Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Entering the wrong name on the ticket can lead to stress and rejection at the boarding departure area. An ideal way to resolve this huge concern is to connect with the airline and request a Spirit airlines Name Change policy. You can modify, delete, or change the name or correct minor errors to continue the travel effortlessly.

Take a look at the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy and its specifications.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy?

Spirit Airlines specifies the following guidelines for the passengers to issue the necessary name-related changes before the respective domestic and international flight timings.

  • The modification is applied to the whole journey and not just for a part of it to ensure your convenience.
  • The flights operated and handled by Spirit Airlines are covered under Spirit Airlines change name on ticket.
  • If a passenger has opted for multiple flight segments, Spirit Airlines covers the name change request for the segments under its jurisdiction.
  • Spirit Airlines’ change of name is only allowed if the passengers conform to certain rules and regulations like following the character limit.
  • Please ensure that all the flights operate via this airline. See to it that 095 is the starting number for the ticket inventory.
  • Passengers can enjoy a 24-hour risk-free cancellation period to entertain any name changes without a fee or additional service charges.
  • Only one name is permitted per passenger.
  • Spirit Airlines reserves the right to ask the passenger to cancel and rebook the flight based on the Spirit name change request.
  • The ownership of the ticket is not interchangeable. It implies that the passengers can not transfer the ticket to another passenger.

Which Documents Should I Carry for Name Change on Spirit?

There are certain instances of legal name change concerns like marriage, divorce, gender change, or adoption. Here are the possible documents required for a name change –

  • License of Marriage
  • Order from the court
  • Decree of divorce
  • Supporting documents for change of legal name
  • Spirit Airline name change fee receipt
  • Updated Passport and VISA
  • Government ID Proofs like Voter ID, Driving License, etc.
  • Valid travel documents

What type of Name changes/ corrections are permitted by Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines name change policy is flexible and allows for misspelled names, name corrections, and legal name change concerns. Check the eligibility and the applicable changes mentioned below –

Spirit Airlines generally allow free name change for legal name change requests. However, make sure to contact the airline for more details. Keep note that-

  • You can request a spirit change name on ticket in instances of marriage, divorce, adoption, and gender change.
  • It is compulsory to present updated and adequate documents to support the claim.
  • Present the valid reason for legal change and ensure that the legal matters are resolved.
  • A marriage certificate, divorce certificate, Decree, Legal Notice, and Government issued ID proof are some of the documents required to avail of the facility.

What name changes are applicable under Spirit Name Correction?

Spirit Airlines guides travelers to conduct name correction under the specific circumstances granted by the airline. You can request the following changes –

  • Passengers can correct up to 3 characters in the first, middle, or last name of the passenger.
  • Prefix and Title do not qualify for Spirit name change requests.
  • You can request changes for minor typos, corrections, or other errors.
  • Nicknames and inverted names also qualify for name change/correction.

How to request a name change on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit provides various methods for the change name on Spirit flight including online and offline procedures for the convenience and comfort of passengers.

The popular methods are described below for Spirit name change –

How do I change my name on Spirit Airlines via the website?

Website is the easiest and the most reliable way to interact with the airline for any concerns. Follow the steps given below –

  • Navigate to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Head to the main webpage. Choose “My Trips” from the official website to access Spirit Airlines Manage Booking.
Spirit Airlines My Trip

The authorized website of Spirit Airlines is the source of this screenshot.

  • You can either “log in/ Sign up” and enter the “email address” and “password” to access the flight choices by clicking on “Sign in”.
Spirit Airlines- Login

The screenshot is sourced from the official Spirit Airlines website.

  • You can also choose “Find My Trip”, enter the “last name” and “confirmation code” and click “Continue”.
Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Section

This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Spirit Airlines.

  • Once you access the flights, choose the flight and choose the name change option or Edit Booking option.
  • Enter the necessary information like the correct name, email, phone number, travel documents, and legal documents to initiate the name change request.
  • Pay the applicable Spirit name change fee and the fare differences, if present.
  • Passengers will receive the updated ticket with the correct information in the “My Trips” tab and over the registered email.

How to request a name change at the airport counter?

You can contact the airline for a name change at the airport counter through the available staff members and representatives. Follow these steps to conduct a name change on the flight –

  • Head to the airport counter and request “Spirit Airlines name change”.
  • Provide proper details like name, registered email, phone number, ticket reference number, ticket booking code, passenger’s name, etc.
  • The passenger can disclose the reason for connecting, that is, changing the name on the flight tickets.
  • Visit the airport long before the flight departing time to ensure that the airport authority has time to handle any concerns.
  • The authority will let him/her know how to change Spirit change passenger name on Spirit Airlines tickets.
  • The airline staff will process the request once you submit the essential documents like legal documents and travel documents.
  • Pay the applicable Spirit name change fee and the fare differences.
  • You will receive the updated ticket details in the registered email. You can also request a boarding pass at the counter and proceed with Spirit check in.

How to contact Spirit Airlines for a name change over the phone?

You can contact Spirit Airlines over the phone via WhatsApp or SMS. Follow the steps given below for Spirit Airlines change passenger name on account –

  • Head to the official website and choose “Contact US” from the main menu.
  • You can choose the desired option. Choose “SMS/ Whatsapp” to text the airline directly with a “Hello”.
  • The WhatsApp number of some popular locations is discussed below –
LocationPhone Number
ColombiaPhone Number – 571 +241 4000
ArmeniaPhone Number – 57 – 6749 – 7244
Costa RicaPhone Number – +506 4032-9449
WhatsApp – +506 7201-9465
HondurasWhatsApp: (504) 9452-0238, (504) 9452-0239
Nicaragua: ManaguaPhone Number – 505-227-81149
TegucigalpaWhatsApp: (504) 9472-8517
El Salvador: San Salvador Phone number – +503 2534-8228
WhatsApp – +503 7166-9738

How to Contact Spirit Airlines via social media for Queries?

Social media emerges as one of the best mediums to contact Spirit representatives for concerns about Spirit Airlines flight cancellation, pet policy, etc. You can receive a response within 24 hours from the airline staff.

Here are Spirit Airlines’ social media platforms for name changes and other issues.

Social Media PlatformSocial Media Profile Link/ URL

What is the Spirit Airline Name Change Fee?

Spirit Airlines name change fee is applicable only for the services/ facilities opted for by the passengers to keep the travel experience as economical as possible.

In case of a name change, here are the spirit name change fee/ modification charges stated by the airline –

Conditions For ModificationsName Change Fee (Per Booking, Per Passenger)
Changes within 7 days from flight departure119 USD
Changes within 7-30 days from departure99 USD
Changes between 31-59 days up to departure69 USD
Modifications in case of Group Bookings50 USD
Name Changes requested over 60 daysFree

Note – Make sure to contact the airline for updated name change fees and other charges like service fees, fare differences, etc. if applicable.

Spirit is a renowned, affordable airline dedicated to providing economic and diverse choices. Name change Spirit Airlines policy can be accessed via online and offline methods, allows free name change options, and allows passengers to initiate name change requests under difficult legal changes and minor corrections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change a passenger’s name on a Spirit flight?

Yes, you can request minor and major name corrections and legal name changes under the Spirit name change policy.

How much does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket to Spirit?

Spirit Airlines charge between 50 USD to 120 USD to request a name change.

How do I change my last name on Spirit Airlines?

You can connect with the airline over the website in “My Trips”, and enter the correct last name up to three characters in the “Edit Booking” section.

How to change the name on my spirit airlines account via contact support?

Head to the official website, choose “Contact Us” and choose “SMS/ WhatsApp”. Choose your location and the associated phone number to share your name change-related queries.

How to contact Spirit Airlines via the website?

Head to “My Trips” from the main menu, choose the desired flight, and choose “Edit bookings” or name change to conduct required changes.

Can I change the name on my Spirit airline ticket?

Yes, you can request a name change and present documents like a Divorce certificate, Divorce legal notice for confirmation to get the necessary confirmation.

What documents are necessary for Spirit name change/correction?

Documents like Marriage certificates, Divorce decrees, Legal notices, Travel documents, and ticket confirmation proof are important for the name change.

Can I correct my last name on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can change your last name up to 3 characters with Spirit Airlines.

Does a Spirit ticket require a middle name on the boarding pass?

No, a middle name is not compulsory on the boarding pass. However, it is advised to ensure the name on the ticket matches exactly the government ID.

Does Spirit Airlines allow free name change under certain circumstances?

Passengers can request a free name change within 24 hours or make a change beyond 60 days of booking the reservation.

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Louise E. Noble
Louise E. Noble
2 years ago

Reserved my flight and the airline had mixed my name characters. Then I had to change name on spirit flight. Had changed my name with in the twenty four hours. And the airline does not charge any fees from me. I guess the policy is flexible to all customers. Its just that the airline mixed them and I had to put in my time.

Erward Jon
Erward Jon
2 years ago

About a year ago, remembered that I had booked a plane ticket with spirit. At that time, my middle name was wrongly entered into the ticket. Also don’t have any knowledge of how to make spirit Airlines name change. Then, I had to cancel my flight and don’t even receive my refund. Now get to know the name change policy and I think now it is easy to change the name too.

Martin johns
Martin johns
1 year ago

Was under stress when my middle was missing on my ticket. Then I visited the official website of the airline to get help. And it was relaxing to see the spirit name change policy. the middle name is not necessary though. Didn’t have to make any change then.

Gantz Billy
Gantz Billy
1 year ago

A few weeks back, my name was half printed on the flight ticket. Wanted to get it fixed. But don’t know if Spirit airlines change name on the ticket or not. So called the customer care number. shared my query and the agent had put my call on hold. The airline make corrections in my name. But I had to wait for a long time on the call.