Emirates Airlines Pet Policy

Many travelers want to take their pets on their trips. Therefore, the Emirates pet policy was created to help them in doing so. Animals in checked baggage, cabins, or cargo are covered in detail here. Also included are the price and other vital requirements for their travel.

Are There Any Rules to the Emirates Pet Policy?

Certain rules help in governing this policy:

  • This airline doesn’t permit animals in the cabin. But exceptions are there.
  • Others must be transported in accordance with the specific rules of the route.
  • Their transit must be via cargo on all routes that end in Dubai.
  • Certain animals can be checked as luggage:
    • If the trip starts in Dubai, and
    • The other nations on the itinerary allow pets as “Excess Baggage”
  • Emirates pet travel is restricted for some breeds.
  • In some instances, there may also be age restrictions.
  • To determine the fee, the combined weight of the animal and the cage is calculated.

Are Pets Allowed on Emirates Cabin?

Animals are not allowed to board the flight that this carrier operates. But there is an exception for guide dogs and falcons.

  • Falcons are allowed in the cabin for specific routes between:
    • Dubai
    • And, Pakistan
  • Blind passengers have permission to bring their guide dog on board for free.
  • Moreover, psychiatric assistance dogs (PSA) are not charged any fee.

Note: They can be transported as checked baggage or cargo on select flight routes.

Can Service Animal Travel in Emirates Cabin?

Mostly, service/guide dogs are allowed to fly on board depending on the:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Route of the flight

They are permitted on the following flights:

  • Direct flights from European Union countries to Dubai
  • Flights with direct routes from Dubai to Canada and the USA.
  • Between European Union countries – the USA
  • Routes between New Zealand and Australia

Rules for Service Animals Onboard

The following conditions are applicable on board:

  • A service/guide dog must not block the aisles or emergency exits.
  • Passengers who fly with them are not allotted the exit row seat.

Fees for Service Dogs

Travelers are charged an excess baggage fee to fly with their service dogs.

Are Pets Allowed as Checked Baggage on Emirates?

A flight’s route determines whether Emirates Airline pet travel is available as checked luggage. They are allowed on the luggage hold in the following situations:

  • Your itinerary must begin from Dubai.
  • The destination country must accept the animal as “Excess Baggage”.
  • Pet birds, falcons, dogs, and cats are checked as bags.
  • Including transit, the total journey time must be no more than 17 hours.
  • In addition, all necessary requirements must be satisfied.

Emirates Pet Travel Cost as Checked Baggage

The expense of traveling with an animal is dependent on the combined weight of the container for transport as well as the pet.

This table highlights the Emirates pet travel cost applied in various situations:

Animal + ContainerCost
Less than 150 cm/59 inches in dimension and 23 kg in weightUSD 500
Dimensions range between 150 cm (59 inches) and 300 cm (118 inches)   Weight between 24 kg and 32 kgUSD 650
Dimensions between 150 cm (59 inches) and 300 cm (118 inches)   But the weight is over 32 kgUSD 800

Note: The above Emirates pet’s price will always be charged, even if there isn’t any regular checked luggage.

Is there an Emirates Cargo Service for Pets?

Most animals are transported by the cargo service of this airline. During these conditions, you can use the service:

  • Dubai is the destination.
  • Transit is via Dubai and the connection time is over 6/six hours.
  • The destination country does not accept animals under Emirates checked baggage allowance.
  • Dimensions of the pet containers are over 300 cm (118 inches).
  • The flying time is more than 17 hours.

Age Limit

The below-given age limitations apply to the acceptance of cats and dogs by this cargo service provider:

  • All cats and dogs must be no less than 15 weeks old.
  • For animals from “High Risk” nations, the age cutoff can be 27 weeks.

Cargo Facility for Service Dog

According to UAE government regulations, service dogs must fly as cargo on all flights other than a select few that go to Dubai. This service is offered for free.

Service Offered

There are two types of services available for Emirates Airline pet travel as cargo.

Emirates Pet Plus ServiceFor trips that begin in Dubai
Emirates Pet ServiceFor other flights

Find the assistance offered by both services in the following table:

At Origin


Emirates Pet

Emirates Pet Plus

Full-service air freight



Home pickup


●     Local travel requirements

●     Veterinary certificates

●     Export/import licenses


●     Support at Dubai’s Animal Care area

●     Veterinary assistance



If necessary, boarding support


Offer kennels (when necessary)


Cleaning and grooming pets


If needed, cleaning the kennel


At Destination

Registration with local governing bodies

Customs clearance for animal import


If needed, boarding support


Delivery service to the selected location


Which Animal Breeds are Not Allowed on Emirates Cargo Service?

There are some restricted breeds for Emirates pet travel. The list of prohibited dog and cat breeds is tabulated below:

Prohibited Dog Breeds


Pug (all types)

King Charles Spaniel

Boston Terrier

Neapolitan Mastiff


American Cocker Spaniel

Chihuahua (apple headed)

Bulldog (all types)



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dogue de Bordeaux

Cane Corso

Dogo Argentino

Chow Chow

Newfoundland land

Japanese Chin

Pit Bull Terrier

Shih Tzu

Presa Canario

Tibetan Spaniel

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Lhasa Apso


Prohibited Cat Breeds

British Longhair

Exotic Shorthair



British Shorthair

Exotic Fold (Foldex)

Selkirk Rex


Scottish Fold

Other United Arab Emirates (UAE) Restrictions for Dog Breeds:

According to regulations set forth by the government of the UAE, it is forbidden to import a few of the dangerous and fighting dog breeds into Dubai.

The dog breeds, hybrids, or crossbreeds of the following are denied flights to the UAE (as destination):

Restricted Dog Breeds in UAE

Pit Bulls

Mastiff Dogs (Argentinian Mastiff, Brazilian Mastiff, any Hybrid/Mastiff)

Tosa (Hybrid/Japanese Tosa)

Rottweiler breeds/hybrid


Canario Presa

Doberman Pinschers/Doberman

Karabash (Kangal)

Caucasian Ovcharka

Exceptions to these Breeds

These above-mentioned breeds are accepted by Emirates pet policy when:

  • They can be handled as cargo if their final destination is not the UAE.
  • These animals are not imported into the UAE and the destination permits them.
  • Approval is available from both the countries of:
    • Origin
    • Destination

Tip: A strong and reinforced cage is recommended for the transit of such animals.

Restrictions on Greyhounds:

The transport of greyhounds is limited to specific instances.

  • They won’t be transported for commercial purposes, such as racing.
  • Greyhounds kept as pets, including those who have been rescued, are transportable.

Weather Restrictions:

Birds are prohibited from traveling in cargo holds from May 1 through September 30 because of:

  • The UAE’s extreme heat and humid conditions
  • Transit being restricted through Dubai
  • Additionally, transport being unavailable as checked baggage

Note: There are some falcon species that are an exception.

Pregnancy Restrictions

Pregnant animals who are more than one-third of the way through their normal gestation are not allowed to travel. Those that have given birth within 48 hours of the trip are prohibited from being transported.

What is the Cost to Transport Animals on Emirates Cargo?

It is best to inquire about the Emirates pet travel cost directly with this cargo service provider. By writing to “Emirates SkyCargo” at skycargodxbcc@emirates.com, travelers can communicate with it.

Include the following when writing the email:

  • Country/region of departure
  • Destination country/region
  • Date of travel
  • Any special requests

How can I Book Emirates Pet Travel?

Call or visit the regional office to make pet transportation reservations with this airline. Navigate to the Emirates website to obtain the address and contact details.

  • Go to the home page and select “Help“.
  • Click on “Help and Contacts“.
  • On the fresh web page find “Contact Us Worldwide”.
  • Select “Find out More”.
  • Add the location where you can visit.
  • Identify whether a regional office is available there.
  • All details about the following will load:
    • Contact information
    • Hours of operation

How to Make Emirates Airline Pet Travel Reservations on Cargo?

Customers can make Emirates pet travel cargo bookings at least 48 hours before the departure date. Hence, they can connect with an agent from the local cargo office on-call or in-person.

  • Visit the main web page of “Emirates SkyCargo”.
  • From the top action bar click on “Contact”.
  • Select “Find Local Office” from the available menu.
  • On the redirected page, to find the details of the local office, use:
    • Select Region
    • And “Select Country
  • Hit on the “Search” button for the number and address to load.

For your reference, a few contact numbers are given here:

RegionCountryPhone NumberEmail ID
Middle East and AfricaAlgeria+213 779 400 004skycargoalg@emirates.com
Europe, Russia, AmericasBrazil+55 19 3725 6077  ctavcp@ctacargo.com.br
Pacific Rim, West AsiaAustralia+61 478883791,
+618 8464 6100
Middle East, AfricaIran+989121488500 +98 21 55678210/55678211/55678299

What Documents are Required for Emirates Pet Travel?

The need for paperwork varies with the origin, destination, and mode of transportation of the animal.

Service Animals Flying to/from the USA

Submit these documents to the “Special Assistance and Wellness” team for verification:

  • Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form
  • For trips over 8 hours, submit the DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form

Animals Transported on Cargo

Along with the specific paperwork requirements of all the countries in the itinerary, these documents are important:

  • Customer Acknowledgment Form” duly signed
  • Specific forms related to approval and acceptance
  • Fit to fly declarations
  • Certificates of good health by veterinary
  • Microchip

For Cargo and Other Bookings

In relation to every kind of Emirates pet travel, travelers are requested to provide the following documents:

  • Health certificate
  • Vaccination Record

How to Settle Concerns and Plan Pet Travel with Emirates?

There are several factors to take into account before planning a trip with your companion. Therefore, use the email assistance form on the carrier’s official website to get all the details and support.

  • From the home page, select the “Help” action.
  • Hit on “Help and Contacts” to be directed to a fresh web page.
  • Find the “ Email Us with Your Requests” section.
  • Here, pick “Travelling with Pets”.
  • Carefully go through each section of the form.
  • Fill in each section with accurate information.

Note: Submit this form at least a week before the scheduled travel date.

Otherwise, these platforms can be of aid:


To sum up, anyone taking a flight operated by this carrier with their furry friend must read this policy. It will give highlights of all the available facilities for a convenient trip. The limitations outlined by the Emirates pet policy will serve as better guidelines for avoiding mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emirates allow dogs in the cabin?

To specific destinations, service, guide, or psychiatric assistance dogs are allowed in the cabin.

Which Airlines allow pets in the cabin UAE on codeshare itinerary?

Contact this airline to learn about the carrier that allows pets in the cabin on codeshare flights to the UAE.

Can we take pets on a flight to Dubai?

In most cases, you’ll have to transport pets on the cargo service of this operator to Dubai.

How much does it cost to take a dog on Emirates?

Based on the combined weight of the cage and the animal, the cost is calculated.

Are any animal breeds restricted to travel on Emirates?

Some cat, dog, and fighting dog breeds are restricted from being transported via this airline’s cargo facility.

What is the Emirates airline’s pet travel phone number?

Customers from the USA can call on +18007773999 for pet-related concerns.

How much does it cost to check a pet as baggage?

Costs for animals as checked luggage ranges between USD 500 and USD 800.

What is the maximum size and weight for pet travel checked baggage?

The combined weight of the animal and the carrier must be less than 32 kg, and the dimension must be within 300 cm.

What is the Emirates pet travel cost for service dogs to Dubai?

Based on the UAE guidelines, service dogs can travel for free via cargo on flights to Dubai.

Is there a restriction on Emirates pet travel in the summer?

From May 1 to September 30, animal travel is prohibited in the UAE due to the extreme heat.

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