United Flight Change Policy

Changing a planned flight is among the most requested features when planning a vacation. Passengers are compelled to change their flight when situations are beyond their control and must be changed.

Because this is a prevalent problem, the airline created a United flight change policy cooperating with its travelers. The costs and penalties that may be imposed for altering flights bought with United Airlines are outlined in this policy.

This policy will also highlight crucial elements to evaluate or keep in mind when making changes to your United Airlines travel ticket.

United Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

The 24-hour flight change is just similar to that of its twenty-four-hour cancellation policy. According to this policy, you can have 24 hours or a day to make appropriate changes to your flight reservations without the fear of being charged by the airline.

However, this feature only applies to passengers who purchased their flight tickets at least 7 days before the departure. The conditions to follow with respect to this 24-hour policy are as shown below:

Note: The United Airlines change flight policy applies to all the fare class tickets apart from the Basic Economy Fare.

  • United change policy of twenty-four hours applies to all the reservations booked via its website. It can also apply to the bookings made via contacting the airline and also through airport ticket counters.
  • When your reservation is confirmed and your ticket is provided, the 24-hour period begins.
  • Because group reservations are regulated by the group contract, United 24-hour change policy does not apply.
  • United Airlines change flight policy to 24-hours and excludes tickets bought using the e-ticket system.
  • As per this policy, tickets that are modified after redeeming the travel credit are not included in the 24-hour restriction of the airline.
  • Changes made by United Airlines during 24 hours do not employ tickets bought with miles.

United Same Day Change Flight Policy

You can now make adjustments to your flight on the same day you booked with United. This airline has come up with the United same day flight change option if any passenger does not wish to travel or may have reserved the wrong tickets. Here’s everything you should know before changing your flight on the same day as booking your United tickets:

Premier Member: The premier passengers of this airline have extra flexibility of changing their flights the 24-hours before the planned departure. These members can make modifications to the flight without even paying United change fees.

Under this same day flight change feature, when the booked ticket class fare is not available, the flyers can then get upgraded to the higher fare class. However, by switching to a higher fare class, the fare difference may get applied. 

Other Flyers: In less than 24 hours after the initially booked departure time, guests may be allowed to change to some other flight. Passengers would be elevated to a higher fare class if the initial booked fare class was not vacant.

There is still a significant difference in the fare that can apply to upgrade to a higher fare class.

Basic Economy Tickets: Basic Economy flights are not allowed for date changes, although they can be altered without any charges up to 24 hours before their departure time.

To process the United same day change flight feature, kindly go through these steps below:

  • You can make changes to your flight by visiting the carrier’s website or through the mobile application. You can also change your flight by visiting the airport kiosk or by dialing the United customer service contact number.
  • When you are switching to another flight on the same day you booked your ticket, you need to go to the airline’s “Manage Booking” section. You need to fill in the 6-digit reference number provided with the last name to retrieve your booking. 
  • Under that manage booking section, you need to hit on “Change your flight” and after that on the “Edit” tab to book yourself on another flight.
  • Following the United flight change policy, your newly booked flights should depart from the same destination. It should depart before 24 hours of your initial travel schedule, and be carried by United Airlines or United Express using a ticket number starting with 016.
  • United Airlines Premier members may be entitled to make a change without incurring the same-day flight change cost. Passengers would be elevated to a higher fare class if the initial booked fare class was not offered. Only the fare difference is relevant to pay if you are booked to a higher fare class. In the same class, price differences do not apply.
  • Even if the same pricing class is available, a fare differential may occur to all other ticketed travelers who want to change their flights on the same day.
  • At last, press the “Continue” button to confirm your same day change to a new flight.

Note: Please make sure you submit the changing flights within 24 hours United request one hour before the scheduled departure time.

Types of Ticket Change at United Airlines

United flight change policy enables the flyers of this airline to make all sorts of changes. These changes in the flight can be made irrespective of cabin class booked and the fare type reservation. There are many types of modifications that a flyer can make such as changing of the reservation date, changing of seats, name change facility, new ticket change, frequent flyer change, major illness ticket change, etc. 

Let us now go through these types of ticket changes to understand the policy better.

United Airlines Change Flight Reservation Date

You can now alter your flight reservation date on United. Sometimes, the passengers have their scheduled departure but sudden plans need a flight date change. Or else, it may happen that due to occasions in the family, the flyers need to change the date of the flight departure. In these scenarios, this United Airlines flight change policy can be helpful. Owing to this policy, you can make unlimited modifications to your flight as the carrier has removed the change fees that applied to the flyers earlier. This flight reservation date change rule states that you can make alterations to your flight date upto 11 months prior to the previously booked ticket date.

If you need to pay a high fare amount as per the United change fees feature, then you have to pay the money through the same mode of payment as with an earlier booked ticket. In case, the fare difference is low than the previously reserved ticket, the airline will pay you the refund balance amount in your payment mode.

Upgradation of Seats Under United Flight Change Policy

Now, the visitors of United can also make an up-gradation of their seats. This airline has come up with a variety of ways in which you can upgrade your seats. However, the purchased ticket should not be the Basic Economy fare type as you cannot upgrade this seat.

With the help of change United Airlines flight policy, you may purchase tickets for premium class fares. You can also change your seat to a different class fare by paying some extra amount of fees.

United Airlines Name Change Feature

Suppose you have mentioned an incorrect name in your ticket. In that case, you can change your name by this feature. Under this policy, the name change needs to be done by the individual who needs to alter his or her name.

This means that the reservation of the name change cannot be transferred to another traveler. In accordance with the United Airlines name change waiver policy, the visitors can correct the names on their tickets without having to pay any fees.

However, if the passenger opts for a name change on a higher fare ticket, the difference in the amount to be paid can apply. You can change your name up to 3 characters by dialing the United flight change helpline number.

Frequent Flyer Change Policy at United

United has a frequent flyer program available for its passengers. This program is known as United Mileage Plus. The United frequent flyer program is well-known for its diverse award vacation destinations, great economy award access, and several ways to collect and spend miles.

However, passengers abiding by the United Airlines flight change policy rules should keep in mind several things, such as:

  • If you cancel your flight 31 days or more before your intended travel, there is no cost applied to the total fare.
  • In addition to this, if the passenger makes modifications 30 days ahead to the travel date, there is no price needed to be paid.
  • A 125 USD alteration fee may be charged by United Airlines for changing an overseas flight that departs from the United States 30 days or less prior to departure.

United Change Flight Ticket to a New Location

Sometimes, the traveler wishes to select a location of their choice. Instead of choosing the preferred location, he or she may book the wrong destination. During such instances, the traveler can change his or her flight tickets to a whole new destination based on United change flights policy.

According to this feature, now you can modify your origin or location without making a payment. United Airlines enables its travelers to make a new trip to a different destination one hour prior to the departure period.

Note: United Airlines offers a 5% reduction on the cost of changing the travel dates, time, or location due to death or severe illness, according to its flight change feature. United Airlines’ changing charge waiver would apply in this situation.

How to Make a  Flight Change at United Airlines?

You can make change your flight on United if you have sudden plan changes or due to family issues. To make the flight changes, you can either opt for the online or offline method. For using the online method for making cancelations, simply visit the main website of the provider and change your itinerary or date of booking.

You can also contact the air representatives of the carrier and ask them for your making your flight change. Or, if you are comfortable making your flight changes personally, then you may also visit the airport.

Method 1: United Airlines Flight Change Online

You can opt for the most reliable method of changing your flight. This is the online method of a flight change that can be done at any hour at any place. Most of the visitors of United Airlines find the online method to be the most convenient.

The steps to perform United Airlines change flight online are as mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of united airlines, click on the My Trip tab.
  • Insert your six-digit reservation number, as well as the customer’s last name. To obtain your reservation, click on the ‘Confirm’ option.
  • To continue, choose the flight booking. Hit on the ‘Change your flight’ section.
  • Your rescheduled flights should be handled by United Airlines or United Express and have a reference number that starts with 016 according to this policy.
  • To confirm a booking flight, press the ‘Continue’ button and then one of the alternative options.
  • Please be sure you finish the United Airlines flight change procedure one hour before the planned departure time.
  • You can pay with a debit or credit card when the difference in pay is greater.

Method 2: United Flight Change via Contact Number

You can now directly call the representative of the carrier and ask for help to revoke your ticket. If you are unable to go for the online method, you can opt for the calling one. The contact number of the United can be fetched via its main site.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps to reach out to the customer service center of this airline.

  • Contact the United Airlines change booking department. While you are getting connected by an airline representative, keep your six-digit booking number available with you.
  • You can ask for a flight change from the representative, and ensure that you follow the United Airlines flight change rules properly.
  • A new flight choice can be displayed to you on the screen by the agent. You can pick one of the relevant alternatives. Also, you must ensure that you compare the United changed fees as well as the fare price difference.
  • Make a payment using a debit or credit card unless the United change fees variance is greater.
  • The United Airlines changing flight procedure will be successful once the payment transaction has been finished. Check the registered email that you entered on the website right away. You will receive your confirmation email including your new travel destination and the successful flight change.

Method 3: Making a United Flight Change at Airport

You may make a modification to your United Airlines ticket at the comfort of your departing airport. If you are changing flights on the day of your trip, make sure you finish the procedure at least one hour before the planned departure time for domestic travel.

Also, you need to complete your flight change at least three hours before the scheduled flight for foreign travel. 

Here’s how to make a United Airlines flight change via visiting the airport premises:

  • Go to the United Airlines registration desk at your departing airport.
  • Give the United Airlines employee your six-digit verification code or 13-digit e-ticket number so they can access your reservation.
  • Request a flight change from the airline’s agent, and keep an eye on the United Airlines flight change policy linked with your reservation.
  • A second flight choice will be presented to you by the agent. Choose one of the available alternatives and also compare the United Airlines change charge as well as the related pricing difference to avoid paying much.
  • Pay using a debit or credit card provided the fare difference is greater. Additionally, you can also pay for your fare difference with cash at the terminal of the airport.
  • Your United Airlines change flight procedure will be successful after the transaction has been finished.

United Airlines Change of Schedule

United Airlines releases its flight schedule for up to 11 months ahead of time. The carrier may make any required alterations to the flight plan after creating it to reflect the change to the plane or the travel route. Among the alterations made by the airline are:

  • Modifications to the departing or arrival timings of an aircraft
  • Changes in flying frequency
  • Addition or removal of route paths
  • Changing of aircrafts

Note: This airline may change your flight due to delays as well. In that case, you will have 2 options. You can either agree to fly on another flight or claim the compensation for delayed flight on United Airlines.

Whether there is a scheduling change in your flights and you are notified between two weeks of the previous departure time – regardless of how you booked the flights, you can opt for the following alternatives –

  • You can alter your United flight without incurring a charge 7 days pre or post your scheduled departure date in any direction.
  • When a new United Airlines scheduling adjustment option is not appropriate for the traveler, he or she can also request a complete refund from the airline.

If the new United Airlines travel choice is not right for you, you can look into other flight possibilities. Please be certain that:

  • Your initial and final destination points are the same as they were when you booked the United Airlines flight.
  • You can pick a separate stopover location or airport when you possess a connecting flight.
  • United or one of its United Express partner airlines must run the new flight route.

Note: In the event of a substantial modification in the flight itinerary, you can also request a full refund. According to United flight change policy, you can get a reimbursement on the remaining portion of your ticket when the airline is unable to place you in the same cabin that you paid for.

Summing Up

Passengers may need to make modifications in their flight in case of sudden plans. With the help of United flight change policy, now travelers can make advancements in their name, flight date and time, seats, etc. anytime.

By abiding to its rules and regulations, the flyers can change their previously booked flight into a new one without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does United Airlines change flight?

United Airlines keeps on changing its flight for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, due to a few schedule changes, this operator can reschedule its timings. United Airlines change a flight even a few weeks before the departure. This can be because of equipment changes, weather disruptions, no availability of the pilot, etc.

How to change United flight?

For making changes to your United flight, you can opt for the online method. By far, this is the most-trusted method used by many flyers across the globe. For online change flight United, you can visit the main website of the carrier. You need to navigate to the “My trips” section and submit your six-digit reference number. You need to select the flight that you need a change for. After the selection, press the confirm option to finish the changing flight process at United.

How much is United Airlines change fees?

United Airlines allows passengers to modify select eligible flights for a price, however, if your ticket is restrictive, you will be charged a fee. Depending on your route and location, these adjustments may occur. The passenger must pay $200 for domestic flights. In contrast, United Airlines change fees for international trips could reach $400.

When is United Airlines change fee charged?

United change fees can be charged if you are booking a flight on the same day. These changed fees can depend on the destination and the route you choose. The changed fees can be USD 75 if you are a member of the Silver tier. 

Is there a United Airlines name change waiver?

Yes, United offers its passengers to change their names on the reservation ticket. Passengers can find their name change waiver using Jetstream. It is a portal by United that can be used for business-related work. By using this feature, the travelers can get their names corrected on the tickets through the United Airlines name change waiver. By using the Jetstream portal, passengers can make corrections to their names without being charged any fees. Thus, the fees will be waived using this feature.

Is there United no change fees feature?

Yes, now you can change your tickets without any cost at United. The fees are not applicable at United in the case of Economy and premium tickets. Also, United no fee changes occur for the flights running between the U.S. and Mexico, or the Caribbean destinations. You also do not have to pay for your flight change for your travel if you are departing from the United States.

Can you change a United flight offline?

Yes, you can change your flights at United both by online and offline procedures. People who are not comfortable opting for an online method can change their flight by an offline method. For initiating the offline method, the flyers can call the airline. There they may connect with the officials of the airline and request for a flight change. However, the passengers can also visit the airport and modify their tickets personally by talking to the agent.

Why is United Airlines changing flights today?

Many factors contribute to changing flights at United Airlines. These changes are done even during non-pandemic times. United adjusts its scheduling of flights because of many reasons. These reasons can be crew modifying flight changes, swaps of plane types, airport layout shifts, and more. Often some technical glitches in the operating system of the aircraft can also result in changing of flights at United Airlines.

How to use the United change fee waiver?

For using the United change fee waiver option, you need to go to the Jetstream portal by United. Simply log in or sign up to this portal and become a member of Jetstream. Now, you can make name corrections on your ticket using Jetstream without any fear of getting charged with fees by United.

Can I change my flight United after check-in?

Yes, you can change your flight with United after you have checked in. United Airlines change flight options can be available in all instances. You can modify your tickets upto 10 minutes prior to your planned departure time even if you have checked in with United. When you are changing to a new flight in 24 hours of time, please ensure that you also check-in for that new flight. 

How to change flight United on call?

You can now call the air staff of United to make a flight change. All you need to do is find the United change flight phone number on the website of airline. By dialing the contact number, keep your six-digit reference number handy with you. You would be given alternative flight options to choose from. Once you have selected your flight, pay the fees if asked by the air provider. After the payment has been done, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your successful flight change. 

What is the United change flight policy?

United change flight policy helps its flyers to make modifications to their trip. These modifications can be related to date, time, destination, seats, etc. The costs and penalties applied while making changes in the flight are also included in the policy. Thus, the passengers can make alterations to their flight in case of any emergencies or sudden plan changes.

What is United MileagePlus change?

United Mileage Plus is a program set by the airline to earn and utilize reward points. These reward points can help the passengers to buy reservation tickets as well as hotel accommodation. The visitors of this airline can make certain modifications with this United Mileage Plus change program when they wish to use the redeem points earned by them. 

Is there a non-refundable ticket change fee united?

No. United Airlines does not charge any fees for changing non-refundable tickets. In case, you are switching your ticket to a higher fare class, the difference in the fees would apply. However, if you are changing your ticket to a cheaper flight, then the difference in the fee would get refunded in your original mode of payment. 

What is the United same day change award ticket procedure?

The rules for United same-day change for award tickets are different. You can make changes to your award ticket 24 hours prior to your departure. When your award ticket is issued by United and you change your flight to the same day, you can be levied with $75. The most significant constraint at United is the fare class as you need to switch to the same reward class on your new flight.

What do you need for changing flights within 24 hours on United?

To make changes within 24 hours on United, you need to keep all the documents ready. These documents can include your reservation ticket, e-ticket, booking reference number, passport, ID proofs, etc. You will get twenty-four hours from the date of reservation to make changes to your United flight. This 24-hour United policy applies to almost all tickets except the Basic Economy one. 

How much is United change fees on award ticket?

As such, changing a flight ticket 31 or more days prior to the departure would charge no fees. The fees for canceling a ticket for a flight flying in the U.S. would cost $125 for general members. Similarly, the change fees would cost $100 for Premier Silver and $75 fees would be applied for Premier Gold. Lastly, the Premier Platinum members would be charged around $50 on changing flights with United award tickets.

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