Emirates Flight Change Policy

Making changes to already reserved flights is one of the most common requests on many airlines. To cater to these requests, Emirates has designed a flight change policy.

This is commonly known as the Emirates flight change policy which assists the passengers in modifying their tickets. It offers different methods and determines various options through which travelers can change their tickets.

Further, different types of changes are also facilitated in this policy. Therefore, comprehending this policy clearly can make your travel easier and make flight changes simpler. 

Terms Of The Emirates Flight Change Policy

In order to be able to use the Emirates change flight option, you will have to obey all the rules and regulations of its flight change policy. These conditions or regulations determine whether you are eligible for a ticket modification or not. The fees for your change are charged in accordance with these guidelines as well. Hence, the terms of this policy play an important role when it comes to flight modifications. 

Given below are the main guidelines mentioned under the flight change policy of this carrier: 

  • The bookings purchased with the airline without the involvement of third parties, whether online or offline, will be eligible for direct flight changes. 
  • In case you wish to change Emirates flight that have been booked through a travel agency, you will have to contact your travel agent. You need to ask them to make the necessary alterations. 
  • The modifications made to one booking will apply to all the passengers registered under the said booking. When you only want to change the flight of one passenger, you should contact the airline. 
  • The fee for a flight change at Emirates depends on the reason and the time of change. The flight itinerary and the arrival destination can also be taken into account while determining this fee. 
  • Reservations made under the Emirates Skywards can also be modified. For this modification, you will have to submit a Rewards Change Form which can be found on the official site of this airline. 
  • Requests for refunds can be submitted after the successful cancellation of your ticket. 
  • Sometimes, the airline itself can change your flight. In such circumstances, you will be informed by the carrier in advance. 
  • Some alterations can also be made to the tickets which have not yet been used fully. These come under the partially used tickets by the flyers. 
  • When you have a pending refund which is followed by a change in your ticket, you will be given a credit note. You can use this credit note for making future bookings on this airline. Otherwise, you can get it refunded by this operator.
  • All the chauffeur drive services booked in advance will be canceled when you have changed your flight. 

Note: To stay up to date with the latest upgrades in the Emirates Airlines flight change policy, you can visit the main website of this operator. 

24 Hours Emirates Airlines Flight Change Policy

Travelers who have booked their tickets with refundable fares can benefit from the 24 hours policy of Emirates. According to this policy, modifications to your flight can be done without any fee charged on the condition that they are completed within the first 24 hours of booking.

These modifications can include Emirates change flight date, time, destination, or even name alterations. However, free changes will only be allowed when your flight is scheduled at least 7 days after the date of booking a reservation. 

Note: When alterations to names are being made, passengers should be aware of all the conditions relating to the same. Since there may be a limit to Emirates name change on ticket, you should try to get it altered in one go.

Other than this, the following regulations are applicable under this policy: 

  • During these 24 hours, you can change your ticket only once. Hence, you are advised to make your changes with utmost caution. 
  • Flight modifications will only be allowed before you have checked in. 
  • You will have to pay the difference in fare in case your rescheduled flight is costlier than your initial booking. 
  • Passengers will be entitled to a refund when their new flight is less costly than the original reservation. However, only the fare difference will be refunded. 

Note: Preferred seat selections will be canceled in the event of an Emirates Airlines flight change. Similarly, meal requests will be canceled as well. 

How to Change Flight Date on Emirates?

Emirates provides various methods through which its customers can modify their reservations. Each of these methods or options ensures the safety and privacy of the traveler. The service charge can differ based on the method you select. 

The following are the three main ways of flight modification as given under the Emirates flight change policy: 

  • The online method through the site
  • Offline option via customer care 
  • Changes at the airport kiosk

These aforementioned methods can be used to change the flight date, time, destination, or itinerary. On some tickets, the Emirates change flight date option can be accessed through the offline method.

All of these options serve different purposes and are easy to use. They are also time-efficient. Passengers will have to choose the most suitable option as per their convenience and on the nature of their request. 

The following describes how to go about flight change using these options. 

Method 1: Online Emirates Change Flight Option

The online method is regarded as the easiest and the simplest way to make any kind of change on your reservation. Using this change Emirates flight online option, you can modify your connecting flights as well.

Moreover, it is also immensely convenient for most flyers since it can be accessed from any part of the world. Hence, the online method can be the most viable option, especially in the case of long-haul international flights. 

To use this feature, you will have to go to the “Manage” section on the site. For this, follow the detailed instructions as given below:

  • Open your browser and navigate to the official site of “Emirates Airlines ” 
  • You will find a panel of tabs. Here, on the top of the homepage, you will locate the “Manage” tab. Hit on it.
  • Now, under the “Manage My Booking”, you can find the “Change Your Booking” option. Click that option.
  • Here, submit the necessary details as asked by the carrier. These may include your “Last Name” and “Booking Reference” numbers.
  • Continue by clicking on the “Retrieve Booking” button highlighted in red. 
  • Once you view your reservation, select the flight on which you wish to make modifications. 
  • Follow the on-screen directions to make the required changes to your reserved flight. 
  • The Emirates change flight fee will be summarized before you confirm your made changes. 
  • Pay the required amount of service fees and complete the process. You will receive a confirmation email from the airline at the end at your registered email address. 

Note: The tickets which do not qualify for the online Emirates change flight feature can directly contact the customer care center. 

Method 2: Flight Change Via Customer Service

Under the offline options, contacting the customer care representative is the best way to request your flight modification. This is especially the case when you want to change Emirates flight booking at the very last minute. You might be subjected to service charges for using this method. Nevertheless, it facilitates much convenience and efficiency for its users. 

To get in touch with the agents of Emirates airline, you can dial the given below: 

  • Emirates global toll-free number 091670 03333.

There are some numbers specific to certain regions as well. To contact the customer care center within your region, you will have to: 

  • Go to the main website of Emirates through the link given above. 
  • Find the “Help” panel on the homepage of the site. Here you need to select the “Help and Contacts” button. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the new page till you reach the “Contact Us Worldwide” dialogue box. 
  • Click on the “Find Out More” option here. 
  • You will now be redirected to a new page. Here you can enter your respective location for which you need the contact number for making flight changes. 
  • Select your region and you will find the correct number according to the Emirates flight change policy. 

After successfully reaching the airline’s agents, follow the steps given below: 

  • Let the authorities know the reason for your call and why you wish to modify your flight. 
  • The agent will then ask you to submit your booking code, ticket number, as well as your full name. 
  • Tell them the reservations you want to change and also mention the type of modification made. 
  • They will inform you how much does Emirates charge to change flight dates and accordingly pay the required fee to the air authorities. 
  • The flight change process will be initiated soon by the agent and you will receive a confirmation mail or a phone call once it gets completed. 

Tip: In case you are obliged to modify your flight due to an emergency, make sure to make a mention of it. This might help you to get a partial waiver on the Emirates change flight fee. 

Method 3: Using the Airport Kiosk

Airport kiosks are self-service devices through which passengers can manage bookings on their own without the help of an agent. These were mainly introduced to help travelers with self-check-ins. Now, the airport kiosks are being updated to facilitate flight changes and rebookings. You can visit your nearest airport and use this machine to modify your reservation. You can access the Emirates Airlines flight change option by following the instructions given on this device. You may also need to pay some fees to the carrier for utilizing this machine. Overall, it is a simple yet effective process that offers several useful features. 

Emirates Flight Change Policy Covid

With regards to the recent pandemic, this airline has determined new rules for tickets that have to be changed due to Covid. Under this policy, the validity of these tickets has been extended by 24 to 36 months. The Emirates change return flight date fee has also been revised under this policy. 

Some of these main new regulations are highlighted below: 

  • Refund requests can be made on the tickets whose original itinerary is disrupted on Emirates due to the COVID pandemic. 
  • No change fee will be charged on all the reservations made after 12 October 2021 and before 31 August 2022. The travel date on these tickets should be mentioned before 31 August 2022. 
  • The validity of the tickets booked before April 1 2021 and October 11, 2021, has been extended to 24 months. You can make destination changes on these tickets but within the same region and the exact fare class without the payment of any additional charges. 
  • The Emirates flight change policy does not exempt any tax or fare difference if your new ticket costs more than the initial ticket.  
  • The airline has stopped issuing travel vouchers currently. However, the validity of your voucher is 2 years from the date of issuance. You can, therefore, make changes to these tickets. 
  • In case you do not wish to change your ticket or use it immediately, you can keep it for later. This means that the tickets which have 36 months of validity can be used for any flight to the same destination and travel class within the validity period. This is applicable for the bookings made before September 30, 2020, with a travel date before August 31, 2022. 

Note: Service charges and taxes will not be refunded in case you request a full refund.

Emirates Flight Change Fee

A change fee might be imposed when you modify your reservation. Generally, no fee can be charged for changes made within the period of validity of your ticket. Nevertheless, this depends on your date of booking and the flight itinerary. These charges may vary based on the arrival destination as well. 

The following points disclose how much to change Emirates flight: 

  • No fee will have to be paid for alterations made within the risk-free period. 
  • The exact amount of penalty charged for modifications will be summarized at the end of your online change procedure. Since this fee depends on various factors, this is the best method to know your Emirates flight change fee. 
  • The average flight modification fee can range between USD 75 and USD 200. 
  • Payment for the fare difference is a must on all tickets. This difference applies when you book tickets costing more than the original ones. 
  • Charges for utilizing the services of the airline like customer care or the online option will also have to be paid to the carrier. 
  • Fare differences and service charges are to be paid separately. These are not included in the general flight change fees. 
  • The fee charged on international and domestic flights may differ. Generally, higher charges are incurred on international routes. 

Note: You can check for updates regarding the fees charged on this airline at the following link.

Emirates Flight Change Fee Waiver 

The fee waiver feature of this airline allows you to make changes without paying any additional charges. This can help the passengers to make ticket modifications in an affordable fashion. However, this feature is only offered under special conditions. 

The following are the main regulations under which you can avoid paying the Emirates change flight fee: 

  • The best way to avoid paying the flight change fee is by modifying your reservation before the expiry of your ticket. 
  • Changes resulting from emergencies and unavoidable circumstances will not be charged with an additional amount. 
  • You will not be obliged to pay the fee when your flight has to be modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • During the risk-free period, Emirates Airlines flight change and cancellations can be done for free. 

Note: Apart from the fee waiver option, this airline also offers compensation when the flights are modified by the airline authorities themselves. 

The Bottom Line 

The features offered under the Emirates flight change policy prove to be beneficial to various customers. Flight modifications and ticket changes are made simpler by this policy. The extension of the validity period further adds to the list of benefits.

Moreover, the fee charged is also minimal and easily affordable by the passengers of this airline. The flight change feature is accessible in different parts of the world due to the various methods provided. Hence, you have no reason to fret about flight alterations when flying with Emirates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change Emirates flight dates?

Yes, it is possible to modify your flight dates on Emirates Airlines. You can either do it online or by an offline method. Apart from making the date changes, you can alter your flight name, destination, time, and itinerary as well. The fee charged for these changes will be based on the arrival destination and the time of the request.

What is the Emirates flight change fee?

The fee for changing your flight mainly depends on your itinerary. It can range anywhere between USD 75 and USD 200. You can know the exact amount of these charges at the end of the online procedure. Otherwise, you can contact the customer care agents to know more about the fee.

How to change Emirates flight for free?

In case you wish to change your flight on Emirates cost-free, you can do it within the first 24 hours of reserving a booking. Any changes made during this time will be charged with no fee. Further, modifications due to medical emergencies like COVID-19 or other urgencies do not cost any amount. These are the circumstances in which your change fee will be waived.

How to change Emirates flight online?

To change date on Emirates flight online, you will have to open the main site of the carrier. Here, you need to find the “Manage My Booking” section and select the “Change Your Booking” option. Enter your personal details along with the flight information. Follow the on-screen directions and make the necessary modifications. Pay the required fee as well.

What is the best way to change my return flight on Emirates?

You can choose the offline method to modify your return flight. This is the easiest way to make modifications through this process. You can simply contact the airline agents at the toll-free number. Submit the required details and request a change. Make the payment for the Emirates change return flight date fee and confirm your modifications.

What is allowed under the Emirates changing flight date policy?

This policy outlines the main guidelines related to flight changes. It helps the customers know the different methods to modify reservations and how to access them. The fee charged for making alterations is also highlighted under this policy. The 24- hour change and cancellation rules are highlighted as well.

How much does Emirates charge to change flight dates offline?

For all the changes made offline, a service charge will have to be paid to the carrier. Other than these service charges, the difference in fare will also be incurred. This fee is usually not high and depends on the nature of your request. Your ticket fare and class of service are also taken into account when calculating this fee.

How to contact the Emirates agents for making flight changes?

Travelers can reach out to the Emirates agents by using the general customer care number which is 091670 03333. You can find the number specific to your region on the “Help and Contact” page on the site. The agents will tell you how to change your flight and how much to change Emirates flight. Follow the instructions guided by them.

How to change flight date on Emirates at the airport kiosk?

Airport kiosks are used for self-check-ins and making other modifications on your own. To utilize this device, you will have to visit the nearest airport. You can now enter your details on the device. Follow the given instructions and complete the name change process. Make the necessary payment as well to make your flight change process smooth.

Can I change my return flight date Emirates?

You can use the Emirates change fight phone number to contact the airline in order to change your return flight date. It is best to modify your return dates well in advance in order to avoid excess penalties by the carrier. However, payment of the service charges is mandatory along with the fare differences.

Do Emirates charge to change flight dates?

If you change your flight within the validity period of your ticket, you may not be charged any fee to alter your dates. However, when you exceed this time limit, you will be obliged to make the necessary payment. You can pay these charges online through the available options or by using a valid credit card.

How much does it cost to change a flight Emirates under COVID-19 policy?

On Emirates, tickets purchased between 12 October 2021 and 31 August 2022 can be changed for free. On reservations made before April 1 2021 and October 11, 2021, can be modified for free for 24 months. In case your ticket is extended for 36 months, this will be the period during which you can make changes for free.

How much does it cost to change flight date emirates online? 

Under the online method, service charges do not apply in most cases. Therefore, you will be only subjected to fare differences when using the online option. Fare difference refers to the amount by which the new flight is costlier than the original booking. This amount depends on the price of your new booked ticket.

Can I change my Emirates flight for free on refundable fares?

Yes, free flight changes will be allowed on most refundable fares. This mainly depends on your arrival destination and class of service. To check whether or not you are eligible for free changes, you can contact the airline directly or visit the main site of this airline. You will find the complete information there.

How to change Emirates flight date online at the last minute?

Even for making last-minute online changes, you can follow the standard change procedure. Enter the necessary information in the “Manage My Booking” section and you can know Emirates how much to change flight amount. Pay the required fee and complete the process. Confirm your changes in the confirmation mail at your registered ID.

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