Air Canada Manage Booking

When traveling with Air Canada, you can manage your reservations. The Air Canada manage booking policy specifically aims at changing, canceling, or updating flights. It works through certain rules and can also involve costs. Depending on how the flight is to be modified, both these factors can differ.

Overview of the Policy

Passengers can be in charge of the entire situation by learning how to manage their bookings. They can do so by visiting the official website of this airline.

  • After visiting the official site of the carrier, the user can find several task tiles.
  • Choose “My Bookings” to start any process.
  • Here, you have two options:
    • Provide your booking reference or Air Canada ticket number to access your recent reservation.
    • Sign in using your Aeroplan number or email and password.
  • Features available on “My Bookings” include:
    • Covid 19 traveler entry rules
    • Air canada seat selection/changing
    • Verify your baggage allowance
    • Save or share your trip itinerary
    • Insert itinerary into the calendar
    • Request high cabin upgradations
    • Choice of travel options
    • Join Aeroplan
    • Schedule your airport transfer in advance
    • Check for the availability of in-flight WiFi
    • Changing flights
    • Select or modify meals
  • In case of upgrades and changes, you may have to pay additional charges.
  • Based on the fare types, change fees may be waived.
  • Fare differences for modifications must be paid to confirm the bookings.

Note: The Air Canada manage booking policy guides you to download the android or iOS Air Canada + Aeroplan application to get all the services.

Air Canada Seat Selection Facility

For the convenience of fliers, the air operator offers online Air Canada seat selection. This can be convenient for people traveling with children, the elderly, or differently abled co-passenger.

  • You may select the seat for children in advance.
  • Passengers with kids under the age of 14 can select seats nearby without any charges.
  • You can check in online within 24 hours of the flight for free seat selection Air Canada.
  • They can even pick the sitting spot from smartphones.
  • To avoid inconvenience, you may do so in advance.
  • The cost of selecting where to sit in advance is determined by the fare type purchased.
  • A selection or change fee is per person and per one-way itinerary segment.

Air Canada Cost to Select Seats

The cost (exclusive of tax) based on fare types for advance selection is shown in the table below:

Fare TypeAir Canada Cost to Select Seats
BasicWithin Canada: $20 – $100 Canada to USA: $20 – $100Mexico and the Caribbean: $20 – $100 USD/CADInternational Flights: $30 – $100 USD/CAD
StandardWithin Canada: $10 – $50Canada-USA:  $10 – $50International destinations: $20 – $50Every other itinerary: Complimentary
Latitude/Comfort/Flex/Premium Economy/Business ClassComplimentary

When you want to change the standard allotted seat, you will have to pay additional charges. This can be done well in advance, from the comfort of your home. For other specifics, read the seat selection of air canada policy.

How to Change or Select Seats on Air Canada Planes?

The website and mobile application of this operator are user-friendly. You can opt for your preferred sitting space in advance with a fee applicable. Within 24 hours, you may opt for free seat selection Air Canada. You may choose to modify the standard seat allocation by making a small payment.

To complete the process quickly, adhere to the steps listed below:

  • Visit the official website of the carrier.
  • Look for “Book” on the main page and click on the tab.
  • You will get a drop-down menu, where you must select “Manage Your Bookings”.
  • Then you may give the required data:
    • The last name of the passenger.
    • Booking reference for the flight you want to select or the change of seat.
  • You may also log in using:
    • Aeroplan Email ID
    • Password
  • Now, you can select a pick or change the allotted spot
  • You may be charged by Air Canada cost to select a seat.
  • Then you will be redirected to another page to make a payment.
  • After this, your selection or modification will be confirmed.
  • In the end, you may receive a confirmation on the registered email address.

Policy for Air Canada Changing Flights 

The flight change policy of this carrier allows you to update your travel arrangements and ticket data via its website. It is advisable to go to the official site to switch to a new trip. 

  • Bookings placed using Aeroplan points are covered in the Air Canada changing flights policy.
  • The airline’s “Anytime Change” option allows passengers to modify their flights online.
  • Such modifications are permissible up to 2/two hours before the planned departure time.
  • Same-day flight adjustments are not possible after air canada check-in.
  • According to their ticket, passengers may be required to pay a fee or just the difference in airfare.
  • When the air operator cancels and rebooks your flight, modifications are allowed for free.
  • Changes to rebooked flights can be attempted within 5/five days of the departure.

How to Change Air Canada Bookings?

Fliers can visit the carrier’s website to update their flights. For the Air Canada modify flight or booking facility, you do not have to pay a charge. This can be done for free, two hours before flight departure. 

The following points, under the Air Canada manage booking policy, will help you complete the process:

  • Go to the web portal of this carrier.
  • Look for “Book” on the taskbar of the home page.
  • A drop-down menu will appear when you click on “Book”.
  • Select “Manage Your Bookings” from the actions.
  • Continue by entering:
    • your last name.
    • Air Canada ticket number/booking reference.  
  • Now, you can make the required changes.
  • Do the necessary modifications and pay any applicable charge.

Note: The change fee is waived for specific fare categories.

Facility to Cancel Air Canada Bookings

Considering unfortunate and unforeseen situations, this airline has designed a detailed cancellation policy. Travelers may revoke their flights and expect refunds. Flights reversed by the carrier are subject to compensation and reimbursement.

Once the Air Canada flight confirmation has been received, trips can be canceled online by visiting “My Bookings”. 

Other actions that can be carried out, in the same manner, include:

  • This method can be used to undo reservations on the Air Canada app.
  • Bookings made with Aeroplan flight rewards can also be revoked.
  • Complete reservations may be discontinued.
  • Flights can be revoked up to 2/two hours before their scheduled departure time.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of your reservation, you will receive a full refund of the ticket price. 
  • A fee will be applied depending on the fare type after this risk-free period has passed.

To learn about the eligibility of refunds and compensation, follow the Air canada step by step cancellation policy of this carrier.

How do You Cancel an Air Canada Flight?

Post Air Canada flight confirmation, online reversals are among the most practical methods. The air operator has such provisions on its website.

To revoke flights, customers can go through the below-given process.

  • Go to the carrier’s authorized website. 
  • Use “My Bookings” for Air Canada reservation lookup.
  • Click on it and give details like:
    • Passenger’s last name
    • Air Canada ticket number or booking reference
  • Your booking information with necessary actions will be retrieved.
  • Here, you can choose the option for cancellation.
  • In case you need to make some payment, do it on the redirected page.
  • Your flight will be revoked, following the payment.
  • Additionally, you might get an email informing you of the flight cancellation.

Change Passenger Name Air Canada

During the booking process, the passenger’s name may be misspelled or might not match legal documentation. For such occasions, the airline allows name correction. At times, you may choose to transfer your flight to another person. Eligible reservations will be charged a price for any modifications. 

Go through the process of the name change Air Canada shown below: 

  • Visit “My Bookings” on the homepage of the carrier’s web portal.
  • You can sign in or just give your details, such as ticket reference and last name.
  • Here, you will be given the option to contact “Customer Support”.
  • To contact the airline’s representative, dial 1-888-247-2262 (for Canada and the United States).
  • Tell him/her what revisions or alterations you need.
  • Let this person verify your eligibility to continue with the process.
  • The passenger’s name can be corrected or modified depending on eligibility.
  • To complete the process, any necessary fees must be paid.
  • You may now print your revised itinerary.

Customers from other countries can also follow the instructions above to change passenger name Air Canada.

Tip: This Air canada airline’s name change policy contains additional information about this facility.

International users can find the relevant phone numbers by visiting the page for customer assistance and clicking on “Other numbers.” Listed in this table are a few of these:

Location/Country Name Change Air Canada Phone Number
Croatia0 800 223 043
Cuba00 52 55 9138 0261 (charges may apply.)
France00 800 669 92222
Costa Rica0 800 032 0066
Algeria0 982 402372
Cayman Island1-514-369-0113
Ecuador1 800 001 415
Guatemala00 502 22 78 6748
Philippines+(632) 7 117 9168
Uruguay000 405 4615
JapanFrom mobile(0061)/(0033) 010-800-6699-2222
International toll-free from landline010-800-6699-2222
International call from landline (charges applied)+1-514-369-1309
Within North America1-844-918-1726
From other countries or IP phone1-514-369-1309

Air Canada Change Meal Facility

Passengers might want to have a meal onboard. To ensure a seamless experience, the airline has made meal selections available while booking. You may prefer the Air Canada modify flight option to add a meal to your booking. Visitors with restricted dietary needs might choose “Special Meals”.

  • You may do so by visiting “Manage Your Bookings”. 
  • To choose meals while booking, tap on the “Meal” tile on the passenger’s page. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear with multiple options. 
  • Here, special meals can also be opted for.
  • Customized food options should at least be ordered 24 hours before the first flight. 

As per the Air Canada manage booking policy, when you want to book or modify your customized choice after the reservation:

  • Visit “Manage Your Bookings”.
  • Retrieve your reservation details by giving the ticket number and last name.
  • You will be redirected to a fresh page to change your request for the special meal.

Note: To request special food on co-shared flights, contact “Air Canada Reservations”.

Manage Air Canada Flight Pass Credit Bookings

Flight Pass is a unique electronic prepaid credit. It can be used to make reservations. Flights booked using such credits can also be modified. Modifications and alterations include:

  • You can change passenger name Air Canada Flight Pass reservations.
  • Change or cancel flights for a one-time waived fee, up to two hours before departure.
  • Specific “Latitude Flight Passes” are eligible for free upgrades.

The following information is useful for managing credit bookings:

  • Go to the website of Air Canada and click on “Book”.
  • You will find the “Flight Pass” option.
  • Below it, you will find “Book/Manage”.
  • Click on the option and proceed to make all the necessary modifications.

Overall, this air operator tries to simplify the process of managing flights for its passengers. Air Canada reservation lookup, name modifications, flight changes, and other changes can be executed online. Therefore, visit the official portal of the carriers to manage your upcoming trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which travel documents are needed for traveling by Air Canada?

You can carry a valid government identification document as well as your passport and Visa (wherever applicable).

How do I change the date of my Air Canada flight?

You can change the date of your flight by going to “Managing Your Bookings”.

How to choose seats on Air Canada’s flights?

Visit the “Manage Your Booking” option on the website to choose seats for your flight.

What is the process of dealing with flight delays for Air Canada?

Given that there is a flight delay, you can contact the airline’s customer assistance team for future proceedings.

How can I edit my flight ticket details?

To edit your ticket details, click on “My bookings” on the web portal of the carrier.

How can I check my air ticket booking status?

On the official page of the airline, click on “Fly” to get the option of “Flight Status”

How do I show my online plane ticket?

To show your online plane ticket, retrieve your booking details from “My Bookings” and click on the “Print Itinerary” button.

How can I check my ticket by mobile number?

You can go to “Manage My Bookings” on the mobile application to check your ticket. You may or may not need the mobile number to do so.

How can I download my ticket from the PNR number?

Passengers can contact the airline to download tickets using the PNR number.

Do I need to print my plane ticket out?

It is not necessary to print your plane ticket, as you can get the e-ticket while booking.

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