United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

If you have experienced a flight delays or cancellations under unforeseen circumstances, airline policies like the United flight delay compensation policy provide assistance and help to receive the desirable compensation, amenities, special facilities, etc. to overcome the hassle caused by such instances.

Here is a rundown of United Airlines flight delayed compensation to know crucial details on the same.

What are the guidelines for United Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation?

The carrier, United Airlines, offers a wide variety of guidelines for the passengers to follow and know their rights in case of a flight delay or cancellation. The United flight delay compensation policy are as follows –

United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy
  • Passengers are liable for compensation or reimbursement within the Aviation Services law guidelines by United Airlines.
  • Although United Airlines is not an EU-based carrier, you are lawfully eligible for compensation if your flight originated in the EU.
  • If the ticket is non-refundable, passengers can still opt for a travel voucher.
  • If you had already begun your journey when the delay happened, then your credit will be calculated based on the difference between the ticket cost and the price of the trip that you had already taken.
  • When you have received a concession on your ticket, the discount, as well as any specific charges, will be deducted from the compensation you are entitled to.
  • The amount of United Airlines delayed flight compensation/ reimbursement is at the discretion of the airline and may differ.
  • Passengers are only entitled to compensation if they have a confirmed reservation with United airlines.
  • Passengers are liable to receive additional facilities and amenities like food, lodging, night stay vouchers, etc. on top of the compensation.
  • Passengers must show up at least 90 minutes before the flight time to be eligible.
  • The delayed flight compensation United Airlines/ reimbursement is available for full-priced tickets available to the public (Includes the Frequent Flyer Program).
  • Compensation may not be possible if you are traveling on discounted fares/ Special prices.
  • Flights departing from the European Union airports or a foreign carrier are also eligible for compensation.
  • The rights for flight delay depends on the number of hours by which the flight has been delayed for.

Example – Benefits for flights delayed for over 2 hours may differ from those delayed for more than 8 hours.

What are the exceptions to United Airline Flight Delay Compensation?

United airlines is not liable to pay a United delayed flight compensation/ refund to a traveler under the following natural or unforeseen circumstances –

  • Bad weather
  • Risks of bird attacks
  • Air traffic control strike and disobedience
  • Closure of airspaces and/ or airports due to security/ government concerns
  • Natural catastrophes/ Calamities

What is the Eligibility for Compensation for United Flight Delay?

To be eligible for compensation/ travel voucher/ Cash voucher/ other United Airlines compensation for delayed flight choices offered by the airline, the rules are as follows –

  • The flight delay is more than 2 hours or more.
  • The airline cancels the itinerary and informs the passenger less than 14 days before the flight time.
  • The flight is operated and handled by United Airlines.
  • Flight delay leads to the passenger missing a connecting flight due to delay or reaching the destination more than 3 hours later than expected.
  • Passengers who are not allowed on the aircraft due to overbooking can also avail of the United 3 hour delay compensation.

NOTE – United Airlines compensation policy or any form of reimbursement is at the discretion of the airline.

What are the Passenger rights with United Airlines Delay Compensation Policy? 

The passengers can avail various compensation and benefits based on the number of hours the flight is delayed by.

Take a look at the rights and benefits you can avail of free at no additional charges.

If my flight is delayed by 2 hours

If the flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, United Airlines provide the given advantages and benefits as flight delay compensation United-

  • If the airline allots a new flight on the same date as the original itinerary, you are entitled to –
    • Two complimentary telephone calls/note/message via email or Fax based on your choice.
    • Meals and beverages are provided with the expected waiting time.

If my flight is delayed by more than 5 hours

If the flight is delayed by more than 5 hours, you can choose between the given choices –

  • The compensation or any other United Airlines reimbursement for delayed flight is available by Bank Order, Bank Check, Cash, EFT request, or a travel voucher within a signified written agreement.
  • The two available options for flight delayed compensation are as follows.
    • Passengers get a reimbursement within 21 days for the full cost of the ticket or parts of unattended parts of the journeys.
    • Re-routing to the final destination with another comparable transport option at the earliest or at a date convenient to the passenger, subject to seat availability.

If my flight is delayed by more than 8 hours

If the flights is delayed by more than 8 hours from the originally scheduled time, passengers are liable for following benefits –

  • Passengers can avail compensation with a statutory amount fixed by the Israel Ministry of Transportation.
  • United Airlines flight delay compensation is paid by cash, bank order, bank check, ERT request, or a travel voucher within the written agreement.
  • Travel voucher is dispatched within 45 days from the date of compensation application submitted by the airline.

What is the Baggage Delay Compensation Under United Airline Delay Compensation?

United Airlines allows passengers to request Luggage delay compensation if the bag is affected by the flight delay as well. You can head to the United Airlines Baggage Policy for more information. Keep note that –

  • Luggage delay compensation depends on the loss incurred by the passenger – Loss, Missing Items, and Delayed items.
  • Contact the airline within a week for domestic flights and up to 21 days for international flights.
  • The compensation is as follows –
    • 1,500 USD without the need of documentation
    • 3,800 USD for domestic flights
    • 1,900 USD for international flights.

How to Request United Flight Delay Compensation?

Passengers can request flight delay compensation via various online and offline methods to receive the required redressal, and/ or address other issues like United flight cancellation, etc.

How to request United Flight Delay Compensation Online?

Follow these while claiming the united flight delay compensation website as follows:

  • Head to the official website of United Airlines.
  • You can choose “My Trips” from the main page or from the menu option.
  • You can choose the “Request a Refund” option from the menu and directly head to the refund request form i.e. United Airlines flight delay compensation form, OR
United Airlines- Manage Trip Section
This snapshot was obtained from the authorized web page of United Airlines.
  • Enter the “Confirmation number” and the “last name” of the passenger under the “My Trips” tab on the main page and click “Search”.
United airlines flight delay compensation form
Via the United Airlines website, this screenshot has been referenced.
  • Choose “Request a Refund” from the tab and complete the form details.
  • You will be directed to a page with refund policy guidelines and click on “Request a Refund”.
  • Sign in by entering the “MileagePlus Number” and Password. You can also continue as a Guest.
  • If you choose to log in as a guest, choose Request a refund, Select the flight, add a trip, enter the receipt details, and enter the email address to complete the request.
  • Hit on the “Continue” button. With this, you will be able to complete the United compensation for delayed flight process.

How to request Flight delay compensation Via United Airlines Mobile App?

United Airlines compensation for delayed flight options is also available on the United Airlines mobile application to receive the required guidance.

Below mentioned are some steps to claim your compensation with this carrier:

United Airlines Download the United Airlines App
The source of this screenshot is the official website of United Airlines.
  • Fill in the credentials and log in to your account.
  • Please find the “My Trips” section on the app.
  • Choose the options and select the desirable trips to issue the required flight compensation.
  • You will find the “Flight Compensation” option. Choose the option and request a refund form.
  • Enter the name, email, and other contact details and confirm the flight delay compensation request.
  • Confirm the process of requesting the United Airlines flight delay compensation by providing all the necessary details in the app.

How to request flight delay compensation by the United Airlines airport counter?

Follow the given steps to receive compensation under United Airlines flight delay compensation policy –

  • Make sure to reach the airport up to 90 minutes before the scheduled flight time to be eligible for flight delay compensation. Check United check in timings for more information.
  • Reach out to the Kiosk counters in the check area or terminals aside from customer service/ grievance centers.
  • You can either speak to the customer service agent or the gate area representative to address the flight delay compensation issue.
  • Provide the ticket confirmation number, last name, other flight details, and other crucial details to address the issue.
  • The airline staff will process the request and provide the necessary reimbursement that you can avail at the waiting area.
  • You will receive the designated compensation up to 45 days as cash, credit, or a travel voucher to handle United flight delays.

How to request Flight Delay Compensation over the Phone United?

You can contact the airline over the phone to issue a flight delay request and claim compensation for delayed flight United Airlines. United Airlines allows a designated airline representative to address the issue. Follow the given steps –

  • Head to the official website and click on the “Help” tab.
  • Scroll down the web page and choose the “Call us” option to talk with an agent.
  • You will be directed to a new page allowing you to choose the right number from the list.
  • The following phone numbers are available for passengers to connect with the airline as required –
ConditionsPhone Number
Help with a Current or Upcoming Reservation1-800-864-8331
24-Hour Accessibility Desk1-800-323-0170
Help with Reservations in Other LanguagesCantonese – 1-800-551-0943
Dutch – 1-800-225-8612
German – 1-800-537-2999
Hebrew – 1-800-225-8610
Japanese – 1-800-537-3366
Portuguese- 1-800-323-5359
Spanish – 1-800-426-5561
Receipts and Other Services1-800-490-2021

NOTE – You must check the official website for location-specific contact details and to know the timings associated with each ticket office.

Does United offer assistance via social media for delay compensation?

United Airlines is well connected over the social media portals to help, deal with queries, and cater to feedback given by the passengers for United pet policy, flight delay/ cancellation refunds, etc. The airline may take up to 24 hours to get back to you.

Here are the popular social media portals with the URLs to request compensation under United Airlines delayed flight compensation policy –

Social Media PortalsProfile URL/ Link

What is United Delay Compensation?

Passengers are generally entitled to the Israel Department of Transportation guidelines for compensation and reimbursement. United Airlines can apply for the following compensation under Europe Passenger rights known as EC 261.

Here is a rundown of the United flight delay compensation for flights departing from EU airports.

Distances less than 1,500 kmUp to 263 USD per passenger
Internal EU flights with distances of more than 1,500 kmUp to 422 USD per passenger
Non-internal EU flights with distances between 1,500 – 3,500 kmUp to 422 USD per passenger
Non-internal EU flights covering distances of more than 3,500 kmUp to 633 USD per passenger

NOTE – Make sure to connect with the airline for detailed information related to compensation and other reimbursement-related details.

Does United Airlines Offer Refund Policy Under Flight Delay Compensation?

United Airlines offers refunds to passengers in unforeseen instances of a flight delay, cancellation, or overbooking. Refunds are available for all fare types. The Refund Policy for United Airlines is conducted as follows –

  • Head to the official website and choose the “My Trips” option.
  • Enter the “ticket confirmation number” and the “last name” of the passenger.
  • Access the flights and cancel the flight for which the refund must be issued.
  • You will find the “Request a Refund” option under the “My Trips” choice under the Menu.
  • Fill in the United Airlines delayed flight compensation form with the details of the trip, receipts, email, and other contact details to initiate the refund request.
  • The airline will connect with the passengers, confirm the details, and issue a refund.

How many refunds can I receive post-Flight Delay Compensation?

  • Passengers receive a refund amount equal to the amount of the ticket or a travel credit in the original mode of payment.
  • Credit card refunds are usually processed within seven business days from the day of the refund claim request.
  • Keep note that the refund processing time may take longer for united airlines international flight delay compensation processing.
  •  The airline may contact you as soon as possible to inform you that your flight ticket is eligible for a refund.

On a final note, Flight concerns like flight delay, cancellation, or over boarding are daunting and may take time, and can be disappointing. Thus, a comprehensive and reliable United Airlines flight delay compensation policy is ideal for passengers to get quick solutions.

Use the information mentioned above to receive accurate assistance. The airline also offers help during United unaccompanied minor policy and provides the best amenities for the passengers for a safe and happy journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does United Airlines compensate for delayed flights?

Yes, United Airlines allow compensation if the flight is delayed due to factors within airline control or you are involuntarily denied boarding due to overbooking/ abrupt flight cancellation.

How long does my flight have to be delayed for compensation United?

If the flight is delayed by more than eight hours, the passengers can request compensation from the airline.

How do I claim compensation on the United Airlines mobile app?

Head to the “My Trips” section, use the flight delay and cancellation option to apply flight change or use the “Agent on Demand” option to request help or other guidance.

What can I do if I miss my connecting flight due to a flight delay/ cancellation by United?

You can apply for flight compensation or request a refund for the unused portion of the ticket for connecting flights, if applicable with the airline.

How do I get reimbursed for a delayed flight on United?

United Airlines provide food, medications, toiletries, lodging (Accommodation), etc., as reimbursement for a delayed flight.

How to get compensation for delayed flight United Airlines?

United Airlines allow passengers to request delayed flight compensation via the website, mobile application, airport counter, etc.

How to know if I am eligible for United airline flight compensation?

Passengers who have booked a ticket with United, informed of a flight delay less than 14 days before flight time, or denied boarding due to overlooking can avail of flight delay compensation.

How to get a refund for the flight with United?

Passengers must fill out the “Request a Refund” form on the website and add personal details like name, add a trip, email, ticket confirmation code, etc. to request the refund.

How long does it take for United Airlines to provide flight delay compensation?

The airline may take 21 to 45 days to provide the required reimbursement and flight delay compensation depending on the total duration of the flight delay.

Can I request a flight refund from United Airlines if I cancel my flight due to an expected delay?

No, the airline does not offer a refund if the passenger voluntarily cancels the flight. In such instances, wait for the airline’s response, and take action accordingly.

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Andrew S. Moreno
Andrew S. Moreno
1 year ago

Isn’t the delayed flight compensation united gives a bit too low? I mean the meal would cost more than the compensation they give to us. Due to their “technical errors” or something we’d be waiting for like more than 4 hours or so and we get told all we get is a $50. Isn’t 3+ hours means $200?