Aeromexico Manage Booking Policy

To make it convenient and simpler, this airline allows its customers to manage their reservations. They may want to modify or alter a few details. The Aeromexico manage booking policy enables users to make changes, corrections, modifications, and additions, more efficiently. 

What are the Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking Rules?

The national carrier of Mexico makes every effort to assist its clients in managing booking through these rules:

  • Customers can revoke or change their flights 3/three hours prior to departure.
  • They can modify the following details three (3) hours before the flight takes off:
    • Name change or correction
    • Modify date
    • Alter time
  • You can add or change the seat assignment before check-in Aeromexico.
  • Passengers may add a first bag or additional baggage to existing reservations.
  • Depending on the passenger’s fare type, all such modifications and changes may be subject to a fee.

Can You Cancel Aeromexico Flights?

Flight reversals are permitted by the Aeromexico manage reservation system:

  • Regular fare types are excluded from the Aeromexico flight cancellation facility.
  • Such flight revocations are included in the “Flexible” fare type.
  • Tickets purchased from the carrier’s USA website are eligible for 24-hour reversals.
  • Passengers can get a full refund or electronic vouchers.
  • The itinerary may be reversed if a flight segment is missed.
  • To use the unused segment, get in touch with the operator within 24 hours.
  • You may cancel your “Club Premier’s Award Ticket” and get a refund.

How to Cancel Aeromexico Flights?

This operator offers you two major methods for Aeromexico airlines manage booking: Official website and the mobile application.

  • Locate the “My Trips” section on the app/website.
  • You will have to retrieve the reservation information.
  • To get the required booking, add:
    • Ticket (thirteen digits) or reservation (six digits) number
    • The Last name of the traveler
  • Members of the Club Premier program may access the section using:
    • A registered email address
    • The Club Premier account’s password
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Look for the revocation option to undo the booking.
  • You may have to pay any additional charges to confirm the revocation.

What is Aeromexico Seat Selection?

Passengers have the option to add seats while making their reservations. In case they forget to add the preferred seat at the time of booking, the Aeromexico manage booking feature allows it later on.


Aeromexico Seat Selection
  • Travelers even have the option to change their seats prior to checking in..
  • By paying additional fees, users can Aeromexico select seats for certain fare types. 

How to Manage Seats on Aeromexico?

In order to add or alter your seat assignment, follow the process given below:

  • Go to the website/app of the airline. 
  • Look for the “My Trips” tab on the top functions bar.
  • This is the “Manage Your Trip” tool of the operator.
  • Add the required documents prompted on the page screen.
  • This will retrieve the booking for which you want to purchase or modify the seat. 
  • Navigate through the details on the Aeromexico manage my booking page.
  • Pay any applied charges. 
  • Confirm the change or purchase.
  • You may receive a confirmation on your registered email ID.

Can You Add Baggage to Aeromexico Flight?

Passengers have the option of adding their first bag or extra bags to their existing reservations.

Aeromexico Baggage  Flight
  • Each traveler can carry:
    • One checked bag
    • Carry-on, and 
    • Personal item
  • Passengers are even permitted to check their pets. 
  • The cost of checking in a pet is different from the baggage allowance.
  • To add additional luggage, there are applicable charges for:
    • Domestic trips
    • International flights
  • You will also be charged a fee.
  • Baggage charges vary with high and low seasons.
  • The permitted number of bags varies with the type of fare.
  • Passengers who are accompanied by infants get additional allowances.
  • Active duty military members enjoy a certain number of free bags.
  • You can carry special items like:
    • Musical instruments
    • Sports gear
    • Mobility aids
  • Passengers can report damaged or delayed luggage and make claims. 

How Can You Add Bags to Reservations?

Follow the steps described below to add/remove bags to/from your reservation:

  • On the homepage of the website or app, tap on “My Trips”.
  • Retrieve the details of the Aeromexico Manage My Booking or trip page. 
  • Add the following to get the required reservation:
    • Ticket (thirteen digits) or reservation (six digits) number
    • Last name of the traveler
  • Another method of accessing the section is through the Club Premier program.
    • Registered email address
    • Club Premier account’s password
  • Stick to the on-screen instructions.
  • Search for the action button for adding or removing luggage. 
  • Add your free/first luggage.
  • For additional/extra bags make payment of the applicable fees.
  • Confirm the changes to end the process.

What is the Aeromexico Flight Change Facility?

Changes can be for the destination, route, or flight. The flight change policy of aeromexico offers such adjustments for additional fees. 

  • The first flight can be altered for free under the “Flexible” fare category.
  • Base fare types do not offer any flexibility for modification.
  • The change fee is waived for the first alteration on some fare types.
  • Second or more changes will be subject to fees. 
  • The adjustment in flight or route is based on availability.
  • To use/modify the no-show segment, call Aeromexico within 24 hours of missing a flight.
  • It is possible to modify tickets that were purchased on the U.S. website for free.
  • This can be done within 24 hours of booking.
  • Notify the operator of any changes at least 3/three hours before the departure.
  • Several restrictions apply to all flight changes.

How do I Change an Aeromexico Flight?

All bookings can be managed/modified on the mobile application and the website. 

Method 1: On the Mobile App

The application provided by the carrier is available for both “Android” and “iOS” devices. 

  • On your device, download and set up the “Aeromexico” app.
  • Start the program. 
  • Select “My Trips” from the menu by tapping it.
  • Enter the last name and ticket/reservation number.
  • There will be an option for “Changes and Cancellations”.
  • Select “Modify this Flight” by checking the box.
  • To make your change, choose “New flight”.
  • The user will be redirected to a fresh page of “Preview and Pay”.
  • Verify the summary of applicable fees.
  • Make the payment and confirm the changes to the itinerary.

Method 2: On the Website

Using the Aeromexico Manage My Booking tool on the website, adjust your flight in the following manner:

  • Tap the “Travel Information” button in the top right corner of the main page.
  • A dropdown menu will be available.
  • From the menu, click on “Change Your Flight”.
  • The fresh page will be “Modify Your Reservation”.
  • Add the following details to retrieve your booking:
    • Ticket/Reservation number
    • Last name of the traveler
  • When you click “Find Reservation,” the booking will load.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the screen to change the flight.

Can I Change Flight Details or Correct Name?

Other than the flight and destination, you can find the option to modify the time and date of departure. 

  • Use the Aeromexico manage booking facility to change/correct his/her name.
  • Alterations and modifications must be completed 3 hours before the flight departs. 
  • Make these adjustments in the given time frame for both:
    • International trips
    • Domestic flights  

The Aeromexico name change on ticket policy includes the following key points:

  • Alter the name for international and domestic flights by paying a fee. 
  • The travelers’ misspelled names can be corrected for free.
  • One must present the official ID to make such modifications.

How to Contact Aeromexico to Manage Bookings Additionally?

Some specialized services can only be handled or made by phone. For such an Aeromexico manage reservation: 

  • Travelers can also connect to the carrier: 
  • They can speak with an agent.
  • Once can manage services like:
    • Bookings and document verifications for pets
    • Meal reservations
    • Adding medical assistance
    • Rescheduling flight for no-shows
    • Flight delays 

Find the number relevant for your region to call and take help from the airline representative:

RegionCall IDRegionCall ID
Canada1 800 237- 6639Dominican Republic1 888 760 0141
Chile800 392 674Chinese86 32 6247 6281
Ecuador1 800 000 227Republic of Ireland1800 855 474
El Salvador800 61 05Brazil0800 891 7512
Europe0800 9775 533Japan(81) 3 5293 5945
French0 800 916 754Argentina0 800 888 2276
Guatemala1 800 835 0269Great Britain0800 9775 533
Honduras800 2791 9025Spain900 995 282
Mexico(55) 5133 4000Colombia01 800 952 0533
Netherlands0 800 0224 008United States1-800-237-6639
Panama800 052 1373Costa Rica0 800 052 1447
Peru0 800 767 50Nicaragua001 800 22 60 294
South Korea82 2 754 6336

In brief, a user can effectively manage and modify his or her bookings with the help of this policy. There is a choice of medium to use the Aeromexico manage booking facility, suiting every user’s needs.

Frequently Asked Question

How to get through to Aeromexico Airlines check-in?

Passengers can either check-in online on the website/smartphone app or at the airport.

How do I find my Aeromexico ticket number?

To find the ticket number, look at the last section of the receipt you received on the registered email ID.

Where can I find my flight confirmation code?

You can find this code in the email you receive for the flight confirmation.

Do you have 24 hours to cancel a flight on Aeromexico Airlines?

Tickets issued on the USA website of the operator can be revoked within 24 hours of reservation.

How do I check my status on Aeromexico?

Travelers can check the status using the “Flight Status” tool on the mobile app or the website.

How do I check if my flight is confirmed?

You will receive an email upon flight confirmation. It will serve as proof.

How do I check my flight reservation?

Passengers can check all flight reservations on “My Trips” on this airline’s website or smartphone application.

How long does it take to get a flight confirmation email?

Receiving the confirmation email might take some time. Call the operator when there is an excessive delay in receiving it.

Do you have to call to confirm your flight?

No, you do not have to call to confirm your booking.

How do I get my plane ticket if I bought it online?

When you book online, you will receive the ticket in your registered email.

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