Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

A backup plan is useful since crises might happen at any time. If you wish to amend your flight reservation, you must be aware of how Turkish Airlines cancellation policy helps you avail a hassle-free cancellation for your flight. 

For non-refundable and refundable tickets, the airline can apply different rules for reversals and refunds. There are some circumstances, nevertheless, in which your booking could be eligible for refund.

Turkish Airline Full Refunds

The following criteria must be met following Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy for you to get a full refund:

  • Passengers offered an alternate flight segment and it does not suit you.
  • You miss a connecting flight as a result of the postponed flight.
  • YFlight is delayed for 5 or more hours
  • YPassengers holding non-restricted fares.
  • Passengers need to cancel the trip due to bereavement reasons.
  • You were not allowed to board.
  • An emergency circumstance like COVID-19.

Please note – No cancellation of booking is possible, if passengers have already completed the Turkish Airlines check-in request.

Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance

As long as you purchase your ticket through the Turkish Airlines website, a U.S. reservation center, or a ticket counter—and at least 7 days before your flight’s departure—your reservation will be held without payment and under no obligation to pay during the first 24 hours of your booking to/from the United States. 

Turkish Airlines 24 hour cancellation applies – 

  • For the flights originate to and from the US
  • Flight operated and marketed by the Turkish Airlines
  • Must not be a reward fare.
  • Itinerary does not include more than 9 passengers.

Note – Passengers can also request the change to their booking within 24 hours of booking without any fee. To know more, refer to Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Turkish Airlines Canceled Flights Policy

If Turkish Airlines cancels your flight, passengers are entitled to – 

  1. Turkish Airlines will provide you with the next available flight or method of transportation. 
  2. You will receive free lodging, as well as transportation from and to the airport if the gap between the time of the aircraft’s cancellation and the new schedule of the alternate flight exceeds eight hours.
  1. If the subsequent flight is not suitable for you, you may cancel your reservation and request a full refund.
  • Turkish Airlines flight cancellation refund would be processed in the original method of payment in 7-10 business days.
  • You will be given a free return trip  to your starting place if completing your onward travel no longer serves the purpose. 

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy for COVID

You can modify your flight ticket, ask teh airline to convert it into ‘open’ booking, extend the validity, or request a refund if you were unable to board your Turkish Airlines flight between June 11, 2020, and October 31, 2022, because you were rejected by the country of destination and/or tested positive for COVID.

The Turkish Airlines flight cancellation policy enables you to: 

  • Except for flights from/to Guanzo, you can modify your ticket at any time up until November 30, 2022, without incurring Turkish airlines cancel flight fee.
  • You can switch to an available ticket with a departure date up to November 30, 2022 (inclusive) without incurring any additional fee as long as you travel in the same travel class and travel zone.
  • Your ticket’s validity may be extended without further cost till November 30, 2022.
  • Refunds for individual or group tickets are available without incurring any fees.

Note: You may alter your change/return ticket as follows:

  • via phone
  • through a local Turkish Airlines sales office
  • by way of a call center
  • through the travel agency where you bought your ticket

Important. Make sure to provide written documentation of the circumstance keeping you from traveling or get in touch with Turkish Airlines using our online feedback form.

Turkish Airlines Flight Compensation for Delayed Flights

When do passengers receive the canceled flight compensation – As per Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, if the flight is canceled by the airlines passengers are entitled to get the full ticket refund on the unused portion of the trip. However, if the flight is canceled after you reach the airport, you are entitled to Turkish Airline flight cancellation compensation. Passengers are entitled to get the compensation on the following circumstances – 

  • Passengers were informed that Turkish Airlines cancelled flight at least 14 days prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Airline could have avoided cancellation if reasonable measures were taken. 

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament, travelers whose flights originate from a member state of the European Union are eligible for Turkish Airlines cancellation compensation if their flight is postponed or canceled, as stated below.

Distance and RouteDelay and CompensationDelay and Compensation
Domestic FlightsMore than 2 hours: 110 USDLess than 2 hours: 55 USD
Up to 1500 km International FlightsMore than 2 hours: 250 USDLess than 2 hours: 125 USD
1500–3500 km International FlightsMore than 2 hours: 400 USDLess than 2 hours: 200 USD
Exceeding 3500 km International Flights More than 2 hours: 600 USDLess than 2 hours: 300 USD

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee

Domestic travel – Turkish Airlines cancellation fee for flights within the Turkey mentioned in the table below – 

Please note – Cancellation fee varies with the class of service and the cancellation period

Class of ServiceRequest made at least 12 hours before departure (in USD)Request made up to 12 hours before departure (in USD)
Business Flexible20Free
EcoFlyNot permitted10

International Travel – Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation charges for international travel are mentioned in the table below: 

      Class of ServiceCancellation Fee (in USD)
Economy Class – EcoFlyNot permitted
Economy Class – ExtraFly70
Premium Economy – PrimeFly140
Business Class – BusinessFly70
Business Class – BusinessPrimeFree

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

Here are the important considerations from the Turkish Airlines refund policy:

  • If you paid for your ticket with a credit card, your refund will be processed and refunded to your card within 7 business days of making the request.
  • If a check or cash was used to purchase your ticket:
  • The money will be returned to you in 20 business days.
  • Call Turkish Airlines to get a refund.
  • Your refund will cover any extra services that you were unable to use as a result of an oversell or a canceled flight.
  • Turkish airlines flight cancellation refund would be applicable on the unused portion of the ticket.
  • Restricted fares, if canceled, are entitled to the travel credit voucher on the unused portion of the itinerary. Credit must be used to book a new flight, and remains valid for 365 days from the date of cancellation. 

Note: Turkish Airlines will not charge you to hold your booking for a travel from or within the United States for 24 hours so long as the departure date of your journey is at least 7 days away.

Turkish Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation

Calling in Turkish Airline award tickets Cancellation will automatically re-credit your account with Miles. You will be charged a ticket cancellation fee of USD 15 for domestic routes and USD 25 for international routes, calculated per transaction.

The following should be considered before canceling an advance ticket:

  • You are entitled to a refund if a reward ticket, companions ticket, or premium award is devoid of any flight portions. Turkish cancellation fees could be charged.
  • The Miles that are transferred back to your card will also expire on the same day.
  • The same procedure will be used to repay airport charges.
  • The price for award tickets that are not used is as follows:
  • 20 USD for domestic travel
  • 50 USD for foreign travel 

Cancel Your Turkish Airlines Flight

Turkish Airlines may need to cancel your flight:

  • Phone number 
  • On a mobile application or online
  • an automated teller machine
  • in a box office
  • Via means of the travel agent where you purchased your ticket

Your online booking with Turkish Airlines may be canceled as follows:

An illustration of the Check-in / Manage Booking option from the Turkish Airlines flight cancellation page

  1. The Turkish Airlines website
  2. Select Turkish Airlines Manage Booking  the top panel.
  3. On the following screen, type your:
  • Ticket number with 13 digits or reservation code with 6 characters (PNR)
  • Surname
  1. To move to the following screen, click “>”.
  2. Select the airline you want to miss.
  3. Select “Cancel Booking” from the menu.
  4. Confirm the selection to proceed.

You may cancel your Turkish Airlines reservation via the mobile app as well..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy for Turkish airlines?

Within the first twenty-four hours of placing your reservation, Turkish Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight.

How to cancel a flight on Turkish airlines?

Passengers can cancel the reservation online. To seek a refund, click the cancel button now and then the continue button.

Do Turkish Airlines refund Canceled flights?

You are entitled to a full refund, including the ticket service fee, or a free flight change if Turkish Airlines cancels your trip.

What happens if a Turkish airline cancels my flight?

You may be eligible for a refund if your Turkish Airlines flight was canceled if:

The airline did not provide you with a substitute flight.
Although the airline did offer you another flight, you chose not to accept it.

Can Turkish Airlines cancel a flight without notice?

Under very rare circumstances,, airline may cancel the flight without notice. This way, passengers are entitled to a refund as well as the compensation.

Can Turkish airlines cancel flights for no reason?

Turkish Airlines wish to deliver you to your location on schedule. Flight schedule changes and cancellations are both possible, nevertheless, for operational reasons.

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