Aeromexico Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Unpredictable events occasionally cause flight delays and disruptions. At times, such situations can be avoided. The Aeromexico flight delay compensation policy can help passengers lessen any inconvenience experienced as a result of such delays. With the assistance of the information it provides, such impacted passengers can get in touch with the airline.

Rules of Aeromexico Delay Compensation Policy

The reimbursement policy for disrupted flights is based on certain key highlights:

  • You will be informed about the disruption within 30 minutes of the occurrence.
  • Passengers will be offered a reason for the delay and timely updates.
  • The airline is well equipped to assist them at the time of runway/tarmac delay.
  • You may expect accommodation/rebooking by this as well as the cancellation policy of Aeromexico.
  • Passengers won’t get any monetary compensation.
  • They may expect a refund for revoked or delayed flights.

Aeromexico Tarmac Delays

A tarmac or runway delay occurs whenever an aircraft on the ground has either been preparing to take off or has recently landed. But travelers are not allowed to exit the plane. Such scenarios can create chaos.

  • This operator has a well-thought-out Aeromexico delay policy in place. 
  • It helps to keep the situation under control. 
  • The regulations under this framework attempt to mitigate the negative impact on travelers.

DOT Tarmac Delays

This plan is in accordance with the rules of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). According to the DOT tarmac delay rule, travelers on an aircraft facing a runway disruption must have the chance to exit before:

  • Three hours for domestic flights, and
  • Four hours for international flights after the start of the runway delay.
  • Sometimes exceptions may be made for grounds of:
    • Security
    • Safety
    • Or, the management of air traffic

Aeromexico Responsibilities and Compensation for Tarmac Delay

The air operator is generally very careful to avoid such disruptions. But unfortunate occurrences might bring about such scenarios. The Aeromexico delay compensation and assistance are entirely dedicated to the goodwill of the travelers.

  • The cabin crew and “Operations/Customer Center” (OCC) will be in touch.
  • They will monitor the mood/overall environment of the cabin/distressed customers.
  • Every decision will be taken for the welfare of all passengers impacted.
  • Passengers will be provided with sufficient drinking water and food. 
  • These facilities will be given by two hours after the delay begins.
  • They won’t be offered unless the pilot in command deems that safety is compromised.
  • When required, medical services and access to healthcare are provided, relating to:
    • Cabin temperature conditions
    • Other demands that customers need to be relaxed
  • Every 30 minutes, passengers on board will be informed of the status of the delay.
  • The notification specifies the:
    • Cause for the disruption 
    • Estimated time of departure
  • It collaborates with these to combine resources in times of extended tarmac delays:
    • Other airline companies 
    • Local airport authorities
  • To fulfill the criteria of the Aeromexico delay policy, all terminals have plans which are coordinated with:
    • Aviation security, and
    • Local governmental institutions.
  • It includes:
    • Backup solutions for inoperable/damaged equipment
    • Aircraft supply and service
    • Parking concerns on gates or remote runways
    • Sharing facilities, and
    • In an emergency, making gates available

Other Reasons for Aeromexico Flight Delay

The operation of the aircraft may be affected by delays, cancellations, and other issues for a variety of reasons. Numerous times, the carrier has no control over the situation.

Conditions that can be controlled/avoided that may cause Aeromexico flights to be delayed include:

  • Aircraft damage 
  • Mechanical problems 

Due to numerous unpredictable circumstances, the flight may be revoked or delayed. There are no reimbursement or compensation options available from this airline company for such occurrences. 

  • Weather-related disruption
  • External factors causing aircraft damage
  • Disruption brought on by air traffic following check-in Aeromexico.
  • Force Majeure/Act of God

Aeromexico Baggage Delay

The instances of delayed or lost bags may still occur, despite careful handling of the luggage. The airline has regulations in place to handle complaints regarding Aeromexico baggage delays from such customers in order to assist them.

You need to go to the carrier’s website. Read the Aeromexico baggage allowance policy to submit a report for delayed luggage. 

  • Navigate to the main page of the official site Aeromexico Airlines.
  • You can access the “Travel Information” section from the homepage’s top bar.
  • Go to the drop-down menu. 
  • Select “Baggage” from the list of choices.
  • Head to the new page. 
  • Scroll down and hit “File a Report”.

Users can submit their reports using the method described below:

  • Click on “File a Report”. 
  • You’ll be taken to “Create a Baggage Report” after that.
  • You can choose to report the following at this point:
    • Delayed Bag
    • Lost Item
    • Damaged Baggage
  • Select your option. 
  • Then click on “Confirm”.
  • Follow the directions exactly to complete the report.

When you are worried about your luggage, the operator offers a few ways to connect with it, particularly for queries. Passengers can learn about the Aeromexico baggage delay compensation by connecting with the airline through the mediums tabulated below: 

Contact MediumContact Number/ID/Link
Messenger Aerobot
Whatsapp Aerobot
Call1-800-237-6639 (United States)

How to Claim Aeromexico Delayed Flight Compensation?

The operator is very considerate and tries to assist its passengers in every possible way. Therefore, they can contact it and submit an offline/online claim for Aeromexico flight delay compensation.

Method 1: Visit the Airline Office

Visiting the carrier’s office is the quickest way to get in touch with an agent. When your flight is delayed and you are at the airport, go to the office to find out the next steps. The agent should be contacted to find out more about the services he/she is willing to provide.

As a result, you may choose the claims you want to make while keeping your best interests or those of your family and friends in mind.

Method 2: Connect Over Call

Passengers in distress due to flight delays can call the operator to find out what to do next. This option can also help when assistance is needed for unaccompanied minors. To assist its customers over the phone, the airline employs quick and knowledgeable agents. 

The region-wise Aeromexico delay compensation phone numbers are: 

Region/CountryCalling NumberRegion/CountryCalling Number
Mexico(55) 5133 4000Colombia01 800 952 0533
Honduras800 2791 9025Spain900 995 282
El Salvador800 61 05Brazil0800 891 7512
Netherlands0 800 0224 008United States1-800-237-6639
Guatemala1 800 835 0269Great Britain0800 9775 533
Europe0800 9775 533Japan(81) 3 5293 5945
Panama800 052 1373Costa Rica0 800 052 1447
Ecuador1 800 000 227Republic of Ireland1800 855 474
Canada1 800 237- 6639Dominican Republic1 888 760 0141
French0 800 916 754Argentina0 800 888 2276
Chile800 392 674Chinese86 32 6247 6281
South Korea82 2 754 6336Nicaragua001 800 22 60 294
Peru0 800 767 50

To connect with Club Premier, call on the following IDs for doubts regarding delayed flights, refunds, managing booking, etc:

RegionCalling Number
Chile(+56-2) 2599 4378 
(Option 4)
United States(1) 855 412 2650
México(52 55) 1519 4040
Spain900 995 282
Other Regions800 800 56800

Method 3: Contact Aerobot

This operator extends its assistance through Aerobot. It is one of several methods of getting in touch with the carrier. The bot can be used to get information on disrupted flight support or assistance with the pet policy of aeromexico in this instance. 

  • Head to the air operator’s website
  • Then scroll to the end.
  • In this section, click on the first button that prompts “Contact Us”.
  • A new page with several options will be opened for you. 
  • Choose the “Facebook Messenger Chatbot” from all other contact mediums.
  • To contact Aerobot, click on the link.
  • You may also ask about Aeromexico flight changes due to delays.

Method 4: Through Live Chat

When you want to connect with a human representative of the airline, you may do so by using the new feature. This is called “Live Chat”. 

Through this medium, you will be able to obtain a quick and accurate response for the Aeromexico delayed flight compensation. 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Central Time (GMT-6) is the operating time of the service.

  • Navigate to the official site of the airline. 
  • Head to the end of the home page.
  • You will be able to find the “Live Chat” button in a blue box.
  • To begin, click on the box.
  • It might take some time for the agent to connect with the user.
  • Provide your reservation details to retrieve your booking.
  • The agent will look through the matter and help you get some compensation.
  • You may also get answers to queries related to reimbursements and refunds. 

One may rely on this method to check whether reimbursement is available for the services paid previously. This can include seat selections/upgrades.

Requisites for Aeromexico Flight Delay Compensation

As soon as the airline learns of the disruption, at least three hours before the scheduled departure, it tries to contact the passengers. 

  • It collects the contact information of the passenger from:
    • The reservation
    • Or, the “Club Premier” profile
  • Give accurate/useful contact information, such as:
    • Your phone number, and
    • Email address

Types of Compensation Offered

The flight delay compensation may be offered by the operator when the disruption, revocation, or misconnection was within its control. 

During unanticipated disruptions, certain services might be anticipated:

  • Travelers get compensation for lacking shelter in a place other than their hometown:
    • Meal allowances
    • Lodging arrangements at hotels that are registered
  • They will be granted the aforementioned traveler credit toward future expenses.
  • In the case of no available accommodations, this credit is equivalent to the hotel rate. 

What Situations Prevent Compensation?

Aeromexico has explicitly stated that it will not provide for the following damages for involuntary delays or revocations:

  • Accommodations
  • Ground transportation
  • Telephone calls
  • Meals allowance
  • Costs incurred by passengers

Rebooking and Refunds

This airline offers to rebook flights in the event of disrupted flights. This facility is only available for involuntary delays and flight reversals. In the event of delayed trips, you may reach out to the operator and claim a refund.

  • Since January 11, 2022, the air operator has made the option of processing refunds.
  • It will provide you with an electronic voucher (EMD).
  • EMD’s value is exactly equal to the ticket amount you paid at the time of reservation.
  • These vouchers are available to use for a year after the date of issuance.
  • Future reservations must be completed within 330 days of the booking date. 
  • Electronic vouchers cannot be used with the Gran Plan.
  • Customers who purchase a basic fare are also qualified for:
    • Rebooking 
    • Refund requests when government travel restrictions are involved

The anticipated time frame for such refunds is shown in the following table: 

Booking before 20th December 2021Reservation after 21st December 2021
Within 12 months of the date of requestRequest a refund to the original payment format (processing within 7-20 days)

Note: Make sure to make corrections to an incorrect passenger’s name by referring to the Aeromexico name change on ticket policy before you make claims.

For refund-related queries relating to Aeromexico flight delay compensation, you can call on these relevant numbers:

Regions/NationsContact Details
United States and Canada1 800 237 6639
Latin AmericaChile: 800 392 674
Argentina: 0 800 888 2276
Colombia: 01 800 952 0533
Costa Rica: 0 800 052 1447
Belize: 00 1800 016 2143
Dominican Republic: 1 888 760 0141
Salvador: 800 61 05
Guatemala: 1 800 835 0269
Peru: 0 800 76 750
Nicaragua: 001 800 226 0294
Panama: 800 052 1373
Honduras: 800 2791 9025
Brazil: 0 800 891 7512
Ecuador: 1 800 00 0227
AsiaChina: 86 21 6466 8099 
South Korea: 82 2 754 6336 
Japan: 0 570 783 057 
EuropeSpain: 900 995 282 
United Kingdom: 0 800 977 5533 
Netherlands: 0 800 0224 008 
Other Countries+52 55 51 33 40 00

This policy is set up to help passengers out of the inconvenient situation of flight delays. Depending on the type of delay and disruption, they can expect food, lodging, medical support, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get an Aeromexico Refund?

You can get a refund for disrupted flights.

What to do if the Aeromexico refunds form is not working?

The passenger must immediately connect with the operator through the “Live Chat” feature when the refund form is not available.

How to get a refund or compensation from Aeromexico?

You must call the contact agent of the airline to get any refund and compensation

What to do when your Aeromexico flight is cancelled?

When the carrier cancels the flight for controllable reasons, you can expect a rebooking or accommodation.

What if I cancel my Aeromexico flight? Can I get a refund?

In case you cancel a flight to and from the U.S. within 24 hours of your reservation on the United States website, you will get a full refund.

Do I also get my money back for a cancellation due to COVID-19?

You can get a refund in the form of an electronic voucher for flight revocation due to COVID-19.

My Aeromexico flight is delayed 5 hours or more. Can I cancel a flight and get a refund?

The customer must call the operator to learn more about flight reversals and refunds for such an extended delay.

What is the time limit for Aeromexico compensation claims for lost baggage?

For lost baggage, the claim must be made within 15 and 21 days for domestic and international flights, respectively.

Does Aeromexico compensate for delayed flights on the runway?

Yes, the airline has service compensation for tarmac/runway delayed flights.

How long does an Aeromexico flight delay have to be to get compensation?

You must connect with the carrier’s agent through the chatbot or call to get detailed information on compensation for a delayed flight.

What is the best way to claim compensation for an Aeromexico delayed flight?

Reach out to get the airport agent of the carrier to get compensation for a delayed trip.

Can I get compensation for my delayed flight?

Yes, as per some conditions, you can be reimbursed when a trip is late.

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