Volaris Flight Delay Compensation Policy

One of the famous air carriers of Mexico, Volaris Airlines, provides its passengers with the best possible ways to fly with ease. In case, sometimes, the flight gets cancelled by the operator, Volaris is liable to give compensation to its flyers.

Volaris flight delay compensation policy can be helpful when the travelers face a postponement in their departure. By going through this policy, the visitors can get more information about how to initiate the compensation and many other things.

Apart from flight delay, this carrier also offers baggage compensation when the passenger bags get delayed at the airport terminal.

Volaris Flight Delay Compensation Conditions

There are some rules or conditions that are needed to be abided by the visitors of Volaris Airlines. As per the Volaris delayed flight policy, these conditions are set under the EC 261 norm. This EC 261 only applies to the flights that depart from an European airport. Even when the Volaris flights do not depart from any European destination, still the EC 261 rule applies.

Other conditions to be followed when filing for compensation of a delayed flight at Volaris, are as shown below.

  • For delays of more than one hour but less than four hours, a discount may be given to the passengers to book another flight.
  • This discount can be obtained in the form of an e-Voucher for Volaris flight delays.
  • Some documents can be needed to be submitted to the air representative or airport manager in order to receive compensation from the airline.
  • For delays of more than an hour but fewer than 4 hours, a compensation of 50 Mexican pesos can be given to the customers facing a postponement of the flight.
  • In case a flyer suffers a delay of greater than 2 hours but no more than 4 hours, then an e-Voucher of 250 Mexican pesos can be granted to the flyers.

When Can You Get Compensation for Volaris Flight Delay?

There are some circumstances when you can get compensation for your Volaris flight delay. These circumstances should be such that the airline can be held responsible. For getting your delay compensation, just make sure that your reservation of this Mexican air carrier was confirmed. 

Look at the following factors when you can be eligible to obtain compensation for the delayed Volaris flight.

  • You can get a reimbursement for your flight when you arrive at your final location 3 hours or more than that.
  • If you took a different flight and landed at your ultimate stop much later than the first flight was scheduled to arrive.
  • You were notified of the delayed flight fewer than 14 hours prior to departure by the airline.
  • You left the EU or entered at a European airport unless the carrier is an European one.
  • Your check-in procedure at the Volaris flight got completed on time. This should be done no less than 45 minutes prior to the departure.
  • Because many locations have a flight delay request limit of fewer than three years, your travel was less than three years ago.
  • The airline is to blame for the delay if the reasons were beyond the carrier’s control.

Volaris Delayed Baggage Policy

The airline, Volaris, makes sure that the flyers receive their baggage on the airport premises on time. However, if it does not reach on time, the carrier can provide a certain kind of compensation to its flyers. There are some points that need to be kept in mind while making a request for Volaris delayed baggage. 

  • Just when checked baggage may indeed not reach on the very same flight as the passenger is the luggage guarantee valid.
  • When Volaris delivers a valid claiming check and gives the passenger with a ticket showing that the baggage is entered in the check-in system, it is termed checked baggage.
  • The luggage assurance is applicable on all of Volaris’ routes.
  • This assurance is only valid for one incidence per client; for example, if a passenger has two delayed luggage, only one baggage warranty will be granted.
  • The electronic credit is good for 30 (thirty) days of making a reservation with Volaris Airlines.
  • When the baggage is not received by the passenger even after 30 days, he or she is entitled to receive a Volaris delayed baggage compensation.

Steps to Make a Request for Baggage Gurantee at Volaris Airlines

You need to follow some basic steps to ensure that your delayed baggage is under the gurantee of this Mexican air carrier. These steps, under the Volaris delayed flight policy, are as follows:

  • If the luggage does not show on the check in desk at the airport, the passenger must locate a service representative before exiting the security checkpoint area so that a Baggage Irregularity Report could be issued.
  • The customer service representative will ask the initiation of the checked bags guarantee in addition to checking for the lost baggage.
  • Within 72 hours of the flight’s arrival, the visitor will receive an email containing the electronic credit number. The visitor will receive this email on the registered mail ID provided at the time of booking.
  • Should the email not be issued, the visitor can get their electronic credit number by calling 01 800 122 8000 and providing their booking code.

When you are making a claim related to the delayed baggage at Volaris, you need to be certain about its terms and conditions. These conditions are set for electronic credit that is provided to the customers as a part of a compensation for the baggage delay.

Some of the terms and conditions related to Volaris flight delay compensation of baggage are as follows:

  • The electronic credit will go into action 72 hours following the flight has landed.
  • The electronic credit may be issued to the passenger’s given email address throughout the registration process.
  • The electronic credit cannot be transferred.
  • When electronic credit does not fill the entire cost of a new service, the consumer is responsible for the balance.
  • It is only valid for the minimum fare. It can’t be used to cover taxes, fees, or extra services.
  • The guarantee stands in place regardless of any potential Volaris flight delay compensation for late or lost cargo.
  • It does not apply to clients who are flying on short notice or whose luggage has been delayed owing to security concerns.
  • The electronic credit can be utilized to make a reservation over the phone or online.

How to Make a Volaris Voucher Compensation Request?

Volaris Airlines makes sure that the compensation is given to its flyers in case of any delay in the flight. This compensation can be given in the form of Volaris Airlines vouchers. To claim these vouchers you need to keep certain things in mind such as:

  • Legitimacy Period: Vouchers provided by this carrier should be legitimate. This legitimate time period starts as soon as you receive a notice regarding your vouchers on your registered email ID.
  • Name of the Passenger: The name of the passenger and the person to whom the vouchers were issued should be the same. Also, the name on the voucher should be correctly mentioned. For more details on how to correct your name, you can go through the Volaris name change on ticket policy.
  • Individual Use: The vouchers are for individual use, and bookings with multiple passengers are not affected.

When you have Volaris flight delay compensation vouchers, you can pay for the following: 

  • Your flight’s base passage
  • Extra administrators

Note: Before using your vouchers, carefully read their terms and conditions. The legitimacy and the services it includes may occasionally change.

Steps to Claim Your Volaris Flight Delay Compensation Vouchers

There are some steps that you need to follow when you file your request for the flight delay vouchers at this carrier. You need to visit the official website of Volaris Airlines to initiate the compensation process.

More steps to get the Volaris delays compensation are as follows:

  • To get the vouchers related to flight delay, please go to official website: www.volaris.com
  • Select the flight which got delayed and begin the checkout process.
  • When you checkout, you will be redirected to the payment option.
  • To claim the vouchers you need to visit the website of the volaris airline, then select the flight and start the checkout interaction of the vouchers.
  • Select the Volaris vouchers, presents, travel assets, etc. during the payment selection.
  • Then, in order to quickly claim and utilize the vouchers, you must submit the essential information.
  • To redeem their remaining Volaris airline voucher, the tourist can also go to the website of the operator. Or else, go to the ticket counter for the same. 

Volaris Delay Refund Policy

Volaris Airlines ensures that the flyers receive their money-back on their flight delays. However, there are some limitations when it comes to knowing how much refund will you get. If your flight gets delayed and you wish to cancel it, you will receive a reimbursement on cancelling your ticket under 24 hours of booking. 

There are some guidelines related to the Volaris delay refund policy. Adhering to these guidelines can make your process of refunding smooth without any hassle.

  • For the refund to be initiated by the airline, some documents are needed.
  • These documents can be your full name, email ID, and reservation code.
  • Additionally, you may also need to provide your ID copy, bank account details, as well as other relevant documents.
  • Only when the ticket is of a refundable type, the passenger may get a refund.
  • Volaris refund can be credited in the original form of payment of the passenger. 
  • The present procedure used by banks will determine when refunds will be made.
  • If the refund is requested in another manner, it may be paid as soon as the traveler provides the necessary details.
  • The refund period for packages may be established by the refund policy of every service provider.
  • If you made your booking with a travel agent, you should send your application for a refund through that person.

Ways to Get a Volaris Flight Delay Refund

Both online and offline techniques may be used by Volaris to process the refund request. When a traveller would prefer to complete the process online, they can utilise the main site to cancel their Volaris ticket.

You might need to log in to your profile to see the information about your delayed flight from the site’s home page. It is simple and quick to get your money back. For the offline method, you can visit the airport or call the airline to get your flight delay refund.

To know how to make a refund request for the Volaris delayed flight online, go through the given steps below:

  • Please open your device’s search engine to initiate the process, then look for the air operator’s main site “www.volaris.com
  • A user may need to “Log in” to the profile on the site’s home page.
  • The “Manage My Flights” page should be your next stop. Please fill out that form with the specifics of your delayed flight reservation and request the reimbursement in accordance with Volaris delayed flight policy.
  • Once you locate your details on the flight that got delayed, you might need to tap on the “Refund” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Make sure that you follow all the instructions listed on the screen after choosing that option.
  • Wait for the airline to process your request. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered ID regarding the successful flight delay refund process.


Delays can happen to anyone when they are all set to fly. It is thus, important to know whether the airline you chose can provide you flight delay compensation or not.

Hence, Volaris flight delay compensation provides not only monetary refund but also added benefits associated with the postponement in the travel. By abiding to all the above-mentioned conditions, passengers need not to worry even if their flight gets late at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Volaris delayed flight occurs?

Volaris flights does not get delayed often. On an average, about 20% of the flights at Volaris gets late or postponed due to various issues. These issues can be no availability of the pilot, passenger shortage at the aircraft, technical faults, etc. To know the exact frequency of the Volaris flight delays, kindly contact the air operator

Is Volaris flight delay compensation provided to the passengers?

Yes, Volaris flight delay compensation is availed to the flyers who may have suffered a postponement in their journey or missed their flight. This compensation can be claimed in the form of vouchers. These vouchers can be given to the flyers if the delay is more than 3 hours. The compensation vouchers can be claimed either by visiting the website online or by personally going to the airport.

When do Volaris flight delays take place?

Flight delays at Volaris takes place when situations are not under the control of an airline. This can include staffing issues, overcrowded aircraft, mechanical faults, poor weather conditions, etc. On such situations, the airline is responsible for providing its visitors with a compensation. You are eligible to get a compensation when you were notified about the flight delay 14 days or fewer to the departure.

What conditions needs to be followed under the Volaris delayed flight policy?

Some conditions needs to be met by both the airline as well as the passenger in order to get compensation for Volaris flight delays. These include that you may get a discount in case you suffered a delay of more than one hour but less than four hours. This compensation or a discount can be obtained by the flyer in the form of an e-Voucher. Documents such as passport, booking confirmation receipt, ticket or an e-ticket, etc. can be needed by the airline to confirm your flight delay compensation request.

What can I do Volaris flight delayed?

When your Volaris flight gets delayed, the first thing is to inform them about your postponement of the journey. In case the agent is unable to help you at the airport, you can visit the official site of Volaris to request your compensation claim. You can either contact the airline or visit the site and checkout for your delayed flight. Choose the Volaris vouchers option and get your reimbursement.

How to claim for your Volaris delayed baggage?

To claim your Volaris delayed baggage at the airport, head to the check-in desk or the security checkpoint area. Meet the air representative of Volaris who can help you with your delayed bagagge. Once the agent founds that your bags are delayed, he or she will give you an electronic credit number. With this number, you can locate your delayed baggage and get it back within 72 hours of missing it on flight

How much amount do you receive as a Volaris delay policy reimbursement?

The amount of reimbursement depends on the number of kilometers the aircraft has flown. Here is the reimbursement amount that you can receive as a part of a Volaris delay policy:

For 1500 kilometers: €250 
Above 1500 kilometers: €400
Between 1500-3500 kilometers: €400
More than 3500 kilometers: €600

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