Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

When a child is on a solo air journey or located in a cabin separate from his/her parents or guardian, certain concerns may surround the elderly. To do away with those concerns, the UAE’s national operator features the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.

Its purpose is to provide help to minors as soon as they reach the airport until the completion of the journey at the point of destination.

Emirates Unaccompanied Minor Ages Served

Through the minor policy of this air carrier, children belonging to multiple age groups are served. The service has rules that can change as per the age of a child. For a minor between 5 to 18 years, this policy can be availed by adhering to the specific rules. 

Emirates Unaccompanied Minor Ages

While catering to kids as per their ages, locations involved in their journey can also plan influential roles. In accordance with the unaccompanied minors Emirates ages, which form, letter, or document is to be carried in this journey is decided.

Also, it must be understood that this carrier defines the age group by complying with certain terms of locations like Italy, Vietnam, Spain, France, etc.

Terms of Emirates Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The Emirates unaccompanied minors policy comprises terms for flyers of different age groups. They also include various situations in which help can be availed. Through these, both exceptional and ordinary cases are taken into account when young travelers are flying alone.

  • This policy caters to children who fall in the age group of 5-11 years. Also, it addresses them as YP or Young Passengers.
  • It serves kids under 2 circumstances:
    • When traveling alone
    • In the case of traveling in a cabin separate from their guardians/parents/custodians
    • Flying with a fellow traveler not more than 16 years in age
  • In some circumstances, a child older than 12 years and up to 16 years in age can utilize this policy for Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minors service. He or she can be assisted by an official of the carrier, provided that a request has been made.
  • From the beginning of the journey to its end, the minor shall remain accompanied on behalf of this airline.

Unaccompanied Minors International Flights on Emirates Airlines

With its headquarters in Dubai, this carrier can assist children whether they are flying to domestic or international locations. In the case of international trips, its unaccompanied minors policy can be available with strict guidelines.

For Canada, Spain, Vietnam, Italy, and France, the airline has listed various documents. The parents or custodians of minors must ensure that the requisites are gone through and provided when required.

In the formation of the policies of unaccompanied minors emirates flights, the rules are largely guided by locations.. Other than the ones given above, when a YP is headed to a different location outside the home country, this airline can be contacted.

The documents pertaining to the destined country should be enquired about as well as produced when demanded by Emirates.

How does the Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Work?

This Emirates policy has been formed with 4 parts to assist YP in traveling alone. By studying these, parents/guardians can understand how this feature works. In accordance with the same, they can be certain of using this policy. 

Let us go through these parts below:

Connecting at the Airport: A young traveler must visit the check-in counter for unaccompanied minors. Here, a representative of Emirates will get connected and assist in executing the security and check-in processes.

Boarding: On Emirates Airline unaccompanied minors will be given boarding on a priority basis. Throughout this time, the representative shall remain with them.

Assistance during the Journey: For the entire duration of the flight, the minor will be provided with the necessary requirements. 

Handing over at the Destination Airport: Based on the functioning of the policy, once the destination airport has arrived, the representative will take the child to a parent/guardian. Only after this, the fourth phase shall be complete.

How to Book Unaccompanied Minor Flight on Emirates?

To book unaccompanied minor emirates services, you can get 3 interactive options. Regardless of which option you go ahead with, an official will always be present by your side.

Thus, there will be less scope for any errors being made in the booking. With this, it can be made certain that your kid will have a comfortable trip with this air operator.

Method 1: Booking Guidance on the Call

This air operator has numerous contact numbers, differing as per flyers’ locations. Using one of these, you can connect with a team member. Kindly present your request for availing your child of the “Unaccompanied Minors” service.

The calling hours can vary for certain locations. Therefore, you must check when the phone number is active and on which day. 

Keep in mind that 12 hours before a flight needs to depart, the request for the unaccompanied minor emirates booking service has been placed. 

LocationContact NumberAvailability (From A.M. to P.M.)
New Zealand+6450836472811:15 to 18:45
United Kingdom+44344800277709:00 to 22:00
United States+1800777399906:55 to 21:25
India+91916700333309:30 to 18:00
United Arab Emirates+97160055555508:30 to 18:00

Note: Additional contact numbers can be found after running the official website Emirates Airline.

In the process of reserving a ticket for your child, please provide her/his name with the letters in the correct order. If the letters are incorrectly arranged, then please request the team member to initiate the Emirates name change procedure.

Method 2: Through a Regional Office of Emirates

When you are sending your kid alone for the first time via this carrier, it is best to receive assistance in person. In this regard, you should visit a local body of the national airline of the UAE.

At this office, the Emirates unaccompanied minor booking service can be received. Along with this, the main terms of the policy can be elaborated by an official for your understanding. 

On the website of this airline, you can find the section called Help. Use this to arrive at Help and Contact. This will take you to another page of the airline. Keep scrolling until you find a panel that states Contact us Worldwide. Below this, tap the Find out More tab.

Once the next page has fully loaded, you will see a location dropdown. Here, provide your location. The address of the local/regional Emirates office shall be given along with the stipulated business hours.

Tip: Assuming that you go for this method, please take every relevant document along. The ID proofs of you and your child can be required. Additionally, you may take an attested letter of consent to the regional office.

Method 3: With Leo featuring Live Chat

To make a booking with the use of the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, the live chat option can be referred to. It will give you access to Leo, the carrier’s chatbot. This feature works through the submission of information as basic as your name.

Emirates Live Chat

It will connect you to a live official. This person will fully guide you about the process to book the minor service for your kid between the age group 5 to 18 years.

  • Navigate to the authorized site of Emirates.
  • Under “Help”, opt for “Help and Contact”.
  • Notice a chat box that mentions “Ask Emirates”.
  • Press the upward arrow icon.
  • Mention these details one by one:
    • “First Name”
    • “Last Name”
    • “Email (Only to Send a Copy of this Chat)”
  • Choose the option “Start Chat”.
  • Indicate to the bot, “Leo”, that you are a customer of Emirates.
  • You will be presented with multiple options. Choose the one that connects you to a representative.
  • Ask this official about how to book unaccompanied minor flight on Emirates Airlines.
  • Follow the procedure as given on call to make a booking for your little one.

Emirates Unaccompanied Minor Form Download & Other Documents Needed

In general, the Declaration of Indemnity form is to be submitted essentially. This Emirates unaccompanied minor form download must be accurately filled in and submitted by a parent or custodian. Along with this, the same older person has to be present at the origin airport till the flight takes off.

Likewise, the presence of an elderly person in authorization is mandatory at the destination airport. He/she must carry identity proof. After checking the same, the child will be handed over.

While you submit these documents, see to it that the details in them are updated. The contact information and address must essentially be correct. In the instances of Emirates delayed flights that result in long waiting or cancellations, these details will be needed.

Coming to the location-specific documents and requirements, Emirates puts forth the following:

For Italian Children:

  • The Emirates unaccompanied minor policy directs that if the age of a minor is 13 or less, one authorization letter will be necessary. It should be provided by a local police official. An official at the airport may not be authorized in this instance.
  • In case this minor stays abroad, the letter should come from the Italian Consulate/Embassy.

Pertaining to Young Flyers from/to Vietnam:

  • Below or up to 14 years in age, a minor can fly with a guardian or parent.
  • Otherwise, when accompanied, the minor will require a permission letter from a custodian to visit Vietnam.
  • A Vietnamese YP will not need any such document if flying to this country. But when headed beyond, the Emirates rules for unaccompanied minors indicate that the document will be mandatory. Moreover, the HCM Department of Justice/local police will have to authorize it.

In the Case of Spanish Children:

  • While exiting Spain, a passport is needed.
  • A travel permit is essential, carrying the signature of the parent/custodian.
  • Below 18 years, every Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor must abide by the above.
  • A foreign YP in this country can fly with a passport.

For French YP:

  • When going out of France, an authorization document is vital. 
  • A passport will be essential.
  • The copy of the guardian/parent’s ID proof must be signed and submitted to Emirates Airlines.

Limited to Canada-destined YP:

  • The Emirates unaccompanied minor service shall be limited only to Toronto.
  • One consent letter from a legal guardian must be carried by a YP. It should clearly state the consent, destination (set to Canada), contact details of the elderly, and the duration of stay. 

It must be duly understood that the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minors service takes into account only those flights that are operated by it. In case a transit booking is associated with another airline, its minor service can invite additional terms.

In accordance with the above-said, when you choose a different flight for your child, you must find out the documents associated with the new location. Thus, as you change Emirates flight for your young one, the requirements of the carrier may also get updated.

Limitations of Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The unaccompanied minors policy is made for assisting YP in most conditions. However, this service does not come without any limitations.

Although in most instances, parents can count on it to safely move their little ones to a certain location, they should know when no help may be offered.

Depending on this, they can decide whether or not to place requests for this service.

  • When a connecting or transit flight is involved, the time between the next booking should be 4 hours or less. Otherwise, a child may not be able to travel alone.
  • For any YP directed to Dubai, the duration between the connecting trip should be 8 hours.
  • In synchronization with the Emirates unaccompanied minor service, staying overnight is disallowed when a minor is flying solo.
  • This policy may not come into effect, given that a child has to commute between 2 airports to catch transit flights.
  • If a kid needs special help on an Emirates flight, then he/she must be in the company of a guardian who is at least 18 years old.

Emirates Unaccompanied Minor Charges

On the basis of 2 age groups, the charges of lone kids traveling on this carrier are decided. Either the Emirates unaccompanied minor costs will be included in their tickets’ prices or they will have to be separately paid.

Only after reading the terms associated with the charges, this can be ascertained.

For Kids between 5-11 Years:

  • Unaccompanied kids can purchase adult flight tickets.
  • When they are flying with guardians or parents but are separated by cabins, adult tickets will have to be bought.

When Children are 12-15 Years Old:

  • After buying adult tickets, they can fly if they are 12 years of age.
  • Beyond 12 years, USD 50 is charged. This Emirates unaccompanied minor fee will apply to each part of the flight journey.

Note: The fees may be updated and, likewise, be increased or decreased. Kindly confirm the latest charges before requesting this service.

Waivers for Emirates Unaccompanied Minor Fees

For certain flights, it may be expensive for minors to fly. Particularly when connecting trips are involved, the fees may tend to go beyond minor charges. Also, a child can reserve a trip on an adult ticket. Having said that, people may look for waivers to reduce high costs.

As of now, the Emirates unaccompanied minor costs may not be waived. However, the charges can be reduced by making early reservations or when discounted prices are available.

Nevertheless, to be certain about fee waivers, it will be wise to approach the airline while booking any tickets.

Tip: Certain airlines do provide waivers when reservations are made by flyers under special programs. You may also approach this air carrier and find out about the availability of any such programs.

In a Nutshell
Assuring assistance to every passenger is integral to Emirates Airlines. Even when the passenger is a minor, the integrity of this value is maintained.

With the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, it is made certain that no child is left unattended throughout a trip. From timely meals to comfort, every facility is provided so that a YP endures no inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Emirates unaccompanied minor ages served?

5 years onward, the minor policy gets active on Emirates Airlines. Beyond this, several other ages are also served. The unaccompanied minors Emirates ages are inclusive of young flyers between 5 to 18 years. Divided into certain age groups, the policy’s rules are different for these.

How much are the Emirates unaccompanied minor charges?

The Emirates unaccompanied minors fee is determined as per the age of YP. When a minor passenger is 5 years to 11 years old, the charges will be included in the tickets. Other than this age group, guardians will have to pay USD 50 per part of the trip.

Can I download the form for unaccompanied minors on Emirates Airlines?

There is no certainty whether you will have the Emirates unaccompanied minor form download option. But you can visit the airline’s office close to your location. Its representative will be able to provide you with this form.

How to book unaccompanied minor Emirates flight tickets?

Using Leo, you can book a flight ticket for your little one to travel alone. This bot will get you connected to a team member of Emirates. This person will require the details of your child and the individual giving the consent for traveling alone. Then, as per the Emirates unaccompanied minors policy, the ticket will get booked.

Does Emirates allow unaccompanied minors to fly alone?

When you comply with the terms of the unaccompanied minors service, Emirates will give permission to a kid to fly. A form provided by the air carrier must be filled in and submitted. All the details in the form must be correct to gain this permission.

Does Emirates require unaccompanied minor procedures to be done online?

Emirates unaccompanied minors services can work both offline and online. As per your preferences, you can decide the medium of availing yourself of these services. Calling and visiting the regional offices are the offline options. Otherwise, you may use the live chat feature, Leo.

What is the minimum Emirates unaccompanied minors age?

Like most carriers, Emirates also regards 5 years to be an agreeable age for completing a journey alone. Young passengers up to 18 years can access the unaccompanied minor policy. Moreover, children of this age group with special requirements are also served.

How safe is unaccompanied minors in Emirates?

From the moment a young traveler comes to the airport check-in desk to reaching the destination, safety is assured by Emirates Airlines. The unaccompanied minors flying on Emirates can find an official assisting them during every phase of the air journey.

What is the unaccompanied minors Emirates price for a ticket?

When a child is at least 5 years old but not more than 11 years in age, the ticket cost will be the same as that of an adult’s flight reservation on this UAE carrier. Beyond 11 years, an adult’s flight ticket will be needed by a minor. But additional charges will also be included.

Are there any unaccompanied minors Emirates requirements?

The requirements can be major or minor, depending on the location a YP is traveling to via Emirates Airlines. Commonly, the unaccompanied minor’s form will be needed. The parents’ approval in the form of a letter will be another requirement. Along with these, a passport, travel permit, and police authorization may be required.

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