Aeromexico Baggage Policy

While traveling, the most important concern is baggage. It is a matter of priority when booking an itinerary. The Aeromexico baggage policy elaborates on various types of luggage and their regulations. It further discusses the standard weight and dimensions. You can even find charges for various bag types.

Aeromexico Baggage Allowance Policy

To benefit its customers, the operator has developed baggage guidelines. The major points are:

  • Passengers are permitted to bring:
    • Carry-on
    • Personal item
    • Checked luggage
  • You may travel with only one:
    • Pet
    • Emotional support pet, or 
    • Service Animal
  • The number of checked luggage allowed is based on the type of fare.
  • There are designated rules for codeshare trips.
  • Passengers are charged for excess bags based on their route and fare type.
  • Travelers with infants enjoy additional allowances.
  • There are Aeromexico baggage rules on handling liquids and powders on board.
  • You will find a list of restricted and prohibited items to avoid complications.
  • One may also report a complaint for:
    • Delayed/damaged items
    • Lost bags

The violation of the policy may lead to Aeromexico flight cancellations.

Aeromexico Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers are permitted to carry checked bags while traveling. The rate of your fare for both domestic and international flights is the deciding factor for the authorized quantity. The maximum dimension of each piece of luggage in both situations can be 62 inches (158 cm).

The table below highlights the standard number and Aeromexico checked baggage weight in the “Tourist Cabin”:

RouteClassic and Classic Flex RateAM Plus and AM Plus Flexible rate
Mexico20 kg or 25 kg1 pieceMaximum 25 kg
The USACanadaCan buy 25 kg
Central AmericaThe CaribbeanSouth AmericaChileArgentinaBrazilCan buy 25 kg
1 pieceMaximum 25 kg
Europe1 pieceMaximum 25 kg
Asia2 pieces of maximum 25 kg
Central America/South America/the/Caribbean to the United StatesOption to buy 25 kg
1 pieceMaximum 25 kg
Central America/South America/the Caribbean to Europe1 pieceMaximum 25 kg
International flights To and From Asia2 pieces of maximum 25 kg

In “Premier Cabin”, the maximum number and Aeromexico baggage weight limit of checked bags is:

RoutePremier and Premier Flex Premier One and Premier One Flex
Mexico2 pieces of maximum 32 kgNot applicable
The USAChileArgentinaBrazil2 pieces of maximum 32 kg
CanadaCentral AmericaThe CaribbeanSouth America2 pieces of maximum 32 kg

Not applicable
EuropeAsiaNot applicable2 pieces of maximum 32 kg
Central America/South America/the Caribbean to the United States2 pieces of maximum 32 kg
Central America/South America/the Caribbean to Europe2 pieces of maximum 32 kg
International flights To and From Asia3 pieces of maximum 32 kg

Note: The benefits offered for each fare at the time of purchase are available to customers who made reservations before October 6, 2021.

Aeromexico Baggage Policy for Codeshare Flights

When your schedule includes multiple flights, you may fly with another operator. These flights are codeshare with the Alliance Network or SkyTeam airlines. 

When your flight number starts with letters other than “AM” (for example, AA783950X), you will be traveling with one of Aeromexico’s partners. As a result, Aeromexico baggage allowances may change.

  • Flights with layovers having the following may be subject to the allowance of the most important airline:
    • code “AM”
    • the code of another carrier 
  • Such regulations are based on Resolution 302 – IATA. 
  • The charges of the most important airline, Most Significant Carrier (MSC), will apply.
  • MSC is the carrier that operates the reservation’s first international flight.
  • Canada and the United States itineraries are exceptions.

Aeromexico Excess Baggage

Excess baggage is everything that a traveler brings in addition to the permitted quantity. It might be the number of bags or their weight/dimensions. The charges for excess items for various locations relating to the Aeromexico basic fare baggage are:

Aeromexico weight Baggage
Origin Location/DestinationCost Per Item (Initial Booking or Before the Check-In Period)Cost Per Item (At Check-In Time)
Low SeasonHigh SeasonLow SeasonHigh Season
Flights within Mexico (Carry-on baggage)Up to 5 kg extra = $ 300 MXNUp to 5 kg extra = $ 500 MXNUp to 5 kg extra = $ 500 MXNUp to 5 kg extra = $ 700 MXN
Flights within Mexico (Checked baggage up to 20 kg)
First bag = $ 800 MXN
Second bag= $ 1,350 MXN
Three to four bags= $ 2,950 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 4,800 MXN ea.
First bag = $ 1,100 MXN
Second bag= $ 1,500 MXN
Three to four bags= $ 3,200 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 5,000 MXN ea
First bag = $1,335 MXN
Second bag= $1,600 MXN
3 to 4 pieces = $3,500 MXN ea.
5 to 7 pieces = $5,350 MXN ea.
First bag = $ 1,500 MXN
Second bag= $ 1,750 MXN
Three to four bags= $ 3,900 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 6,000 MXN ea
Flights within Mexico (Checked baggage up to 25 kg)First bag = $ 1,000 MXN
Second bag= $ 1,550 MXN
Three to four bags= $ 3,150 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 5,000 MXN ea.
First bag = $ 1,300 MXN
Second bag= $ 1,700 MXN
Three to four bags= $ 3,400 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 5,200 MXN ea
First bag = $ 1,535 MXN
Second bag= $ 1,800 MXN
Three to four bags= $ 3,700 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 5,500 MXN ea.
First bag = $1,700 MXN
Second bag= $1,950 MXN
Three to four bags= $ $4,100 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags = $ 6,200 MXN ea

The excess Aeromexico baggage cost for “Classic”, “AM Plus”, & “Premier” fares are:

Location/DestinationCost Per Item(Initial Booking or Before You Check-In)Cost Per Item (During Check-In Time)
Low SeasonHigh SeasonLow SeasonHigh Season
Within Mexico (Up to 20 kg)
First bag$600 MXN$800 MXN$1,000 MXN$1,100 MXN
Second bag$1,000 MXN$1,100 MXN$1,200 MXN$1,300 MXN
Three to four bags$2,200 MXN ea.$2,400 MXN ea.$2,600 MXN ea.$2,900 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags$3,600 MXN ea.$3,000 MXN ea$4,000 MXN ea.$4,500 MXN ea
Within Mexico (Up to 25 kg)First bag$750 MXN$975 MXN$ 1,150 MXN$1,275 MXN
Second bag$1,160 MXN$1,275 MXN$ 1,350 MXN$1,450 MXN
Three to four bags$2,360 MXN ea.$2,550 MXN ea.$2,775 MXN ea.$3,075 MXN ea.
Five to seven bags$3,750 MXN ea.$3,900 MXN ea$4,150 MXN ea.$4,650 MXN ea
The United States (Up to 25 kg)First bag$30 USD
Second bag$55 USD
Three bags$180 USD ea.
Four to ten items$200 USD ea.
Canada (Up to 25 kg)First bag$30 USD$33 USD$40 USD$40 USD
Second bag$60 USD$70 USD$80 USD$90 USD
Three bags$200 USD$250 USD ea.$250 USD$300 USD ea.
Four to seven bags$250 USD$300 USD ea.$300 USD$350 USD ea.
PeruThe CaribbeanColombiaEcuadorCentral America
(Up to 25 kg)
First bag$40 USD$45$45 USD$50 USD ea.
Second bag$50 USD ea.$60 USD ea$60 USD ea.$70 USD ea.
Three to four bags$180 USD ea.$200 USD ea$200 USD ea.$250 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$220 USD ea.$250 USD ea$250 USD ea.$300 USD ea.
ArgentinaChile Brazil(All international connections)
(Up to 25 kg)
First bag$50 USD$55 USD$60 USD ea.$65 USD
Second bag$100 USD$110 USD ea.$100 USD ea.$120 USD ea.
Three to four bags$200 USD$220 USD ea.$240 USD ea.$260 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$220 USD$242 USD ea.$265 USD ea.$290 USD ea.
Europe (Up to 25 kg)First bag$60 USD$65 USD$65 USD$70 USD
Second bag$100 USD$110 USD$100 USD$120 USD
Three to four bags$200 USD$220 USD ea.$240 USD ea.$260 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$220 USD$240 USD ea.$265 USD ea.$290 USD ea.
Asia (Up to 25 kg)Three to four bags$200 USD ea.$220 USD ea.$240 USD ea.$260 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$220 USD ea.$242 USD ea.$265 USD ea.$290 USD ea.
International flight route combination between CAR/CAM/SUD 
(Except Argentina, Brazil, and Santiago) to USA and Canada
(Up to 25 kg)
First bag$33 USD$36 USD$40 USD$44 USD
Second bag$66 USD$77 USD$79 USD$92 USD
Three to four bags$220 USD$242 USD ea.$264 USD ea.$290 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$242 USD$266 USD ea.$290 USD ea.$319 USD ea.
International Flight Routes To and From: 
Central America/South America/ the Caribbean/the USA/ Canada to Europe
(Up to 25 kg)
First bag$66 USD$73 USD$79 USD$87 USD
Second bag$110 USD$121 USD$132 USD$145 USD
Three to four bags$220 USD$242 USD ea.$264 USD ea.$290 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$242 USD$266 USD ea.$290 USD ea.$319 USD ea.
International Flights To and From Asia
(Up to 25 kg)
Three to four bags$220 USD$242 USD ea.$264 USD ea.$290 USD ea.
Five to seven bags$242 USD$266 USD ea.$290 USD ea.$319 USD ea.

Note: Visit the official website for high-season and low-season Aeromexico baggage fees 2023.

The cost of an additional bag based on its weight and volume is:

RoutesExtra weight to baggage franchiseCosts for extra baggage volume
From Mexico20.1 to 32 kg: 700 MXN32.1 to 45.0 kg: 1,300 MXN25.1 to 32 kg (Infants): 900 MXN 800 MXN
The US25.1 to 31.9 kg: 100 USD32 to 45 kg: 200 USD25.1 – 32 kg (Infants): 900 MXN $150
25.1 to 31.9 kg: 100 USD32 to 45 kg: 200 USD25.1 – 32 kg (Infants): 900 MXN 
The CaribbeanCentral AmericaPeru ColombiaEcuador$160
(All international connections)
EuropeAsia25.1 to 31.9 kg: 100 USD32 to 45 kg: 200 USD25.1 – 32 kg (Infants): 900 MXN $250
International trip combinations between CAM/CAR/SUD to the USA and Canada
(Excluding Argentina, Santiago, and Brazil) 
25.1 to 31.9 kg: 100 USD32 to 45 kg: 200 USD25.1 – 32 kg (Infants): 900 MXN $160
International Flight To and From:
The Caribbean/Central America/South America/Canada/the USA to Europe
25.1 to 31.9 kg: 100 USD32 to 45 kg: 200 USD25.1 – 32 kg (Infants) 900 MXN $250
International Flights From Asia

Customers with certain credit cards are eligible for an extra allowance. After the regular advantages, their additional bags are counted. 

  • Such extra luggage is assessed according to the number of items.
  • The ticket must be issued in the credit card holder’s name. 
  • If you pay using the given card, you will receive the benefit.
  • Passengers with the following cards can benefit from this:
    • Platinum Card American Express Aeromexico
    • Santander Aeromexico Infinite Card
    • SkyTeam Elite Plus

Note: The excess Aeromexico checked baggage cost is subject to change. 

Aeromexico Carry-on Baggage

Your ticket includes a carry-on and a personal item. It must be safely stored in the overhead compartment/beneath the front seat. Wheeled/wheelless bags are considered carry-ons. Personal things include briefcases, umbrellas, backpacks, fanny packs, and so on.

Here are some more regulations:

  • Operational considerations may prevent your luggage from being admitted.
  • Such constraints may apply if items satisfy the criteria outlined under carry-on rules. 
  • When this occurs, it will be sent as check-in baggage at no additional expense.
  • Items exceeding the maximum authorized Aeromexico baggage weight and dimension are considered excess.  
  • They will be checked in at an added cost, according to your fare.

Other Personal Items Accepted in Aeromexico Baggage Carry On

The following items are permitted on board with personal items:

  • Raincoats or jackets
  • Duty-free shopping goods
  • Comfort products:
    • Blankets 
    • Pillows
  • Books
  • Electronic devices:
    • Cameras 
    • Laptops 
    • Headphones 
    • E-books

To qualify as personal goods, all of these things must satisfy the set dimensions. Or else, they will be regarded as additional luggage and charged.

Carry-on Weight Allowance

Each ticket type has a weight limitation for personal items and handbags. The Aeromexico baggage weight allowance differs based on the flight’s destination or route.

Fare TypeMaximum Weight (Personal Item + Carry-On)Maximum Dimensions
Base (Within Mexico)10 kg/22 lb21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (5 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm)
Classic15 kg/33lb(Within Mexico)
AM Plus 
Premier Class
International Flights (All fares)10 kg/22 lb

Mobility Aid and Special Medication

For individuals traveling with medical equipment or requiring specific medicines, the following will be taken into account:

  • When you need assistive aid for mobility, Aeromexico baggage fees are waived.
  • Medications that need a cold chain should be handled in a suitable container.

Aeromexico Baggage Restrictions for Powders/Liquids

Both powders and liquids are allowed as carry-ons with applicable conditions.


Powdered items that weigh up to 350 grams are allowed. Permissible items include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Makeup
  • Baby formula
  • Human and pet remains (ashes)

As per TSA regulations, items in open containers of 350 ml or more are not allowed in hand baggage on flights to the United States. Baby formula will be the only exception. It can be in open containers of up to 350 ml.


The Aeromexico baggage policy allows non-flammable fluids up to 100 ml per unit and 1 lt. in total.

Traveling with Infants

Young travelers between the ages of 6 days and 2 years are regarded as infants. Certain allowances are available to parents of infants. These are discussed below:

  • A passenger can travel with one infant and 1 baby stroller.
  • Such travelers are permitted maximum of two items:
    • Bassinet or stroller
    • Diaper bag
  • The passenger can bring an additional bag other than the standard allowance on an international flight.
  • For international flights the Aeromexico baggage weight/length must not exceed:
    • 23 kg 
    • 1.15 m

Aeromexico Special Baggage Policy

You are allowed to bring unique items like sporting goods, musical instruments, and human remains. This section covers the policies relating to how to handle such items.

Sports Gear

Sporting equipment can be transported by the Mexican flag carrier. Passengers are allowed to bring their own items. The requirements differ depending on the type.

The table below lists the sporting gear permitted under the Aeromexico baggage policy:

Permissible Sports Equipements
BikeWindsurfing equipmentSurf table
Diving equipment*Fishing team*Hunting equipment
Golf bag*Wakeboarding*Equestrian team
Sword of fencingSnowboarding*KneeBoard
ParachuteHang gliding team (hang gliding)Water skiing
Boogie Board*Hockey Team*Polo team
Ski equipment*Bowling equipment
  • Some (*) items can be replaced for 1 article of the checked bag in the fare.
  • Exchange is provided for products that are less than the maximum weight/dimension.
  • Club Premier-Titanium travelers having an additional bag benefit may exchange for sporting luggage.
  • This feature is not accessible for tickets with “class V” or “0” luggage allowances.
  • 1 tennis racket case may be carried as a checked bag for no extra charge and without the exchanging luggage.
  • All the sports items are mostly accepted on all “Grupo Aeroméxico” aircraft.
  • The fee will be applied per product in a single journey.
  • Since coolers are classified as extra sports equipment:
    • Solid plastic coolers are allowed.
    • Styrofoam is not allowed.

The applicable Aeromexico baggage fees vary with flight destination and season:

International FlightsDomestic Flights
Low Season$2,700$1,300 MXN
High Season$2,970$1,485 MXN

Maximum weight and measurements for sports gear are:

Maximum Weight70 lbs or 32 kg 
Maximum Dimension (including case)Narrow Cab: 204 centimeters/80 inches 
Wide Cab: 294 centimeters/115 inches

Musical Instruments

As hand baggage, the operator accepts musical instruments on board. The maximum permitted dimension for 1 item is 1.15 m (height + width + length).

Passengers may exchange their one checked bag for an instrument of standard Aeromexico baggage size at no additional charge. This provision is not available for flights to Mexico, Canada, or the United States.

Any instrument which surpasses the authorized Aeromexico baggage weight allowance should be handled by Aeroméxico Cargo.

Flights within MexicoInternational Flights
High Season$1,485 MXN$2,970
Low Season$ 1,300 MXN$2,700


The transportation of human and pet remains (ashes) is accepted in both checked and carry-on luggage. To avoid spilling or contamination, the vessel should have an airtight seal made of wood, metal, or plastic. A sanitary cover is not necessary.

You will be required to provide the following documents at the time of verification:

  • Death certificate in original or copy (only for human ashes).
  • Document of cremation, exhumation, or removal of remains, original or copy.

Aeromexico Pets in the Cabin

This Aeromexico baggage policy permits guests to fly with a pet on board. It must satisfy several conditions of the Aeromexico pet policy also to be allowed. The passenger must be mindful of the documentation process. There are restrictions on flying with a pet to specific destinations. 

Here are the key points from the Aeromexico pet policy: 

  • Dogs/cats are permitted within the cabin.
  • Pets that are breastfeeding or are young will not be allowed.
  • The animals must be at least 8 weeks old to fly.
  • Only aircraft with a maximum length of six hours can transport pets on board.
  • You must check in two hours before the flight with the animal departs.
  • Standard measurements of the carrier are 16x12x8 inches (40x30x20 centimeters).
  • Animals that do not satisfy the standards for cabin travel will be permitted as checked-in pets, depending on availability.
  • A passenger is permitted to bring only
    • one pet
    • one emotional-support animal
    • or one service animal

The pet container must meet the following requirements:

  • Soft or flexible plastic pouches
  • The base of absorbent material
  • Proper ventilation
  • Enough room for the pet to turn around and lie down

Travelers need to pay an Aeromexico baggage carry on fee for the pet’s container. The rates highlighted below are inclusive of taxes and may vary:

Domestic FlightsInternational Flights
Low Season$1,350 MXN$162 USD(GBP, EUR, CAD)
High Season$1,700 MXN$168 USD (GBP, EUR, CAD)

Aeromexico Checked-In Pets

If your pet does not meet the requirements to be in the cabin, you can check it as your baggage. 

  • Travelers can check only dogs and cats at the baggage counter.
  • Birds may be checked-in and are subject to several conditions
  • The pet container must be made of or welded mesh, synthetic or plastic.
  • It must be scratch and bite-resistant.
  • Metal, thick wire mesh, or other strong material must be used in the door.
  • A secure lock is essential.
  • Provisions for adequate ventilation
  • Any body part of the animal should not extend from the container
  • To prevent urine or feces from leaking, there must be leak-proof flooring.

The official website has additional information regarding various destinations, routes, and animal conditions. You must visit the website for a better understanding of the pet guidelines.

Passengers must pay the Aeromexico checked baggage fee for a pet container at the airport counter. The fee will be for one segment of the itinerary.

Taxes are included in the highlighted rates given below, which are subject to changes:

Domestic FlightsInternational Flights
Low Season$1,600 MXN$252 USD(GBP, EUR, CAD)
High Season$1,950 MXN$258 USD (GBP, EUR, CAD)

Note: To travel with other animals, you must connect with Aeromexico Cargo.

Traveling with Service and Emotional Support Pets

Aeromexico is prompt in taking care of the needs of its passengers. Hence, it has special regulations to enable guests to fly with Service Animals (SVAN) and Emotional Support pets (ESAN). The animal’s maximum weight can be 12 kg, and its permitted dimensions are 22 inches long by 12 inches high.

Aeromexico Emotional Support Pets

Additional guidelines for Service Animals are:

  • Only dogs are permitted as SVAN and they are supposed to:
    • Aid legally blind travelers
    • Assist a deaf person by prompting signals
    • Anticipate an upcoming seizure of the owner
    • Supporting the owner with a motor disability
  • Service dogs must be on a leash and carry identification tags.
  • The animal must be at least eight weeks old.
  • Service animals must follow the orders of the owner and must be well-behaved 
  • During the flight, the pet shall remain on the floor in front of the traveler’s seat.
  • There are no extra charges associated with the service.
  • There is no restriction on the flight duration.

Regulations for an Emotional Support Pet include the following:

  • Such animals provide therapeutic support to their owners through affection and companionship. 
  • The traveler must provide a certificate issued by a psychiatrist to fly with (ESAN).

The rules for allowing Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals are similar. To obtain the most up-to-date regulations, limitations, and required documentation, visit the official website Aeromexico Airlines.

Aeromexico Baggage Restricted and Forbidden Items

The Aeromexico baggage policy also focuses on the safety of the passengers. It has several restrictions for the well-being of the entire flight. 

Check the requirements and restrictions for the following objects or items on the operator’s official website before boarding your flight:

LiquidsSolids and other itemsGases and aerosols
Personal, beauty, sanitation, and/or medicinal items (that contain alcohol)Jump startersRadioisotopic cardiac pacemakers or other devices (including those powered by lithium batteries)Aerosols for sports or home use
Machinery greases and lubricant oilsDry ice (carbon dioxide, solid)Electroshock weaponsDry shippers containing cryogenic liquids
Mercury thermometer or barometerSmart bags with lithium-ion batteriesHoverboardsDisabling devices
Flavorings, essences, and dyesBatteries (except lithium/lithium-ion)FirearmsMini-splits, refrigerators, air conditioners, minibars, or ice makers
Noninfectious specimens (human and/or animal samples)Ammunition (firearm cartridges)Medical equipmentOxygen or gaseous air required for medical reasons
Printer ink or tonerExotic species and hunting trophiesFoldable-mobility aids (with lithium-ion batteries)Diving gear (tanks and lamps)
Camp stoves and fuel containersLighters/matchesScooters
Perfumes and colognesElectronic cigarettes (including e-cigars, e-pipes, and other personal vaping devices) containing batteriesGas-powered hair curlers
Car additives and cleanersAir compressorsAvalanche-rescue backpack
Honey, marmalades, jams or preservesChemical-agent-detection equipment
FirestarterEnergy-saving lampsOxygen concentrators
Cleaning productsPower banksCompressed-air cartridges
FertilizersFuel cells and fuel-cell cartridges are forbidden
Fuel-powered toolsPortable electronic devices
Alcoholic beveragesWheelchairs or aid equipment for power mobility

Aeromexico Policy for Damage/Delay of Baggage

Even after carefully handling the baggage of the passengers, there might be some delayed/damaged or lost bags. To aid such customers, the carrier has provisions to take complaints from them.

To file a report for delayed or damaged luggage, you must visit the official website. Follow the steps below to navigate the website.

  • Find the official website and navigate through the main page.
  • At the top bar of the home page, you will find the “Travel Information” section.
  • From the given options on the drop-down menu, click on “Baggage”
  • Scroll down to the fresh page and choose “File a Report”.

Now, you may follow the method given below to file your report:

  • Hit on “File a Report”. 
  • You will be redirected to “Create a Baggage Report”.
  • Here, you will have the option to create a report for:
    • Delayed Bag
    • Damaged Baggage
    • Lost Item
  • Choose your preference and hit on “confirm”.
  • To finish the report, carry out the instructions as given.

It can be tough to stay composed when you have concerns regarding your luggage. To serve the customers better, the carrier has provisions to clear their queries. If you have concerns regarding your Aeromexico lost baggage or delayed items, connect with the operator.

Customers can contact the airline for help:

Contact MediumContact Number/ID/Link
Whatsapp Aerobot
Messenger Aerobot
Call1-800-237-6639 (United States)

Note: To find the appropriate contact number for your region, change the location settings of the official page.

It is evident that Aeromexico has come up with an excellent luggage policy to cover all the important details. You can get ready for your upcoming trip with ease. Stay assured that you will receive help from the carrier in case of an unfortunate event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aeromexico AM Plus include baggage?

Yes, the AM Plus fare includes baggage.

Does Aeromexico Classic include baggage?

Passengers get a luggage allowance with the classic fare.

Does Aeromexico have free baggage?

Travelers get free luggage based on their fare type with the airline.

How much baggage is allowed on Aeromexico?

The maximum number of bags allowed by the carrier varies with the ticket rate.

How much does Aeromexico charge for checked baggage?

Prices for checked baggage are decided according to the route and ticket type.

How much does Aeromexico charge for extra baggage?

Charges for extra luggage are based on the number of bags, weight, volume, route, etc., and can be confirmed after contacting the airline.

How to get the Aeromexico baggage tracking number for delayed items?

Travelers can send an email to to get the tracking number.

How much does Aeromexico charge for overweight baggage?

Luggage weighing over the regular limit of the given fare type is charged according to the season.

How much is extra baggage on Aeromexico Classic within Mexico?

You will have to pay $600 in the low season for 1 piece of extra bag.

How much is the baggage fee for Aeromexico Premier Light?

Fliers of Premier Light can get in touch with the operator to know the fee for luggage.

How to add baggage to Aeromexico?

While reserving your trip, you can try to add bags. Or, you can get assistance from the carrier.

How to pay for baggage on Aeromexico?

You can pay using your debit or credit card for your bags.

How much is Aeromexico baggage for infants?

Parents with infants can carry additional luggage free of cost.

Do I get a free checked baggage with Aeromexico Premier One?

Yes, you get free checked bags with Premier One.

Do you have to pay for baggage on Aeromexico?

Depending on certain conditions, you may have to pay for bags.

Do you pay for 1st checked baggage with Aeromexico?

The first checked baggage is included in the fare type, so you do not have to pay for it.

Does Aeromexico allow electronic cigarettes in carry on baggage?

Electronic cigarettes are allowed in a carry-on with appropriate casing.

How many baggage international flight Aeromexico USA to carry?

Passengers can carry 4 to 10 bags with applicable charges on an international flight to the USA.

What are baggage fees on Aeromexico between US and Mexico?

Baggage fees between the US and Mexico can range between $500 and $6,000.

What does Aeromexico charge on international flights for baggage with pets?

The cost of a pet carrier as a carry-on for international flights during the low season is $162 USD.

What does Aeromexico Classic baggage cost for Aeromexico military baggage?

To learn the specific fee for military luggage, contact the operator.

What is baggage service Aeromexico with mobility aid?

The luggage fee for mobility aid is waived at the airport counter.

What is standard baggage in Aeromexico Premier?

The standard luggage for a Premier fare is one personal item, 1 carry-on, and 2 checked bags.

Will my baggage go all the way through Aeromexico to my destination?

Yes, your baggage will be carried to your destination.

How to get Aeromexico baggage claim?

Contact the air operator to learn about claiming delayed/damaged or lost luggage compensation.

Is there an Aeromexico baggage policy Economy?

It will be best to get authentic information on the policy for economic fliers from the airline.

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