Air Canada Seat Selection Policy

For travelers who wish to know the seating options, the Air Canada seat selection policy should be helpful. It features Economy, Preferred Seating, and several other options. The policy comprises the facilities that you can expect with them.

Its use can also be seen when you have to reserve a particular option for comfortably enjoying your journey with Air Canada.

Airline Seating PolicyTypes of Seats Under Air Canada Seat Selection Chart

This airline allows its customers to fly in the seat best suitable for their budget range by providing a wide range of options. There can be different fares available under the Air Canada seat selection chart, thus, meeting the demands of different passengers. 

Given below are the various classes of options offered: 

  • Economy Seats: These seats can be best for you if you want to travel on a budget. Economy class does not only help you save costs but also provides you with standard services. Passengers of this cabin can avail themselves of free entertainment services on a 22.6 cm touch screen TV. Power to charge your laptop and audio jack for a headset can also be offered. If you like reading, then you can be provided with a private study lamp here. Other benefits of this cabin include the provision of a pillow and blanket at a certain fee. Regarding the choice, the Air Canada Economy seat selection cost can be imposed in the case of advance selection. 
  • Preferred Seating: Preferred seats are those that offer extra legroom and other extra amenities but at reasonable prices. Air Canada Preferred seats can be purchased by the passenger during the booking process or after reservation. They are characterized by an additional 10 cm or 4 inches of extra space. As these seats are mostly bulkhead arrangements, they can offer extra knee space. Moreover, being located near the front or at the exit of the aircraft, they allow the passengers to exit first. You can go for an Air Canada Preferred seat booking if you are flying for short distances. 
  • Premium Economy Seats: A little closer to the Business cabin is the Premium Economy cabin. These seats are equipped with advanced amenities and special features. Extra legroom and seat recline of about 17.8 cm or 7 inches are the most prominent features of this cabin. The passengers can enjoy free movies and live-action on a personal touch screen TV of 28 cm or 11 inches. USB port, laptop charging services, seat power, and reading lamps can be included in the in-flight services. Air Canada’s Premium Economy seat selection can be complementary to the purchase. Additionally, two checked bags can be allowed for free for the holders of the Premium Economy ticket fares. Hence, this class provides flexible flying conditions. 
  • Signature Class/Business Class Seats: These are the First-class seats that cost the highest on Air Canada. Justifying the prices, they offer luxurious flying conditions. Fully flat-bed seats about 203 cm long are provided in this class. Priority services including rare delicacies and on-demand amenities can be enjoyed by passengers of this cabin. Travelers flying in the Signature class can also relax at the lounge and avail themselves of the unique massage pods. Purchasing these options during the Air Canada Business class seat sale may reduce the fares to a little extent. Overall, this cabin ensures the true experience of deluxe air travel. 

Note: You may use the feature “Air Canada Seat Finder” to easily locate the options you are looking for. 

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Choose Seats on Air Canada Flights?

For the convenience of the customers, the airline allows them to select the positions of their seats. Under the Air Canada advance seat reservation policy, passengers can either contact customer care or go through with the online process. 

The steps involved in the online selection of your seats by visiting the main site of the airline  are mentioned below: 

  • Run your browser and visit the link “”. 
  • Upon visiting the official site, scroll down to find the bookings box.
  • Here you can find the tab “Check-in”. Click on it. 
  • Now, you can provide the following details to view your reservation:
    • “Aeroplan Number” 
    • “Last Name” 

Note: The “Aeroplan Number” may also be named “Booking Reference”, “Employee Number” or “Ticket Number”.

  • After providing the mentioned details, click on the “Check-in” button given on the right. 
  • Once you check-in, you can find your booking. Now, you can view the Air Canada seat selection chart and select what you want.
  • After picking it, you can go about with the payment process, if required. 
  • Now, you might be needed to confirm and verify your details including the seating position. 
  • Upon verification, you will be issued the boarding process which you can later print or download. This completes the seat selection process on Air Canada. 

Tip: Passengers who wish to complete their Canada AIr seat section offline through the customer care center can be recommended to do it well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. This also aids in better availability. 

Airline Seating PolicyAir Canada Seat Selection Fee

To avail of the Air Canada pre-book seats option, travelers might need to pay extra charges. The charges on this airline can vary from one class to the other. They may also depend on the arrival destinations of the flyers. The basic itinerary of these charges is given below: 

  • For the basic seats that can include Economy, the selection fee for domestic flights can be within $20-$100. The Air Canada seat selection fee for international flights can be between $30 and $100. 
  • For the standard seats, about $10- $50 can be charged on domestic flights. On international flights, the fee can be $20 – $50. 
  • Air Canada Preferred seats charge can be anywhere from $17 to $299. 
  • Premium Economy and Business Class seat charges become complementary upon the purchase of the said tickets. 

Note: When selecting seats directly at the airport during check-in no Air Canada advance seat selection fee can be imposed, subject to certain conditions. For further information, you can visit the “Seat Selection Page” on Air Canada. 

As a significant airline in Canada, it fulfills its responsibility by providing customer-friendly air travel services. In an effort to make seating easy and simple, the Air Canada seat selection policy has been drafted to suit the requirements of the various kinds of passengers. Travelers flying with this airline can access the dual benefits of low prices and efficient services. Hence, this carrier can be a viable choice for many travelers around the world. 

Airline Seating PolicyAir Canada Seat Assignment FAQs

1. How much to choose seats on Air Canada?

Air Canada allows passengers to choose their seats for nominal prices. This is known as the seat change fee. You may pay up to 40 CAD for a segment plus the administration fees. The airline can charge you up to 20 CAD more when you reserve your seat via the airport counter.

2. When can you select seats on Air Canada?

Seats on this airline can be reserved up to 2 hours before the departure time. To select a seat from the airport, go to the kiosk and use your booking credentials. You also have the option of selecting a seat with the assistance of a staff member.

3. How to change seats on Air Canada flights?

Changing seats on an Air Canada flight is possible via the official site. Pick the “Manage Booking” option to make changes to your seats. You may be asked to provide your booking credentials before proceeding with the changing procedure.

4. What does Preferred Seat mean on Air Canada?

Certain flights feature Preferred Seats. These are the best seats on the plane. They are available in the exit, bulkhead, and the initial few rows in the cabin. These seats provide more legroom than the standard ones.

5. How much is Preferred seating on Air Canada?

To obtain Preferred seating, you may be required to pay up to 299 CAD in addition to any other applicable costs. When you request a Preferred Seat over the phone, the airline may require you to pay service costs. Sometimes, you may not receive the seat because it is subject to availability.

6. Does Air Canada charge for seat selection?

Air Canada charges a fee for selecting a seat. The costs will be different based on the fare class, destination, and request mode you choose. The airline may charge a cost of up to 350 CAD for seat selection. This is in addition to any other fees that may apply.

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