Ryanair Cancellation Policy

To reverse bookings, the Ryanair cancellation policy directs about the applicable rules. Terms are also given for claiming refunds as well as compensation. This policy becomes more useful amidst emergencies. But in other instances too, passengers can apply it or avail of help.

Which Ryanair Flight Cancellation Policy Rules Apply?

This policy has simple rules for application, mostly guided by the operator’s carriage conditions.

  • The Ryanair cancel policy serves official bookings.
  • For using most of its provisions, your trip should be confirmed.
  • In relation to reversals, the “General Terms & Conditions of Carriage” can differ for:
    • Ryanair DAC
    • Ryanair UK
    • Ryanair Sun (Buzz)

Is there a Ryanair Cancel Policy for COVID-19?

In case your flight is discontinued because of the coronavirus, the airline can give you Travel Vouchers.

  • Refer to Ryanair’s “General Terms & Conditions of Carriage” to understand the rules.
  • These vouchers have 12-month validity.
  • You can redeem them in the issuance currency to obtain cash.
  • Only recipients can redeem vouchers when Ryanair cancel flights.
  • For the following purposes, one can use them:
    • Book trips
    • Select seats
    • Buy baggage allowance
    • Pay for charges/taxes
  • Or, you can choose to travel on another flight 2.5 hours prior to departure.

Limitations of COVID-19 Vouchers

In these scenarios, vouchers do not work:

  • They do not facilitate name changes if you book trips using vouchers.
  • One can’t redeem them for a non-subsidized trip against a Spanish-subsidized booking.

Is the Ryanair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy Given?

You may attempt to reverse your bookings as quickly as you decide not to board the plane. This can be done within twenty-four hours too. But, on Ryanair, to cancel within 24 hours, a confirmed policy may not be given.

How to Cancel Ryanair Flights?

To cancel Ryanair bookings, you can talk to the agents of this airline. This is possible through chat and calling.

Method 1: Via Live Chat

A live chat facility is available to help travelers connect with the agents of this carrier and make requests for reversals.

  • Run the website of this air operator.
  • After it redirects you to a fresh page, find the chat box.
  • Enter your name and email ID in this box.
  • Go through the options it presents.
  • Find and use “No”.
  • Then new options will be displayed. Choose “I Need to Speak with Support”.
  • Inform the airline that you want to cancel a flight on Ryanair.

This bot is available at all hours for general queries. For specific requests, consider the timing below:

Monday to Friday07.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M.
Saturday09.00 A.M. to 07.00 P.M.
Sunday10.00 A.M. to 07.00 P.M.

Method 2: Call-based Revocations

To cancel Ryanair reservations, you can reach this airline on the call. In general, you can obtain help 24/7. But for the best assistance to manage your booking, you can contact its agents during specific hours.

Contact NumberDays and TimingCharges
+44 1279358438Monday-Friday: 09.00 A.M. to 07.00 P.M. Saturday: 09.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M. Sunday: 10.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M.Local fees apply

Note: You can find more phone numbers after signing in to your account on the airline’s website.

What is the Ryanair Cancellation Fee?

You may have to pay fees for Ryanair cancellations. You can confirm the amount when you make the final revocation. Aside from this, additional charges may also apply.

For Refunds:

The airline will require €20 or £17 as an administrative charge for refunding government taxes. However, when the amount of the refund is less than the administrative cost, you won’t receive any value.

For Package Reservations

Passengers can undo their package trips after understanding these conditions for fees:

  • Cancellation fees will apply.
  • Charges are equivalent to package costs.
  • You may recover savings from your third-party agents/companies.
  • Free reversals are allowed when:
    • You cannot avoid an event.
    • There is an extraordinary situation at the destination

What is the Refund Policy of Ryanair?

The Ryanair cancellation policy for refunds is a set of terms that enable you to make money-back claims. Its terms are:

  • Usually, this operator’s tickets are not refundable. These include:
    • Regular
    • Plus
    • Family Plus
    • Flexi Plus

Note: Certain clauses of Ryanair’s general terms can make the above fares refundable.

  • Hence, the amounts paid for trips and services can’t always be refunded.
  • Government taxes are refundable.
  • Post November 2021:
    • Ryanair Wallet is used to issue the amount.
    • From this wallet, you can move it to the initial payment source.
    • Or, it can work as a balance to reserve bookings.
  • To access this wallet, use “MyRyanair” on the website.
  • Refunds are also provided for discontinued package trips.
  • To make Ryanair cancelled flight refund claims, you have 1 month after your trip’s date.
  • Go through “General Terms & Conditions of Carriage” of this airline to learn further.

Refunds for Involuntary Actions

Due to involuntary actions, when this operator gives you a refund, it will comprise:

  • The full value of the ticket for a reversed booking
  • Taxes, charges, other fees

For the Death of a Passenger

When a passenger or a person on the same booking undergoes major illness or dies before a flight, the operator will:

  • Give money-back for every person on the said booking
  • Or, waive fees in case one modifies the flying schedule

During Bereavement of Others

In the instances of death or extreme sickness, you can get a complete Ryanair cancelled booking refund when:

  • There are 28 days left before the date of flying.
  • A flier confirms that he/she will not fly.
  • You apply for your money back.
  • A flying companion suffers death.
  • An immediate member of the family, as given below, passes away:
Civil partnerParents (step or biological)
GrandparentsSister or brother-in-law
SpouseSiblings or step-siblings
Mother or father-in-lawGrandchildren
Children (biological/adopted)Daughter or son-in-law
  • You can get waivers for any:
    • Fees
    • Restrictions
  • One may seek the option to change flights (particularly the time and date).

Vouchers for Reimbursements

Post January 22, 2021, Reimbursement Vouchers are given in some cases under the refund policy.

  • They are subject to the terms of carriage of this carrier.
  • These vouchers indicate the final claim settlement in sync with the EU 261/2004 Regulation.
  • A twelve-month validity from the issuance date is associated with a voucher.
  • During validity, redeem such a coupon via the website-based “MyRyanair” option.
  • Only recipients can make the claim in the issuance currency.
  • Or, you can use a voucher to make transactions or purchases.

Remember: These coupons can’t work for name modifications or non-subsidized bookings against subsidized Spanish trips.

Refunds for Indirect Reservations

You can contact your travel agency/agent to get the refund. Your amount will be credited to the same person or source. Through this, you can access your money.

Otherwise, verify yourself with this carrier to obtain refunds for Ryanair cancellations.

Verification TypeCharge

To start the verification, check the “Refund Hub” page of this operator.

Duration of Receiving Your Money

Usually, it takes 5 business days to get the full amount back, as per the Ryanair cancellation policy. Variations can occur as per the following:

Booking SourceDuration of the Refund
Ryanair’s official website24 hours (within the wallet)
OTA or online travel agents/third-partiesLonger than 24 hours

Status of Requests

Once this airline confirms your request, it will notify you, possibly by mail. Through this email or via “My Bookings” on the website, you can check the status.

What are the Constraints of Ryanair Cancelled Flights Refunds?

A few constraints apply under the refund policy of this airline:

  • When you decide not to fly, you can get the following back:
    • Fees incurred
    • Ticket fare
    • Other charges
  • In the instances of no-shows, the Ryanair flight cancelled refund isn’t given.
  • To get the money for extra services, your travel agency can help.
  • Provided that your entry to a country is denied, you can’t ask for your money.

Documents Required to Claim Refunds

To obtain the Ryanair flight cancelled refund, you will need to give:

  • Reservation number
  • Clarify the requirement for partial/full money-back
  • Relationship between a traveler and a deceased (when involving death)
  • Evidence-related documents

How can I Get a Flight Cancellation Refund?

When your trip is revoked, you can receive an email. It should carry a link to make a Ryanair canceled flight refund. Otherwise, you can apply the following methods.

Method 1: Using a Refund Form

For refund requests due to government fees, death, or reversed flights, you can fill out a form.

  • Select the “Reason for Refund Request”.
  • Mention the details of your booking.
  • Add your contact information including:
    • “Customer Surname”
    • “Email Address”
    • “Customer First Name”
  • Choose the type of refund, whether full or partial.
  • Insert the visible code.
  • Then hit “Submit Refund Application”.

Method 2: Using “MyRyanair”

“MyRyanair” is an option on the website of this airline. It lets you apply for a complete refund.

  • On the website of “Ryanair”, click on “Log in”.
  • Now, on the “MyRyanair” page, add:
    • “Password”
    • “Email Address”
  • Tap on “Log in”.
  • Find the option to get your refund for a Ryanair cancelled flight.

Note: This method also works for rescheduling bookings when the original ones are reversed.

Method 3: On-Call Refunds

You can reach the airline on the telephone. Its representatives will assist you in applying for the money-back provision.

What is the Ryanair Cancelled Flights Policy?

Should the airline revoke your booking, it will try to assist you. This assistance is given via the cancelled flights policy, depending on the complete scenario.

The airline may reverse:

  • A flight
  • Or, its route

This cancellation policy of Ryanair gives rights to passengers under the:

  • EU Regulation 261/2004
  • Montreal Convention 1999

Reasons Leading to Revocations

For the following reasons, this airline may decide to prevent you from flying under the Ryanair cancellation policy:

  • Instances of fraudulence, such as these, can invite cancellations:
    • Engagement in suspicious activities
    • Not complying with the terms of this carrier
    • A lack of correct documents
    • Not presenting the correct information to the airline
  • You did not confirm your trip.
  • A flier’s behavior on a flight is inappropriate.

Provisions of this Policy

You can choose from the following options or provisions:

  • Reschedule your trip at no charge.
    • You can choose a flight having the same destination.
    • Or, access other transports to travel on your route.
  • Get a refund when Ryanair cancel flights.
  • Or, other facilities can include:
    • Stays in hotels
    • Free re-issuing of boarding passes
    • Credits for the phone at no charge (valid for 24 hours)

Notifications for Ryanair Cancelled Flights

Once the airline confirms that a trip is discontinued, it will notify fliers via:

  • Text
  • Email

Note: On the registered phone number or email ID only, notifications are sent.

Can I Get Cancelled Flight Compensation on Ryanair?

You can read the EU 261/2004 regulation that governs the compensation policy of Ryanair. In general, it serves:

  • Passengers with direct/confirmed reservations
  • Those who checked in timely
  • Bookings that involve departure:
    • From an EU airport
    • Via an airport in a nation based out of the EU to an EU airport
  • Those who are allowed to board flights

Reimbursement Offered

Under EU 261, the compensation policy of this operator directs that:

  • Passengers can obtain rerouting services or refunds.
  • Otherwise, they can get these facilities for care:
    • Refreshments and food
    • Making 2 phone calls or emails
    • Accommodation for 1 or 1+ nights
    • Transportation to/from the accommodation
  • Monetary cancelled flight compensation on Ryanair is given as follows:
Flight TypeDistance between Arrival and Departure AirportsReimbursement
All bookingsUnder or up to 1500 km€250
Intra-EU Trips1500 km+€400
Flights other than Intra-EU1500 km to 3500 km€400
Non-internal EU Bookings3500 km+€600
  • Passengers should submit claims for reimbursements and receive them within 10 days.

Due to a Death/Injury

This carrier tries to compensate for injuries to or the death of fliers.

  • The amount can be around 128,821 SDR.
  • When the carrier proves not to be negligent/blameable, the claim can be greater.

Restrictions of the Compensation Policy

Under the cancellation policy of Ryanair, the operator can refuse refunds when:

  • It informs you about reversals 2 weeks prior to departure.
  • You are notified between 7 to 2 weeks before take-off and:
    • Given the option to reroute 2 hours before a flight’s departure
    • You are at your destination fewer than 4 hours post the scheduled take-off
  • The carrier informs you fewer than 7 days before departing and:
    • Lets you reroute and depart in 1 hour before take-off
    • You reach the point of destination less than 2 hours post the departure
  • Revocations are proven to occur due to extraordinary scenarios:
    • That can’t be avoided
    • Which include:
      • Labor crises
      • Political circumstances
      • Air traffic control problems
      • Safety risks
      • Weather issues

How Do You Claim Compensation on Ryanair?

A cancelled flight compensation on Ryanair is to be claimed online via the EU261 form.

  • Look for the “Ryanair EU261 Claim Form” using your web browser.
  • Select the page for “EU-261 Passenger Rights”.
  • On this page, scroll to find “Apply for Compensation”.
  • Under “Type of Claim”, choose one of these:
    • “Expenses Only”
    • “Compensation Only”
  • Choose “Flight Cancelled” from the dropdown for “Reason for Compensation”.
  • Read the information given on this form.
  • After understanding it, you have to choose “Next”.
  • Provide the following:
    • Your registered email ID
    • Reservation number
  • Tap on “Validate”.
  • In case more instructions appear, perform them to obtain your reimbursement.

For Queries Relating to Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Assuming that you have specific queries while applying this reversal policy, you can contact this operator. The mediums given below are useful for this:


On the whole, the cancellation policy of Ryanair comprises guidance and provisions. Whether you revoke a booking or the carrier has to discontinue it, this framework can guide you thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ryanair have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

One may not find a specific policy for reversals within 24 hours.

How will I be notified of flight cancellation?

The carrier can send you a text/email on your registered information to share notifications.

What happens if my flight is canceled?

In case the operator reverses your trip, you can get rescheduling, refund, and other facilities.

Can I cancel my Ryanair flight free of charge?

Yes, free cancellations can be made in special circumstances such as the death of an immediate family person.

Can you cancel a Ryanair flight within 24 hours of booking?

You may attempt to revoke a flight within twenty-four hours of its reservation.

Can I get a full refund from Ryanair?

In some scenarios, you can obtain full refunds with this airline.

Will Ryanair refund if they cancel flights?

The option to avail of refunds is given when the carrier discontinues your booking.

How often do Ryanair cancel flights?

In rare occurrences, this operator can cancel your flight.

How do I cancel Ryanair flights?

Through the live chat feature, you can ask the agent of Ryanair to revoke the booking for you.

Is there a policy for canceled flight compensation on Ryanair?

Fliers can access a policy to obtain compensation when flights get canceled.

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