Aeroflot Name Change Policy

It is a legal necessity for passengers to travel with their accurate names on a ticket. For a variety of reasons, the passenger needs to change or correct his or her name on a flight ticket. Hence, for that reason, the Aeroflot name change policy is created. It covers everything from incorrect spelling to name alterations. It also provides multiple methods for doing minor modifications of names. Thus, with the help of this policy, a passenger can make the changes or corrections easily.

Aeroflot Name Change Policy

The Aeroflot name change policy is intended to meet the needs of various travelers. You can utilize the policy to make modifications if you see any concern with the name details. The complete name change cannot be allowed by the airline. Similarly, in case of a marriage or a divorce, a passenger can use this policy to alter their names on the air ticket with ease.

Aeroflot Name Correction Policy

Making proper corrections to tickets is a component of the name change policy. Besides the full wrong names, some spelling mistakes can also cause inaccuracies in the boarding of a flight ticket. As per the Aeroflot name correction policy, you have the opportunity to amend all of your personal information on the flight ticket. You can edit your corrections in the initial name, middle name, and surname. Under this policy, doing some minor corrections can be allowed. When there is a major issue with the passenger name on the ticket, you might contact the airline whether the name is flexible or not. 

In case of a divorce, marriage, or any other circumstances, the traveler’s first name, middle name, as well as last name should be replaced. This is permitted if the identity is updated within 24 hours of the PNR being created. A new document is to be sent to the airline after the flight ticket is issued.

Limitations of Aeroflot Name Change Policy

In some situations, this policy may not work for the passengers. In that event, a traveler should know about these points before you go for the Aeroflot change name on the ticket.

  • When the passenger’s date of birth and identity has been provided accurately in the PNR, no modifications to the traveler’s last name are permitted. In case you fail to pass the verification process, the carrier will assume that you are not the same person. 
  • Additionally, the name correction of a child below two years of age without any reservation is not eligible for the edit of the name. 

Aeroflot Name Change Policy Guidelines

The Aeroflot change name policy is an example of flexibility. The airline allows its passengers to make necessary name alterations under the terms of the policy. Likewise, there are more guidelines you should know to make the name change process easier.

To have a better understanding of the policy, consider the following important guidelines:

  • As per the policy, the entire name alteration is not permitted.
  • When a passenger modifies his or her name within 24 hours of the booking of the ticket, then he or she can get the benefit of a free name adjustment. 
  • For the Aeroflot change name on ticket, you will have to provide your identity for verification of the name. 
  • In case of a divorce or marriage, you can modify your name as per your choice. For doing the proper name corrections, some legal paperwork has to be submitted to the airline. 
  • The changes to the name field in the passenger name record along with the ticket reissue for the aim of amending the name are only permitted once. When PNR has been amended, the ticket should be reissued within 24 hours.
  • Once the passenger is identified, then only Aeroflot change passenger name on the ticket is allowed.
  • The modification of the name in PNR that includes some portion of flights run by other airlines is not possible. In such cases, passenger name records should be canceled. Once you are done with it, you will need to have assembled a new PNR with the proper name. Further, a new ticket should be issued. On this ticket, you can enter your name correctly. At last, you can request a refund of your actual ticket. 

Aeroflot Name Correction Policy Rules

When flying with the Aeroflot, you can edit your name up to a certain letter limit. Therefore, you can choose this option only when a few characters are incorrect. It is also significant to get knowledge of the other rules of the Aeroflot name correction policy before taking any important step while correcting your name.

Some of these rules for correcting your name are as given below:

  • Minor changes or corrections of the name are to be done as per the policy.
  • It is important to provide the passenger name record number in the airline’s system and submit an ID document whose data is specified in PNR in an application for name correction.
  • The name correction request can be rejected when a passenger request is made repeatedly. So, once you make the request, wait for the response of the airline.

Different Ways for Aeroflot Name Change/Correction

According to the Aeroflot name change policy, a flier can make some necessary changes to his or her name as well as other details in a variety of ways. Through the website, you can modify your name easily. Calling facility is also available by the airline for the passengers. Or else, you can share your concern about the name change or correction by visiting the office of the airline. Additionally, from the social media service, you can edit or alter your name to be printed on your flight ticket.

Overall, there are four different ways to update or correct your name on a ticket. The details of modifying your name are as listed below:

Method 1: Modify Your Name Via the Official Website of the Airline

The most popular technique for Aeroflot change passenger name on ticket is to do it online. This method allows travelers to change or correct their names on the ticket according to the passengers’ convenience. For this method, you will have to navigate the official website. There you will find the feature Manage Your Booking. Further, a passenger will have to enter the ticket details. Next, you can edit your name on the ticket and wait for a response from the airline.

Furthermore, the steps are given for the modification of the name on a ticket:

  • You can use the online feature by visiting this link:
  • On the homepage, click on the “Manage Your Booking” option.
  • Moreover, passengers will have to fill in the details such as their “Booking Code” as well as “Last Name” in Latin letters”. 
  • Next, you will be able to see some options to make Aeroflot name change or correction.
  • Here, a traveler must edit appropriately and check the details twice to avoid inconvenience. 
  • Further, you will have to submit your documents online. 
  • Post submitting your documents, when you are eligible, you can make a payment with your preferred way before applying. 
  • In the end, Aeroflot Airlines will contact you through an email to inform you about the modification of the name. 

Method 2: Through Calling

Sometimes, the passengers may wish the airline’s personnel to manage their modifications directly. To avail of this feature, you can contact the customer service department for your query. This might be a feasible solution to the customers for Aeroflot change name on ticket.

You can connect the carrier’s representative by calling the given below number:

+7 (495) 223-5555

When you connect with an agent of the airline, he or she will inquire as to why you are calling the operator. You will have to specify your criteria for the modification of the name. The agent may ask you for further information regarding your flight, including your booking code as well as your last name. Then, by specifying the mis-spelling or inaccuracies on your ticket, you can seek a name alteration. Furthermore, you may also need to give the details of your actual identity to the agent. Next, the agent will verify all the original documents, then he or she may ask you for the payment if any. Once the payment is done, he or she will go further with the procedure. And after some time, you will get a confirmation of your modified name through an email of Aeroflot name change or correction. 

Note: In case of a marriage, you may submit legal documents, such as a certificate of marriage, a verified passport, or any other evidence of your marital status. 

Method 3: Modify Your Name By Visiting The Airline Office

In some cases, the altering of your name at the airline office can be the most reliable method. Officials of the operator can personally manage the Aeroflot change passenger name at the office. For the address of the airline’s office, you may go to the official website of Aeroflot. There, you will find the address according to your country along with the city. You need to choose your preferred city along with the country code.

The following are some steps to get the address of the airline office:

  • Please go to “”.
  • Once the website is loaded, on the lower of the homepage, look at the section mentioned: “For Customer.” In that section, you may also find the “Contact Us” feature. Select that tab. 
  • Here, an option of ” Offices and Sales Offices” can be given for the passengers. 
  • By clicking on that option, next you will have to select your country and city as per your location. 
  • After that, a traveler has to press the “Go” tab. 
  • Then, you will find the necessary address.

At last, you will have to visit the office address. There you can share your issue with the officials of the airline. He or she may ask you about the original documents and payment if any. Once you submit the necessary documentation and make payment, then the officials go ahead with the Aeroflot name change or correction process. He or she will give you the confirmation of the modification of the name after completing the procedure.

Method 4: Name Change/Correct Through Social Media

Aeroflot Airlines can be contacted via social media for the passenger’s issue or query such as alteration of name. By going to the official social media platform, you can modify or edit your name with ease. Then, you will have to navigate the website of Aeroflot. On that, you will get different social media pages. Once you open the preferred social media of your choice, then you can make modifications to your name to be printed on your ticket.

  • First, you will have to come to the official website of the Aeroflot.
  • On the homepage, the tab is available named “For Customer” at the lower section of the website. From that, you will have the “Contact Us” option. Click on it.
  • Next, you will find the feature for connecting with the airline through social media profiles. 
  • Many social media sites are available, you can choose as per your convenience for Aeroflot change name on ticket.
  • Once you have selected the preferred media, then you can type your issue regarding the modifications of the name. Later, wait for the airline to respond. 
  • Further, you may give some documents through the media. 
  • In the end, a flyer will receive a confirmation regarding the alteration of the name.

Aeroflot Name Change or Correction Fees

When it comes to the Aeroflot name change fee, the carrier may offer a very affordable amount to its passengers. However, you can modify or edit your name for free for a limited amount of time. The limited period is 24 hours from the reserving flight ticket. In some cases, a traveler can be required to spend the name change or correction charges. 

Moreover, the alteration or edit fees vary depending on several factors. This includes the type of fare, airport location, time of the request, service class, and others. Additionally, you can call the airline to get the most up-to-date information regarding Aeroflot name change or correction fees. Or else, from the official site of the airline, you will get the details of fees. 

In a Summary
For a fly-free trip, it can be important to amend any inaccurate or misspelled names on tickets. The Aeroflot name change policy makes this possible. This policy may provide passengers with a variety of benefits as well as different methods for modification of their name. As a result, you can utilize the name change or correction policy as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change the name on my Aeroflot ticket?

The different methods are available for Aeroflot change name on ticket. The simplest option is to call the airline. First, you will have to dial the number of the customer service department i.e. 08001008924. There, you can share your query regarding the name change. The agent will ask you for some documents. You will have to give the details of your actual name. At last, he or she will go further with the procedure of alteration of name. Hence, you will get a confirmation through your email about the name change.

2. Does it cost to change name on Aeroflot ticket?

Generally, the Aeroflot name change fee is charged. It depends on the kind of ticket, class of service, location of the airport, and many more. If you alter your name within 24 hours of the reservation, then you will not be charged a fee by the airline. Beyond the time limit, you will have to pay some amount for changing your name. Moreover, you may contact the airline regarding your issue.

3. Does Aeroflot allow passenger’s name change?

Full Aeroflot change passenger name is not permitted. As per the policy, passengers cannot transfer their entire name to another individual. In case of marriage or divorce, you can change your surname but not the complete name on the ticket. Even though, if you want to change your entire name, for that you will have to cancel your flight ticket and again purchase a new ticket with the accurate name.

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