Emirates Manage Booking

The liberty to manage existing bookings on Emirates helps travelers customize them. This is useful to make modifications or add services. Moreover, the Emirates manage booking feature is available on several platforms of this carrier. With the application of some rules, using them is easier.

What are the Rules to Manage Booking on Emirates?

To avoid any undesirable situation, rules have been established to manage bookings. Travelers must be aware of the following:

  • This feature can be utilized to manage the following for a flight:
    • Time and date of departure
    • Change/add seat
    • Alter the connecting flight
  • You may also purchase excess baggage and additional weight.
  • Tickets can be revoked by utilizing this feature.
  • Moreover, by using the Emirates Manage My Booking option, users can:
    • View the reservation details
    • Print, or email the itinerary
    • Update booking details

Can I Cancel My Emirates Flight?

Considering unfortunate circumstances, this airline allows ticket reversals. The eligibility to revoke tickets for a refund is determined by the regulations of the fare.

  • The bookings initiated on these platforms can be revoked online:
    • Official website, or
    • With the help of the contact center
  • Tickets booked to/from the USA are reversible under 24 hours from the purchase.
  • For such reversals, the emirates flight cancellation fee is waived.
  • Other reservations can be revoked after paying a reversal penalty.
  • Travelers with third-party reservations must contact the agency.

How Do I Cancel Emirates Flight Online?

The airline’s website and mobile application both offer access to the Emirates “Manage Your Booking” tool. It is available for both “iOS” and “Android” devices.

  • On the main web page, look for the “Manage Booking/Check-In” section.

The screenshot above is taken from Emirate’s official website.

  • Click on this tab for the data input box to appear.
  • Retrieve the booking details by adding:
    • “Last Name”
    • “Booking Reference”
  • Tap on “Manage Booking” and the reservation details will load.
  • Look for the action that will help in the reversal process.
  • Complete the revocation by following the instructions on the web page.

What are the Terms for Emirates Excess Baggage?

Passengers can manage Emirates booking to buy additional luggage in advance. The highlights of the terms and conditions include the following:

  • Depending on availability, requests are processed.
  • Additional baggage can be purchased for child and adult tickets.
  • This service is not available for infants.
  • The Emirates Flight Baggage Policy limits the transfer of excess luggage between travelers.
  • Such additional bags might be valid for voluntary modification of the flight date.
  • In the event of flight disruptions, the value of the bag is refundable.
  • The cost of extra bags varies with the channel/point of sale.
  • However, these can be purchased online for a lower price than at the airport.

When Buying Additional Weight

Baggage allowance based on the weight concept allows a maximum of 70 lbs/32 kg, and a total dimension of 300 cm.

  • Extra weight can be purchased 4 hours from the flight’s departure.
  • The range of block purchases is 5 kg to 50 kg.

How to Purchase Excess Baggage Allowance for Emirates Booking?

The discounted price for extra bags is available no more than 4 hours prior to check-in. Use the Emirates manage booking facility to purchase the allowance in advance:

  • Navigate to the website and hit on the “Manage Booking/Check-In” box.
  • To retrieve the particular booking, type the:
    • Traveler’s “Last Name
    • Booking Reference
  • Hit “Manage Booking”.
  • Find the option valid for adding extra luggage.
  • Check the applied fees and make the payment.
  • The credit card used at the time of ticket booking can be used here.

Can I Manage Emirates Seat Selection?

Travelers can choose their favorite spot to sit on board at the time of booking.

  • Otherwise, preferred seating can be added to existing reservations.
  • This can be done using the Emirates booking management tool.
  • Travelers can even choose a seat while checking in online.
  • This provision is also available on the smartphone app.

Seat Change

When a passenger has selected or paid for a preferred seat assignment, it can be changed.

  • For such modifications, the passenger must choose a seat of a similar price.
  • You will have to pay any fare difference for selecting a seat of higher value.
  • When modifying the sitting option to a lower value, there’s no refund for the price difference.

You can read Emirates Seat Selection Policy for more information.

What is the Emirates Flight Change Facility?

Any modifications to the itinerary are permissible in accordance with the terms and conditions of the fare category.

  • For Emirates flights, the Manage Booking tool helps in modifying online or offline bookings.
  • Flight changes on Emirates are available for reservations made through:
    • “Emirates Business Rewards” points
    • “Skywards Miles”
  • Any modifications to the reservations apply to all travelers under the booking.
  • These details can be altered on an existing itinerary:
    • Date of travel
    • Time of departure
    • Alter a connecting flight

How to Use Emirates Manage Booking Tool for Flight Changes?

This feature is quite versatile to help in modifying most details of the itinerary. After visiting the official site, feel free to follow the directions mentioned here:

  • Select the Emirates flight “Manage Booking/Check-In” box.
  • Retrieve the booking to be modified by:
    • Adding the “Last Name
    • Followed by “Booking Reference”.
  • You will have to look for the specific action, related to:
    • Date and time adjustment
    • Changing a connecting flight
  • Carefully read the terms before attempting any type of modification.
  • Then make the alterations and complete the payment of any penalties/fees.
  • Finally, you may receive a confirmation email of the modification.

Note: Travelers with third-party reservations cannot use this facility.

Can I Upgrade the Cabin Class of Emirates Flights?

Flight upgrades are allowed under the Emirates manage reservation facility for a convenient flying experience. Flyers can alter the cabin class of their existing bookings online.

  • This can be executed both on the mobile app and website.
  • Payment is required to upgrade from the original class to:
    • “Emirates Business Class”
    • Or, “Emirates First Class”
  • You may also use the “Emirates Skywards Miles” for such a modification.

What Additional Services Can Be Managed for Emirates Booking?

To improve the overall flight experience, these services can be managed in addition to those discussed above.

Add a Special Meal:

It is possible for travelers to pre-order meals if they have particular dietary restrictions.

  • Browse and reserve the menu via the airline’s app to manage bookings on Emirates.
  • Such special meals have to be reserved 24 hours in advance of takeoff.

Check Itinerary Details:

Manage the details of the reservation online. Users can modify the details by viewing them. Furthermore, they can print or send the itinerary via email.

Check-In Online:

Mobile or web check-in can help you escape the long airport lines.

  • This feature is accessible to passengers 48 hours to 90 minutes prior to departure.
  • You can choose your seat for free when you check in online.
  • Moreover, access the boarding pass from the mobile application.

Update Contact Details:

This airline promptly informs customers of any flight disruptions.

  • Even notifications for upgrades are available to manage Emirates bookings.
  • Therefore, keep your contact information (phone number and email address) up to date.

Manage “Emirates Skywards” Loyalty Account:

Passengers with the “Emirates Skywards” membership can manage their accounts via this feature.

  • To earn “Skywards Miles,” they can add their membership number to the reservation.
  • These Miles can be used to upgrade flights.
  • Automatic upgrades can be set up with the earned Miles.

Can I Call Emirates to Manage My Booking?

Dealing with some itinerary changes on your own can be challenging at times. Hence, you must connect with this carrier’s local office employees to handle reservations.

CityCalling IDHours of Operation
Abu Dhabi+971600555555
Abu Dhabi+971600555555
BangkokEnglish: +6627873387
Thai: +6626641040 
or +6626641055
Weekdays: 08:30 – 17:30
Cape Town+27103440608
Tokyo+81367434567English speaker: 24/7
Japanese speaker: 
Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00
Saint Petersburg+88005551919
Taipei+886277450420Cantonese and Mandarin:
Monday to Friday:  08:00 – 18:00 
Saturday to Sunday:  08:00 – 17:00

Note: For other cities, find the phone numbers or text IDs on the official site.

In Sum, travelers are free to adjust their reservations to suit their needs. The Emirates Airlines manage booking feature facilitates most adjustments. To successfully handle your itinerary, it is best to follow the guidelines discussed in this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my flight ticket confirmation?

After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email at the registered email address. Through this, verify the status.

How can I check my ticket with Emirates?

After making online reservations, the buyer can check the registered ID for an email with an electronic ticket.

How do I download my Emirates boarding pass?

You can use the check-in feature on the airline’s mobile app to download the boarding pass.

How do I find my Emirates booking reference number?

The booking reference (6-digit alphanumeric code) can be located under the passenger’s name on the ticket.

What is PNR number on Emirates ticket?

This PNR number is the same as the six-character code booking reference.

How can I download my flight ticket by PNR number?

Enter the PNR or booking reference in the “Manage Booking” section to download the flight ticket.

How long does it take to get a refund from Emirates?

Credit card payments are refundable within 7 days of request. Cash/check payments are refunded under 20 days after receiving the request.

How much is Emirate’s cancellation fee?

The charges for revoking a flight are as per the regulations of the fare purchased.

Can you get your money back on Emirates flights?

When the ticket rules permit, travelers can get their money back after requesting a refund.

How can I manage Emirates booking?

Reservations are manageable using the “Manage Booking” tool on the website or the smartphone application.

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