Volaris Name Change Policy

Not flying with the correct information can cause issues for the passengers. You can be denied boarding or need to rebook the itinerary with the carrier to fly with them. The airlines offer the Volaris Name Change Policy to avoid such issues and correct mistakes, misspellings, or typos stress-free.

It is a flexible policy directed to passengers traveling on domestic and international routes. Here is an in-depth guide to the Volaris Name Change.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Volaris Name Change Policy?

Volaris Name Change Policy defines a set of guidelines and rules for the passengers who wish to apply for a name change with the airline. Keep the following stated points in mind to avoid rejection by Volaris –

  • It is recommended to check the details entered thoroughly before finalizing the booking reservation.
  • Passengers can request the name change up to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • The flight must be operated by Volaris Airlines.
  • Make sure to complete the change name on Volaris flight/correction request up to 4 hours before the scheduled flight time for international flights.
  • It is mandatory that the passenger’s name appears exactly like the travel documents.
  • The tickets are non-transferable and under no circumstances are allowed to be given to another person.
  • Volaris reserves the right to request the passenger to rebook the flight if the name change is not admissible.
  • Volaris may offer some minor corrections to the name at no additional charges.
  • Only one name change per passenger is admissible under the name change policy.

What are the Exceptions to the Volaris Name Change Policy?

The airline does not undertake Volaris name change requests under the given circumstances –

  • The ticket is purchased via Volaris Electronic Credit.
  • It involves flight segments other than Volaris Airlines.
  • Flight has already started and the passenger did not appear for a section of the itinerary.
  • Passengers wish to convert the adult ticket to a ticket for elderly passengers or unaccompanied minors. Check out Volaris Unaccompanied minor policy for more information.

What documents must be submitted to Volaris Airlines for a name change?

The following documents are compulsory when requesting a name change/ name correction with the airline, especially in instances of legal name change requests.

  • Updated Passport and VISA
  • Government Issued ID proofs and documents like Voting credentials, Driving Licence, etc. proof valid in your area
  • Volaris changed the name fee receipt
  • Relevant travel documents like the ticket confirmation code/ Reference number
  • Documents for legal change requests like Marriage certificates, Adoption papers, etc.

What type of Name changes/ corrections are permitted by Volaris Airlines?

Volaris Airlines only caters to the name change/ correction requests mentioned below. Make sure to check the eligibility before applying for the request.

What changes are allowed under Volaris Name Correction?

In case of a typo/misspelling/ minor error, Volaris allows the following change name on Volaris ticket requests –

  • Volaris name correction allows you to correct up to four characters in the first, middle, or last name of the passenger.
  • You can request changes in the nicknames or inverted names.
  • Change in titles/ Suffix/ Prefix and academic titles do not qualify for a name change.

Please Note: Middle names are not compulsory in the name for a name change request.

Volaris change name due to the instances of adoption, marriage, and divorce is applicable with Volaris. You can request the following in case of the legal name change –

  • Make sure to submit the required updated documents for a name change.
  • Mention the adequate reason for the request to the airline to process the request.
  • Change due to marriage – Submit the marriage certificate and other documents for proof to avail name change.
  • Change due to divorce – Legal notice, proof of successful divorce request, and Divorce certificate are mandatory to issue the request.
  • Change due to adoption/ gender change appeal – In such situations, the passengers must present the earlier identity proof, legal notice and documents, and photographs of before and after, if required to complete the request.

NOTE – Make sure to contact the airline for any specific documents requirements and proof to complete the name change/ correction request.

How can I request a name change with Volaris Airlines?

Volaris offers a wide variety of choices to passengers for convenience and meets their additional or extra requirements like Volaris pet policy, booking reservation, a name change for individual and group bookings, etc.

Here are the top options to interact with the airline for your name change requests.

How to issue a name change request via the Volaris Official website?

The most preferable method for Volaris name change is to do so online. It is a perfect choice for passengers located far off. Volaris Manage Booking can be accessed as follows –

  • The traveler must visit the website for Volaris name change online.
  • Choose “My Trips” and enter the “Reservation code and the “last name” of the passenger.
Volaris Airlines- My Trip
From the main website of Volaris Airlines, this screenshot is taken.
  • On the above page, a passenger gets a list of flights. He or she has to select the flight in concern.
  • Next, select “Edit” and after that, you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Complete the request by filling in the required information like the passenger’s correct name, email, phone number for verification, and submit the legal and travel documents as required.
  • The airline may impose Volaris name change fee and fare differences, if applicable.
  • Pay the applicable Volaris name change price and other charges.
  •  Lastly, the airline will mail the passenger a revised ticket that includes the right name information.

How to request Volaris name change via the Airport counter?

If you have not been able to address the name change issue online, you can contact the airline via airport counter representatives. Follow the given steps for Volaris change name on flight –

  • Head to the airport counter timely before the anticipated flight time.
  •  Inform the agent for Volaris change name on ticket/ correction.
  • Provide the agent with the flight details like flight or ticket reference number and the last name.
  • Offer proper details for name change like the correct name, correction, and proper reason for the request.
  • Strengthen the request by providing the necessary documents.
  • The details are analyzed and processed by the agent. 
  • It may take to complete the change based on the option chosen by the passenger.
  • Pay the name change Volaris fee with fare differences and service charges as stated by the airline.
  • The agent will complete the request, and provide the updated ticket and boarding pass to proceed with Volaris check in.

How to contact Volaris over the phone for a Name change?

For Volaris change passenger name, you can interact with the airline customer support agents via the telephonic service to address issues related to ticket booking, reservation, and additional services booked by the passenger.

The contact numbers for popular destinations are listed below for Volaris change of name –

LocationsPhone Numbers
Mexico+52 (55) 1102 8000
The United States of America+11 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
Guatemala +502 2301 3939
Costa Rica+506 4002 7462

Does Volaris Airline offer Email Service to Address Name Change Concerns?

Email service is another great facility offered to passengers to make the required name changes/ correction/ make an inquiry or raise issues like Volaris flight cancellation.

  • You can head to the “Contact” section on the official website and choose “Customer Service” for Volaris name change.
  • The estimated response time for email service is 48 hours.
  • You can email Volaris Airlines for any issues or follow up on the address – “tuexperiencia.volaris.com” or choose “Write to us”.
Volaris Airlines- Contact Support
The screenshot is sourced from the official Volaris Airlines website.
  • Enter important details like email address, subject, passenger name, phone number, reservation code, etc.
  • Choose Type – “Submit a request” and then “Additional Services”.
  • Enter the full details of the request like name change or correction requests.
  • You can also add the relevant documents like relevant legal documents and travel documents and click “Submit”.
  • The airline will respond back and then you can proceed with other necessary requirements.

Does Volaris Airlines allow passenger grievance support via social media Portals?

Social media is emerging as a popular means to get in touch with the airline. You can use the portals to address issues like Volaris flight cancellation, pet policy, etc.

Some of the social media portals are shared below –

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Profile Link

What is the Volaris Change Name Fee?

Volaris Name Change Fee depends on the route, destination, date, and time chosen by the passenger. Here is a rundown of the name change fee is as follows –

ConditionsName Change Fee
National Routes61 USD
International routes MEX-USA, MEX-CAM, USA-CAM, MEX-SAM, USA-SAM110 USD
International routes IntraCAM, SAM-CAM110 USD

Volaris airlines takes away the anxiety associated with the name change. Volaris change of name guidelines are simple, providing a plethora of choices like email, website, feedback form, and airport counter to name a few.

The name change/ correction requests are handled by the airline on priority. The affordable name change fee for domestic and international routes further eases the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Volaris charge for the name change?

Volaris name change fee differs based on the route and destination. It ranges between 61 USD to 110 USD.

How long does it take for a Volaris name correction to be processed?

The airline may take 24 hours up to the date of the flight to complete the name change request.

What are the steps involved in making a Volaris name correction?

You must contact the airline, provide the correct name and submit the required travel documents to request name correction.

What documents are required for a Volaris name correction?

Documents like Ticket booking proof, government-issued ID proofs, and other legal documents like Marriage certificates and Divorce certificates.

Is it possible to change the name on a Volaris ticket after it has been purchased?

Yes, passengers are allowed to request name changes via the name change/ correction policy by contacting the airline for required changes.

Are there any restrictions when making a Volaris name correction?

If the ticket is purchased via Volaris electronic voucher, or a passenger has a special request to convert the ticket to a ticket for an unaccompanied minor/ elderly, a name change is not possible.

What is the Volaris name correction policy?

Volaris name correction policy allows passengers to correct up to four characters in the first, second, or last name.

Can I change my name due to marriage on a Volaris ticket?

Yes, you can request a legal name change due to marriage and provide relevant proof like a Marriage certificate, agreement, etc. claim name change.

Can I change the name on my plane ticket Volaris, if I have gotten divorced?

Volaris allows name change if the process is completed and passengers present documents like a Divorce agreement, Legal notice for divorce, etc.

Are middle names compulsory on the ticket during Volaris airline booking reservations?

The key is to keep the name on the ticket the same as the official documents. However, first and last names are prioritized on the ticket.

How to change name on Volaris ticket online? 

You can request a name change by clicking “My Trips” and entering your confirmation code and last name to access your flights and choose name change to make the required request.

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Marty Hayes
Marty Hayes
2 years ago

I’d highly suggest adding name correctly on your tickets. I remmember booking through an agent on call. He wasnt able to hear correctly and booked a ticket with a wrong name. Later on, he denied making changes free of cost. Volaris change name eventually costed me a lot. This added to the travel fare which only I had to pay.

Sam J. Harvey
Sam J. Harvey
2 years ago

When i had this name issue, i was actually able to do it for free. I just abided by all the rules and volaris change name fee wasnt applied to my ticket. But then i also did this very quickly. On the other hand, when my brother had his name faulty he realized quite late. He wasnt able to do it for free. I guess, time matters a lot in these things.