Emirates Seat Selection Policy

The Emirates seat selection policy has been in use for easy selection and reservation. With this air service, a customer can find an endless number of seating choices. For picking the best one, the policy shares relevant information. Moreover, how you can book one or make changes to it later can also be understood with this information. For this, going through the main options is the initial requisite.

Seat Options Offered by Emirates

To make air travel accessible to different customers, Emirates offers three main cabins to its customers. This division can make the process of selecting seats on Emirates flights easy for them. Travelers can access the prices of the options and reserve the seat that best suits their budget.

The following are the three types of fares available on this airline:

  • Economy class
  • Business class/First-class
selecting seats on emirates flights

Economy class of this carrier is further classified into the following categories of fares:

  • Regular Seats: These seats are conventional with basic features. They offer standard measurements for legroom and seat space. The food menu here is also simple with no complimentary drinks. Regular seats can be comfortable for journeys with a short travel time. Emirates Economy Flex seat selection option can be available in this cabin. The seat can be an aisle, window, or middle one with no specific allotted positions.

For regular seat selection, Emirates may charge anything between $15 and $35. The option to change can also be found for this cabin based on the availability of new seating positions.

  • Preferred Seats: The options which are situated at the front of the aircraft are known as Preferred seats. Under the Emirates A380 seat selection regulation, these options can also be located at the top deck in the flights. The main benefit of this cabin is that they allow their passengers to be the first ones to exit the plane on departure, They also allow the flyers to enjoy privacy. The other in-flight services here can be similar to those of the regular Economy seats.

The Emirates seat selection fee for this cabin can range from $25 to $80. However, Preferred seats for the Economy Flex Plus ticket fare can be selected without any additional charges.

  • Twin Seats: This cabin allows a single passenger to reserve one complete row of Economy seats. In essence, travelers can buy three adjacent seats in this class. This option can be available at the backend on the 777 aircraft of Emirates. These seats offer lavish room to stretch, relax, and/or work. They can be convenient and flexible in terms of comfort. Having three seats to yourself can also be a great way to protect your privacy.

To personally pick the position of the Twin seats, passengers may have to pay the Emirates seat selection charge. It can be within the price range of $35-$135.

  • Extra Legroom Seats: These seats of the Economy cabin are concentrated near the exit rows. They offer additional legroom to make the journey comfortable for flyers. An addition of about 6 inches can be made to the usual 32 inches of leg space in this cabin. The entertainment and food services here are similar to the rest of the options in the Economy cabin.

To avail of this Emirates flight seat selection feature, you can be charged an amount of $55. This can go up to $205, based on the itinerary.

  • Premium Economy Seats: They are the most expensive options available in the Economy class. The seats offer many features such as leg rests with cushions and improved quality of flight travel. Premium Economy seats recline to a considerable extent to allow travelers to relax. The headrests can be adjustable as per their requirements. The dining options can also be widened in this class.

Emirates advance seat selection cost can be about $110- $495 only when the option is available.

Next, with only slight differences, the Business and First-class seats offer the following features:

  • Business/First-Class: The seats can offer the experience of flying in a private jet. They offer luxurious seating arrangements with spacious options. Passengers can rest in the fully reclining seats. Suites with various in-flight amenities can be offered in this cabin. Multiple cuisines, complimentary beverages, and fine dining services can be enjoyed. Unlimited entertainment with various channels can also be accessed here.

No fee may be charged for Emirates Business class seat selection.

How to Select Seats on Emirates?

To pick a suitable seat, you can follow the procedure of seat selection on Emirates. It can be important to know that you can pick your seat when making your reservation or afterward as well.

For Emirates online seat selection, you can follow the given steps:

  • Visit the link “www. emirates.com” through your search engine.
  • You can click on the “Manage Booking” tab, located on the homepage of the site.
  • Next, you have to log in to view your reservation. Give the necessary details including “Last Name” and “Booking Reference”.
  • Tap on the “Manage Booking” button given to the right of your screen.
  • Here, you can select seats in the Emirates flight by going through the available options. Pick the seating position that you most prefer.
  • Upon selection, you can continue by making the required payment.
  • Then confirm your flight details.

Note: In case you are unable to complete the Emirates Airline online seat selection process due to any reason, you can contact customer service. It will help to pick your seats offline.

How to Change Seats on Emirates Airline?

You can be allowed to change the position after the Emirates flight seat selection process has been executed. You can either switch the placement of the seat or upgrade it to a higher class. Changing it may require the payment of extra fees depending on the route and destination. However, Flex seat holders can access this feature without any fees.

  • Open the main site of “Emirates Airlines”.
  • Go to the “Check-in” tab on the home page.
  • Give the required information like your “Surname” and “Booking Number”.
  • View your flight and tap on the “Change Seat” button.
  • You can now switch your current selection with any other option by viewing the seating chart.
  • Select the seats you want to change to.
  • Now, verify your new positions by clicking on the “Save” option.
  • Next, finish the payment process, if required.

Note: As per the Emirates seat selection refund policy, the amount can be granted in case the options are not available for changing.

The Emirates seating options can prove to be flexible. They can allow travelers to fly to different destinations comfortably in their preferred options. Emirates seating policy enhances the quality of customers’ journey by providing various amenities. Further, the feature to select and change can be beneficial to the flyers when they need to do so due to any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is seat selection free on Emirates?

Passengers of the Business Class, Flex, and Flex Plus need not pay any kind of Emirates seat selection fee. The Skywards Platinum members can choose their seats for free up to 48 hours before the flight departs. The passengers of Economy and Regular seats will have to pay selection charges.

2. When can you select seats on Emirates for free?

Other than the Economy travelers, the other ticket holders will be given 48 hours to select their seats for free. Additionally, the Business cabin passengers can select them for free at any time. This also applies to the Flex Plus passengers.

3. Why does Emirates charge for seat selection?

Emirates Airlines tries to offer the utmost convenience to the customers. This is in terms of comfortable seating positions. For this, it charges an affordable selection fee. This charge can help the customers in cautiously choosing their seats, thus, enjoying their flights.

4. Can you select seats on Emirates flights?

Passengers of Emirates can choose their desired seats in advance. Also, you can select them any time after reservation at your convenience. You can do so by paying the Emirates seat selection charge. This pre-selection feature can make travel comfortable for the customers.

5. How much does Emirates charge for seat selection?

The Emirates seat selection cost depends on the cabin class and the type of seat you want to choose. In the case of Regular seats, this charge can vary between $15 and $35. For Preferred seats, the fee can be from $25 to $80. If you opt for Twin seats, the price range may be from $35 to $135. The cost may extend up to $495 in case of other options.

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