Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

The passengers of Aeromexico can avail themselves of different features and benefits. Ranging from discounted prices to a variety of seating options, this airline provides easy accessibility to its users. Speaking of these options, you can select from the various options shown in the seat map as a part of a policy. Passengers can select them based on their travel time, destination, and budget range.

The Aeromexico seat selection policy lets you choose a seat as per your preference for certain features. To know the features, you should know the seat types it comes with.

Types of Options Under Aeromexico Seat Map 

To avail of various kinds of fares, you can reserve from the different types of seats available in the airline’s map. The Aeromexico seat map allows 3 main categories of options according to the different fares. These options include: 

  • Clase Premier 
  • AM Plus
  • Main Cabin Economy 

The following are the main features of the above-mentioned options: 

  • Clase Premier: These are similar to Business class seats on most other planes. They are luxurious, spacious, and comfortable. Aeromexico Clase premier provides full flat-bed reclining seats for travelers to relax or nap. Entertainment services here include a wide range of TV shows, movies, and music channels. Passengers of this cabin are allowed to carry two check-in bags. Additionally, they can be allowed to store their baggage in private compartments. This seat type of the map has other benefits including priority boarding and easy check-in. Further, passengers can also change their seats at any time without any additional costs. Though a little expensive, Clase Premier seats can be worth the additional costs. 
  • AM Plus Seats: Second to Clase Premier, these are comfortable seating options. As suggests the seat map, they are usually located at the front of the airplane and, hence, passengers can be the first ones to exit the plane. This cabin offers exclusive benefits like increased Aeromexico legroom and allocation for workspace. Flyers can access personal storage options in overhead bins. An early Check-in option can be available for these fares. Priority boarding and baggage are key features of this class. For travelers flying with babies, stroller services and additional storage can be offered. Flyers can also avail themselves of the salon and spa services if they book an AM Plus seat. This cabin can be referred to as the Aeromexico tourist class as well owing to the series of advantages offered. 
  • Main Cabin Economy: These seats are offered on a budget and are the most reasonable ones. In this cabin, both Basic Fare and Classic Fare types can be available. The basic fare allows the passengers to transport 1 personal and carry-on baggage and 2 checked bags. The other in-flight services are quite standard and conventional. However, under this type, certain restrictions do not allow the passengers to change or select their seats. The Classic Fare is an upgraded version of the Basic Fare. The Aeromexico change seats option can be available under this type. Seat selection and checked baggage are allowed on flights to Asia and Europe. Hence, the Main Economy Cabin can be regarded as the Aeromexico comfort class too, available at cheap prices. 

Note: The Aeromexico seats baggage policy may vary depending on the various travel destinations on international flights. 

Can You Pick Your Seats on Aeromexico? 

Passengers of Aeromexico are given the option to choose their seats. However, under the Aeromexico seat selection policy, the holders of only specific ticket fares can enjoy this benefit, mainly Clase Premier and AM Plus. To select them, you can either: 

  • Log in to the main site of Aeromexico
  • Use the mobile app – Aeromexico
  • Contact the customer service 
  • Select seats at the airport before the check-in 

The easiest of these options is the Aeromexico seat selection online. You can follow the given steps to understand this process. 

  • First, open the link “” through the search engine. 
  • On the main page, you can find the tab titled “Manage My Booking”. 
  • Here, you will be required to key in your reservation details like “Last Name” and “Flight Confirmation” numbers. Upon entering this information, you can view your reservation. 
  • Use the option named “Seat Upgrade” to choose your seats. 
  • Start analyzing the Aeromexico seat map for choosing. You can now pick the preferred ones from the available options. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the seating options, you can go ahead by making the payment required. 
  • This will confirm your selection of Aeromexico seats. You will then be notified on your registered e-mail ID about the same. 

The Aeromexico seat selection charge can depend on:

  • The nature of your flight (domestic or international)
  • Fare type 
  • Cabin seats
  • Availability of seats 
  • Time of selection 
  • Arrival destination

The Aeromexico seat selection costs may usually start at $20 or $30. You can also avail of discounts on these prices by visiting the main site of the airline. However, travelers are recommended to go through with the selection process at least 24 hours before the departure of the flight. This can help you in saving selection costs. 

How to Access the Aeromexico Change Seats Option? 

Aeromexico provides for the alteration of your seating position after the selection process. This can be done by using the Aeromexico change seats option. Similar to the selection, you can use various methods to switch positions either online or offline. 

Given below is the online procedure to change the position of your reserved seating: 

  • Open your web browser and type “Aeromexico Seat Change” in the “URL”. 
  • You can click on the first link that appears as a result of your search. This will redirect you to the Aeromexico change seat page. 
  • Here, you can scroll down to find the “Manage My Trip” button. Tap on it. 
  • Now, to view your booking, you will have to provide the information regarding “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Reservation Number”.
  • Upon viewing your reserved seats, go to the “Modification Option”.
  • You can select the new seat that you want to switch to, based on the vacancy. 
  • After the confirmation of your new Aeromexico seats, proceed with the payment of the fee, if asked. 
  • The seat change process will be rendered as reserved once you get the email or message on your registered mobile number. 

Note: As per the Aeromexico seat selection policy, passengers can change their seats on the same day as booking at no additional cost. Switching them 24 before boarding your flight may also not cost you any extra fees. You can also avail of refunds, subject to conditions, as per the reservation regulations. 

Understanding the Aeromexico seat map, under the policy, can allow the flyers to systematically plan their travel. The various benefits offered by this airline can be utilized by the passengers to enjoy a comfortable and reasonable journey. The seat selection on Aeromexico and change options can assist them in easily reserving their positions on flights. Having said this, the airline can be a viable option for quick trips and frequent travel.

Aeromexico Seat Selection FAQs

1. Can you pick your seats on Aeromexico?

Only the travelers flying in the Class Premier and AM Plus seats can pick their Aeromexico seats in advance. For this, you can either use the online site or contact the customer care of this airline. Additionally, payment of the seat selection fee may also be required to complete this process.

2. Does Aeromexico offer free seat selection?

Choosing a seat for free may not be available under the Aeromexico seat selection policy. Passengers are obliged to pay additional charges for advance picking of seats. These costs are based on the nature of your flight and the seat type. Hence, you must pay the fees to choose your seats on Aeromexico.

3. How much is the Aeromexico seat selection cost?

Mainly depending on the availability and type of cabin, the Aeromexico seat selection fee can begin at $20 or $30. The time of selection also plays a part in the amount of fee you have to pay. To avail of discounts on these amounts, you can purchase the Class Premier seats. Or, you may try to pick them at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure.

4. How does seating work on Aeromexico?

This carrier offers various categories of seats to extend a comfortable journey to travelers. These categories are mainly divided into Class Premier, AM Plus, and Main Cabin. They offer different amenities and include the feature of seat selection as well. Thus, the seating on this airline works on the basis of the categories for simple selection.

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