Swiss Airlines Baggage Policy

When planning a trip, one of the most important things to consider is baggage allowance and policy. Understanding Swiss Airlines baggage policy can help you avoid extra fees, delays, and other complications at the airport.

Swiss Airlines has a comprehensive baggage policy that aims to meet the needs of all travelers. From checked baggage allowances to fees for excess baggage and overweight items, Swiss Airlines has a well-defined policy in place.

This policy will delve into the details of Swiss baggage allowance, helping you understand what you can bring on board and what to expect when traveling with this airline.

What is Swiss Air Baggage Allowance?

The Swissair baggage allowance policy is user-friendly and offers various advantages and benefits while carrying hand baggage and checked baggage on board.

Here are some of the guidelines associated with Swiss Airlines Baggage policy- 

  • The passengers can check the baggage calculator on the website portal to have a glance at the applicable free baggage allowance and the costs of the additional baggage applicable on the routes and destinations mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The airline does not allow passengers to carry all types of goods and items through the security check-in.
  • The fare type may include a free baggage allowance. However, the passengers are liable to pay for the Swiss additional baggage or overweight baggage they are carrying.
  • The luggage must be packed carefully keeping in mind that contents must not spill outside.
  • It is the responsibility of the passenger to take care of their items and valuables like cash, gold, jewelry, etc. The airline is not responsible for the theft, loss, or damage of these items.

What is the Swiss air airline Baggage allowance for carry-on baggage?

Swiss air hand baggage or Swiss carry on luggage allowance permits travelers to carry valuable, personal, or essential items with them as hand luggage. Travelers can carry the items as long as they fulfill the size and weight dimensions.

Guidelines- Some of the key guidelines to be followed include-

  • The hand baggage must be small enough to fit in the overhead locker or under the seat available in front of the passenger.
  • If you exceed the minimum Swiss Airlines baggage size for personal items, it will have to be checked in as baggage, and you may incur Swiss air baggage fees for the excess baggage.
  • Valuables like passports, VISA, medication, and electronic products like smartphones, laptops, power banks, and e-cigarettes must be taken as hand luggage.
  • If the hand baggage is determined to be too heavy or too large at the boarding gate, the passenger is liable to pay a charge higher than the usual costs at the security check-in.

NOTE: The payment can only be completed via credit card.

  • The size and weight allowance depend on the fare type chosen by the passenger.

Size and Dimensions Regulations- Keep this in mind for Swiss air carry on size-

  • The size dimensions for a foldable garment bag are 57 x 54 x 15 cm.
  • Here is the Swiss Airlines carry on dimensions and luggage sizes for various ticket types.
Fare Type TicketSize and Weight Regulations for Hand Baggage
Swiss EconomyNumber- Maximum 2
Weight- 8 kg
Max Dimensions- 55 x 40 x 23 cm
Swiss BusinessNumber- Maximum 2
Weight-  8 kg
Max Dimensions- 55 x 40 x 23 cm
Swiss FirstNumber- Maximum 2
Weight- 8 kg
Max Dimensions- 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Other Permitted Items- The adult passengers and the children with their seats on the flight under the Swiss air unaccompanied minor policy, can carry more items as hand baggage.

  • Swiss air hand baggage guidelines state that the passengers can carry other items listed below as hand baggage too-
  • Laptop bag, shoulder bag, small backpack, or handbag with maximum dimensions of 40 x 30 x 10 cm.
  • Child car seat, baby basket, or a child restraint system for the security of infants.
  • Medical prostheses and assisting devices and items like crutches, and leg or arm splints are also permitted as hand baggage.
  • Medical devices and equipment like personal wheelchairs, syringes for medicinal assistance, portable oxygen concentrators, and medicines.
  • Pocket buggies if packed tightly and not recognizable as pushchairs can be carried as free hand baggage allowance.

Swiss Airlines liquid carry on is allowed in hand baggage under specific conditions, but passengers need to be aware of TSA guidelines. Keep in mind that-

  • Lotions, creams, and gels in any form are considered liquid.
  • They must be carried in a container with a maximum capacity of 100 ml.
  • Containers must be kept in a transparent bag of 1 liter.
  • Only one bag per person is allowed.
  • The containers must be sealed properly and presented at the security check.
  • Liquid duty-free items must be packaged under the ICAO regulations and have proof of purchase.
  • Large quantities of liquid, up to 2 litres, are allowed as checked baggage if they are not banned as per Swiss Air baggage rules.
  • The airline reserves the right to collect/ confiscate any item outside the regulations’ compliance.
  • Exceptions: Some foods and medications can be carried by passengers under certain circumstances. They are listed below-
  • Medications –  Urgently required medication can be carried if the passenger produces a valid medical certificate and must carry only the amount required during the flight.
  • Special Foods –  Passengers with infants and small children are allowed to carry liquid baby food and milk in the hand baggage.

What are the exceptions that may be followed by the passengers?

The airline specifies the following expectations while carrying hand baggage.

  • If the passenger is traveling on a smaller aircraft fully booked to capacity, the airline reserves the right to ask the passenger to check in the hand luggage as checked baggage.
  • The passengers must follow the country-specific hand luggage guidelines. For Example- US and Italy follow stricter guidelines for baggage.
  • US and Italy state that the passenger in Business and First class fare types must check in second hand baggage as well if they are carrying more than one hand luggage. 
  • If the passengers are flying within and from South Africa, keep note that-
Fare Type TicketMaximum Size and Weight Dimensions
Economy ClassItems: One item and a thin laptop bag
Maximum Size: 56 x 36 x 23 cm
Maximum Dimensions:  7 kg
Business ClassItems: Two items and a thin laptop bag
Maximum Size: 56 x 36 x 23 cm
Maximum Dimensions: 7 kg
First ClassItems: Two items and a thin laptop bag
Maximum Size: 56 x 36 x 23 cm
Maximum Dimensions: 7 kg

What are the items restricted as hand baggage?

Here are certain items not permitted as Swiss Airlines hand luggage due to safety concerns. Add to that:

  • The airline will collect the prohibited items from the passengers and no excuses are entertained.
  • Swiss air is not responsible for confiscated items. The rule also applies to goods purchased at the airport before flight departure.
  • The list of prohibited items in Swiss Air hand luggage is as follows:
    • Stunning tools- Stun guns, Animal stunners, killers, tasers, and Stun batons
    • Weapons- Bows and arrows, harpoons, starting pistols, signal flares, imitation toys
    • Tools- Tools like Crowbars, all Drills and drill bits, blowtorches, screwdrivers or chisels, saws, bolt and nail guns, etc.
    • Blunt tools- Clubs, batons, softball bats, baseball instruments, martial arts equipment, and blackjacks are some of the prohibited instruments.

NOTE: Make sure to stay updated with the list on the airline’s official website. It is also important to note that the passengers must adhere to specific airport regulations.

What is the Swiss Airlines checked baggage allowance?

Swiss airlines baggage allowance allows passengers to carry items that do not qualify as hand baggage as checked luggage. Add to that–

  • Swiss Airlines’ checked baggage allowance varies depending on the travel class and route.
  • For long-haul flights in Economy Class, passengers are generally allowed to check one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg (50 lbs).
  • For Business Class, the allowance is usually two pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg (70 lbs) each.
  • For First Class, the checked baggage allowance is usually 3 pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg (70 lbs) each.

Checked baggage to/ from and within Europe – On European routes, the baggage limits are adjustable. Add to that-

  • Small children are liable to a pram or foldable pushchair in economy class.
  • The classic and flex fare types include one item of baggage weighing 23 kg.
  • Items must not exceed dimensions (Width + height + Depth) of 158 cm.
  • Items heavier than the given dimensions must be transported as air cargo or excess baggage.
  • The passengers will be charged for every additional item carried by them if the number of items exceeds the free baggage allowance.
  • The airline does not accept items above 32 kg and a size of 292 cm.
  • The detailed descriptions for swiss air checked baggage requirements are as follows-
Fare Type ConditionsWeight and Size Dimensions
LightNot included
Classic and FlexNumber- Maximum 1 Total weight allowed- 23 kg
Business  Number- Maximum 2 Total weight allowed- 64 kg (32 kg each)

Baggage allowance for intercontinental flights with Swiss Air – The baggage limits for intercontinental flights by Swiss Air are as follows-

Fare Type ConditionsWeight and Size Dimensions
SWISS EconomyNumber- Maximum 1 Total weight allowed- 23 kg
SWISS Premium Economy Number- Maximum 2 Total weight allowed- 46 kgs (23 kg each)
SWISS Business  Number- Maximum 2 Total weight allowed- 64 kg (32 kg each)
SWISS FirstNumber- Maximum 3 Total weight allowed- 96 kg (32 kg each)

NOTE: No baggage is included for Light fare.

Baggage Allowance for Flyers with Status- Passengers with the status given below have a higher Swiss Air baggage weight limit on flights operated by airlines. Make sure these benefits do not apply to light fares.

Below is the overview of the checked baggage allowance for Elite passengers based on the travel routes –

StatusTo/ From/ Across Canada and USAOther Destinations
HON Circle
● In addition to baggage- 1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy
● In addition to baggage- 1 baggage item of 32 kg in business and first-class
● In addition to baggage- A set of golf instrument
● In addition to baggage- 1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy
● In addition to baggage- 1 baggage item of 32 kg in business and first-class
● In addition to baggage- A set of golf instrument
Frequent TravelerIn addition to baggage– 1 baggage item of 23 kg in economyIn addition to baggage– 1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy
SWISS Golf TravelerIn addition to baggage– A set of golf instrumentIn addition to baggage– A set of golf instrument

Other Rules Associated with Checked Baggage- The passengers traveling on the given routes, can benefit from higher baggage allowance limits on economy classes.

RouteFree Baggage Offered by Swiss Air
From USA/ Canada to South AfricaMaximum weight: 23 kg
Number: 2
From/ to JapanMaximum weight: 23 kg
Number: 2
From Canada/ USA to West, East, and Central Africa (Excluding Mauritius)Maximum weight: 23 kg
Number: 2
Between Canada/ USA/ Afghanistan and Mexico/ Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, PakistanMaximum weight: 23 kg
Number: 2

What are the Excess Baggage Guidelines for Swiss Airlines?

The passengers can contact the airline if their items cannot be checked as personal items in hand baggage or as checked baggage due to excess weight or size. If the items are heavy and big beyond the suggested standard dimensions, they are allowed as excess baggage for a fee.

If the Baggage is Too Heavy or Large –

In such a case, the passengers can carry Swiss air baggage for an additional fee. The airline charges an oversized baggage fee for each leg.  Add to that-

  • The connecting flights with a gap of fewer than 24 hours are considered one route.
  • The excess baggage costs for the return and outbound flights must be paid in the local currency at the departure airport.
  • Excess Baggage Costs – The costs for excess baggage
LocationsOverweight or Oversized Luggage (>23 kg/32 kg OR >158 cm)Overweight and oversized (>23 kg/32 kg AND >158 cm)
Within Switzerland46 USD93 USD
Short-haul intercontinental115 USD230 USD
Medium-haul intercontinental138 USD276 USD
Levant and North Africa86 USD173 USD
Long-haul intercontinental173 USD346 USD
Europe57 USD114 USD
  • Tariffs for flights to and from Japan- The excess baggage costs for additional baggage are as follows-
Conditions (Within Free baggage)Excess Baggage Costs
Oversize baggage with more than 158 cm300 USD
Heavy items between 24 kg to 32 kg150 USD
Heavy baggage beyond 24 and 32 kg and 158 cms size450 USD

Swiss Air Cargo for Heavy Items –

Items that weigh more than 32 kgs cannot be processed at the airport counter. Add to that-

  • It must be transported as air cargo.
    • SwissWorldCargo must be checked as cargo independently.
    • The airline is not liable to carry the cargo in the same aircraft as the owner of the items.

What are the Guidelines if there are too many bags?

If you are carrying more bags than allowed, keep note that-

  • The Swiss airlines baggage prices for the luggage vary based on the destination, size, and weight of the baggage.
  • Passengers with additional baggage can also request an advance booking.
  • Baggage Charges beyond free baggage allowance- The charges are as follows-
    • Charges for the first item in Economy Light fare- The fee is per item and direction.
Applicable LocationsWithin SwitzerlandIntercontinental i.e. Canada or USAIntercontinentalEurope
Airport CounterFrom 20 USD From 70 USDFrom 70 USDFrom 30 USD
Online60 USD70 USD105 USD60 USD
  • Charges for an additional Item – They are listed as follows-
LocationsEconomy – Max. 23 kg and max. 158 cm – via websiteEconomy – Max. 23 kg and max. 158 cm at the counterFirst / Business – Max. 32 kg and max. 158 cm at the counterOverweight or oversized (>23 kg or >158 cm)Overweight and oversized (>23 kg and >158 cm)
Within Switzerland64 USD80 USD80 USD126 USD172 USD
Short-haul intercontinental138 USD172 USD172 USD287 USD402 USD
Medium-haul intercontinental184 USD230 USD230 USD368 USD506 USD
Levant and North Africa92 USD115 USD115 USD201 USD287 USD
Long-haul intercontinental230 USD287 USD287 USD460 USD633 USD
Europe73 USD92 USD92 USD149 USD206 USD
  • Tariffs for flights from/ to Japan- The prices are as follows-
Additional Baggage ItemPrices
Standard (23 kg and 158 cm in dimensions)200 USD
Oversize above 158 cm500 USD
Heavy between 24 kg and 32 kg350 USD
Very heavy and oversize(Above 24-32 kg and 158 cms)650 USD

Are there any Discounted Rates?

The passengers traveling via SWISS Economy can also enjoy additional benefits like lower rates for oversized or additional baggage. Add to that-

  • Miles and More members who are frequent travelers or have STAR Gold memberships have increased baggage allowance.
  • Here are the discounted fares you can avail of with the airline.
RoutesWebsiteAirport check-in
Routes between Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and the USA85 USD100 USD
Routes between Canada/ Mexico/ Central America/ USA and overseas85 USD100 USD

Note: if you’re specifically looking for information on Swiss airlines baggage fees, you can find more detailed information on their website or by contacting their customer service.”

What is the Swiss Air Baggage Policy for Non-Standard items?

The passengers can take musical instruments and sports items as special baggage with them under the Swiss Airline baggage allowance. It streamlines the journey. As long as the musical instruments and sports baggage allowance complies with the minimum size and shape dimensions, the airline permits them as hand luggage or checked baggage.

Musical Instruments- No prior permission or registration is required to carry the instruments as hand baggage. Add to that-

  • The passengers may have to book an additional seat if the musical instruments exceed the minimum instructions allotted by the airline, the same as the hand baggage guidelines.
  • The additional seat cannot be booked online. The passengers must buy Swiss airline reservation modes via the airport counter, travel agent, etc.
  • The passengers can carry the instrument in the cabin as checked baggage.
  • The additional seat feature is not available for codeshare flights.
  • The price of additional seats is the same as the price of the ticket under the fare type chosen by passengers.

Sports Equipment – The passengers can carry sports equipment if it fits the minimum dimensions and size of the baggage allowance. If the weight or number of items exceeds, Swiss air extra baggage cost apply. Add to that:

  • Ski equipment can be carried free of cost by the passengers (Excluding economy fares).
  • The charges for carrying sports equipment are liable on the flights handled by the Swiss.
  • Keep note that connecting flights with a gap of fewer than 24 hours is considered one flight and charges will apply accordingly.
  • The airline offers special rates for sports baggage for economical options for outbound, return, and connecting flights.
  • However, the passengers have to pay the usual excess baggage charges if the travelers are transporting more equipment than stated.
  • Travelers must package the equipment carefully to reduce the chances of damage during transportation.
  • Here is a list of the sports equipment and the conditions associated with it –
Sports EquipmentConditions
BicycleWill be considered only if it is packed in a bicycle case. The packaging materials or bicycle boxes are not offered by the Airline. Exceptions: Zurich and Geneva (Complimentary container provided).
Golf EquipmentComplimentary for SWISS Golf traveler members. Can be carried as free baggage based on the fare type, if it does not exceed size and weight restrictions.
Ski/ Snow EquipmentCan be transported free of charge to the standard baggage fee on LX-operated flights like Wet Lease. A Fee is applicable only if it exceeds the minimum baggage size and weight restrictions. Restrictions and terms of conditions may apply.
Firearms and AmmunitionsSpecial regulations apply to sports and firearms. Weapons and ammunition must be packaged in individual containers and checked as separate items. It is mandatory to check in 120 minutes before flight departure. Contact the airline in advance to book the reservations.
Firearms must be unloaded and secured. Passengers must adhere to the rules and regulations. A maximum of 5 kg of ammunition is allowed per passenger. Ammunition and weapons must be packaged separately in a container.
NOTE: Terms and conditions apply to specific locations. Check the website for more information.

NOTE: London Heathrow Airport (LHR) has restricted the transportation of large sports equipment as the infrastructure may not allow it.

What are the Swiss Air baggage restrictions and the items not allowed on board?

Some items are considered to endanger the safety and security of the passengers or pose a threat to other passengers. Swiss air prohibits or bans such items for transportation as Swiss airlines carry on or checked baggage for safe travel.

What are the restricted items stated by Swiss Air?

The list is as follows-

Type of ItemsConditions
Medical mercury thermometerAs checked baggage only Must be in a protective case; only one per passenger is allowed
Medicinal or Personal Usage items, AerosolsHair sprays, fragrances, colognes, alcohol-based hygiene products, alcohol-containing prescription drugs, and non-flammable/non-toxic aerosols Maximum- 0.5 liters or 0.5 kg per piece and maximum 2 kg per passenger make sure the valves on aerosols are protected by a cap or other means
Electronic CigarettesCovers e-cigars and personal vaporizers  Should not be recharged on the flight Can only be taken as hand baggage. Make sure to avoid accidental activation.
matches/ lightersOnly one is allowed per passenger
Consumer electronic devices with lithium-ion cells/ batteriesThe lithium cell/ battery must meet the UN manual of tests and criteria Maximum 15 devices per traveler allowed Devices must be carried in the cabin, hand baggage or checked baggage.
NOTE: Refer to the official website for more information.
Dry IceMaximum 2.5 kg allowed
Medical oxygen bottleCan be checked in post-registration Maximum 5 kg cylinder, oxygen canned or spray allowed
Battery operated wheelchairsPre Registration is considered necessary for non-spillable, spillable, and rechargeable batteries operated wheelchairs.
Avalanche rescue backpack Not allied to/ from the USA One item per passenger The gas cartridge can only be kept in a backpack
Portable oxygen contractors and other devicesPre Registration is mandatory
Alcoholic beveragesMaximum 70% alcohol volume restricted.  Maximum 5 liters per traveler allowed must be in the real retail packaging for verification. NOTE: Alcoholic beverages with 24% or less alcohol in the volume are not dangerous.
Life jacket2 per traveler required Pre Registration is mandatory
AmmunitionsPrior registration is mandatory Quantity must not exceed 5 kg gross weight. Must be secured carefully and in standard commercial packaging. Ammunition and weapons must be kept separately.

NOTE: Refer to the official website for more such restricted goods to plan the journey better.

What are the Prohibited items stated by Swiss Air?

The list of prohibited items by Swiss Air is as follows-

Type of ItemsConditions
Daily Use ItemsBriefcases with built-in alarmRechargeable lithium batteries with a capacity of 160 Wh. Damaged or defective batteries, irrespective of whether loose or in devices.
Inflammable GoodsObjects that release gasses in contact with water Combustible pasteLighter gas, camping stove, lighting gas, flammable or non-flammable toxic repellants, etc.
GassesButane gas bottles Gas cylinders above 50 liters of capacity Lighters producing blue flames or cigar lighters Irritant gasses like KO sprays, pepper sprays, etc.
Fragile productsComputer screens Television
Hazardous ItemsToxic, radioactive, or infectious goods like bacteria, viruses
Other Dangerous GoodsExplosives, party poppers, Christmas fireworks, signal rockets, oxidizing materials like peroxide, bleach, mines, grenades, smoke-generating cartridges, etc. Other items like magnetic objects and resources deemed dangerous Corrosive substances like alkaline, cell battery, and mercury.
NOTE: The passengers cannot find every item on the list on the official website. Connect with the airline for any issues and any items that may be considered dangerous.

NOTE: The airline is entitled to dismiss and confiscate any material or product that may seem to pose threat or hazard to other passengers and oneself.

What is the procedure for receiving support in case of delayed, damaged, or lost baggage?

If the passengers have issues with baggage like delayed, damaged, or swiss airlines lost baggage. The passengers will receive compensation for the missing baggage within 24 hours. Keep note-

  • The Swiss air damaged baggage claim must be raised to three days after flight arrival at the destination.
  • Keep a copy of the delayed or lost baggage with you for written records.

Follow the steps below to get redressal –

  • Report the issue- Report the issue to the local baggage claim office at the departure airport on arrival. You can submit the complaint via online self-service as well.
  • Provide a detailed description of the missing/ lost items- The passengers must present the baggage tag they received at the time of check-in and provide a precise description to guide the travelers on the same.
  • Keep the Baggage Receipt- The receipts, baggage tags, and the written complaint report are important for verification.
  • Track the Bag- Contact the airline for the luggage detector and Swiss baggage tracking ID.
  • Follow up- It is recommended to stay connected with the airline to find redressal or compensation.

What is the compensation offered for lost or damaged baggage with Swiss Air?

Swiss Airways baggage allowance offers compensation if the baggage is lost/ delayed. Add to that-

  • The passengers are entitled to a cost of replacement purchase if the baggage reaches late on international travel.
  • Expenses like a pair of clothing, underwear, and toiletries are also covered by the airline to compensate for the trouble caused to the passenger.
  • The passengers must provide receipts.

What is the process for claiming reimbursement?

To claim baggage compensation and reimbursement via swiss air lost baggage facility-

  • Head to the service center.
  • Contact the agent to issue a request.

Note: Swiss airline only covers lost, damaged, & delayed baggage requests under the “Conditions of Carriage”. If you have experienced Swiss delayed baggage, you may be eligible for compensation under these conditions.

Compensation – The compensation is as follows –

Fare Type/ Travel ClassReimbursement/ Compensation
SWISS Economy300 USD
SWISS Business200 USD
SWISS First100 USD

Swiss Air baggage policy offers a range of options to suit various travel needs and budgets. The airline’s checked baggage allowance is generous compared to many other airlines, and Swiss luggage fees for additional bags and overweight or oversized luggage are reasonable.

However, it is important to carefully read and understand Swiss baggage policy before booking a flight to avoid unexpected fees or issues at the airport. By following the guidelines provided by Swiss Air, travelers can ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience with their baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my checked bag is over 50 lbs of Swiss air?

The airline mentions that baggage weighing more than 32 kg must be checked as air cargo and cannot be checked in at the airport counter.

What are the Swiss Air baggage dimensions for checked baggage?

The checked baggage dimensions mentioned by Swiss air are a maximum of 158 cm.

Is Swiss air Strict with checked baggage size?

The airline adheres to strict checked baggage size and charges extra for excess baggage. The passengers can be declined entry on a flight if they do not meet the guidelines.

Can I carry alcohol on Swiss air?

Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% alcohol are allowed on travel with no restrictions.

What items are not allowed in checked baggage on Swiss air?

Some of the items include electronic cigarettes, lighters, match boxers, dry ice, etc.

Can I carry a guitar on Swiss air?

If the guitar fulfills the hand baggage requirements and does not exceed size and weight requirements, it is allowed on travel.

Can I carry musical instruments on Swiss air?

The musical instruments must meet the hand baggage allowance, otherwise, the passengers can also buy an additional seat for the standard price.

What is the weight allowed for check-in baggage for Swiss air?

The weight allowance ranges between 23 kg to 32 kg from economy to Swiss First class types.

Can I take 2 carry-on bags on Swiss air?

Business and First class passengers are permitted to carry 2 carry-on baggage on the airline given they follow weight allowance.

What is the weight limit for carry-on baggage on Swiss air?

The Swissair carry on size and weight allows a maximum of 7 kg and a thin laptop bag is also allowed.

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