarding Gate
10 kg check-in baggage  £/€ 12.00 to £/€ 25.00£/€ 23.99 to £/€ 35.99Non-priority travelers: £/€ 35.99Non-priority travelers: £/€ 45.99
20 kg check-in baggage  £/€ 17.99 to £/€ 50.00  £/€ 39.99 to £/€ 59.99    £/€ 69.99

Overweight or Excess Baggage Fee on Ryanair

In the following table, the Ryanair overweight baggage fee is given:

Online purchase£/€ 9 (Per kg)
Purchase via call center/airport/kiosk service£/€ 11 (Per kg)

Is there a Ryanair Baggage Policy for Carry-ons?

Through the baggage policy, fliers get to carry a few bags on board other than checked bags.

  • They are permitted to bring one small cabin bag.
  • It must be within 40 x 20 x 25 centimeters in size.

“Priority & 2 Cabin Bags” Terms

The “Priority & 2 Cabin Bags” is a special baggage product available for purchase.

  • It can be purchased:
    • At the time of ticket reservation
    • 40 minutes before takeoff using the airline’s mobile application
  • However, it is included in the “Regular” and “Flexi Plus” fares.

How Many Cabin Bags are Allowed?

Under this purchase, customers get to carry 2/two bags to the cabin. The Ryanair priority baggage size allowance for each is given below:

Bag TypesRyanair Baggage DimensionsMaximum Weight
Small cabin luggage (standard allowance)40 x 20 x 25 centimeters
Large cabin luggage55 x 40 x 20 centimeters10 kg

Can You Carry an Oversized Cabin Bag?

Any excessively large cabin baggage is prohibited on board.

  • Such bags are transported in the checked-baggage hold.
  • The said traveler will be charged £/€69.99.
  • Additionally, for domestic routes, VAT is applied.

Allowance for Infants

Travelers may bring a child (infant) over the age of 2. He/she can fly on the adult’s lap.

  • The accompanying adult can carry his/her regular carry-on.
  • One may bring a bag weighing no more than 5 kg for the infant.
  • For each child, 2/two pieces of baby gear are transported for free.
    • 1 pushchair
    • 1 travel car/booster seat/car seat

Ryanair Baggage Fees for Infants

Here are the applicable fees for some items for the infant:

ItemMaximum WeightCost at the Time of BookingCharge at the Airport Counter
Child/infant equipment (travel cot/car/booster)Each item: 20 kg£/€ 15£/€ 20

What are the Ryanair Baggage Requirements to Carry Liquids?

To bring liquid products on board, the baggage policy has laid out the following requirements:

  • It must be in a container of less than 3.4 ounces/100 ml.
  • All the containers must be placed in a plastic bag, that is:
    • Re-sealable and transparent
    • Having dimensions up to 20 x 20 centimeters
  • When the passenger is with an infant, the above liquid limitations do not apply to:
    • Sterilized water
    • Powdered milk
    • Baby milk
  • Travelers are permitted to carry liquid medication without any restrictions.

Which Items are Permitted in Cabins on Ryanair?

Multiple items are allowed on the aircraft. But there are some guidelines for carrying such products.

  • Passengers can carry human ash when:
    • Having death and cremation certificates
    • Packed properly in containers with screw-on lids.
  • They can fly with their “Smart Bag” as a carry-on provided that:
    • The lithium battery is taken out before putting it in the overhead bag rack.
    • Throughout the flight, the battery is safely stored.
  • These electronic devices are allowed on board but can’t be used:
    • Quadcopters or drones with lithium batteries (less than 160 watts).E-cigarettes15 devices
    • 20 lithium batteries

When flying with pets, only assistance/guide dogs, on some flight routes, are allowed.

Does Ryanair Transport Sports Equipment?

Considering the convenience of the travelers, this carrier offers them the chance to bring in special items, like sporting gear.

  • Sports equipment that won’t fit in your cabin bag must be checked in the hold.
  • This is in addition to the standard checked luggage allowance.
  • Each piece of sports equipment can weigh up to 20 kg.
  • The ones listed below can only be transported as checked baggage on Ryanair:

Sports Items as Checked Luggage Only

Golf clubs

Pole vaults




Fencing equipment



Large fishing rods




  • For bicycles that are not electric:
    • The allowed weight is 30kg.
    • They have to be in a protective bike bag/box.

Blunt and Sharp Sports Gear

For safety concerns, the following goods must be checked in for the baggage hold:

Blunt Objects

Sharp Objects

Tennis/squash rackets



Darts and arrows


Fishing rods



●     Baseball bats

●     Cricket bats

●     Batons

●     Softball bats

●     Walking/hiking poles

●     Ski poles

Martial-arts equipment

●     Hurley sticks

●     Lacrosse sticks

●     Hockey sticks

●     Crampons

●     Grappling irons

●     Iron hooked bars

●     Mountaineering iron spikes plates

All clubs including golf clubs

●     Snooker cues

●     Pool cues

●     Billiard cues

Ice axes/skates/picks

Canoe/kayak paddles



Ryan Air Baggage Fees for Sports Items

To transport sports equipment, customers must pay the relevant Ryanair baggage fee as listed below:

ItemMaximum Weight (Per Piece)Price at the Time of BookingCharge at the Airport
Large Sports items20 kg£/€ 55£/€ 65
Regular sports equipment20 kg£/€ 35£/€ 40
Bikes30 kg£/€ 60£/€ 75
Ski equipment20 kg£/€ 45£/€ 50
Golf clubs20 kg£/€ 30£/€ 40

Note: Goods that weigh over 20 kg, will incuran excess baggage penalty.

Can I Bring Musical Instruments for Ryanair Flight?

Travelers are allowed to check their musical instruments in the luggage hold as well as bring them on board. This is dependent on the size of the equipment.

Extra Seat Item for Musical Instruments

When a musical item exceeds the Ryanair baggage size limits for carry-on (40 x 20 x 25 centimeters), then an “Extra Seat Item” must be reserved.

Smaller musical instruments that can be transported on board are:

  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Viola

Note: Purchasing an extra seat does not include a checked or carry-on allowance.

As Checked Baggage

The Ryanair baggage allowance limits large musical instruments onboard. They are to be checked at the baggage counter.

  • These include but are not limited to:
    • Drums
    • Double bass
    • Harps
  • Their weight is limited to 20 kg per item.

Fees for Musical Instruments

Depending on its weight and when it was added to the reservation, the cost to transport a musical instrument is listed below:

ItemMaximum Weight per PieceFees at the Time of BookingCost at the Airport Counter
Musical instrument20 kg£/€ 65£/€ 50

Note: Items that exceed this limit are charged the excess baggage penalty.

Which Items Are Restricted in Ryanair’s Cabin and Checked Baggage?

The Ryan Air baggage policy prohibits travelers from bringing certain items to avoid any security or safety breaches.

Prohibited Items

Lighters and firelighters

Items with internal combustion engines

●     Fireworks

●     Smoke-generating canisters

●     Flares

●     Cartridges

●     Other pyrotechnics

Corrosives, including:

●     Fuel-contained components

●     Vehicle batteries

●     Mercury


Lithium-ion battery-powered devices (over 160-watt hours)

Paint, paint thinner, white spirit, and turpentine

Alcohol that is more than 70% ABV (140% proof)

Smart bags that still contain their lithium batteries 

Total edible oil volume: more than one liter

Flammable liquids

Energy-saving light bulbs

Christmas crackers

Gas and gas containers

Explosives and related substances

●     Chemically reactive materials

●     Flammable solids

Radioactive substances, including:

●     Commercial isotopes

●     Medicinal isotopes

Lithium- ion battery-powered vehicles, includes

●     Segways

●     Hoverboards

(Wheelchairs are allowed as per regulations)

Parts of firearms

(Exception: sights and sighting devices)



Chemicals, toxic substances, or infectious substances, for example

●     Acids and alkalis,

●     Tear gas

●     Wet batteries

●     Bleach

●     Poisons

●     Animal-repellent sprays

●     Bacteria and viruses

●     Infected blood



Firearms, guns, weapons, and ammunition (real or imitation), including:

●     Toy guns or recreational guns

●     Starting pistols

●     Nail guns

●     Slingshots

●     Bows

●     Harpoon guns

●     Catapults

●     Stun guns and tasers

●     Lasers

●     Cattle prods

Fire extinguishers

(Exception: Authorized by fire procedures)


Sharp/Pointed and Bladed Items

Considering the safety protocols, travelers are instructed to transport any of their sharp or bladed items in checked baggage for Ryanair. These are:

  • Hatchets and axes
  • Spears and harpoons
  • Knives (blades over 6cm), including:
    • Flick/lockable knivesReligious/ceremonial knives
    • Metal hunting knives
  • Meat cleavers, sabers, machetes, swordsticks, and swords
  • Razors and blades (exceptions: disposable razors)
  • Craft knives and scalpels
  • Scrapers and utility knives
  • Scissors (blades over 6cm)
  • Throwing stars
  • Tradesman’s tools (blade/shaft over 6cm)

Medical Equipment and Mobility Aid

The support of medical/mobility devices may be required by travelers with limited mobility or other medical conditions.

  • People with limited mobility can bring these items for free:
    • 2 items of mobility assistive devices.
    • Additional, medical equipment
  • You must contact the “Special Assistance” team of this airline for the given benefits:
    • Checked Baggage Waiver Letter” to check the aid for free.
    • Cabin Baggage Waiver” Letter” to carry the device on board free of cost.

Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

The Ryanair baggage policy facilitates the carriage of mobility/medical devices.

  • Notify this carrier no less than 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Give it the details on:
    • Model and makes
    • Weight and collapsible height
  • The collapsible height must be less than 81cm x 119cm x 119cm (high x wide x deep).
  • Obtain clearance in advance for mobility scooters/electric wheelchairs over 150 kg.
  • Mobility scooters/electric wheelchairs are not allowed in the cabin.

Postural Support Aids

Passengers are not offered postural aids that are not offered by this airline. However, they can bring selected postural support devices on board.

  • They can add this while booking the tickets.
  • Otherwise, they must contact this operator 48 hours prior to flight take-off.
  • This airline can allocate a suitable seat for free with such prior notice.

What is Ryanair Lost, Damaged, or Delayed Baggage Policy?

Even after taking the necessary precautions, bags may still be delayed or damaged. In some scenarios, luggage might get lost.

  • This facility guarantees to minimize the loss of the passenger.
  • The liability for offering any support is based on the Montreal Convention.
  • It is bound by the time limit given by this convention for claims.

Reporting the Damaged, Delayed, or Lost Bag

On Ryanair, lost baggage or damaged/delayed checked items must be immediately reported upon arrival.

  • Go to the designated baggage desk to file the report.
  • Obtain a 10-digit Property Irregularity Report (PIR) reference for future proceedings.

Report and Claim Deadline:

By considering the Montreal Convention of 1999, the following timeline cutoff was established:

Disruption TypeReport DeadlineClaim Deadline
Damaged luggageReport immediately after landing at the arrival airportWithin 7/seven days of the damage, submit the claim to Ryanair
Misplaced luggageReport quickly after reaching the arrival airport  Within 21 days from the date of receiving the bag,  submit the claim to the airline

How to Make Claims for Ryanair Lost, Damaged, or Delayed Baggage?

After reporting the luggage disruption at the arrival/destination airport, you can proceed to make a claim via the official Ryanair website.

  • Scroll down the official home page and locate “Help Centre”.
  • On the following page, look for “Additional Information”.
  • Choose “Claims” from this section.
  • Select “Customer Service Requests and Claims” on the new page.
  • Tap on “Baggage Claims”.
  • You’ll find the form to make claims for:
    • Ryanair lost baggage
    • And, delayed/damaged bags
  • Go through the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, finish and submit the claim form.

Documents Required

Following the claim request, these documents can be requested:

  • Original receipt copies for delayed or damaged/lost pieces.
  • Until the claim is settled, you must keep the original receipt (also the damaged item).

What is Ryanair Lost, Damaged, or Delayed Baggage Compensation?

Affected passengers are given the applicable amounts, following the Montreal Convention of 1999. The liability compensation cap is as follows:

Baggage Disruption TypeMaximum Limit
Lost or damaged luggage
Delayed luggage
1,288 SDR (€1600 approx.)

Increased Limits

Customers who have a “Special Declaration of Value” for their checked luggage, can get compensation up to 2,262 SDR (€2800 approx.). This applies to all baggage-related disruptions.

How to Resolve Ryanair Baggage Issues?

Direct communication with an airline agent may be necessary to address some issues or special requests for Ryanair baggage.

Hence, you can take help from the chatbot “Molli”.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Locate the “Contact Us” button towards the right corner.
  • Click on it, and at the bottom of the next page, tap on the chat icon.
  • You can now initiate the chat and resolve your doubts.

Or, passengers can also use any of the following social media sites to address their issues:


All in all, this Ryanair baggage policy offers a functional structure for reference. Travelers can be fully informed to prevent any mishaps. Through this, it is also possible to resolve luggage-related issues quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the baggage allowance on Ryanair?

Passengers can bring one small handbag on board. Other checked-in bags are to be purchased as needed.

What is the Ryanair baggage allowance for wheelchairs?

One can carry wheelchairs under 150 kg on this airline.

What Ryanair baggage allowance for sports items?

The allowance for sports items lets you carry up to 20 kg.

Can I buy extra baggage on Ryanair?

Yes, you can buy extra bags on this carrier.

How strict is Ryanair with cabin baggage size?

The maximum dimension limit for the carry-on is 40 x 20 x 25 centimeters. Anything over this limit is not allowed on board.

Does Ryanair charge for baggage that is oversized for the cabin?

When the handbag is way too big, fliers are charged €69.99/£69.99.

What is Ryanair small baggage size?

The smaller cabin bag should not exceed 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm.

Are there any item restrictions to Ryan Air baggage allowance?

Dangerous items, animals, etc., are restricted from being carried in checked or cabin bags.

What is Ryan Air baggage cost for a 20 kg checked-in bag at ticket booking time?

For a 20 kg bag, customers are charged between €17.99 and €50.00.

What is Ryanair plus baggage allowance?

Travelers with “Plus” fare types can bring one cabin bag and 20 kg of baggage to be checked in.

Is there a Ryanair premium baggage allowance?

To learn more about such specific allowances, customers must contact the airline agent.

What are the cabin and checked baggage Ryanair size and weight restrictions?

Items larger than 81 x 119 x 119 cm or weighing more than 32 kg are not permitted in the cabin or luggage hold.

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