Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

It can be stressful to have to cancel a flight. Aeromexico has developed a solution to lessen the stress on the customer and the uncomfortable situation. To assist its customers, the operator has established the Aeromexico cancellation policy. For information on flight management, compensation, reimbursements, and refunds, this feature is useful. 

Guidelines for Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy

It is important to get an overview of the revocation service offered by the airline. The highlights of this policy are:

  • The flight revocation option is not available for regular fare types.
  • Reversals are available for the “Flexible” option of all fare types.
  • 24 hours flight cancellation is only accessible for tickets with a point of sale from the United States.
  • You are eligible for both electronic vouchers and cash refunds.
  • Gran Plan purchases must be reversed 72 hours before departure time to avoid applicable charges.
  • The Aeromexico flight cancellation policy due to controllable reasons is subject to:
    • compensation 
    • and rebookings.
  • On not showing up for any flight segment of the itinerary, it may lead to the reversal of other segments.
  • You must connect with the carrier within 24 hours to utilize the unused segment.
  • To undo reservations, you can contact the airline’s call center.

Reasons to Undo Booking

Travelers may be compelled to revoke their itineraries due to a number of constraints. Some last changes to the schedule may have an impact. Unforeseen events might also develop, threatening someone’s health. As a result, being mindful of the potential reasons might be advantageous.

You may also take the help of the Aeromexico cancellation policy for revoking your reservation due to:

  • Death of close relatives
  • Emergencies at work
  • Difficulties or limitations in the baggage allowances
  • A bad turn of weather 
  • Travel restrictions imposed by the government

Aeromexico 24 hour Cancellation Policy

When you are unsure of the travel plans or receive a better deal, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of the reservation. The first 24 hours of any reservation are considered a risk-free period for reversals. 

  • The operator will provide passengers the option of:
    • Receiving a complete refund 
    • Or, changing their reservation. 
  • Within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket, you can make:
    • Any adjustments 
    • Or, revocation without paying a revocation or change fee.

The Aeromexico 24 hour cancellation policy is available for bookings placed at least one week/7 days prior to the scheduled departure.

24-hour Fare Guarantee

It is a unique feature provided by the airline for the convenience of its customers. But, this policy is only available for bookings made on the carrier’s website for the United States.

For the first 24 hours, it guarantees the indicated price of the ticket at the time of reservation. If the consumer does not confirm the reservation within the cutoff time, it will be automatically canceled.

How Do You Request a Refund for 24 Hours Cancellation?

There are a few different ways in which you can ask for a refund. These include:

  • Connecting with the call center at relevant contact IDs.
  • Going to any ticketing facility of the airline.
  • In the case of third-party bookings, contact the concerned travel agency.

The refund for Aeromexico cancel within 24 hours will be processed after the “Customer Refund Services Department” receives the necessary documents.

The refund for tickets that are eligible will be given out in the following time frame:

  • 2/two billing cycles for credit card transactions
  • 1/one month for purchases made with cash 

Note: Tickets purchased through the carrier’s website other than the United States are not covered by the policy.

Aeromexico Cancellation of Club Premier’s Award Tickets

“Club Premier” is a frequent flyer program offered by the carrier. Members of this program can purchase “Award Tickets” using their “Premier Points. Such tickets may be requested back without incurring any revocation fees.

Customers get the benefit of a waived Aeromexico cancellation fee when they notify about the revocation to Club Premier within 24/twenty-four hours of redeeming the Award Ticket. This benefit applies to all domestic and international flights exclusively operated with a point of sale in Mexico.   

The refund will include the redeemed Premier Points, any taxes, or fee payments. The reimbursement will be credited to the appropriate Club Premier Account.

Connect with Club Premier on the following IDs for Aeromexico cancel within 24 hours, refunds, or queries:

Country/RegionContact Number
México(52 55) 1519 4040
United States(1) 855 412 2650
Spain900 995 282
Chile(+56-2) 2599 4378 
(Option 4)
Other Regions800 800 56800

Aeromexico Flight Cancellation Fee

The flag carrier of Mexico charges a fee. It is based on the origin, destination, point of sale, and ticket type.

The points discussed below highlight the cancellation charges:

  • Reservation for tickets to/from the United States can be reversed. 
  • You can do so without paying an additional fee when:
    • The point of sale is the United States-specific website of the airline.
    • Under 24 hours of booking
  • You may have to pay a revocation fee for other fare types.
  • To learn the exact pricing, please contact the carrier on call.

For the Club Premier Award Ticket

This ticket may have been purchased on or after September 17, 2020. For any revocation request made 24 hours after the point redemption, the following Aeromexico cancellation fee is charged:

  • $1,930 for domestic flights
  • $2,900 for international tickets

How to Cancel an Aeromexico Ticket?

Flight revocations can be achieved in several ways. All these are convenient to use and can be assessed by the general public. Four out of five methods can be executed on the website of the operator, and the last one is to connect on a call.

Method 1: Connect with the Call Center

Contacting the carrier’s agent is regarded as one of the most practical ways to reverse a booking. People with less technical expertise may use this method for Aeromexico flight cancellations. 

Find the relevant calling ID from the table below:

Language/Region/CountryPhone NumberLanguage/Region/CountryPhone Number
Mexico(55) 5133 4000El Salvador800 61 05
United States1-800-237-6639Spain900 995 282
Argentina0 800 888 2276Europe0800 9775 533
Brazil0800 891 7512French0 800 916 754
Canada1 800 237- 6639Great Britain0800 9775 533
Chile800 392 674Guatemala1 800 835 0269
Colombia01 800 952 0533Honduras800 2791 9025
Costa Rica0 800 052 1447Netherlands0 800 0224 008
Ecuador1 800 000 227Nicaragua001 800 22 60 294
Peru0 800 767 50Panama800 052 1373
Dominican Republic1 888 760 0141Japan(81) 3 5293 5945
South Korea82 2 754 6336Chinese86 32 6247 6281
Republic of Ireland1800 855 474

Select the appropriate phone number and dial it to connect with the airline representative. Next, stick to the steps explained below:

  • After your call is connected, the agent may ask you:
    • Date of booking
    • Ticket number/Reservation number
    • Last name
    • Origin and destination
    • Date of departure
  • Such information can be helpful in retrieving your booking.
  • The agent may explain to you the details of the Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy.
  • You can confirm with the agent to go ahead with the revocation process.
  • In the end, an email may be sent to confirm the reversal.

Method 2: Go to “My Trips”

Reverse your itinerary by managing it on the “My Trips” section of the website. You will be able to locate this button on the home page. To undo the ticket, follow the steps below:

  • On the “My Trips” page, you need to retrieve your booking details.
  • You may do so by adding:
    • Reservation (six digits) or ticket (thirteen digits) number
    • Passenger’s last name
  • “Club Premier” members may also log in using their:
    • Registered mail ID
    • The password of the Club Premier account
  • The said reservation will be retrieved.
  • You may proceed to find the cancellation option.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to successfully complete the revocation.

Note: Based on the Aeromexico cancellation policy, you may execute this process on the smartphone application.

Method 3: Contact Aerobot

Aerobot is the new feature on the airline’s website. It is a chatbot and a medium for contacting the carrier. You can use the bot to undo your flight or get answers to your questions.

  • Explore the carrier’s homepage and proceed to the bottom.
  • Click the first button that says “Contact Us” in this section.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page with a number of choices. 
  • Go for “Facebook Messenger Chatbot”.
  • Click on the link to connect with Aerobot.

Method 4: Through Live Chat

Customers can directly connect with the operator’s agent through the “Live Chat” feature. This feature enables quick solutions. The service is available from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Central Time (GMT-6).

  • Visit the website of the operator and scroll to the bottom of the main page.
  • The “Live Chat” button is located in a blue box.
  • Hit the box to start the process.
  • For the assistant to connect, it might take a while.
  • Keep your reservation information ready to give out when necessary.
  • You may have to pay the Aeromexico cancel flight fee to confirm the reversal.

Method 5: Ask Your Queries on Social Media

Social media is the modern-day platform for getting solutions. To revoke your flight ticket, you may connect with the carrier on such sites. You may clarify all your questions and concerns here.

  • To clear any doubt or query, go to the respective social media platform.
  • Create a post and explain your concern in detail.
  • Make sure to add your contact details. 
  • Tag the official handle of the carrier.
  • The operator’s team may connect with you to help you further.

Here is the list of social media handles and relevant links for the airline:


Aeromexico Cancellation Refund Policy

After a revocation, eligible ticket holders can get a refund. Customers have the option to avail refunds to their original form for payment or in the form of an “Electronic Voucher”. 

Aeromexico Cancellation Refund Policy

The general guidelines of the Aeromexico cancellation refund policy are outlined below:

  • The airline is known for providing quick refunds for eligible tickets.
  • All such requests are mostly processed in the original form of payment, within:
    • seven (7) days for purchases made with debit or credit cards. 
    • twenty (20) days for all other sources of payment. 
  • This timeline is based on the day the “Refund Department” Receives the request.
  • It may take several days to add the amount to your account based on the type of your bank.
  • The refund is reflected on the bank statement as per the billing cycle of the customer.

Note: To prevent legal issues with receiving a refund, you must make corrections to the incorrect passenger’s name in accordance with the Aeromexico name change.

Aeromexico Refund Based on Fare Type

This national airline of Mexico offers two different fare options to its passengers. The first is a branded ticket type with limitations. The second is a flexible fare. 

The Aeromexico cancel flight refund type is discussed in the following table:

Fare TypeRefund Flexibility
Flexible classicRefunds are available in the form of electronic vouchers or via the original payment method
AM PlusNon-refundable
Flexible AM PLusRefunds are available in the form of electronic vouchers 
Flexible PremierRefunds are available in the form of electronic vouchers 
Premier lightNon-refundable
Flexible Premier lightRefunds are available in the form of electronic vouchers or via the original payment method
Premier OneNon-refundable
Flexible Premier OneRefunds are available in the form of electronic vouchers or via the original payment method

How to Request a Refund for an Aeromexico Flight?

To proceed with the simple process of claiming the return, you have two options. One is visiting the ticket office, and the other is contacting the call center with relevant phone numbers. 

Method 1: Request at the Ticket Office

The first method to submit your refund request after Aeromexico cancel flights is by visiting the ticket office. Fill out the necessary paperwork with the assistance of the airline agent.

To find the exact location of various ticket offices, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate through the homepage of the carrier and go to the end.
  • Here, click on the first button that says “Contact Us”.
  • You will be taken to a new page with several options, including “Ticket Offices.”
  • There are two filters:
    • Region
    • Country/City
  • Select your preferred region and then the city to obtain:
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Working Hours

Method 2: Contact Number to Request Refund

You will find the list of relevant contact details based on regions to proceed with your request after Aeromexico cancel flights in the given table:

Nations/RegionsContact Details
United States and Canada1 800 237 6639
Latin AmericaArgentina: 0 800 888 2276
Chile: 800 392 674
Costa Rica: 0 800 052 1447
Colombia: 01 800 952 0533
Dominican Republic: 1 888 760 0141
Belize: 00 1800 016 2143
Salvador: 800 61 05
Guatemala: 1 800 835 0269
Nicaragua: 001 800 226 0294
Peru: 0 800 76 750
Honduras: 800 2791 9025
Panama: 800 052 1373
Ecuador: 1 800 00 0227
Brazil: 0 800 891 7512
EuropeSpain: ** 900 995 282 **
United Kingdom: ** 0 800 977 5533 **
Netherlands: ** 0 800 0224 008 **
AsiaSouth Korea: ** 82 2 754 6336 **
China: ** 86 21 6466 8099 **
Japan: ** 0 570 783 057 **
Other Countries+52 55 51 33 40 00

Flight Cancellation by Aeromexico

This airline may cancel flights for a variety of reasons. The majority of the reversals are of two types, which are controllable and uncontrollable situations.

Manageable and preventable circumstances for Aeromexico cancelled flights include:

  • Mechanical issues that could have been resolved in advance
  • Damage to the aircraft that could have been addressed sooner

Several times, the flight may be reversed or delayed due to uncontrollable factors. This airline company doesn’t offer reimbursement or compensation for such events. 

Involuntary Flight Cancellations

Involuntary flight disruptions are rare. But, during such situations, you should be aware of certain things.

When a reservation is disrupted due to government travel restrictions, you will be placed on another flight. The operator won’t charge the fare difference when the departure time of the new flight is within 60 days of the operations resuming.

If the date of new reservations after Aeromexico cancelled flights is between those given below, the fare difference will apply:

Date Range of Reservation
29th January 2021 – 1st February 202112th March 2021 – 15th March 2021
25th March 2021 – 12th April 202125th June 2021 – 23rd August 2021
15th December 2021 – 10th January 20224th February 2022 – 7th February 2022
18th March 2022 – 21st March 20228th April 2022 – 25th April 2022
24th June 2022 – 15th August 2022

No Show Cancellation

If the origin or destination is outside of Mexican territory (international flights), passengers must use all segments when they book a round-trip ticket. Any unused segments will result in the revocation of reservations for the remaining segments, as mentioned in the Aeromexico cancel policy for no-show flights.

When a traveler wishes to utilize an unused ticket, the following requirements must be met:

  • Connect with the operator’s call center.
  • Make the necessary “No-show” fee payment.
  • Pay any applicable charges for the flight change of Aeromexico.
  • Make payment for any differences in fares wherever applicable.

Aeromexico Cancelled Flight Compensation Policy

Given that the operator is aware of the revocation at least 3/three hours before the departure, it attempts to connect with the passengers. 

  • It takes the contact information from the bookings or the “Club Premier” profile. 
  • Provide correct/relevant contact details (phone number and email address). 

The Aeromexico flight cancellation policy offers service compensation when the disruption, revocation, or misconnection was within its control. 

Compensation Offered

The following services can be expected during unfortunate events:

  • For the overnight inconvenience caused to travelers away from their destination or home, they are offered:
    • Allowances for meals
    • Accommodation at registered hotels
  • The carrier company will compensate the said traveler with credit for transportation.
  • This is equivalent to the price of the hotel when accommodation is not available. 

When is Compensation not Given?

The carrier has made it clear that it won’t offer the following compensation for involuntary cancellations:

  • Ground transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Phone calls
  • Passengers’ additional costs

Rather, you will be rebooked on another flight. The Aeromexico cancellation policy states that travelers may also revoke such disrupted flights and request refunds.

  • The airline has enabled the option of processing refund requests since 11th January 2022.
  • You can get the electronic voucher (EMD) from the carrier.
  • The value of EMD is completely equal to the fare amount at the time of purchase.
  • Such vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issuing.
  • Within 330 days of the booking date, future reservations must be completed. 
  • For the Gran Plan, electronic vouchers are not accepted.
  • Customers with Aeromexico basic fare cancellation are also eligible for:
    • Rebooking 
    • And refund requests when affected by:
      • Government travel restrictions, or
      • Controllable factors

For such refunds, the following table reflects the expected timeline:

Booking before 20th December 2021Within 12 months of the date of request
Reservation after 21st December 2021Request a refund to the original payment format and (processing within 7-20 days)

This well-structured Aeromexico cancel policy is an excellent resource for determining eligibility for reversals. It also includes information on the operator’s compensation and reimbursement benefits for a canceled segment of the itinerary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aeromexico canceling flights by informing?

When the carrier revokes the flight due to a controllable situation, it informs the travelers.

How to cancel Aeromexico flights?

To undo any flight you may connect with the call center or clear your queries on the live chat feature on the operator’s website.

Do I get compensation when Aeromexico cancel my flights?

You get service compensation when the flight is discontinued due to controllable situations

What is Aeromexico cancel policy for a “No Show” flight?

The carrier reverses flights in case the customer doesn’t show up without prior notice.

How to request refund for Aeromexico cancel ticket?

The airline has asked customers to contact it directly to receive a refund.

What is Aeromexico cancellations fee?

The cancellation fee varies with the type of fare purchased. To find it, get in touch with Aeromexico.

Why did Aeromexico cancelled my flight refund?

Due to incorrect information or other such reasons, your refund request may get affected.

Are Aeromexico flights cancelled refunded?

Due to incorrect information or other such reasons, your refund request may get affected.

Are Aeromexico flights cancelled refunded?

Customers may get a refund for a revoked flight because of a controllable situation.

What is Aeromexico cancellation policy 2023 for “Force Majeure”?

Any flight reversal related to “Force Majeure” is not compensated by the airline company.

Does Aeromexico have 24 hour cancellations?

Flight revocation within 24 hours is available for the tickets that were purchased on the carrier’s website for the USA.

How to cancel a flight on Aeromexico offline?

To undo any flight offline, you can connect with the airline representative on call.

How to cancel a flight with Aeromexico without a cancellation fee?

When you want to avoid the revocation charge, you must be a member of the Club Premier program.

What is Aeromexico cancellation policy 2023?

The flight reversal policy of the carrier prompts compensations and refunds for revoked flights due to controllable situations.

Why is Aeromexico cancelling flights?

This operator can revoke flights for three reasons, that is, controllable, uncontrollable, or weather changes.

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